Pond's Makeup Remover Cleansing Balm

Pond’s Makeup Remover Cleansing Balm

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Pond’s Makeup Cleaner Cleansing Balm.

  • Makeup Cleaner in strong balm texture that liquifies all traces of makeup and pollutants, while hydrating to enhance your skin
  • Strong makeup eliminator balm changes into smooth oil upon application, providing you a simple, smooth makeup elimination experience
  • Cleanser can be rinsed with warm water to get rid of makeup and pollutants entirely
  • Face cleanser disappears heavy makeup quickly, consisting of eye makeup, without severe rubbing
  • Facial Cleanser instills skin with wetness to enhance your skin’s softness, radiance, and glow

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Pond’s Makeup Cleaner Cleansing Balm.
Your makeup eliminator is now the initial step to gorgeous radiant skin.Pond’ sColdCream Cleansing Balm is not your daily facial cleanser. It is a makeup eliminator in strong balm texture that immediately liquifies heavymakeup and pollutants quickly, while hydrating to enhance your skin. Pond’s Cold Cream Cleaning Balm deeply cleans your face, quickly disappears heavy makeup, and instills skin with crucial wetness. A fantastic cleanserandmakeup eliminator balm with several skin carebenefits Perfect as aneveryday leanser or for heavy makeup days. Carefully massage apearl-sized quantity onto dry face in circular motions. The soft balm facial cleanser changes into smooth oil uponapplication, dissolving makeup and eliminating dirt and skin pollutants, supplying a smooth and simple makeup elimination experience. Ideal for usage as an eye makeup eliminator, this balm-to-oil facial cleanser liquifies eye makeup without severe rubbing or drying out your skin. Rinse with warm water to get rid of all traces of makeup entirely. Pond’s Cold Cream Cleaning Balm is not simply a makeup eliminator, it is likewise the initial step of your skin care regimen. This all-in-one facial cleanser hydrates and enhances your skin, leaving it immediately soft, glowing and naturally radiant even without makeup. Easy rinse. Non-greasy

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Pond’s Makeup Cleaner Cleansing Balm.

Question Question 1

Have Any Faithful Ponds Cold Cream Users Attempted This? Does It Determine Up?

This is terrific. After attempting a number of more pricey alternatives to take makeup and specifically mascara off this is the one that works.

Question Question 2

Is It A Comparable Texture To The Clinique Balm?

All we understand is that it works and much less costly. We purchased farmacy green tidy cleansing balm. More cash at sephora however ponds worked fine for less$$

Question Question 3

Can You List The Components, Please?Was Not Able To Bring Up The Active Ingredient List On The Ponds Site And None Listed Here In Description.?

From the label: ethylhexylpalmitate, mineral oil, acetyl ethyhlhexanoate, peg-20 glycerol, trisodtearate,peg-10 isostearate, polyethylene, phenoxyethanol, scent parfum, hexylcinnamal

Question Question 4

Can You Utilize This Product Even If You Do Not Use Makeup? Thank You?

Yes. It can be utilized as a facial cleanser even if you do not use makeup.

Question Question 5

Does This Product Have Comparable Consistency To Noxzema?

The consistency resembles a thick balm or like coconut oil when you initially open it. It seems like a truly thick oil on your face however after cleaning it off it doesn t leave an oily residue or sensation. It likewise has a light increased aroma to it. We have actually had mine about 2 weeks and we enjoy it.

Question Question 6

Appears Like Ponds Simply Upgraded The Product Packaging Of Cold Cream. How Is It Various?

It’s an action up from fundamental cold cream. They state its a special mix of oils and cleaning essence pushed into a strong balm. as soon as rubbed into skin, it changes into a smooth oil, dissolving persistent makeup and eliminating pollutants. after washing, skin is left tidy, soft and glowing

Question Question 7

Why Does This Expense A Lot More Than Pond’S Cold Cream? It’S Really Comparable.?

This is a cosmetics eliminator. We have actually utilized numerous that are more expensive.

Question Question 8

Whys Is This Double The Cost As In Stores?


Question Question 9

Does It Get Rid Of Water Resistant Mascara?

Yes. It’s terrific for that. Melts it straight off.

Question Question 10

Does This Cleaning Balm Blockage Pores?

We have actually not had this occur with this product. We constantly follow up with a 2nd clean (cereve hydrating facial cleanser) and have actually constantly been pleased with how the 2 interact to get rid of makeup and hydrate.

Question Question 11

Exists A Scent Free Variation?

No it has a really strong scent.

Question Question 12

Why Is Th Double The Cost Of What It Sells For?

We didn’t understand that.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Pond’s Makeup Cleaner Cleansing Balm, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

This is the only product we utilize for eliminating our makeup. It is so creaour and simply a little goes a long method. It feels oily as you work it into your skin, however it cleans off extremely perfectly with a washcloth and leaves your skin soft. To get rid of mascara we rub it along our lashes for about 10 seconds and after that get rid of completely with a wash fabric prior to opening our eyes. Make certain you do this due to the fact that it will injure if it gets in your eyes. The odor is difficult to describe. The very best method we can put it is that it is a really strong subtle odor. We attempt not to take deep breathes while using it. We understand these might look like disadvantages, however actually this product is remarkable at eliminating makeup. It respects our delicate skin and it eliminates makeup better than any other product we have actually ever utilized. Certainly suggest.

We utilized this for the very first time today and we remain in love. Our makeup melted off. You do not require to utilize much either. It goes a long method. Massage it into your skin, even eyelids and lips and your whole day simply comes straight off. We utilized warm water to wash and after that followed it up with a face cleanser as we constantly do.

This is the very best, silkiest cleanser we have actually ever utilized. Feels remarkable on our skin & doesn t aggravate at all. We have very delicate skin. We will absolutely be buying once again.

We wished to attempt this because we had actually been utilizing another brand name that is more than two times the expense. It works extremely well however, we passed it on to our mother. It is rather perfuour which we actually do not care for. Typically that sort of thing does not trouble us however this was quite strong. That stated, it is a terrific, mild cleanser that quickly emulsifies water resistant makeup/mascara with no heavy rubbing to eliminate it.

We were searching for a lower expense alternative to our elegant medspa quality cleaning balm and check out evaluations of ponds that impressed me. We remember ponds as something from our mom’s dressing table in the 60’s and brand-new that it had an excellent credibility. We were definitely thrilled when we got the cleaning balm – with a label that can be quickly eliminated to keep your counter or shower and look terrific. It cleans like our elegant balm and removes all of our makeup easily. We utilize a soft fabric to eliminate it (love our “makeup eraser” for this). We constantly follow up with a lathering cleanser however you might pass up that 2nd action quickly with this hydrating balm. Love it.

The texture of this balm responds to heat and develops into an oil that with mild circular movements assists to get rid of even water resistant or long-term makeup. It is the best initial step in a double cleaning system. We will confess that it does not clean off well with simply water and leaves a residue that does come off with routine cleansers. (it can be rubbed out with a tissue simply great too if there is very little makeup).

A bit pricey for the size however it is a terrific makeup eliminator for delicate skin. A little goes a long method. Does not leave a residue. Quickly eliminates a complete face of makeup, even water resistant mascara.

We chose to attempt this product out due to the fact that we have actually been breaking out on our face we believe from utilizing sun block and not having the ability to clean it off as terrific. We absolutely required an oil based cleanser or balm. We have actually been utilizing this product to remove additional oils after we utilize micellar water. Then we were our confront with our regular cleanser. We have an utilizing it for a couple weeks therefore far so great it s not triggering any extra breakouts and we typically have actually oily skin vulnerable to acne.

We enjoy this cleaning balm. We constantly keep stockpiled on it. Eliminates our makeup quickly and completely. It merges the skin with little product. We typically scoop out about a teaspoon quantity and work it in between our fingers and after that carefully rub in circular movements all over our face. We utilize our microfiber face fabric, moistened, to clean everything away, we wear t have an issue with aroma or level of sensitivity to our skin. Finest things ever. =-RRB-.

We have extremely delicate skin and am extremely happy with this facial cleanser.

We actually like this. We use a great deal of makeup and we use water resistant mascara and this had whatever off in a flash. You require extremely little and it relies on oil in your hands and you can go right in. With extremely little effort our mascara was off therefore was whatever else. Make certain you still utilize a cleanser because this isn’t one.

Love this cleaning balm. Love the aroma. We just utilize a percentage. Rub it around our face and lashes to get rid of makeup then get hands damp and rub more in circles. We utilize a moist face fabric to get rid of all staying balm. Leaves our skin tidy and smooth and never ever dry.

This things smells actually, actually great and eliminates water resistant mascara. Let’s be real, that’s what we actually required it for. It takes 2 passes for the mascara and eye liner, however if you take your time it leaves your skin soft and tidy. Will be buying once again.

This is a lot better than a cleaning cream or soap – it gets the dirt and makeup off immediately – then spay water over your face to do a last cleaning – leaves your face sensation soft and not tight – not constantly simple to find – we found at and later on saw it in a cvs shop.

Removes eye makeup actually well. You can get all the mascara & even open your eyes to examine if you got it all, and it does not burn your eyes. We would extremely suggest this product.

Terrific combination in between cream and oil based cleanser. Disappears makeup and mascara. Leaves your face sensation tidy and fresh. Not insane about the odor of this product however it does not trouble us enough to not utilize it.

We utilized the review one, the banila one from, the pixi one and the drug store one. Isis without a doubt our preferred and such a bargain. Creaour, reliable, fast acting we enjoy it.

Our skin is regular and extremely delicate. This balm doesn t aggravate our skin one bit, and it does what it states. Eliminates our makeup, which it does quickly and extremely well. It doesn t take much so utilize moderately.

We got this advised and the rate is terrific. Leaves our skin soft and is best to begin our skin regimen. Really pleased with this product.

Remarkable product. This is better than anything we have actually utilized to rapidly eliminate our comprise. Ditch the wipes and utilize this rather you will not be sorry for.

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