PASSIONCAT FOUNDATION Fresh Girl Small free gift

PASSIONCAT FOUNDATION Fresh Girl Small free gift

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  • Go protection. – Supplies excellent protection without cakey sensation and evens complexion for healthy and sleek appearance
  • Go fitting. – Semi-matte formula without sticky sensation gently fits on skin, and remains in location with water and sweat resistance
  • Go hydrating. – Matte on the outdoors, wet on the within. Efficiently shine-free surface with comfy skin sensation
  • Magnet structure. – Remains on skin like a magnet without moving to masks, phones or glasses
  • It’s a little present with your purchase of PASSIONCAT 3GO Structure.

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Color: Fresh Lady( Pink Beige) Smooth out your irregular skin surface area with #PeeledEggFoundationProtect wetness inside your skin with #VitaminFoundationNon- sticky formula for all skin types is this #PerfectFittingFoundationPerfect skin lightening up + wrinkle refining + UV security of #Cost- EffectiveFoundation

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See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on PASSIONCAT STRUCTURE Fresh Lady Small complimentary present, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

While it isn’t our outright preferred korean structure, it is still rather good. Korean comprise and skin care has actually made us take pleasure in using comprise once again. We enjoy our bare face, however it is so good to have something we can place on and still feel as great. We have the passioncat structure in the shade,”fresh girl- pink beige” It is a near ideal match to our reasonable, cool skin with pink undertones. It has a somewhat more dry surface, semi matte, and does not simply rub out. If you require to use a mask frequently, this need to remain on. We can take a tissue to our face a few minutes after using and it does not simply rub off. Currently put another tube in our cart (has an excellent discount rate 7/2020) we have no concept what the active ingredients are. We tend to favor korean appeal products since the frequently have quality component with skin caring residential or commercial properties. We presume this is a mineral sun block due to the more nontransparent tip of gray appearance of the structure. It is broad spectrum having an spf of 50+ (uvb rays) and p + (takes a care of uva rays). The pa screen isn’t as high as it can go, however it is sturdily up there (4 pluses being greatest). No sun block completely obstructs the sun, just remaining out of the sun and far from windows does that:-RRB- that being stated, we would still utilize a different spf under this. Even if your comprise has spf think about that a reward to your routine spf not a replacement for. We utilized self appeal spf 50+/ p ++ under this, and it works excellent. Btw, this covers the soreness of our rosacea, yet does not appear like a mask. It even succeeds under the eyes. Our skin: mid 40s, pale, cool undertones, pink, have rosy cheeks from flushing and noticeable veins (telangiectasias) from rosacea. Clear skin, other smart. Leans dry. Semi delicate. No problems with this structure. We simply occur to have a various structure that we enjoy that provides us higher hydration and fresh appearance that our skin appears to enjoy. However our skin looks perky and delighted with this structure, therefore we like it. The semi matte appearance is still fresh and healthy looking, yet a little more dry which is excellent under masks. Pictures: used compromise. Cheek face electronic camera in first photo is bare, cheek dealing with electronic camera in second photo has this structure on, last 2 photos are of it completely used to deal with; simply various presents. Hopes this assisted.

Passioncat 3go( cover, fitting, hydrating) structure no. 1 fresh woman (pink beige) this structure does a terrific task at covering whatever we were it to cover without looking cakey. This is our ideal shade for winter season however a bit too light for our skin today. We utilized a our fingers to use this and it quickly spread out. We likewise attempted a rubbing brush which appeared to work evenbetter It is likewise quickly used with a wet appeal mixer. This things remained on throughout the day and did not move. The active ingredients are not noted in english however we can’t discover any scent and it did not aggravate our dry and delicate skin. This structure just is available in 2 tones – however generally the very same other than for the various undertones of pink and yellow. We actually like the texture and it quickly mixesout It likewise has an spf of 50.

The shade is a bit too light for us however we can pull it off. It s too our viewpoint medium protection that you can develop. Covers imperfections and soreness extremely well. Has a light fragrance that provided us a little an allergic reaction the very first 10 minutes of wear however it s great now. (we are extremely conscious aromas and smells) it does not feel drying however neither hydrating. Is type of thick and mixes well. We utilized it without prepping our skin simply to get a genuine feel for the structure. Next time we will use our moisturizer initially given that we got extremely dry skin. However wear t get us incorrect this is a great structure up until now and looks great around the nose location (bothersome location typically) just cons would be it doesn t feel hydrating and few tones to select from however that is typically how it is with korean brand names anyways.

Incredible. It matches our face completely. That’s difficult to do. This passioncat 3go structure is a true blessing when it concerns concealing some of our “blemishes”, such as age areas. We utilize our fingers to use rather of sponges, however that’s simply me. The business consisted of some extremely good sponges, most likely what many people utilize – thank you anyhow. Well, the no. 2 (yellow beige) is an ideal match, goes on smooth, covers wonderfully, is not oily, leaves a great semi-matte surface that likewise hydrates and feels light, and. It remains in location throughout the day. It likewise is a spf 50 score. We are rather delighted with this makeup from korea, they make an extremely good product.

Not exactly sure what we were getting out of this structure, however it amazed me. It went on smooth with great protection, and we had the ability to develop it up in some locations without looking too cakey. It endured our sweating in the summertime heat, too. It is a bit thick, however it was likewise a little too pale for our complexion so we blended in some dark structure mixer, so it spread out well for us. There is a light scent we might do without, however it does not stick around too long. In general, we like the method it looks and we wind up grabbing it over our other pharmacy brand names.

This structure is the ideal structure for us. We are extremely pale, and we do not tan even if we lay out in the sun. We have a difficult time discovering structure that matches our skin. This structure matched us completely. It does not have the yellow undertone we frequently have problem with in other structure. The protection is likewise wonderful. It is not too thick and cakey, however it suffices to cover any soreness and imperfections. It is extremely buildable. The sponges that were consisted of were a fantastic surprise. We will question this once again since it is our brand-new preferred structure.

The color is a little lighter than we expected-this is the yellow-beige color. It is a full-coverage structure, however isn’t too cakey like a great deal of complete protection structures are, however it is still a little thick, so it doesn t simply slide on. It likewise includes a sponge applicator. Because it s too light on our face, we can t speak with wearability or if it s great for delicate skin.

This structure was light-weight and not “heavy” on our face. It used quickly and efficiently. It didn’t move to the face mask we are using for work these days. The color was an excellent fit and matched our skin color well.

( evaluated by our relative): this makeup mixes efficiently and supplies great protection. It does not cake on our skin. We are fair-skinned so we enjoy that it has sun security.

Great protection – bad sunscreen. The product packaging for this sunscreen states that it is spf 50+. We have reasonable skin so we constantly use sunscreen when going outside, all year. This structure does an excellent task at covering without seeming like its caked on. This makeup nevertheless did a bad task at securing us from the sun – we did get a sunburn while using this structure and being outdoors for around an hour. Our skin didn’t feel dry after using this makeup. We like the makeup however when using we require to use an spf below. ** thank you a lot for putting in the time to read our evaluation. We hope the information that we have actually supplied assists to make your choice a little much easier. If you found this evaluation valuable, please click the ‘valuable button below.

We are fan of light-weight, however great protection structure in tubes. There’s something completely textured and simply the correct amount of creaour on our skin. This structure was a genuine surprise. It’s just semi-matte (hooray, we dislike matte) so it looks hydrated (loaded with ceramides), and without that the dull matte surface. It has great protection without being cakey or thick, and hydrates well without being streaky, runny, or rubbing off quickly. For me, it checks off all the significant boxes. The gently scented fragrance, which is typically a turnoff for us in the majority of structures– actually smells rather good and not chemical for a modification. The color could not be more ideal for us. Pink beige (not too pink at all, and gladly not in the yellow spectrum). It’s perfect. The color completely matches our skin, which is difficult to do without custom-made mix structure. We found no drawback to this structure, and was satisfied that television included not the requirement 1 oz of product, however 1. 058 ozs. Minimal distinction, we understand, however still more product than typical. Every bit counts. Sadly, our tube was missing out on an obvious quantity of product that left television rather indented. It can’t potentially include even 1 complete ounce. Plainly, a customer tested and returned it. Roughly 1/3 of television is missing out on. The sunken nature of television is rather clear in 2 of our images. Nevertheless, because that isn’t the producer’s fault, however the actions of a deceitful customer, we are not subtracting anything from our score. We totally suggest this structure– which originates from somebody who has difficulty discovering a structure that fits all our requirements and matches our complexion. This structure will be a keeper for us. And btw, 6 pre-cut, pie formed wedges of mixing sponges (see image) in a vinyl zippered bag were included as a complimentary present. Fyi: we choose a structure brush– less loss of product that soaks up into a sponge. However we so value the good touch.

This things has respectable protection, however we are unsure that we would buy it once again. We were wanting the color was just extremely somewhat more tan than it was and we are rather pale. We believe since it s summertime we have our year s just minor tan (and we do imply minor) so it made us a little paler. This is most likely an ideal shade for us in winter season though. We looked a little washed out with just this on our face after seeing our summertime minor tan- however it was a buildable cover. The wanted outcomes might then be attained with bronzer or powders over this- so it s still an excellent outcome. It s more of a makeup primary step than a one and done face product. We believe this is a brand-new go to when we are actually going all out with the makeup and desiring a complete protection and comprised face for an occasion. We wear t believe we would make the effort to use this plus other bronzer or blush, etc simply to run an errand. For me, we are utilized to utilizing bb and cc creams and other hydrating bur rather large protections- so for us this protection was more than we are utilized to, however in basic it s sort of a medium to thick protection. We might still see a little bit of soreness on cheek still, however in basic it covered our irregular and somewhat blotchy pale skin quite well. Television included a set of sponges for application. We believed this was a great complimentary present, as we didnt have any sponges we were utilizing- we would have simply utilized our fingertips otherwise however this provided a better mixing result more than smearing it on. We want the rate was a few dollars less, however it s not an unjust rate for what you get. In general we would suggest it.

This passioncat 3go structure in fresh woman (pink beige) goes on thick and covers whatever, however it feels actually light and even has a soft, somewhat matted texture, unlike a great deal of other structures that are oily and stay so. You can mix it down to a thinner protection, however it most absolutely is a complete protection structure. The color is extremely pale with a tint of pink that just assists offer the appearance a ‘cool shade, not ‘warm one. It s non-irritating and includes a reward present of sponge applicators for smooth protection. In general, if you re searching for a structure that is full-coverage however light-weight and pale adequate to utilize with low and high lights, strobing, or other makeup results, this is an excellent makeup product to attempt.

The color is too light. We had actually been using a pricey brand name for numerous years and chose to attempt this structure, here is a contrast of this brand name over our previous structure: the fresh woman was actually light, so if you have china doll like skin, this one s for you. The protection was actually excellent– it covered our freckles and made our skin tone appearance actually clear. The structure used extremely quickly and looked extremely naturaly. We discovered, it had a minor extremely enjoyable scent when using it. Likewise, it’s actually crucial to note this product included an spf 50 which we had generally just had an spf 30. In all, the structure benefited about 10-12 hours and we liked it.

This structure is quite excellent total. It assists cover and hide our freckles and acne without obstructing our pores. We like the density of it which we do not need to utilize concealer prior to using. It isn’t as matte as we anticipated it to be, however that might simply be our oily skin. The yellow tone is excellent and looks extremely natural. We like that this does not have the pink tone that other structures tend to have. Television is simple to squeeze and the structure is simple to mix. We will absolutely be purchasing this once again in the future and we are quite satisfied total.

When we saw this just is available in 2 colors, we were actually puzzled and right away wished to attempt it, believing that we would be providing this a bad evaluation. It actually worked remarkably well with our skin. Now, we are extremely reasonable with pink undertones, so it “matched” a minimum of in phrasing. However it does a terrific task of covering and mixing and we are rather delighted with it. It will not be changing our preferred structures (we actually mix colors to get an excellent match), however it’s an excellent go to for taking a trip when we do not wish to take whatever in our vanity with me.

This is a wonderful structure. We have extremely delicate skin that does not endure structure extremely well, however this discussed stunningly. It goes on smooth, it is a bit pale so we needed to change the color a bit, mixes wonderfully, and lasted throughout the day without any problems. We likewise actually liked that simply a bit went a long methods, so the bottle ought to last a long period of time. Thank you for an actually excellent brand-new makeup alternative.

This is a complete protection structure that goes on a bit thick however enthusiasts out well. We utilized a brush and it sufficed. We like the pink warm undertones we got as they brighten our skin tone a bit. Our skin is extremely light and on the dry side. We did utilize a hydrating guide (fairy) under this and that appeared to aid with application. Not a great deal of settling in our lines. No fragrance which is invited.

We typically have a difficult time discovering a structure for our skin tone. They’re either too light or too dark or too something. We either appear like a ghost cuz we are pasty and pale or we appear like our face got an overdose of phony tanner. This one isn’t like that, though. It actually blends and looks more natural. We enjoy with it.

Beginning: we have delicate, acne susceptible skin with extremely dry spots on cheeks, forehead and in between eyebrows. We are asian with reasonable skin with more pink undertones. This is a light ~ medium protection structure in no. 1 fresh woman color. The little present was a round of wedge sponges that you can utilize to use the structure. It promotes to have 3 go, which in korean indicates 3 ‘high’s. 1. High protection – protection is medium, it is buildable2. High fitting – the ‘fitting’ indicates how well the structure ‘sticks’ to your face and not trigger flaking and appear too thick. This structure absolutely does an excellent task and it does not trigger flaking or caking. 3. High hydration – we have not had a concern with dryness though typically our forehead and cheeks would get dry flakes with other structures. In general we were impressed with the color match and its capability to conceal bigger pores on our nose. Typically the structure would be too light and would emphasize our pores and not conceal it. The sponge was likewise great at using the structure uniformly. Even if we do not utilize this for our complete face, we believe we may utilize this for our nose and other locations with bigger pores given that it does such an excellent task.

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