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PTKOONN – Liquid Foundation,Foundation Cream,Flawless Colour Changing Foundation

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Here are a few main benefits of PTKOONN – Liquid Structure, Structure Cream, Perfect Colour Altering Structure.

  • This Structure Cream supplies natural-looking brilliance, all-day hydration, enhanced flexibility, and mattifying large protection.
  • Structure Cream formula supplies the best quantity of protection to even complexion, conceal acnes, will not obstruct pores & keeps you shine-free throughout the day
  • Whether you are opting for a timeless appearance that’s the structure of your design, attempting an innovative method, trying to find a skin treatment or simply to treat your skin, our makeup has the expert quality makeup to improve your natural brilliance.
  • It’s a tinted moisturizer that evens out complexion for a natural woke-up-like-this radiance.
  • Revitalizing hydrating nourishing, Easy to press, near to the skin

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Application: Carefully shake prior to each usage. Gently pump a percentage of cream and use straight onto face and neck utilizing fingertips to mix. This structure provides a medium protection that is perfect, smooth, smooth and discreetly luminescent. Apply efficiently and equally to your face and mix with your fingertips, appeal sponge, or structure brush.

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Question Question 1

Is It Ruthlessness Free?

That is what they state, we like the product.

Question Question 2

Does It Feature Instructions?

Simply what is on box.

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How Does It Make with Sweat?


Question Question 4

Can The Liquid Structure Cover Our Pores?

With self-confidence, our liquid structure can stabilize complexion, lasting moisturizing, strong hiding power and boost natural appeal.

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Omg this is the very best concealed. We used this for a current picture shoot and our skin came out totally perfect. Thin however we might absolutely get complete protection. Even the professional photographer asked us what we were using.

We have actually been explore a few various kinds of “color changing” structures and there are things we do not like about the majority of them however, up until now, this range is our preferred. We have actually extremely light colored skin so even when things declare to be adaptive, they typically end up too dark for us, nevertheless this remains real to tone. We likewise like the “feel” of this much better than some others, it is far less “chalky” sensation and goes on good and smooth. We still do not understand how these kinds of structures work however we value whatever it is.

We have actually utilized several brand names of liquid structure and/ or bb cream, and our company believe this brand name is simply as excellent, or better, than some of the significant, popular brand names. It s simple to use– shake well, use about a dime-sized total up to the face, mix with a cosmetic sponge, and after that wait. We put on t understand how it works, however it instantly changes the color to match the complexion. We do need to utilize a concealer in a few locations since we are old. The medium protection this structure supplies looks natural and sits tight for the entire day. When you are going to sleep, clean as normal and pat dry. Lastly, the rate is amazing since you get a generous-sized bottle, not an itty-bitty tube, for an extremely sensible rate. The product packaging is good with a clear product description.

Being a senior male and attempting “makeup” products for the very first time in our life, we wish to retouch our facial disparities without making it apparent that we are using anything. We have actually attempted a few of these “bb” and “cc” products, beginning out with one marketed particularly to males, however the others provided our typically pinkish skin tone excessive of a yellow-colored phony tan appearance. This one actually works effectively for our pale ruddy coloring and balances out the tones. The reds are not so red and whatever simply looks more homogenous and smooth. Undoubtedly there is a great deal of variation in face pigmentation out there so there is no chance one product will be best for everybody. For me, it does precisely what we desire without looking phony or apparent. We will be buying more of this.

Nowadays individuals are utilizing comprise a lot however it is difficult to find natural and initial products, since of phony products, however this liquid structure is very remarkable it is extremely smooth, it conceal acnes, it keeps you skin shine totally free throughout the day, it covers dark areas, it smells truly terrific, finally it hydrate the skin effectively. Extremely suggested.

This is an abundant and creaour structure that goes on thin, yet uses medium-to-full protection. It looks so smooth and perfect and leaves your skin velvety-soft and looking best and natural. We attempted a spot-test on our hand and the hand of our partner, who is much darker and swarthier in skin colour than we are (we are pale as a ghost.) this structure changed completely for both people. Our partner even stated his skin had not looked that excellent because he was a newborn and he kept looking at the spot-tested location for hours in shock and marvel. This structure did not alter colour to pink/orange/yellow tone and it lasted longer than 10 hours. It most likely would have lasted a lot longer however we needed to take it off for bed. You can’t beat this type of efficiency at the rate point, and perhaps not. It likewise covers acnes extremely perfectly and does not aggravate your skin or trigger breakouts. And there is no guess-work regarding which colour to utilize for your shade and tone of skin – this is best for anybody.

We were extremely hesitant about this product. It comes out white and in the beginning we resembled no chance this will turn our color and it did. Omg this resembles magic in a bottle uncertain how it will deal with darker skin however we are hispanic and we bit on the darker side and it mixes best with our skin. We attempted it on our boys forehead. He is a little darker than us and it dealt with him also. We are surprised and in shock however it absolutely works we submitted a photo with half of our confront with the product and half our typical tone. You need to keep mixing for finest outcomes.

Good, and smooth and covers excellent. We truly like it.

Omg. Life. Changer. We are extremely pale and have some acne areas periodically and oily skin for beginners. It s hard for us (somebody not extremely experienced about makeup) to find matches for our skin. This product is whatever we have actually been trying to find. It makes our skin appearance perfect. And it actually works the method it states it will. It began out white on our skin and we were hesitant, then when you begin rubbing it in. The color matches your complexion. Remarkable.

We need to be at work extremely early and simply can t require time to fuss with makeup. This color altering structure is a convenience. It goes on efficiently and amazingly changes to a good even sheen on our skin. It is large while still covering small flaws. Is still holding strong 12+ hours later on. Truly streamlines our makeup regimen.

We truly like this structure, it is light-weight. It is colorless however relies on your best shade after application. It is not thick. It is breathable and feels good. It makes a smooth perfect airbrushed impact. We definitely like and will be buying once again. Really good and simple to utilize pump. Makes your skin feel soft. You can use it alone or with a setting powder. It works well with oily skin. In general an extremely good daily structure for an excellent rate.

On our hand you can see the white dot – that s the color it goes on as, and to the right, where it is a little more glossy – that is where we have actually rubbed it in. It is a light protection, however buildable. It does have a more powerful aroma when you put it on, however it fades rapidly. Shiny when you initially put it on, however turns matte. Really good for all-day wear.

This liquid structure cream works truly well. It is light and tinted so it can choose any kind of complexion. It evens our complexion so it looks more natural. It seems like it hydrates our skin so it’s moist either. It conceals our acnes. This is an excellent buy for the rate.

The color matches best. We generally utilize bb cream- however the kind we utilize got stopped. We went to sephora and found some that we liked- comparable to bb cream however with a little better protection. We truly liked it- however didn’t like the $48 price. Gambled on this after checking out the evaluations and we like it better than the $48 things at sephora.

It absolutely does what it states. Nevertheless it does not truly cover things like age areas, it turns about the exact same color. However it does offer a real to tone color.

We were so fired up to lastly have a best color match for our skin. However this comprise simply didn’t use well. From far it looked wonderful. However up close it was very irregular and gross looking. Even when we were using it it was so hard, it simply kept getting product rather of mixing. We attempted with a charm mixed and a brush and they were both bad however the appeal mixer worked a little better.

Our preferred structure and the just one we will utilize. Mixes completely to match our skin color, doesn t feel heavy, and no flakes. Absolutely suggested for anybody.

Ok this structure is so cool. We put on t understand how it works however it matches our skin completely. We likewise like that it has actually sunscreen it it. Good a light-weight, too.

Love this we will never ever use anything else.

We simply got it. And we attempt we attempt one time, for us uts work well in our face we enjoyed it.

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