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TOULLGO – Makeup Concealer, Scar Concealer, Tattoo Concealer, Pro Concealer

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Here are a few main benefits of TOULLGO – Makeup Concealer, Scar Concealer, Tattoo Concealer, Pro Concealer.

  • TWO-COLORTOULLGO Dark Nude Tattoo Concealer and Light Nude Tattoo Concealer can be utilized independently and likewise can be blended 2 colors uniformly to cover scar/tattoo/vitiligo/ camouflage/spots/birthmarks.
  • PERFECTConcealer Set has Natural essence reliable formula, no damage to skin. Given that it is extremely thin, Great and light texture, make skin breath easily. Likewise it is water resistant so you do not require to stress even in summer season.
  • COVER Offers ideal protection even in thin layers and is the ideal corrector for tattoo scar, undesirable areas and skin imperfections.
  • NATURAL – Looks so natural, without the accumulation, without any obvious cover, you can camouflage defects and Accomplish complete protection with an undetected surface.
  • FRIENDLY NOTEPlease prevent direct contact with the eyes. If any allergies are found, stop utilizing them instantly.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on TOULLGO – Makeup Concealer, Scar Concealer, Tattoo Concealer, Pro Concealer.
TOULLGO Dark Nude Tattoo Concealer and Light Nude Tattoo Concealer can be utilized seperately and likewise can be blended 2 colors uniformly to cover scar/tatoo/vitiligo/ camouflage/spots/birthmarks. (Please make an affordable percentage according to your skin color and real circumstance) Check out more FOLLOW THESE SIMPLE STEPS: Action 1. First take an appropriate quantity of light paste in the blending bottle, include a percentage of dark paste, stir uniformly. Action 2. Take a bit of cream and attempt it on the skin, including a dark or light paste as required. Action 3. Utilize the fingertips or concealer brush to paint, cover the center of the concealer, and smear it outwards. Step 4. When the paste will dry, utilize the structure products such as air cushion BB to cover the information, and lastly utilize loose powder and thick powder to comprise the makeup. Read more Functions: Natural essence reliable formula, no damage to skin.Hide your areas, scars, birthmarks and tattoos, bringing your self-confidence back.Fast covering, over 90% resemblance, resilient and lasting, water-proof and sweat-proof. Specs: Product Type: Specialist Scar Tattoo ConcealerColor: Light Nude, Dark Nude PackageSize: Approximate.15 x 10.5 x 3.5 cm/ 5.9 x 4.1 x 1.4 inNet Weight: Approximate.75 g 1. Please prevent direct contact with the eyes. 2. If any allergies are found, stop utilizing them instantly. 3. Do not let the infant contact, avoid light at space. Read more Read more

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on TOULLGO – Makeup Concealer, Scar Concealer, Tattoo Concealer, Pro Concealer.

Question Question 1

We Wished To Know If This Product Is Waterproof?

Yes it is extremely water resistant and you need to scrub to get it off. You need to blend together to get the best shade and ensure you check out instructions too. We could not blend the colors together well adequate to cover a little black ink line just tattoo so we hope you have better luck with it if you acquire it

Question Question 2

Does It Cover Big Pores?


Question Question 3

Would It Cover A Wrist Tattoo?

Yes. It will cover a dark tatoo

Question Question 4

Can You Utilize This Product Alone Or Do You Required Loose Powder And Air Cushion Bb?

We would suggest utilizing a setting spray or powder to guarantee it remains on

Question Question 5

Does It Cover Dark Areas?

This product effectively covered our dark areas, and rather well.

Question Question 6

Will It Hold Up Swimming?

Yes it s expected to, however depending where the tattoos are it may clean off

Question Question 7

Will This Cover Freckles?

Absolutely. This covers so well with simply a little. Usage moderately and this little tube truly lasts. We enjoy it.

Question Question 8

Has Anybody With A Lots Of Freckles Utilized This? We Required To Cover A Forearem Tattoo However Im Afraid It Will Be Apparent As We Are Really Freckled.?

If you can mix the colors all right to match ur complexion and check out instructions it may suffice when it comes to your freckles it may likewise be apparent

Question Question 9

Has Anybody Had The Ability To Evaluate Whether It’S Sweatproof? What About Whether It Will Rub Off On Clothing?

We typically utilize sally hanson on our legs so we chose to attempt this rather. It goes on like a dream. Actually a wonder employee for protection. It drys relatively rapidly, however like any “tanning” or blimish cover you wish to provide it time to dry prior to putting clothing on. For us it has actually been sweat evidence however we have yet to teat it at we typically utilize sally hanson on our legs so we chose to attempt this rather. It goes on like a dream. Actually a wonder employee for protection. It drys relatively rapidly, however like any “tanning” or blimish cover you wish to provide it time to dry prior to putting clothing on. For us it has actually been sweat evidence however we have yet to teat it at the swimming pool.

Question Question 10

We Have Big Black Leg Tattoos And Some With Color Is This Going To Look Dry And Cracked Like Concealer? And Will It Take Alot To Cover A Big Tattoo?

Do not squander your cash

Question Question 11

We Are An African American With Dark Skin, Can This Offer United States A Dark Even Skin?

We are african american and it completely worked for us. Medium/dark skin complexion.

Question Question 12

Whats Is This Liquid So.Ution For?

Due to the fact that it doesn t come off without it unless you wish to eliminate your skin

Question Question 13

Our Lower Legs Are Covered In Spider Veins Sporadically.Would We Attempt To Cover Our Entire Lower Leg Or Simply Awful Spots?Afraid We Will Appear Like A Giraffe.?

If you can get a color mix that matches your skin, the protection is excellent. Takes several layers to cover entirely

Question Question 14

We Required More Of The Eliminator Things. Can We Buy It Independently? What Is It Made from?

We utilized infant oil and it came straight off no issue.

Question Question 15

Does It Rub Off On Clothing?

Let it dry entirely and it does not rub off.

Question Question 16

Will This Product Obstruction Pores?

It hasn’t mine, however everybody’s skin is differant

Question Question 17

What S The Correct Method To Useproducts? We Have Attempt To Make It To Where It Matches The Color On Our Wrist To Cover Our Wrist Tattoo & It Still Doesn T Wor?

Like you we could not make it work, no matter the number of times we attempted. We want we might get our cash back. What a wild-goose chase and our ney

Question Question 18

Does It Cover Stretch Marks?

We purchased it to cover a tattoo and had no luck with mixing the colors all right to match our complexion for it to do it task. It does cover well and is water evidence however we are uncertain about stretch marks.

Question Question 19

Does It Last Throughout The Day If You Utilize It For A Wedding event?

It took a little effort and soap to get it off, so we would state yes. Nevertheless, it did not cover our tattoos at all.

Question Question 20

Will It Cover Varicose And Spider Veins?

It potentially would if you can mix the colors together well adequate to match your complexion. Its extremely water evidence too

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on TOULLGO – Makeup Concealer, Scar Concealer, Tattoo Concealer, Pro Concealer, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

After years of needing to use long sleeves in the summer season in order to conceal our wrist tattoos at work, we can truthfully state this things altered our life. The very first few times we utilized it, it appeared like crap, however we discovered a few lessons, and with a little effort it can look terrific and extremely natural. Initially, hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. This cream is extremely dry and if you put on t hydrate the location prior to you put it on, your skin will look extremely dry. We utilized a routine moisturizer, then a gel moisturizer with dimethicone in it for additional silkiness. Second, work quick. Once it begins to dry even a bit, you can no longer deal with it. It begins to clump. When you re using the cream, utilize your finger, however at the end, utilize the supplied brush to mix simply the edges. The brush is too heavy to use all of it (it simply presses it around), however it does an exceptional task mixing the edges into your skin. Last, the guidelines state to complete with a face powder. Do not avoid this action. When we utilize the powder, it not just mixes it with our skin around the location, however it sets it and makes it remain all the time. If we put on t utilize the powder, it begins to rub off throughout the day and fade. That s it. Hope this assists.

We purchased this since our workplace simply positioned a brand-new guideline in our policy handbook that all tattoos can not show up. This things works remarkable. All you need to do is mix the 2 colors to match your complexion and rub it on. We were extremely stunned at how well it covered and it does not spot at all.

This product truly hides tattoo however will not hide the tattoo lines when raised. That is not what the product is marketed to do any method. We would pick this product over dermablend or dermacol any day. With toullgo, it just took one application to completely cover our tattoo after mixing the right shade. With dermablend/dermacol, it needs additional layers to completely hide all of the ink and you need to acquire extraproducts This product does not rub off quickly. It took us a whole pack of makeup wipes, extra makeup eliminator, 2 showers to completely get rid of every trace of this product off our skin. If youre asking what are the cons, theres just one which is the paste dries quick after mixing your shade. We likewise enjoy that this comes an oval brush and little containers.

What we like about this is that it doesn t require a great deal of layers to cover the tattoo. As soon as we got the best color mixed to match our skin to the closest color we had the ability to utilize a percentage to spread itout Once it dried we were then able to utilize simply a bit of comprise powder to even out our skin. We would state the most time taking in for us was simply the blending color since we have more of a reddish tint to our skin. We will begin utilizing this more for interviews to cover our arm tattoos. Extremely suggest getting makeup eliminator as this is absolutely water & soap evidence.

We like it quite m, that is ideal, we utilize it to conceal tattoos, it works effectively, after usage it, we can barely see our tattoos, that excellent, we enjoy it, and it odor excellent. We will buy once again.

Ve been utilizing this product for several years. It covers quick and total. It does not flake or clump. The colors mix well. It will last a long period of time. It will not rub off the clothing. When we use it, there is a great deal of appreciation. You do not appear like you’re using a great deal of makeup. Really natural, covered with scars, black areas, spots, birthmarks and soreness. The container might look little, however simply a smaller sized nail suffices to make your face appearancebetter More resilient than other liquid brand names.

We utilized this to cover a chemical burn on our thighs, we have actually had because we were a kid. Naturally, we didn’t follow the user’s manual. However you can see how it covered that. We were expected to utilize a structure to mix it in with our skin color too. We utilized it for a photoshoot, and it came out well. We likewise utilized it on a scar on our face. And it covered that quite well. A great deal of individuals feel insecure about scars, and we believe this may assist cover that up. Other than that, we desire whoever is feeling insecure about their scars understand that they’re stunning, and scars represent survival. So, do not feel embarrassed about it. Program it off, and when individuals take a look at you strangely, inquire if they desire the stories of your survival and if not, they can carry on. Once again, we purchased this for a photoshoot to inform on caring your self, scars, and all. Our sibling likewise utilized this to conceal a tattoo of her ex-husband s face and it was simple and easy.

We have some major red/purple scars on our ankles. Bad adequate to where we were fretted if we would ever have the ability to use shorts or gowns once again. We have good legs however the scars were all you might discover. So we used this for the very first time with the setting powder and omg. Our legs looked magnificent. We are purchasing our 2nd stick quickly. So extremely extremely worth it.

We need to cover any exposed tattoos for nursing clinicals and we didn’t wish to use bandaids like we provided for cna clinicals. The adhesive can be annoying and it injures to get rid of and change all the time. This concealer does not come off with simply soap and water, we needed to utilize oils to get rid of the makeup and clean our skin after so we are not fretted about it coming off in class. We have not truly observed it on our clothes either which is terrific because our uniforms are dark. We want you might acquire the colors independently as we understand we will require more of the light color prior to the dark however it’s ok. All in all we will absolutely buy this once again.

We have a tattoo on our arm that we required to conceal for some task interviews. As another customer mentioned, mixing the colors to match your complexion is much easier stated than done. We would suggest blending in a bigger container than the one that is supplied to provide yourself some blending space since guy, did that get unpleasant rapidly. Due to the fact that this things sticks so well, it was a discomfort in the butt to tidy up off the sides of the container and the blending tools, even with the supplied cleansing option, lol:) as soon as we found the best mix of colors, we used it to our tat and it did cover it well. It was not completely smooth, however didn’t look apparent. (as soon as dry, we used some clear powder, simply for some additional defense.) we reside in a location with high humidity, and it remained on even through all our sweating. When it was time to get rid of the concealer, we needed to scrub it off. So, if you are questioning how well this things sticks, we can inform you stays with your skin quite darn excellent. We suggest this product if you require a reliable and strong concealer, simply be forewarned, it is sticky and can get genuine unpleasant, and getting simply the best color match will take some time and persistence:-RRB-.

Fantastic concept in this concealer is to put 2 main colors in set (brown and white) and let individuals blend as much as required to get the best color for skin, we are extremely extremely pleased with this concept as we have irregular skin color, so require few concealer types for the neck and for the face. The light color of the concealer is extremely thick and the dark is creaour, so they make them blend so well. This cover has a great staying power. It includes the spatula and blending container so you can blend the correct amount batch and have it prepared to go. Concealer uses efficiently, dries quick and extremely steady even undersea and throughout touching. It remains on up until you clean it off.

Alternative- to conceal. We have extremely dark circles under our eyes. Our complexion is extremely difficult to match as we have actually med dark skin. We enjoy this things and utilize it when we require to pull of a search for 24 hr – we enjoy blending the product to our precise complexion. Protection differs from any other product we have actually utilized. Attempt it – by the method it does cover tattoos.

Having several tattoos that we enjoy, there are times when they are not proper to be seen. Usually speaking upon business or official occasions. This things works remarkable, takes a little work to mix to the right tone to match your skin, however having the ability to change it was a big plus because not everybody suits a light, medium or dark classification. We had the ability to use and mix it truly well. Not just might you not see our tattoos, you could not inform we had makeup on over them- big plus. Extreamly water resistant, would suggest utilizing an oil to get rid of in the shower. Had very little transfer to clothes (celebration with dancing). We did forget we had actually put the makeup on and slept with it and there was not any transfer onto our comforter (it is black). We will make sure to order more when we complete this batch.

We like that you can blend your own color so it can match your skin anytime; nevertheless, depending upon how big your tattoo is, we would suggest blending a lot of the product as soon as you get the best color. We were attempting to cover a 5″ long/skinny tattoo on our forearm and we started applying it to our skin with a tiny brush. This took forever and was too textured at the end. If you use a bigger brush and mix more at a time it will apply more smoothly and stay on better, longer. Also don’t sleep in long sleeves right after putting this on. 🙂 learned that the hard way. Overall we would recommend this product, it just takes some practice. Also, if the remover solution stuff they give you runs out, olive oil first then dish soap will get it off semi-easily.

This tattoo concealer works great and looks natural no reaction on our skin. We work in a profession where we have to cover up our tattoos. It s our policy that we cannot have them shown. In the summer and spring we hate wearing long sleeve shirts all day long since we do have one of our inner arm as well as our forearm. This tattoo concealer kick him on time and as described. Excellent value. Looks way better than a band-aid. Also be used for pictures. Very happ.

This product did as it was advertised. We used it to cover a tattoo and went diving and it was still on when we were done. It also doesn’t smudge or rub off, it stays in place all day. You have to mix it according to your skin tone, something we are still working on. Overall, we definitely recommend it as a tattoo concealer.

Most people love their tattoos. We do not. So we have been trying as many different concealer products that we can get our hands on. Of course we assumed this one would be like all the rest. We were very surprised at the level of coverage we were able to achieve with this concealer kit. We are able to mix just the right shade to completely cover our ankle tattoo. And most of the kits we have tried the concealer rubs off after a couple hours. This lasted all day and we really had to scrub to get it off. It s waterproof, sweatproof and rub proof. We have finally found the tattoo concealer that we can use everyday.

So worth it. We lost a lot of weight and have strechmarks. We hate them this product makes them camouflage. We whent to see the doctor she was like ” are you tan in your stomach or what” she could not inform we were using makeup in our tumour, it was terrific. We enjoy it, we can reveal our stubborn belly and we feel excellent.

Since there is a hot tattoo on the hand prior to the tattoo, we feel extremely unsightly and the tattoo is so agonizing. So we wish to attempt the concealer. We simply could not assist however attempt it. After opening it, we question if it s an error. However there are guidelines for business is truly truly incredibly power or we will not get it. Remarkable, we attempted the result effectively, the water resistant result is great. It is extremely hassle-free, and the cover is likewise extremely natural. It will be covered, and it will not be stuck at all.

This covers whatever. It’s stunning. The color is ideal, extremely simple to utilize, and has actually not been found unfavorable up until now. Whenever we utilize this, we feel it deserves every cent. This product is extremely simple to utilize and is a strong water resistant formula. Easy, obvious application. Mix up until your skin gets the color you desire. If you desire a thin app, you can likewise include water. In some cases we attempt brand-new products and they all draw. They do not work precisely the method we require them to. This product works effectively and is well worth purchasing.

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