Neutrogena Oil-Free Liquid Eye Makeup Remover

Neutrogena Oil-Free Liquid Eye Makeup Remover, Residue-Free, Non-Greasy

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Neutrogena Oil-Free Liquid Eye Makeup Eliminator, Residue-Free, Non-Greasy.

  • 5 5-fluid ounces of Neutrogena Oil-Free Liquid Eye Makeup Eliminator Option to carefully eliminate eye makeup without pulling or pulling
  • Dual-phase oil-free liquid makeup eliminator successfully assists remove even persistent water resistant eye makeup like mascara, eye liner or eye shadow
  • The light-weight, oil-free formula is non-greasy and includes calming aloe and cucumber extracts for a revitalizing feel with no oily residue
  • The efficient & mild makeup getting rid of service is ophthalmologist-tested and established by skin specialists to be safe for contact lens users and mild for delicate face and eye location
  • To utilize the eye makeup eliminator, shake well and use with a cotton pad on closed eyelids, then carefully wash with warm water These cleaning wipes are the best addition to your at-home skin care regimen

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Here are some more information on Neutrogena Oil-Free Liquid Eye Makeup Eliminator, Residue-Free, Non-Greasy.
Size: 5.5 Fl Oz (Load of 1)|Design Call: Liquid Eliminator 5.5 oz Utilize the Neutrogena Oil-Free Eye Makeup Eliminator Option to assist carefully eliminate makeup from around your eyes. This dual-phase light-weight liquid gets rid of even water resistant eye makeup, consisting of mascara and eye liner, with no pulling or pulling. Due to the fact that the formula is oil-free, it does not leave any oily residue. Aloe and cucumber extracts in the makeup eliminator relieve skin and leave it feeling cool and revitalized. This non-greasy & oil-free makeup getting rid of formula is ophthalmologist-tested and safe for delicate eyes and contact lens users as part of their at-home skin care regimen

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Neutrogena Oil-Free Liquid Eye Makeup Eliminator, Residue-Free, Non-Greasy.

Question Question 1

Is This Actually Oil Totally Free???

Yes its oil complimentary, it has a layer of oily things on the top and watery things below in bottle. Oily things is not precisely fells oily.

Question Question 2

What’S Better The Oil Or Wipes?

Oil. Wipes are big and inefficient. Oil can be custom-made given.

Question Question 3

Is This Product Evaluated On Animals?

We put on t understand the response to that, however this is the most mild, non annoying eye makeup eliminator we have actually ever utilized. We will continue to utilize and reorder.

Question Question 4

Does The Bottle Feature A Seal Under The Cap?


Question Question 5

Our Bottle Wasn’T Sealed And Looks like If Some Product Is Missing out on. Is The Product Expected To Have A Security Seal?

No these do not have a security seal on them.

Question Question 6

Is This Product Devoid Of Any Artificial Fragrance?


Question Question 7

Does This Product Feature A Security Seal Under The Cap?

The product comes delivered in a well-contained way to avoid any spillage. Nevertheless, the product itself, no, does not featured a security seal to guarantee its contents.

Question Question 8

Is It Truly 5.5 Fl Oz?

It’s stated on the bottle 5. 5 fl oz 162 ml.

Question Question 9

Does It Have Parabens In It?

We simply checked out the components and no it does not.

Question Question 10

How Is This Dispensed?A Big Opening? A Tiny Opening? Wish to Put A Little At A Time On Cotton Ball & Don’T Want Big Open Top.?

Our bottle had a plastic top with a little hole to give on a cotton ball. You might most likely eliminate the plastic disk if you desired the complete opening.

Question Question 11

Can You Take Legal Action Against With Permanent Eye Liner?

We do not see why not

Question Question 12

Can This Product Be Utilized With Lash Extensions?Which Specify No Oil Cleansing.?

Then do not respond to the dang question talilush, and donna. Ugh individuals and their attention getting. Annoying.

Question Question 13

Has Anybody Compared This To The Target Brand Name “Up & Up” Eye Makeup Eliminator? Is The Neutrogena Product Better? Thanks.?

This is no great for water resistant eye makeup. It dragged out our eyes and didn’t eliminate it. We sanctuary t attempted the target brand name.

Question Question 14

What Is The Expiration Date?

Should check out product packaging for expiration date.

Question Question 15

For Seller, Some Individuals Are Getting One Bottle And Some 3 Bottles? Which Is It?

We got 3. Could you have bought a bigger bottle?

Question Question 16

Do You Know Where To Buy It?

, cvs

Question Question 17

Does This Work To Get Rid Of Sengence Products?

We are not exactly sure what that product is, however this eliminator removed water resistant mascara really well-which is normally the hardest kind of makeup product to eliminate. It does not burn or aggravate our eye location. However with that stated, we would call the sengence product associates to ask how their product needs to be gotten rid of.

Question Question 18

Does It Scratch Quickly?

If you suggest, does the cream have something in it that would scratch the eye location or skin, no it doesn t.

Question Question 19

Is This Alcohol Free?

This product includes benzyl alcohol.

Question Question 20

Does This Product Leave The Eye Location Oily After Utilizing?

Yes it does often we leave it on over night and it appears to hydrate the skin round our eyes perfectly.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Neutrogena Oil-Free Liquid Eye Makeup Eliminator, Residue-Free, Non-Greasy, these may be helpful for better understanding.

A traditional and still the very best for its rate variety. We have actually attempted them all- the cvs wannabe of this, easy s, loreal s. This is not just the very best quality butbest value. Leaves water resistant mascara without you requiring to freaking scrub your eyelashes off. Great for dry or delicate skin-ladies like ourself. That nourishing sensation after is a plus for those stressed over their eye location level of sensitivity or are missing out on some eyelid level of sensitivity. Every now and then we will wander off away to attempt something brand-new. However we constantly return. It simply works. Tips- utilize with multiple-use; makeup eliminator pads and put on t forget to shake. Great task, neutrogena.

We enjoy exploring and having fun with makeup. We do not, nevertheless, enjoy the makeup elimination obstacles mascara and significant eyes present when we go to clean our face. Having actually operated in among those huge charm store we will not call, we have actually been exposed to various eye-makeup cleaners, none of which left us wow ‘d, particularly when considering just how much they cost. Neutrogena’s oil-free liquid makeup eliminator competitors leading rack brand names effectiveness at one 5th the rate. As long as you are not a customer consumed with just purchasing naturally obtained, sustainable, reasonable trade, natural components cultivated by self-aware shamans and conspiracy theorists empowered through a life committed to developing your ethically exceptional product, then this product is worthy of a review. Prior to utilize, carefully shaking the bottle assists to blend the appreciable, non-miscible layers of the product together. This assists in improving application, circulation and product efficiency. While neutrogena utilizes lighter, less thick artificial silicones, consisting of cyclohexasiloxane and cyclopentasiloxane, to change much heavier oil elements typically found in conventional eye makeup cleaners, the silicones still impart that slippery/lubricated sensation attribute of lots of makeup cleaners. Neutrogena’s usage of artificial silicones in their eye makeup eliminator nevertheless, does not leave that remaining, oily residue on the skin, typical to oil-based eye makeup eliminationproducts While we value this light and conditioned sensation we get after utilizing neutrogena’s eye makeup eliminator, the thinner viscosity of the silicones, compared to oils, likewise lead to us needing to utilize a bigger quantity of the product, obtained a longer quantity of time, in order to accomplish total makeup elimination. This element is the main consider providing the product a 4/5. For that reason, we feel in evaluating whether this is a great eye makeup eliminator for you, it assists to determine the products usually utilized in your day-to-day makeup regimen. For the typical makeup user, this product is completely cromulent and we would advise it without doubt. For those of you, who prefer a more generous application of lasting or water resistant makeup ranges, a much heavier/more considerable eye makeup eliminator might be a more suitable method to go. Hope these insights assist in evaluating if neutrogena’s eye makeup eliminator is the best one for you.

Assets: mild– certainly is. We shook the bottle up due to the fact that this is a biphasic service, then moistened a cotton pad and rubbed out eye shadow, mascara and eyebrow powder. No inflammation and although we have delicate skin and eyes, it felt fantastic. We got a great schmear of the eye shadow on our cotton pad however. Not the mascara. (essence incorrect eyelash impact.) we might see the color of our eye shadow however no inky streak from the black mascara. Bad points: up until we wereed our face well after utilizing this eliminator, and got rings of mascara below our eye, the 2 or 3 swipes with that cotton pad and eliminator did not touch our mascara. Our mascara is not water resistant mascara, either. So genuinely, the very first wipes of the cotton pad and neutrogena mild oil-free eliminator did not touch our mascara at all. We moistened another pad and it quickly removed the remainder of the mascara and we then cleaned our face to eliminate the eliminator (once again). It did a great task getting rid of the mascara residue. We would buy this once again anyhow due to the fact that we like that we got up the next day without eye inflammation however you need to operate at getting rid of mascara. Considering that the eliminator is so mild, and we dislike getting up with inflamed eyes, we would endure utilizing after we were our face to eliminate the residue of makeup left and after that wash once again. If we were to find another that is as mild however more efficient, we would change. Not suggested, for that reason, for water resistant mascara.

The neutrogena oil-free eye makeup eliminator has actually been our go-to for many years. We like to utilize this when we use our mascara. As you can see we get it all over our eye so that we have optimal application. We dip a q-tip into the service and tidy up the mascara mess. You can see the in the past and after utilizing the makeup eliminator. It’s a mascara-lovers dream.

Truthfully can’t think we have actually never ever attempted this eye makeup eliminator prior to; didn’t truly believe we required it. A lot of cleaners tend to seem like we have actually utilized something too extreme and chemically on our skin and dries us out or we need to truly scrub to get our mascara off. This slides quickly and gets rid of seriously all the makeup. Typically there’s some eye liner left or you truly need to work to get it all off (which is bad for great lines lol) however this one is very mild and takes it all off. We likewise didn’t understand it has aloe and cucumber in it – it left our eyes feeling not just tidy however renewed and even a little moisturized. Love love love this product. Will def purchase once again.

You men. This works truly truly great. We began taking a look at alternative choices aside of wipes due to the fact that utilizing makeup wipes would begin to truly burn our eyes or injure our skin. We didn’t utilize elegant costly wipes due to the fact that they re like 25 wipes for one pack for like 8 dollars. Rather we found this and purchased low-cost cottons from the dollar tree that would eliminate our makeup with. This pruduct truly would get our maybelline matte lipstick out, our eye shadow, eye liner, mascara, whateverout With utilizing 2 of the cotton pads and after that cleaning our confront with a face wash; would truly assist make our skin feel tidy. We enjoy it due to the fact that it works truly well, it does not burn our eyes or scratch our face, it s simple, and lasts much a lot longer than the makeup wipes. Which conserves cash, so yay. Our only concern is that because it s liquid and we are not that mindful often it gets in our eyes and we get fuzzy vision for a while which is bad. So yeah beware when cleaning off eye makeup with this.

Love to use eye makeup however have fragile skin and have simply had 2 eye surgical treatments. Our cosmetic surgeon alerted us not to utilize child oil or any other eliminator with oil in it as a makeup eliminator on the eyes. This is oilfree. We required something we might clean really, really carefully with a cotton ball or pad, throughout our covers, and this is it. We have actually been utilizing it for numerous years now and find it really trustworthy. Likewise, the plastic bottle is rather useful in a family where analytical felines tend to bump things off the counter.:-RRB-.

We have actually been utilizing this makeup eliminator for a few years now and we will not utilize anything else. We have delicate skin, particularly around our eye location so great deals of other makeup cleaners we have actually attempted (wipes and liquids) have actually burned and triggered inflammation. This makeup eliminator has never ever when triggered us inflammation. It is safe to utilize if you have eyelash extensions (we provided for a duration while utilizing this makeup eliminator a few years ago) due to the fact that it is oil complimentary. This formula gets rid of comprise of all kinds (water evidence, structure, mascara, lipstick, eye liner, and so on) quickly, carefully and without having a drying impact on skin. We have actually never ever broken out as an outcome of utilizing this makeup eliminator either. We extremely advise this brand name.

We use a lots of eye makeup every day and required a more sustainable replacement for makeup wipes/ other abrasive surface areas being dragged throughout our eyes. This was the best service. This service is soooooo mild and does not sting when it gets in your eyes (unlike the momentary blinding impact that coconut oil can have, or other face cleans that have excessive level of acidity and aggravate the eyes). We utilize a soft, multiple-use cotton pad and dab it in this service, then swipe the pad throughout our eyes and the makeup is pursued simply a few swipes. Super efficient and can not worry enough that this is non-irritating which was really crucial to us as our eyes were getting really red and watery from other eye makeup getting rid of services in the past. It does leave a little oily residue after swiping a few times, however that’s just to be anticipated, in our experience. That stated, you should not be utilizing this as a face wash anyhow, so should not be an issue if you’re going to be cleaning your face or bathing after eliminating your eye makeup anyhow. Extremely mild and non-irritating. Love love love this and will continue to utilize and buy this as our go-to day-to-day makeup eliminator, particularly offered how relatively inexpensive it is.

This is truly a should have product for all females. Our buddy presented us to this after seeing we were getting great lines around our eyes. Prior to this product we were utilizing ponds sheets to eliminate our eye comprise which took a great deal of effort because they didn’t get eliminated in 1 shot. We truly needed to scrub our confront with it to eliminate the makeup entirely. However because this product, getting rid of water resistant eye makeup has actually been so simple. We simply utilize a cotton pad and put a little of this and in seconds our makeup is gone. We like the truth its oil complimentary and does not trigger us to have any allergy as we dislike child oil around our eye locations. This is certainly a great product therefore happy its more affordable here on. Its like $8 in drug stores. We likewise enjoy that it does not leave oily residue on our face.

We truly like this makeup getting rid of balm. We utilize it was the initial step to eliminate our spf, eye makeup, or face makeup. It is among the only balms out there that is scent complimentary and produced delicate skin. Extremely inexpensive as a pharmacy brand name. The only other brand name we have actually utilized that’s scent complimentary is pond’s scent complimentary cold cream however that is rather thick and difficult to clean off. This isn’t oily and is really simple to clean off with a lathering cleanser as a 2nd action. We are really pleased with this balm and will certainly bought. Definitely deals with the entire face and not simply they eyes.

This is, quickly, the very best water resistant mascara eliminator that we have actually utilized. We have actually attempted ones that liquified mascara quicker, however left our eyes inflamed. The one makes relatively fast work of breaking down the mascara – we hold a cotton pad over our eye about 10 seconds, and normally get 100% elimination. The very best part is no inflammation of our eyes or the skin surrounding– almost all the other products we attempted troubled one, the other, or both. We have actually included this product to our subscribe & conserve rotation – certainly a keeper.

This is a fantastic makeup eliminator. It s inexpensive and wipes whatever off even the hard red color lipsticks and 24 hr makeup that s very difficult to leave. It s a bit larger then the size of a mascara we put one next to it for recommendation. A little goes a long method though, it states oil complimentary however it feels a little oily, it doesn t trouble us much because we constantly clean our face after we utilize makeup eliminator anyhow. We put on t have delicate skin so we put on t understand if this is for individuals with delicate skin however it didn’t trouble or break us out so that s great. It feels smooth so we would state yes it s hydrating we put on t understand if it s water resistant so we can t truly respond to that total to us it s a 5 due to the fact that it works fantastic for what we require.

Neutrogena products are our preferred when it concerns makeup eliminator. We suggest they re unblemished in the market. Even the more costly high-end ones aren t as great. We have actually constantly utilized the wipes however for some specific factor we chose to attempt the oil. And we are happy we had the interest. In regards to efficiency its entirely various than the wipes because it boils down to what you re utilizing to clean the makeup off. We wouldn t state this is even a replacement for the wipes for us as it is an increase to the wipes. The wipes are practical and we slouch so they ll never ever leave our regimen. However this oil is the included wetness we required from the wipes. We seem like we discovered a brand-new makeup technique because we have that sensation you get when you understand you might have been doing something a better method this whole time.

We utilized mary kay s oil complimentary eye makeup eliminator for some time however we desired something more inexpensive. So we check out evaluations and offered this product a shot. We utilize water evidence mascara and we use contacts. This things works remarkable. Our very first usage we had 3 days of mascara on our eyes (due to the fact that we ran out of our normal things) and it took it off with a little holding the cotton round on our eye for a few seconds and a little mild massaging. It didn’t leave our skin sensation oily or our eyes fuzzy like some do. There was likewise no burning. We are so pleased we found something that works simply as well as what we were utilizing in the past and it s method more inexpensive.

We are actually shocked just how much we like this balm. We have dry skin, reside in a dry location, and have difficult water, which all spell dry flaking skin. We massage into the face and rub out with a warm damp wash fabric and we have actually utilized micellar water after wards to see if all our tinted mineral sun block has actually come off and yup, tidy skin. Do not require to utilize a 2nd cleaning. A little goes a long methods. We will be purchasing this once again. We are very little makeup so not exactly sure what it’s cleaning up power would be if you used structure, mascara, etc and so on

Functions well. Keep in mind the directions – you require to shake it up prior to you utilize it (it separates a little). Pros: does not have a chemical smellcleans many makeup off with a cotton bud or washclothcons: takes a little rubbing to get water resistant eye liner offleaves a little residue or something on our face, however a fast wash with water generally takes that offoverall, we would buy it once again.

We use water resistant mascara, which is a genuine witch to leave. We were utilizing vaseline to eliminate our mascara however we disliked just how much we needed to rub and aggravate our eyes, so we offered this a shot rather. Well, we can’t inform you how pleased this things made me. We put some on a cotton ball, let it rest on our eyes for a few seconds, cleaned carefully and holy cow, the water resistant mascara came off like butter. The absolute best part is that it didn’t aggravate our eyes at all or leave them feeling oily. It’s that mild. We will be purchasing this product once again.

We were at first so dissatisfied when we attempted this makeup eliminator the opening night. We utilize water resistant mascara day-to-day and required something that assisted eliminate all our eye makeup in the evening. We utilized adequate product to absorb half a round cotton pad and found that most of our mascara did not come off. Other customers had actually pointed out how they did not require to rub, however we found ourself scrubbing our eyelids to the point of inflammation. After some aggravation, we put the product away and stopped utilizing it that night. The next night, we returned to check out extra evaluations. We figured there needed to be something we were doing improperly. Low and behold, we were. We had actually stopped working to check out the instructions composed on the back: “shake well. ” all capitalized. We followed the recommendations of others and shook the crap out of the bottle, and after that held the drenched cotton pads for a few seconds on each eyelid. The outcome was considerably various than the previous night. The majority of our eye makeup was gotten rid of with the very first clean, and with few subsequent wipes, our eyes were tidy. As marketed, the eliminator is light and does not leave an uneasy oily residue. We enjoy it. Next time we will be purchasing the bigger bottle.

Every other makeup eliminator we have actually ever attempted (even the delicate skin types) burns the ever-loving hell out of our eyes. This one does not. It likewise gets rid of all of our makeup totally in simply a few passes with a cotton pad. We will keep in mind that while it is technically oil complimentary, it does leave an oily residue that you need to rub out of your skin after you have actually ended up eliminating your makeup. It’s not actually oil, however it * feels * like it, which we believe is where a great deal of grievances are originating from. It does not block our pores at all, however if you do not like how oil feels on your skin, you will not like this.

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