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NYX Cosmetics Conceal, Correct, Contour Palette Medium

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  • Product Condition: 100% genuine, brand-new and unused. NYX Cosmetics Conceal, Correct, Shape Combination 3CP02 – Medium.
  • NYX Cosmetics Conceal, Correct, Shape Combination 3CP02 – Medium: Buy NYX Cosmetics Concealers Correctors – NYX Cosmetics Conceal, Correct, Shape PaletteColor-match your skin utilizing our refining and fixing combinations to hide proper or shape. With 6 tones to pick from in each set you can conceal issue areas even out flaws and highlight your finest functions in a flash. Usage these buildable colors by themselves or integrate them to produce the perfect tone.

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Color: Medium Color-match your skin utilizing our refining and fixing combinations to hide, fix, or shape. With 6 tones to pick from in each set you can conceal issue areas even out flaws and highlight your finest functions in a flash. Usage these buildable colors by themselves or integrate them to produce the perfect tone.

Frequently Asked Questions:

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Question Question 1

Can Somebody Discuss To United States Wat Each Color Represents?? We Understand The Green Is For Inflammation However Besides That We Have No Concept?

The very first leading left color is for fixing “bags:” under eye, on tan skin, green, remedies redness., purple remedies yellow undertones, peach remedies under ye bags on reasonable skin and the 2 bottom colors are for regular hiding and contouring. Hope this assists.

Question Question 2

What Are Each Of The Colors For?

Green: to conceal red spotspurple: to brightensalmon/orange: utilize to fight darkness like under-eye circles, or brown areas green: to conceal red spotspurple: to brightensalmon/orange: utilize to fight darkness like under-eye circles, or brown spotsyellow: likewise fights under eye circles and lightens dark skin tones( each color is utilized to fight the color opposite itself on the color wheel, google “color wheel” brownish tone, we would utilize for contouring

Question Question 3

We Are Near Perfect Match For Ruly Topaz Black Opal Structure, And Dior # 50 Foundation.Should We Utilize Deep Or Medium For Our Yellow Gold Undertone?

We are latin, and we have tan and yellow undertones. We recommendthat you must buy the deep nyx, since the medium does not cover to much. And we have the deep and medium nyx. And the medium we offer to our children that havelighter complexion.

Question Question 4

Does It Stay And Not Wipped Off Putting Liquid Structure Over It To Cover Any Staining On Your Face?

It s structure initially, then concealer. Whatever your structure can t cover, your concealer needs to have the ability to get the slack. If you can still see some red after using structure, then include the green concealer. And mix.

Question Question 5

Can You Buy All These Colors Separately? We Like This Product However We Just Required A Few Of The Colors.?

You can blend them. And/or with otherproducts Suggest a guide/ moisterizer utilized other packages of this type. They work. Ps a little goes a long method you can blend them. And/or with otherproducts Suggest a guide/ moisterizer utilized other packages of this type. They work. Ps a little goes a long waywe have dry, fully grown, delicate skin roscea. (under control)

Question Question 6

Is This Product Cream Type?

Yes, it is more of a cream formula rather than powder.

Question Question 7

New To Using Makeup: A Dark Skinned Black Women Would Utilize This? Thanks.?

Yes, this color wheel uses to all tones of black ladies

Question Question 8

Does Anybody Know What The Specific Colors Are?The Color In The Leading Right Corner Is A Perfect Match And We Wish To Buy Simply That Color Next Time.?

On nyx site color on the top right corner is noted as “warm undertone”.

Question Question 9

Does It Work For Oil Skin?

Yes our sis

Question Question 10

Did You Make Inernational Shipment? (Argentina)?

No, we are sorry. We are unable to.

Question Question 11

Are The Colors For The Light Combination Picture Correct?Others Program Different Tone For 3Cp01.?

Our contents match whats on the image however we do find the terra-cotta looking one has an undertone oforange. So if your colors are fall this can be a concern. Other than that they work fantastic for us if we use with a sponge

Question Question 12

Do You Expect To Put/Use Structure After You Utilize This Product?

Yes, the concept is to reduce the effects of the skin staining prior to you put structure on, so that your makeup looks even

Question Question 13

Is It Water resistant? We Wished To Swim With It Applied?


Question Question 14

Is This An Emphasize And Shape Combination Along With A Color Corrector Pallet?

This is color fixing combination. It assists cover inflammation, under eye darkness, yellowing, minor contusions, andmore Go tohttps://www. Youtube. Com/watch? v= 2cwglwmrghw to see a tutorial.

Question Question 15

Is This Initial Due To The Fact That It Look Diffrent From The Initial Product?

This product has really various product packaging from nyx cost sephora or ultaso the product is either old or it is a dupe.

Question Question 16

The Number Of Days Shipment?


Question Question 17

Where Are Yyour Products Manufactured?

We utilize younique skin care and compriseproducts Nyxhas good products nevertheless we over 50 and our skin has actually entirely altered and we need much more attention to it than we did even in our 40’s. Their products are all manufacture in the us and the quality is fantastic.

Question Question 18

Is This Cream Or Powder?


Question Question 19

Which Combination Is Utilized For Light Skin? Our Structure Shade Is Constantly Porcelian.?

Thank you for your interest in our nyx expert makeup concealer color fixing combination. This product is just offered in one shade. We hope you found this information valuable.

Question Question 20

Is The Brown Color On This Combination Tan Or Nutmeg Color?

It’s tan

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on NYX Cosmetics Conceal, Correct, Shape Combination Medium, these may be helpful for better understanding.

We have other color correctors that feel too heavy or too drying. So when we selected this up we were a bit worried as it was our very first nyx buy (we understand we understand, however that was 2 months versus and now we are connected to the brand name. ). First of all this has to do with a portion of the rate in-stores (~$ 10). It was a total take for the rate. It has 6 various colors: yellow, green, purple, salmon-pink, and 2 complexion (cream and brown). We connected a color wheel so it’s simpler to comprehend for newbies. To fix the issue location, select the color or near it (e. G. Red for acne) on the wheel and after that select the opposite color (e. G. The green is the reverse of red). This implies you require the green corrector to cover your inflammation. Yellow is the reverse of purple so it remedies dark circles (we check out that it’s finest for tanner individuals), veins, and purple-ish contusions. Purple is the reverse of yellow so it remedies yellow undertones. The salmon-pink remedies blue/purple (under eye bags for our pale skin). The bottom 2 colors are for contouring we believe? we do not contour so we can’t state anything about those 2. Certainly you do not leave these colors on your face alone; you mix them with concealer or structure. The product is waxy and you may have difficulty putting them on if you’re fingers aren’t heated up. They drag out our under eyes often, so we warm our fingers up (rub them together), then attempt once again. It normally works. The salmon right now brightens our under eyes, even without concealer. That’s when you understand it’s the best color:-) we installed images that are ideally of usage. We do not have our structure on, so those locations that we used the product aren’t best. They do, ideally, demonstrate how the colors are fixed. In general, we actually like this product as it has a wide variety of correctors for our wide range of issues. We would most likely recommend purchasing this at ulta or anywhere other than online.

It’s an alright product. We actually found it hard to get product on our concealer brush. Other than the it’s a fantastic concealer combination at an incredible low expense. Where your able to color proper along with emphasize and shape. We will advise this combination to ladies of color. If you found this evaluation valuable do not forget to click the valuable button below.

We fidgeted about this purchase in the beginning however it is the bomb. Com. We are brand-new to the makeup video game and this made it so simple to contour and highlight. Its really smooth, practically the texture of smooth mud. It was best for our complexion and it mixes out extremely well. In the image we utilized the combination to high light and shape. Love it.

We seriously can t utilize anything else. What did we not understand about this product??? it s seriously the very best. We wear t requirement structure, it s very long-term and for somebody like us that s constantly sweating and being active, it s the very best. It mixes soooo completely. Simply enjoy it.

We truthfully had really low expect this, we mainly purchased it bc it was so inexpensive as an include on. We are the type that just uses pricey comprise from sephora. We rather conserve up and get the best things since we decline to invest our time doing our makeup to look horrible since of bad product. However when we inform you that this little set altered our life and viewpoint about more economical comprise, we kid you not. We like this better then the fenty duo stix. Those colors simply camouflaged desire our skin and was over priced. With this we can highlight cover, shape. We enjoy this and we are purchasing like 5 more while the rate is still good lol.

Really creaour. We recommend utilizing a thin eye shadow brush to use the shape lines, then mixing with a regular structure sponge. Great for natural looking shapes. A bit goes a long method. If the pink and green had more shade, the protection for eye bags and lip shadows would be better however it’s fantastic for the rate. Better than the younique shape set that’s $99 and does not have this type of flexibility. When coupled with your regular structure, this produces fantastic, natural, and simple contouring for daily usage.

We got this one to change our stila plate that we lost t ^ t we would just provide it 3 stars if not for the rate. The cream is much denser and less great compare to stila. However it gets the job done. The green is not that functional for us to be truthful. It is too green that it will reveal after 1 protection of structure. It can even reveal after a protection of concealer if the one you’re utilizing is that strong enough. However for covering under eye darkness, it suffices. It does make the line more apparent particularly through out the day as the cream is not great. Nevertheless with this rate, there is not excessive to grumble about this is why we would still provide it 4 stars. If you might pay for however, we would extremely advise purchase a plate of stila color corrector. A plate is much more pricey however it does go a long period of time. Likewise if you watch by themselves site, you can get it with discount rate, which is what we did after owning this one for a month.

Cost is good and it worth. Despite the fact that we feel a bit dry however it covers a lot. Various colors for various locations. Great product.

This is a should have for the brown women makeup bag. Color correction highlighter under eyebrow concealer you call it. We advise this product and youtube tutorials for makeup beginnerscheaper than sephora and ulta.

Simply attempted this product and it works amazing. We have actually never ever utilized a color fixing combination prior to so we were a little worried attempting it out however if you following tutorials it’s actually very simple.

It has a thick consistency for those who like that however we would choose my own to be a little more thinner we still like the product quite though. Likewise we have actually gotten ruined to liquid concealer anyways lol so this is an excellent product. We alternate in between the 2.

We are delighted we found this. We follow pony’s makeup tutorials and we saw her utilizing this in among her videos. We enjoy the method it searched her and we have actually been wishing to provide it a shot. It came quicker than anticipated and is really cost effective. We are going to experiment with it and find which colors work for us.

We have actually been utilizing this for several years and one like it. The yellow and orange are fantastic for dark circles, green for acne or if you blush quickly. We blend the other colors as required. This is an excellent quality since it covers and moves on better than the ones in stick type. Extremely advise for flaws to use under mineral powder. Simply beware not to exaggerate it, and mix well or you will be neon.

This is a fantastic concealer pallat. We needed to get some to attempt and conceal hickies that our male enjoys to leave. It lasts a long period of time, however we want the product would have a better surface. It still ends up damp, and does not dry up like a routine concealer. So you cant touch it, or itll disappear. Otherwise, it’s fantastic. We utilize the yellow, pink, blue, and green. It covers contusions actually well.

We are not a makeup professional, however this was advised to me. It was very simple to utilize, and the product combined onto our face quickly (we are very pale). If you have one color on your face you want to camouflage, just choose the opposite color on the combination, and use the product. This is a fantastic property to any makeup collection, and the rate can’t be beat. Extremely advise.

The score for sheerness and density at a 3 was a good idea. It is not too large and not too thick. It is 5 star protection excellence. We can not think the peach entirely makes dark circles disappear, the yellow lessens our red areas. This is a definitely fantastic product. We want they offered the peach in a pencil. We understand la woman does, however our 100% trust remains in nyx brand name.

This color fixing pallete is fantastic. It’s fantastic for newbies and veterans. It has basically every color you ‘d require. The consistency is a little weird, it’s type of creaour and sticky? it’s difficult to describe. However it still works simply great. Although we personally do not discover a substantial distinction with this under our structure. It may simply be me, and it might actually assistance, we are unsure. We will still continue to utilize it, trigger it can’t injure. We have actually seen decreased inflammation from imperfections though. If you require several colors, or aren’t sure which color is best for you, or simply wish to expiriment with various colors we absolutely advise this.

We enjoy this product. We keep constantly dark circles under our eyes no matter what we do, along with some scarring from acne in the past. We constantly believed we simply required to cake on more structure or concealer to cover it, however we have actually considering that understood that wasn’t the response– this was. Now we use really little structure or concealer since this product offers us the protection we require. (you do need to comprehend a bit about color-theory in order for it to work, however when it works, it resembles magic. Extremely advise to women who do not like the sensation of cakey makeup/concealer. ).

We would constantly wondered about color fixing concealers and was grateful to find this as a low-cost method to experiment. We found it works extremely well. Much better than more pricey brand names that are purchased based upon purchasing a shade lighter than your skintone. Likewise good that it’s a taste buds with the several colors.

We are utilized to utilizing routine concealer that comes out of tube. We saw somebody usage this on a makeup tutorial and chose to attempt it for ourself. We enjoy this concealer. It is thicker than a regular concealer you would buy and remains on longer. It is likewise actually simple to mix (we utilize a makeup sponge for mixing). We have not attempted it for contouring or a highlighter however we would definitely buy this once again.

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