SHANY Cosmetics - SHANY Professional Cream Foundation and Camouflage Concealer

SHANY Cosmetics – SHANY Professional Cream Foundation and Camouflage Concealer

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of SHANY Cosmetics – SHANY Specialist Cream Structure and Camouflage Concealer.

  • Vital concealer combination with 15 helpful colors.
  • Colors can be utilized as structure guide, concealer, camouflage, and eye shadow base.
  • Charming style makes it perfect for travel and on-the-go usage.
  • High quality active ingredients enable smooth application and long-term coloring.
  • Range of colors supplies alternatives for any appearance.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on SHANY Cosmetics – SHANY Specialist Cream Structure and Camouflage Concealer.
Fed up with undesirable defects, do not fret everybody have those, however the option is basic. Attempt the brand-new Foundation/Concealer combination and state hey there to your makeover. Get the complete protection you constantly got out of brand-new Shany combination, all colors are extremely buttery and simple to use. First row of the combination is Cream structure, from Light skin to Medium dark skin, all in one combination. The second and 3rd rows are concealers. Attempt with darker colors and after that highlight with lighter ones, Great mix of colors permits everybody to be able to utilize this combination. Quality is beyond market requirement and it remains in a variety of natural tones that can be combined and matched, is velvety and super-bendable. Hide, camouflage, and develop a structure for a perfect confront with this Shany combination.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on SHANY Cosmetics – SHANY Specialist Cream Structure and Camouflage Concealer.

Question Question 1

How Do We Pick The Pallete With The Darker Colors?

This combination just comes as revealed on the main image of the listing. You can constantly get in touch with shany cosmetics to validate this information.

Question Question 2

Is The Product You’Re Offering The One In The Very First Photo?

We are purchaser and yes, the real product is most like the very first image. The colors are bit little than we believed they would be.

Question Question 3

Can You Ship Outdoors The U.S.?

Sadly this product can not be delivered outside the us.

Question Question 4

Is This For Light Skin Individuals?

Tank you for your query. The shany cosmetics expert cream structure and camouflage concealer 15 color combination matches complexion from reasonable to deep.

Question Question 5

Is It Water resistant At All??

Water resistant in the sense that it does not diminish your face while sweating. It works terrific, you do not even seem like your using makeup. It can be cleaned off at the end of the day.

Question Question 6

What Is The Shelve Life Of This Product?

The service life for this product is 24 months.

Question Question 7

Can We Contour And Highlight With This Product?

The shany cosmetics expert cream structure and camouflage concealer 15 color combination can be utilized for highlighting and contouring.

Question Question 8

We Required This For A Last Task For A Class How Quick Will It Ship? Purchased 1/8 Thanks?

The shipping was quick as guaranteed thank you.

Question Question 9

Is This Product Long-term On The Skin?

Yes it is. We have skin that soaks up comprise really rapidly and this product is the longest long lasting product we placed on our face. It is thick for complete protection

Question Question 10

We Purchased The Incorrect Product And Didn’T Recognize It Til It Delivered. Wished to Get A ContouringProduct Has Anybody Utilized This For That?

We simply got mine and we enjoy it. We utilize a wet charm mixer and utilize it to get the product and after that use it. Functions soooooo well. It mixes well and is really smooth. The colors tend to be quite warm though. Not really ashy. However they’re still terrific(:

Question Question 11

Is It Cream Or Powder?

It is pushed structure. It isn’t cream or powder.

Question Question 12

Exists A Method We Can Order Just The Ones That Match Our Complexion? Due To The Fact That We Don T Required Or Utilize The Darker Tones.?

Thank you for your query. The concealer pans consisted of in this combination are not offered individually.

Question Question 13

Is This Product Paraban Free?

This product consists of paraben. Other shany products are paraben and talc complimentary.

Question Question 14

Is This Powder Or Cream?


Question Question 15

How Huge Is This? How Quick Does It Ship And Will The Seller Offer A Tracking Code. Does It Feel Sticky To The Face Or How Well Does It Mix?

The measurements of the product are as follows: 10 x 6 x 0. 5 inches. The product generally ships in 2 company days and we do supply a tracking id. Our makeup experts recommend this product needs to not stay with the face and typically mixes rather well.

Question Question 16

Are The Tone Well Pigmented?

The colors offered in shany cosmetics expert cream structure and camouflage concealer 15 color combination, 13 ounce are well pigmented and supplies you with complete protection with one swipe.

Question Question 17

Do It Include Instructions On How To Utilize It?

Shany cosmetics expert cream structure and camouflage concealer 15 color combination does not included instructions.

Question Question 18

Is It Have An Expire Date Or Somthing??? Becuse We Desired Keep It For Next Summer Season Or Next Year?

This beautiful product will last the typical 2 years.

Question Question 19

What Are The Components In This Product?

We do not understand. We purchased this for our granddaughter for christmas

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on SHANY Cosmetics – SHANY Specialist Cream Structure and Camouflage Concealer, these may be helpful for better understanding.

Ive been utilizing this for most likely a year now and we enjoy it. Its a little thicker which you need to get utilized to once you have fun with it its incredible. We utilize it daily to contour and utilize it on others. Will absolutely keep purchasing.

We are entirely stunned. Did not have high expect this. We went through a great quantity of structures trying to find something that would work for our really mix skin (dry in basic however oilshiny t zone). Let us simply state very first of, we had the ability to get the ideal color for our bi-racial complexion, simply scrapedup a little of numerous colors with the little end of hairpin and dabbed onto our face, and after that combined with with structure brush. We were happily amazed at the protection. Complete protection first of all, however without looking thick and cakey. Great, nearly matte surface, which ended up being completely matte with our powder used on top. The kicker was that this had the very best staying power/finish of any structure we have actually ever attempted throughout the years. Typically after an hour our structure is currently half melted off in a swimming pool of shine even with per hour powder retouch. We just needed to retouch with powder occasionally throughout the day, and method less shine then with other structures. We are extremely pleased we purchased this combination and will be purchased another simply to have it all set for when we run out of the main colors we utilize for our base, however the lightest colors will last some time as concealer usage. Plus we enjoy this since we can mix mu base to match our face at any provided time, a little paler as we get less sun, and likewise if we wish to attempt out highlighted or contoured appearances. Gamble and invest the little quantity of cash on this combination, it deserves every cent in our viewpoint.

We chose to attempt this product at the suggestion of a buddy, and we are happy to state that our faith in her options and suggestions was not in the least lost. This was our very first time buying a product from shany, and we guarantee you that we will be a repeat customer. The foundation/concealer had high protection however felt light on our skin. It is among the few products that has actually not triggered our skin to breakout Although the shade variety is not as varied as it might be, we have actually had no issues with color matching or discovering a great contour/highlight color (as we are rather light-skinned). We especially valued having the green color readily available for color correction (which is not something we had actually attempted prior to). All of the colors combined well. Our only suggestion to somebody utilizing this product is to utilize a setting/translucent powder if you have rather oily skin if you wish to enhance your wear time. In addition, we truly valued the reality that shany is a ruthlessness complimentary business who still has the ability to make their products inexpensive and available. We will buy this once again, and we would advise this product to anybody trying to find shape combination.

shany cosmetics expert cream structure and camouflage concealer 15 color combination, 13 ounce.

We have actually been utilizing a powder shape package for a few months now. We required to re-order and wished to attempt something not $30. We truly didn’t pay much attention when purchasing this, we saw the various pallets and evaluations then went all out. At first we were bummed it was a cream. We had actually been utilizing powder, so we believed it would be difficult to deal with. It’s not. Not. It goes on truly smooth. We never ever got the caked appearance we in some cases got with the powder. It feels truly light. We understand others discussed it was oily. We put a light cleaning of powder after we are done and we do not have an issue. We utilize numerous of the lighter colors as an eye shadow base and it works terrific. We reside in san diego and invest great deals of time outdoors, so we are bit worried how this will hold up in the sun and heat. Perhaps with a sealant it will not leak down our face. For the cost we are truly pleased. Depending upon summer season wear, we would buy this once again.

We were so stunned at how incredible this product wants being doubtful since of the cost. We are self-employed makeup artist and require a flexible combination to deal with various complexion and textures. This product uses easilu, can be blended to develop the outright ideal shade for a customer, and most notably supplies exceptional protection: extremely delighted and will be purchased once again.

We truly like all of the color options since throughout the year our skin modifications color due to outside activities (or sunless tanner.) it goes on quickly and has no visible scent. It has excellent protection. (each circle is bigger than a quarter and it includes a protective plastic cover.) you likewise can t beat the cost.

The colours are ideal, a broad sufficient variety for any complexion along with to satisfy contouring requirements. Had not anticipated them to be this huge, which was an enjoyable surprise. Very little required for protection so we make certain this product will last long. We reside in a hot environment and sweat off a great deal of our products however this stands quite well versus it and requires just be retouched every few hours which is no various that our old, expensive concealers and structures. We would advise this combination to anybody in a heart beat.

We enjoy the protection of this, and it mixes well with a thick brush. We enjoy the numerous tones, makes it a lot simpler to match great deals of skintones. It can look a little heavy so we advise it more for being on video camera than for irl occasions.

We are absolutely not a makeup professional however this set is. Fire. Extremely smooth, creaour texture, simple to use, and we enjoy the variety of colors. We want we might buy our preferred color in larger amount. If anybody has a link for such, please reply. We are really dark in skin and was stressed that even the dark colors would be too light, however nope, they are ideal. We would absolutely advise and buy more when this combination runs out.

Love this shany cream structures. Great deals of colors so we get an excellent match with our skin or go darker to contour or lighter to highlight. We use with our finger to our face. Goes on smooth. We use powder onto of the structure with a stippling brush to use all over our face and evenout We would acquire this product gain. Our skin is regular and reasonable. We do have a periodic acne and structure does exceptional task of covering.

This is a durable plastic combination with terrific color alternatives. Despite the fact that it’s fall now, there are darker tones for the spring/summer when we have a tan radiance although we will most likely require to buy another combination prior to then. The texture is smooth and simple to use with our charm mixer. We extremely advise this combination.

The total product packaging is good & looks really expert. They were oily in the beginning up until we combined them inmore We have yet to attempt the durability however the examples we did lasted us a couple hours, can t wait to utilize this on customers.

We enjoy it. We enjoy it. After a long search and days of reading of evaluations our company believe shany is the one. We do not use makeup daily and we do not like structure since we dislike the sensation that we have something heavy on our face. Shany cream structures are simple to use and hold up perfectly under the most severe conditions. You can find the ideal match and utilize it alone, or mix colors like the pros to attain a particular complexion.

The tones are terrific for us. We can mix the tones as we require. We are light to med brown african-american female with re yellow than red under tones. It cover good however even us utilizing a little, is appears heavy. We do not like using a great deal of makeup everyday. We just use it under our eyes and really little and it appears thick. For the cash it is terrific however, the formula is fundamental.

Numerous colors to select from to assist camouflage flaws on the face. Would buy this product once again when required.

We are makeup artist and had actually never ever prior to become aware of shany products up until really just recently. We have all sort of products varying from extremely high-end to drug shop. We discovered some shany products while browsing to change some of our charm products and was interested by the low rates and favorable feedback from other shany users. We have actually entirely fallen for the products we have actually currently bought. We are now on an objective to own each and every single shany product we can get our hands on. We are floored at the quality and amount that we have actually gotten at such inexpensive rates. Up until now, we have actually bought the professional brushes package, 2 eye shadow schemes, water resistant eye and lip guide, 1 big concealer combination, face guide, 20+ eye liners, the 30 color chunky eye shadow and lip pencil set. All of which are entirely incredibleproducts We have actually done total bridal celebrations, along with picture shoots and other little occasions and have actually fallen for each and every single product we have actually utilized so far. We simply purchased the package if 30 lip glosses. Can’t wait til they get here. We swear we desire 1. Okay possibly 2 of whatever. Lol. Do not 2nd guess, if your considering anything shany, simply buy it. You can’t fail.

Lovethese We were a bit scared since we have such reasonable skin. However we have not found one color that does not deal with our skin. We are still discovering the contouring thing however its enjoyable to practice. This is most likely more of a newbies set. We would like more colors for truly concealing flaws, however for what little bit abilities we have now this is ideal.

Bought this for our mama. She got one shany cosmetics eye shade product and liked it a lot she asked us to purchase a lotmore Very same opts for our relative. This product is no various. Our mama stated its similar to numerous much greater cost products in quality. This need to last a long period of time and if not its still an excellent worth so utilizing a lot is not a huge issue.

We found it to be great. We can mix precisely the color we desire.

This resembles dream makeup. We look so quite. We have having numerous various makeup pieces. This conserves area.

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