Tri Luma

Tri Luma is a prescription medication used in the treatment of Melasma which is a skin condition that results in brown gray patches that may appear on the face, forearms and neck. It is meant as a short term treatment to lighten and fade the discoloration patches.

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About Tri-Luma

Tri-Luma is a powerful skin lightening product that is designed to remove the dark spots caused by Melasma quickly and effectively in many cases in as little as 8 days. While using this product, users must make sure they have no exposure to the sun and are advised to wear strong sun screens and protective clothing.


While an entire list of ingredients for Tri-Luma is difficult to find the active ingredients in this product include: .01 fluocinotone, .05 tretion and 4% Hydroquinone.

While there is little doubt that such a high percentage of Hydroquinone is effective at lightening dark spots as well as overall skin tone this ingredient also poses significant health risks that users should be aware of.

Not only can Hydroquione result in turning areas of your skin a bluish colour, but, it also robs your skin of its natural ability to protect itself from the sun.

More significant health risks include severe allergic reactions and even the possibility of cancer. So significant are these risks that many European countries have actually banned the use of Hydroquinone in all their beauty products.

What The Reviews Of Tri-Luma Have To Say

Most reviewers did find that Tri-Luma did rid them of the dark spots caused by Melasma. However, many found the negative side effects to be uncomfortable and in some cases worse than the dark spot themselves.

These side effects included: peeling, blistering, scabbing, oozing and crusting and in some cases these negative side effects were accompanied by mild to moderate discomfort or pain. Some users discontinued using this product because of these side effects.

There have also been reports of infected hair follicles, outbreak of acne, and inflammation around the mouth when using this product. Some allergic reactions may include life threatening asthma attacks.

Pros Of Tri-Luma

  • The product does lighten the dark spots caused by Melasma
  • Takes only 8 weeks to see results
  • Clinical studies show it is effective

Cons Of Tri-Luma

  • Can only be purchased by subscription.
  • Many users experienced skin irritation ranging from redness and itching and including inflammation, acne break outs, blistering, scabbing, oozing, crusting, pain and swelling.
  • In addition the ingredient Hydroquinone poses serious health risks including the possibility of cancer. So dangerous is this ingredient thought to be that most of Europe has banned its use in all skin care and skin lightening products.


While Tri-Luma does lighten the dark spots caused by Melasma, other skin lightening products that are designed to lighten dark skin spots can do as well. When you stop to consider that this product can only be purchased by prescription this makes for an extremely expensive product.

In addition, the risks posed by one of this products main ingredients Hydroquinone is significant enough that many European countries have banned its use, which is a strong indication that this ingredient’s risks may far outweigh its benefits. Known to rob the skin of its ability to protect itself from the sun this ingredient has also been linked to cancer.

When all is said and done any skin treatment should be both effective and safe. With all the allergic reactions and the risks posed by Tri-Luma this product cannot be considered safe.

If this was the only skin lightening product available that could fade the dark spots caused by Melasma then perhaps using this product would make sense. However, there are other skin lightening products that can reduce and even eliminate the appearance of dark spots and patches more safely than Tri-Luma can.

For that reason, people who are suffering from Melasma are urged to speak to their doctor about the significant health risks this product poses and have them recommend something that is both safe and effective.

While ridding oneself of those dark spots regardless of the cause will lighten and brighten your appearance you should not have to jeopardize your health to get the desired results. For these reasons, consumers are urged to find a safer product for treating Melasma dark spots.

Last update on 2021-09-13 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

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