Sparkle Skin Body Exfoliating Cream Review

Sparkle Skin Body Exfoliating Cream
Sparkle Skin Body Exfoliating Cream

No industry sells the perfect idea of beauty more than show business can. Perfection always seems to accompany celebrities whenever they appear in public.

It feels a little unfair sometimes that we try to hide our beauty worries while celebrities have the services of any stylist or make-up artist they can ever ask for and who never fails to look glamorous.

It is comforting to know that celebrities do not just depend on those artists and stylists for their eternal beauty. They also religiously practice beauty regimes that assist their inner glow, radiance, and beauty. Happily, we now have access to these secrets and beauty tips that we can adopt for our own use.

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Below are some of the beauty tips that celebrities swear by.

1. H2O! Maintain a healthy intake of valuable fluids. Knowing the value of good hydration, you will rarely catch celebrities without a water bottle or two. For the body to function smoothly, it needs a sufficient amount of water to flush itself. The more one drinks, the better they appear and feel.

Water is the most abundant material in the body and regulates many essential bodily processes ensuring proper health. Elle Macpherson is one advocate of drinking water, and drinks one litre first thing every morning.

2. Choose home-made exfoliating agents instead of artificial and synthetic varieties. A blend of oatmeal, honey, oil, and baking soda has become famous among celebrities.

The mild action of the oatmeal grains peel-off the old outer layer revealing the young skin just underneath without causing any harm. And by doing it on your own, you know what’s going into your exfoliant and eventually into your face. Exfoliating helps prevent age spots.

3. To get those polished legs you’ve always wanted, baby oil is the way to go. Let a few small drops of baby oil trickle down your legs and then rub them gently until the skin has absorbed most of the oil.

Pay attention in applying just the right amount for stunning effects at a very reasonable price. You can also apply bronzer to the sides of the leg to achieve a slimmer appearance.

4. Sunscreen! Every celebrity is well aware of the damage the sun can cause to your appearance, not to mention your health. Damage caused by the sun includes pigmentation, wrinkles & actinic keratosis.

Kylie Minogue never leaves the house with sunscreen on her face. Kylie prefers to fake a tan using St Tropez and her skin is reaping the rewards. Look glamorous by wearing a stylish hat and sunglasses.

5. An apple a day… A balanced diet is important towards feeling and looking good. Proper nourishment is attained by eating the recommended foods in the right amounts. Vegetables and fruit are packed with high-density antioxidants that limit the effects of cancer-causing agents.

In seafood, one can get a steady source of naturally occurring vitamins that combat bad cholesterol. Celebrities know these things and are therefore aware of the foods that they consume. Studying proper nutrition is mandatory if one is to look good and feel good at the same time.

Because we all have different complexions, body chemistries, and preferences, it is best to try out the little things to see what works. Celebrities stick to proven methods that they have learned and developed themselves over the years.

With a little luck and a lot of patience, the same should work for us, as we work on perfecting our own regimens that will give us that timeless, vibrant look.

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