Revlon Matte Powder Blush

Revlon Matte Powder Blush, Blushing Berry

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  • One: Revlon Matte Powder Blush Face Blushes

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Color: Blushing Berry 002 Brushes onto cheeks efficiently and easily for a soft matte appearance and a smooth, even end up. Completely specifies and contours the cheekbones. Face-flattering variety of tones from naked to berry with a soft-matte surface.

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Question Question 1

Is It An Excellent Color For Usdium To Fair Skin?

For reasonable skin which is what we have, it looks really natural and light so for usdium skin it may be too light and not be really obvious.

Question Question 2

Are You Specific This Is Blushing Berry, # 002? It’S Ceased; We Purchased From Another Business And They (Instantly) Sent The Incorrect Color.?

We got the ideal color however we bought it a year earlier. We are thinking that they purchased out the remaining stock if they are still noting it on

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Our skin is reasonable, blue eyes, blonde weaved hair, and we are older. Its not an extreme intense color, although not as light as others we have actually purchased that do disappoint up. This reveals a great radiance color of pinkish on our skin. We have actually been utilizing this for many years, however we might not find it any longer in the shops. So grateful we found it on. What we do not like is, the cost changes from venter to venter on. So search here. We paid 12. 99, then in a week it decreased to $8. Something, so we purchased another one.

Exceptional cost. Difficult to find the “matte” variation of revlon blush in the shop. The majority of them have shimmers in it. Really pleased that we might get the ideal shade from.

Love the matte surface. Hard to find. We do not believe revlon makes this any longer.

Love it. Finest blush ever.

We enjoy the blush. It’s not oily. It’s an excellent color.

Products were provided rapidly. No issues.

We constantly require the lightest structure offered. For those who are pale like me, this color is a great choice. It can be layered for a more extreme night appearance or can be used gently for a daytime, work appearance. We will state that we dislike the brush that it includes – it is merely too lightweight and does not hold much product. The product that we got likewise didn’t have the pop-out mirror that appears in the product’s existing photo. We would advise this product.

Love it, some shops have actually stopped offering this product. Please keep it well equipped.

This is precisely what we were trying to find. So grateful we found some here, sorry revlon chose to stop it.

Another product that is better then marketed. Our relative thanks you for an excellent product at an inexpensive cost. Couldnt be more happy.

Thank you.

We have actually been utilizing revlon blush for about 3 yeard we enjoy how it offers us a matte appearance and it does not have all those flashes that blush generally have. We were actually shocked with the quick shipping and service.


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