PIXNOR Holographic Chunky Body Glitter 4 Colors Cosmetic Glitters with Long Lasting Fix Gel

PIXNOR Holographic Chunky Body Glitter 4 Colors Cosmetic Glitters with Long Lasting Fix Gel

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of PIXNOR Holographic Chunky Body Shine 4 Colors Cosmetic Flashes with Long-term Repair Gel.

  • 4 DYNAMIC COLORS WITH 16 VARIOUS SHAPES. 4 popular pigmented and lively colors of: silver, gold, pink, blue. Each color included 4 various charming shapes, Flowers, hearts, stars, butterflies, triangles, the moon and others. Blended colors and size together making the possibilities of appeal are unlimited, making you be the eye-catcher in every event with our chunky shine.
  • 4 POTS OF CHUNKY SHINE. You will get cosmetic shine with 4 colors, which is numerous times much heavier than other flashes in the market. Besides, top quality acrylic container makes it simple to open and keep without mess or spillage. A wonderfully developed product packaging will be an ideal present to your good friend or cherished relative who likes shine.
  • SAFE AND NON-TOXIC. Made from high quality components and extracts our cosmetic products are definitely safe, even for delicate skin, no chemical odor. You can eliminate all the shine impact easily with some water or mild makeup eliminator.
  • SHINE YOUR UNIVERSE. Cosmetic-grade shine make it best for your body from head to toe: face, body, eye shadow, lips, cheeks, makeup, nail art, and more, likewise can utilize for all sort of arts and crafts. the alternatives are unlimited.
  • UNCONDITIONAL MONEY-BACK WARRANTY. If you’re dissatisfied with this product for any factor, we’ll right away reimburse your purchase rate.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on PIXNOR Holographic Chunky Body Shine 4 Colors Cosmetic Flashes with Long-term Repair Gel.
Read more Read more Present & Glamour Finest present option for buddies, women and unique yourself Ideal for all sort of celebrations like Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mom’s Day, Birthday celebration Numerous Utilizes Extensively utilized for various celebrations Perfect for celebration, wedding event, phase efficiency dating or day-to-day casual comprise and so on Makeup & Appeal Face Shine: Contribute to cheekbones for highlights Eye Shine: Pop some as glam shine tears Hair Shine: Produces the prettiest shine braid insta looks Body Shine: Dust onto collarbones, arms and shoulders for an extremely sparkling impact Nail Shine: Use by pushing onto damp polish for your nail art Read more

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on PIXNOR Holographic Chunky Body Shine 4 Colors Cosmetic Flashes with Long-term Repair Gel.

Question Question 1

Exists A Body Adhesive That Is Required?

Yes, it features 2 bottle of shine gel for makeup

Question Question 2

Is The Glue The Shine Features Safe On Hair?

We have actually utilized it on our hair and absolutely nothing has actually taken place. Glue comes off w water lol. We generally hair spray our hair and put the shine. Functions terrific too.

Question Question 3

What’S The Very Best Method To Get The Shine Out Of The Container? Mine Came With Salt-And-Pepper-Shaker-Type Holes, And It’S Tough To Get The Shine Out.?

We simply utilized fingers. We liked it. It was best for fairy outfits.

Question Question 4

Dosage Anybody Know What All Of The Shapes Remain in This?

There are lot of various sizes of flowers, hearts, stars, butterflies, triangles, the moon and others

Question Question 5

The Number Of Colors Does It Have?

It has 4 pigmented colors, gold, pink, blue, silver, terrific for any unique accasion

Question Question 6

Is This Shine Biodegradable? The Majority Of Big Holographic Shine Is Made From Family Pet Movie Which Is Not Eco-friendly? What Is This Shine Made From?

The set does not consist of any list of components. Absolutely nothing inside or on package. Attempt their site: www. Pixnor. Com

Question Question 7

Will It Remain In The Hair In The Swimming pool?

We have actually not remained in swimming pool this year. We went through sprinkler at zoo and it remained in our hair. Love the colors

Question Question 8

Is Simply The Gold Enough To Use To A Limb?

Potentially to one arm or one leg. Depends how thick you d desire it. If you desire completely covered, you may wish to attempt a business called go get shine. They have some things to cover your whole body.

Question Question 9

How Should We Put This In Our Hair?

With hairspray.

Question Question 10

Does It Wash Off Quickly From Your Hair?

Sanctuary t attempted it in our hair particularly, however any shine that got in our hair was quickly gotten rid of after a shower.

Question Question 11

Is It Pigmented?

Yes, the color are lively and gleaming.

Question Question 12

Does The Glue Work For The Hair?

The shine powder can be utilized on facial, body and nails?you can try out the hair

Question Question 13

What Is The Weight Of The Product?

20g in overall.

Question Question 14

Does This Can Be Found In A Container Or Non Reusable Plastic Wrapping?

It can be found in a top quality acrylic container.

Question Question 15

Would This Benefit Celebrations?

It’s simply enjoyable shine so if you wish to be sparkly at the celebration, we would state yes

Question Question 16

What Are The Particular Active Ingredients Of The Glue?

Unsure about components however it s incredibly light and you can barely feel it.

Question Question 17

Can Somebody Please Inform United States How To Get The Shine Out? Mine Just Has 3 Tiny Holes. Going To Take Permanently To Get The Quantity Out That We Required.?

You simply manage the little plastic filter that has the 3 holes. Utilize a fingernail or tweezers to get below and pop it off.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on PIXNOR Holographic Chunky Body Shine 4 Colors Cosmetic Flashes with Long-term Repair Gel, these may be helpful for better understanding.

Bought this shine for an occasion where we required to get sparkly while carrying out. The glue worked decently and the shimmers are cool since they are various shaped and not simply uniform. We are anticipating utilizing the gold color at our next occasion.

We used the purple/blue shine to edclv and got a lot of compliments. We absolutely suggest this for raves and celebrations. You get an excellent quantity in the pots and the glue that features it will truly assist it stay with your skin. It likewise comes off quickly with water which is a huge plus.

Charming flashes which occurs with glue. We have actually utilized it in addition to our eye makeup. It complements nail enamel and develops that shine appearance. In general we suggest who wish to utilize it in numerous methods utilizing imaginative concepts.

Love this shine. Heaven likewise has purple in it & went wonderful with our hair.

When we got this product we were shocked by much shine was supplied. We purchased this for usage on our nails however they are on the larger side in regards to shine. We will upgrade this evaluation when we get to utilizing it on our nails.

The shine is very adorable. It works extremely well and last a long time. 4 containers for this rate is a lot. Looks so quite. We like it.

This is an excellent product. Perfect for festival/mardi gras season. Application is a little untidy, however it s shine so that s anticipated. After using the product, we totally forgot we were using it.

Finest shine we have actually ever utilized. And we are a devoted music celebration goer, so we utilize a lot. We liked the range, and the glue wasn t unpleasant on our face at all. Felt great. Came off quite quickly. Easy to use, so there s no limitation to imagination when utilizing.

Excellentbuy The colors were so enjoyable and fundamental. Easy to blend and match. Highlight, it remained on throughout the day even on an actually hot day.

We bought this set of of shine pots+ glue for our child. She likes using shine on her cheeks and in her hair part, however was formerly attempting to utilize craft shine and glue. We didn’t feel comfy with this, so we bought this pack rather. We believe this is an excellent worth, and you truly can t beat what you get for the rate. The evaluations and images on the shine are some of the most precise we have actually seen on. The shine is stunning, used and remains exceptionally without much fallout She likes it, and we wear t have shine on whatever we own. Win win.

Excellent shine. Actually sticks onto your face. We got a great deal of compliments on this. Better than the face buttons you can buy at the dollar shop. We blended all the colors into one in a bowl then put them on each side of our cheeks. Will most likely do a seperate style for the next rave we go to. We like how in package there is 4 colors and 2 glue applications. Likewise it came off very simple with our makeup eliminator wipes.

We purchased this to utilize for halloween. We liked the truth that it featured a range of flashes and the adhesive. We utilized this on our 2 children for their unicorn outfits. Among our children has delicate skin and it didn’t trouble her at all. They wished to get the shine out to use to birthday celebration simply a few days after halloween. Certainly suggest.

Love this shine. Super simple to utilize. We purchased a broad angle brush to dip in the shine and use. It remains throughout the day and we forget it s even on our face other than that we scratch and after that remember it s there. Elimination is quite easy to simply utilize a little moisturizing comprise eliminator.

This shine is stunning and remains on for a very long time, our only problem is that it features a shaker cover that it truly difficult to leave, still can t get it off a few of the containers and the shine is too chunky to fit through the holes in the cover. Not an excellent style because element.

The shine is incredibly adorable on both skin and hair. If you do not like the repair gel that currently features it a little hairspray will suffice to hold it in location throughout the day. It remained on through the summertime heat and sweating our butt off throughout the day at a celebration. Silver and gold were our favorites.

Got this body shine set once again for the 2nd time and we definitely like them. You can do a lot with them and arrival remained in outstanding time. We likewise like that you can see when the messenger is on the method to your house, so that’s quite cool?????. Thank you a lot once again certainly suggest.

Love this shine. This has actually been the very best shine we have actually utilized. We used it a various method for 5 days directly for various concerts/raves/clubbing and it s remarkable. The shine has all sort of various shapes that makes it incredibly fancy. We even found a penguin shape in among them. The colors are definitely stunning and precisely like the image and the glue works terrific. We would suggest this to anyone.

We like that with the adhesive the shine actually remains where we put it which is so not like routine shine a minimum of not for us since routine shine simply gets all over whenever we attempt and manage that appearance, however this things was simple to use and no mess.

These worked terrific for our emma frost outfit. They remained on all night, even when sweating in mexico. They were a little a discomfort to leave, however not that bad.

We have actually been utilizing this on our 4 years of age. It s been comfy on her and the white that sparkles pink tones is our favorite.

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