VT COSMETICS VT X BTS Collagen Pact Black Collagen Pact + Stickers + Poster/High

VT COSMETICS VT X BTS Collagen Pact Black Collagen Pact + Stickers + Poster/High

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Here are a few main benefits of VT COSMETICS VT X BTS Collagen Pact Black Collagen Pact + Stickers + Poster/High.

  • BTS Collagen Pact Black # 21 (Light Beige) – Collagen Structure with Black Essence SPF 50 PA+++
  • High-coverage & Lasting Structure Makeup for Oily Skin

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BTS Collagen Pact Edition black # 21 – Collagen structure with black essemce SPF 50+ PA+++ Nourishing/ High- Protection/ Long-term Collagen Structure + Black Esssence

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See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on VT COSMETICS VT X BTS Collagen Pact Black Collagen Pact + Stickers + Poster/High, these may be helpful for better understanding.

Was this much easier to get than the fourth muster tickets? you wager. Did we see all the youtube examines for this? sure. Was this from another location our skin color? not. Not. No. Did we buy this anyhow? heck yes. (“pied piper” plays in the range. )we are on the lighter side of olive throughout the winter season, so this was * simply * right for the dark circles under our eyes from those sleep deprived nights of seeing a brand-new v live video (seriously, the seoul/la time diff is eliminating me), not a lot on the remainder of the face. Protection is not too heavy for a no-makeup appearance. We utilized an appeal mixer to use since we didn’t wish to mess up the charming puff. Seriously though what we like many about cushion compacts is that the real product container can be changed (with the compact open, use pressure on the bottom of the product container up until it * pops * out) with a brand-new one so ideally vt products end up being more readily available and we can refill our bts compacts with tones that match us. Other than that sticker labels are charming, poster is incredible and fantastic quality, and the product packaging is best to hold all our bts photocards.

This compact is whatever we expected andmore It s not even if bts collabed with vt cosmetics. It was the best shade for our skin. We have actually been looking for years to find a structure that matches our paler skin tone. We might just find warm tones, and we are more neutral to cool toned. This is best. It used to our skin so efficiently. We would extremely advise this is you re a paler individual with neutral tones to your skin. And likewise army.

Super charming product packaging. Just can be found in one color, it’s a little light however absolutely nothing regrettable for us (im white & mexican) it’s a sheer, light protection structure. Features charming sticker labels we currently placed on our compact. Ooh and a poster.

Not just did it show up faster than we anticipated, the compact is gorgeous and has a good black glossy surface. The formula slid well on our skin and it appears like we are not even using makeup. It does work on the light side. We are of pale skin tone and had no issue with the color. It featured the sticker labels and poster. We are really pleased with it and we hope there refills for this compact since it s the very best compact we have found for our face.????????.

This product is for pale skins. The type of pale that is tough to find tones for in routine makeup aisles. The protection suffices to relax inflammation and freckles, however not a lot that it will totally remove acne. It is really fresh however not a lot you look gross and oily. It can settle in any wrinkles you have, and you ll need to do retouch it you blow your nose a lot. Ensure you take actions to prevent looking cleanedout On the whole we like this product and we have actually gotten a great deal of compliments.

This is a fantastic product provides your conclusion a good fresh appearance we utilize it with other structure to provide our skin a more nature appearance. Not a very high protection however buildable. Likewise if your a bts fan like we are it features a charming sticker label book and the compact its self is high quality.

We have oily skin and we need to reapply perhaps one or two times and set with powder. However it smells actually excellent and feels evenbetter Great to have bts hanging out in our bag too. Lol.

To Begin With, the bundle does include whatever as revealed. A poster, sticker labels, the compact, and cushion/applicator. Whatever is gorgeous. Nevertheless, if you re knowledgeable about normal korean cushion structures this is not precisely those. The structure is a strong and not liquid so it is a little a various application. This likewise triggers it to get messier a few weeks in since the strong will begin walking around depending upon how you push down on it. On the skin, some days we like it and some days we wear t. It certainly fractures throughout the day. So it s not a percent structure. However if it has all of the health benefits/ skin protectant in it as explained. We do believe it s worth it. This product is best for somebody with currently good skin. If you re attempting to conceal a great deal of skin concerns this most likely won t appearance too excellent midway through the day.

Excellent product. We like that it consists of sun block. It does a terrific task of mixing our complexion (we have naturally pink skin). It doesn t feel too thick either which is excellent.

It appears to dry us out a bit. We do like the appearance it provides.

We like how you can develop protection as you go and isn’t cakey, provides you a fresh surface however if your trying to find a matte surface, utilize powered after and actually illuminates the skin after an entire week of utilizing it.??.

Excellent protection.

Omg. We like this product. Very first time we put it on and we were really impress by how it made our skin appearance so smooth and healthy.

We like this cushion. It covered all our inflammation and it leaves a glossy appearance, which we like. Will buy it once again.

It has incredible protection.

Covers effectively.

We weren t anticipating an excellent structure however we like it. Makes our skin looks natural and we didn’t even understand it featured a poster. We will be unfortunate if we run out so we require to buy an other backup.

We were not sure about how this would search me, as cushion makeup tends to be light when tones are restricted. Luckily 23 was an excellent match, although simply a little bit lighter than the shade of cushion we presently utilize. If there’s a refill readily available for this, we will certainly acquire it.

We like this. For a simply a minute, forgetting that this is the product of the collaboration in between bts and vt and attempting to be as unbiased as we can: this feels so hydrating on our face. Certainly has an extremely natural and dewey appearance however without looking oily. We will confess we weren’t utilized to the texture as we generally utilize things that are more matte however we rather like this texture. We have a little inflammation however clear skin and this covers the inflammation simply great while still revealing our skin. Most likely will not provide expensive a protection. We generally have a tough time discovering the ideal shade, something is too dark, too light, incorrect undertone and so on, however this resembles the best shade for us. Now back to bts, the the poster is beautiful. And it’s not like inexpensive poster paper either, it’s good. In general we will certainly buy this once again.

We composed an excellent evaluation that was turned down so now we are offering 4/5 stars given that this is the 2nd time composing it: we definitely like this structure. It s medium protection, so if you require something thick to cover acne or dark areas this may not work for you. It goes on creaour also so you will require to powder it down. It provides a gorgeous shiny, glass skin-like radiance. We wouldn t doubt if bts utilizes this themselves. We are asian-american and our skin looks smooth and radiant much like theirs when we utilize this. It features an extremely generous quantity of structure which is a plus. We like it.

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