OSiS+ - Schwarzkopf OSiS Dust It - Mattifying Powder

OSiS+ – Schwarzkopf OSiS Dust It – Mattifying Powder

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Here are a few main benefits of OSiS+ – Schwarzkopf OSiS Dust It – Mattifying Powder.

  • Hair Type: Thinning
  • Product Condition: 100% genuine, brand-new and unused. Osis + Dust It Mattifying Powder 10g/0.35 oz.
  • Osis + Dust It Mattifying Powder 10g/0.35 oz: Buy Schwarzkopf Expert Hair Styling Products – Osis + Dust It Mattifying Powder 10g/0.35 oz – Thinning
  • Type: Hair Fibers

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Size: 0.35-Ounce OSiS+ DUST IT Mattifying Powder, 0.35-Ounce

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on OSiS+ – Schwarzkopf OSiS Dust It – Mattifying Powder.

Question Question 1

We Are Brazilian And We Desired Some Products, You Send Out To Brazil?

Kelly, eu envio produtos daqui dos states para o brasil. Email de contato: bonitaepoderosa@gmail. Com

Question Question 2

Deal With Asian Hair?

If by asian hair you implying dark, and directly. Then yes. This product can be found in powder kind and you can mixx it into your hair. Even if your hair is dark colored.

Question Question 3

Would This Be Excellent On Thick Heavy Hair?

We have really thick hair and it works incredibly well on me. We are likewise a certified esthetician and we recognize with all sorts of charm products — this is among our favorites.

Question Question 4

Does It Make Your Hair Shine?

No it assists to raise your hair. Sprinkle at the roots and fluff it around.

Question Question 5

What Are The Components?

The container is small too little to all set. However we understand you shouldn t inhale it. It s prolly not for the chemical totally free.

Question Question 6

Doe This Work To Surge Up Your Hair?

Yes. Super fantastic hold. This is our holy grail of hairproducts Functions on males and females.

Question Question 7

How Does It Compare To Huge Sexy?

Which product by huge attractive r you describing?

Question Question 8

Do You Ship To Mauritius ?? Just How Much It Will Expense With The Shipping?

Not at this time

Question Question 9

We Have Medium Length Hair.Can We Utilize This On Completions To Make Them Piecey And Edgy Or It Finest For The Crown Just?

We would not advise this product to make your hair piecey and edgy.

Question Question 10

Is This Powder Oderless?

Some customers stated we has a fragrance, however we do not believe it does, if so it is really subtle not perfumey. We want it did have a more powerful aroma to make the hair smellnice.

Question Question 11

Does This Eliminate Oil In Hair Like A Dry Hair shampoo?

We would state that this is better to utilize when you initially attempt your hair and will avoid extreme oil the following day. It will soak up oil the following day too, however not in addition to an actually excellent dry hair shampoo.

Question Question 12

For How Long Does One Container Last?

We think it would depend upon just how much hair you have or where you require it. Our hair is great and thin. However you actually just require an extremely percentage. It s sticky if you utilize excessive. It appears you might get a months supply if you re not utilizing daily.

Question Question 13

Do You Place On Wet Or Dry?

You put it on dry.

Question Question 14

How Does This Compare To Huge Attractive Hair Powder Play?

We believe it s really comparable

Question Question 15

Does This Product Contain Aluminum? We Have Googled For Ingredients However Still Don T Know If It Includes Aluminum. Tia?

We do not see aluminum as an active ingredient on the container. We will state that we enjoy this product and it works. We believed in the beginning it was rather pricey however since we can’t do without it we are alright with that.

Question Question 16

What Does It Odor Like?

It doesn t actually have an odor.

Question Question 17

We Have Dark Hair, Will It Be Seen Or Is It Colorless?

It will be colorless on your dark hair.

Question Question 18

Should The Plastic Box Or The Bottle Be Sealed In Anyhow? Mine Came With The Plastic Box Open And The Bottle Covered In The White Powder.?

Mine didn’t have a seal however it did have the screw on cover cap screwed on tight and our box was not opened. With as costly as this things is you absolutely desire what you spent for. The powder needs to not have actually been on the beyond the bottle. We would return for another one. Btw – we enjoy this product. It does assist if yo mine didn’t have a seal however it did have the screw on cover cap screwed on tight and our box was not opened. With as costly as this things is you absolutely desire what you spent for. The powder needs to not have actually been on the beyond the bottle. We would return for another one. Btw – we enjoy this product. It does assist if you put a piece of tape over one half of the holes to keep excessive from coming out at one time. You simply wish to spray it on your hair. All the best.

Question Question 19

Is This Okay To Utilize On Really Dark Hair Without Leaving A White Residue??

Yes, it will not leave a white residue to your dark hair. We utilize it on our brunette hair.

Question Question 20

Does This Set Well With Other Paste?

“dust it” is a powder, not a paste. We have not attempted integrating it with other stylingproducts however we feel powder and paste do not get along effectively

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on OSiS+ – Schwarzkopf OSiS Dust It – Mattifying Powder, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

We have no concept how we discovered this product, however desire we had actually stumbled upon it years earlier. As we age and our hair has actually started to thin out, we have actually become our hair has actually begun to thin out up leading and on the temples. This things works extraordinary for the temple location. We circled around the location where we utilize this product. Prior to you would have the ability to see directly down to our scalp, however after including simply a bit of this, it includes adequate volume to the hair to conceal enough of the scalp to keep our pleased. Seriously enjoy this things.

This product amazed me: is so small. However we are comprehending today: we have a modern-day bob, with great deal of undetectable layers on the crown & all the behind (our hair is so great). We utilize more than we require & the hair boost in volume at the minute however left this zone complete. We dispersed with our brush the product. Not left whites areas. This day we got great deal of attention & compliments about our cut & what our hair stylist did to enhanced our great hair. The impact is for long period of time & the dullness vanishes. A bit suffices. We utilized another s dry hair shampoos for volume. In contrast to this one: excellent rate, good formula, no smells, not white areas, fresh experience & great deal of volume makes this powder so remarkable. Well covered, easy/fast shipping. Extremely advise with care.

Yes, the texture is strange. You will not have the ability to run your fingers through your hair if you utilize a great deal of it. However the product does not declare to develop soft touchable hair – it produces volume, mattifies, and provides texture – and it does all 3 unbelievably well. Simply a little on the roots makes our hair look two times as thick and utilizing a little more provides it piecey texture. We do not utilize every day, typically when we are getting a little fancy for something social.

A great deal of youtube hair tutorials utilize a comparable powder to include body and fullness to the hair at the roots, however it s one from aveda and method more pricey, so we chose to attempt this. It s an actually intriguing consistency – sprays out like a white powder however right away melts in your hands into a slippery, clear compound. Does assistance include the body and grit that hair requires for volume, for sure. Just downside is that it s actually little. If you were utilizing it every day, we question that it would last longer than 2 weeks.

This is some magic powder right here. It. The ideal thing to utilize when you have however oily and thin hair. It’s been 5 days because we wereed our hair and it still looks as amazing as it did the very first day. At the this point, any other dry shampoo/matti passing away powder would’ve made our hair appearance dreadful and flat. And it’s fantastic at volumizing our hair. We use hair extensions and this things actually assists conceal it and keep the clips from slipping off. We likewise published a photo of what the genuine product appears like. Make certain you compare it if you believe you got a phony one.

Love this product. So pleased they went public. Functions much like it carries out in the beauty salon. We have short, spikey hair and it provides it hold and lots of texture to our thinning hair.

Can not live without this dust. No other mattifying powder works in addition to this one does. We do not spray it on. We dab the bottle on our counter and utilize our fingers to use. When we sprayed it, we would constantly put excessive and might stagnate our hair then. If that takes place simply damp fingers and work to smooth it out.

We have thin hair that fails all the time. Got this and use it at the crown and back/top ~ holy cow. Does it make a big distinction. Other customers tips of scratching nails/rubbing the scalp later on in the day for a little lift works completely. Yes, this makes it feel a bit unclean however so worth it. We simply make sure to clean it out in the shower so there s no insane develop.

If your hair is thin and flat, this is the product for you. A little spray at the root base, ruffled in with our fingers and our hair unexpectedly ends up being manageable and has loads of long lasting volume. It lasts up until you clean itout We extremely advise taking a piece of tape and concealing half/ 3 quarters of the holes in the top of the container. It just takes a little scattering and with all the holes supplied, you will wind up utilizing excessive.

Wow, enjoy this things. We are asian and have thinning hair specifically by the front. We typically need to put a volumizer product in our hair, dry it upside down, tease it, then spray with hairspray to make it remain all the time. With this we remove the hairspray which we enjoy. The hairspray freezes our hair in location so when the wind blows, you can envision, makes it look amusing. With this product, we put a volumizer in our hair, dry it upside down, then spray on our fingertips and rub it in by the roots where we require the volume. On specific days we do not require to tease it, however if we desire it to actually remain all the time, we can tease a little at the roots to make it remain. This actually lasts all the time and if you require a retouch, you simply utilize your tidy fingers to offer it an increase. If you do not utilize tidy fingers, you will include the oil from your fingers which will weigh it down. Did we state we enjoy this product? sorry however we lastly found a product where our hair looks complete and remains that method all the time even when it’s windy. It makes our hair appearance a lot more natural than with hairspray (helmet head). On damp days, your hair might require a little more assistance however who’s hair does not? on rainy days, utilize an umbrella. It quickly cleans out and powder is white however ends up being clear when used. The only disadvantage exists is very little in the bottle. We have actually been utilizing it for 1 month now, and there is 3/4 bottle still left in it, so it will last us for a few months. Sooooo worth the cash and no aerosol hairspray, that’s a plus. All set to order more.

We have really baby great hair without any lift. Our hair stylist had this in the store where she works. It is wonder in a powder. You simply shake it on like salt, tossel your hair and wa-la you have thick hair. After the very first finishing we do it once again. Than we tease our brief hair so we have that huge 80’s dynasty hair, if we require more in specific locations we put it there. It is fantastic for those sleep areas that you get when you get up, search in the mirror and dust in those areas, design, and spray. It does wash out so we just clean our hair 1x a week. As the week passes it gets better looking. We have actually filled up and have 12 in our linen closet simply in case they gave up making it. Thus numerous products out there the very best appear to vanish for thickening hair.

Our hairstylist presented us to dust it and have actually been utilizing it for several years. Great when utilized effectively. If you place on excessive, hair looks dull and matted. So begin with less, and include more if needed. Terrific for concealing bald areas and broad parts.

We did not understand what to get out of this product and check out a few evaluations and enjoyed some videos to see exactly what it does. We have actually constantly utilized styling clay with a matte surface and a little b we t of hairspray to hold our hair in location specifically on longer getaways however we have actually constantly encountered the issue of our hair losing volume throughout the day or being destroyed by some sort of humidity that triggered the clay to lose its hold. After attempting this product, we can state that it works, and it feels quite cool too. It’s unusually light, exceptionally subtle scent, and makes your hair adhere to itself and texturize actually well. We have shorter-medium length great straight hair that we like to offer volume on the top with a messier impact and it appears as though this things is the response to our product search. Will absolutely be buying more of it.

Absolutely nothing provides our hair such immediate volume and separation as this osis dust it mattifying powder. It’s fantastic for those unique times when you desire a great deal of lift in your hair. We utilize it just sometimes, however, since it lowers the shine of our hair and makes our hair feel a little bit sticky and stiff. Another disadvantage is that it can be a bit more tough than numerous other styling products to hair shampoo out of our hair. To use it, you can put a little bit (smaller sized than cent size) onto your fingers, rub them together, and after that rub them through your hair. Nevertheless, we have found that the technique that works finest for us to get volume at the roots is to spray a small quantity straight on the particular root locations of your hair and after that work it through with your fingers. You need to do this in areas, so it takes a little bit longer; however we found that it worked much better for us that method. Likewise, with the product in the root location, if you observe that your hair is losing volume hours later on, you can merely moisten your fingers a little and revamp the product that is still there. Instantaneous lift.

Dust it. Matte it. Great for some body without turning to oily pomade. We do the brief hair pressed back like bowser from sha-an-na. ‘cept we are the greaser without any grease or shine. Finest powder we have actually attempted. Hair powder. We utilize this in combination with sea salt spray when damp post cleaning, a little hair oil midway dry to smooth things out and when completely dry include a little powder for hold and control. Wait 20 minuted prior to placing on your motorbike helmet. Moist hair shampoo. Comparable.

We actually like this product. We have actually attempted a few other brand names of volumizing powder, and we do believe this one works a little better than the others. Personally we believe it has a bit of a cool odor (we have actually discovered some other brand names have a more enjoyable odor, and some have the very same strange odor as this one), however you do not actually observe it when you rub it in (disclaimer: we have actually been informed we have an extremely delicate sense of odor, so perhaps take that with a grain of salt. ). We have actually been purchased this very same brand name for a while since we have incredibly fine, flat hair and we can absolutely inform a distinction when we utilize it. It’s not a big distinction obviously, simply enough that our hair has some body and isn’t so flat. You do not require excessive either. In truth do not utilize excessive or it gets a strange gumour texture like some others have actually pointed out, however who wishes to squander it anyhow.

We have really great hair with a mind of its own. This is not a wonder however it does assist. We have found it finest to spray a percentage into our hand, then from about 6 inches above the location turn our turn over and let it fall. We then fluff it a bit with our fingers. It provides our hair some lift and appears a bit fuller. If we spray it on directly from the bottle, it is really tough to manage the quantity and we wind up utilizing excessive. We were happily amazed that our 2nd day hair was not oily and actually looked excellent without reapplying.

We definitely enjoy this product, nevertheless it s like purchasing gold. The bottles are small and do not have near adequate product in them for the rate you pay. We understand it costs a bit to keep your hair the method you desire ut sheesh. Having stated that, we will buy it once again. Definitely not since it s pricey, however since it works so well the product itself is extraordinary.

We have straight hair that actually hangs plastered to our head if delegated itself to dry, without any product. Our stylist informs us it’s thick, however fine (we laugh each time they call our hair “thick”– it’s so unfortunate and thin looking). We have actually been utilizing a mix of gel, hairspray and in some cases hair glues/pomades to get our hair to look the method some of our good friends’ hair looks with no effort. Nevertheless, those products never ever offered us the volume we desired without a little back-combing at the crown and we might never ever have bangs that looked excellent (we did that thing where we cut bangs, disliked them since they looked oily and stringy, grew them out– believed we would provide another shot, cut bangs, disliked them, grew them out– cycle continues). This product altered all of that. To get subtle volume, all we require do is spray a percentage of this along the scalp where we prefer volume, rub it in and while it does not offer us huge hair– it provides us a good lift and likewise keeps our roots from getting oily. For our bangs, we lastly have them and they look actually fantastic. We blow dry our bangs with a round brush, then spray a little this throughout the roots of our bangs, rub it into the roots and lift with our fingers to sit the method we desire and complete with hairspray. No more oily bangs that plaster themselves to our forehead, no more flat bangs that appearance pitiful. We still back-comb the crown of our hair when we are choosing more volume, however this product will permanently be a preferred for all-day, natural looking volume.

Excellent product still finding out just how much to use. We are guy with great hair aiming to include some mad volume to our pompadour. Absolutely use with entirely dry hair. It provides our hair a great deal of volume like absolutely nothing we have actually utilized prior to. Like numerous other customers stated a percentage goes a long method. If you use excessive you will end with a rat’s nest in your head. Fortunately is that it cleans out effectively with routine hair shampoo in the early morning. This one is a keeper. Do not even consider running your finger through your hair after you are done however your hair will have fantastic volume. Apply some matte paste and a little hair spray to keep it in location and you are set with amazing hair for the remainder of the day.

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