Neutrogena Hydro Boost Lightweight Hydrating Facial Cleansing Gel for Sensitive Skin

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Lightweight Hydrating Facial Cleansing Gel for Sensitive Skin

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Neutrogena Hydro Increase Lightweight Hydrating Facial Cleansing Gel for Delicate Skin.

  • 6-ounce bottle of Neutrogena Hydro Increase Daily Hydrating Facial Cleansing Gel to improve skin’s hydration for soft, flexible skin
  • This hydrating gel formula includes hyaluronic acid and is shown to increase skin’s hydration and lock it in, leaving skin sensation refreshingly tidy and touchably flexible, each time you clean
  • Light-weight cleanser is simple to use The gel changes into a smooth soap that efficiently raises away dirt, oil, and makeup without removing your skin for a rejuvenating and hydrating at-home self-care experience
  • This hydrating cleanser & makeup cleaner is soap-free, oil-free, and paraben-free, suitable for delicate skin From a skin specialist advised brand name, it is likewise non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic
  • The Hydro Increase Collection consists of hydrating Hand Cream, Body Gel Cream, Facial Moisturizers and Cleansers with hyaluronic acid

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Neutrogena Hydro Increase Lightweight Hydrating Facial Cleansing Gel for Delicate Skin.
Increase skin’s hydration for soft, flexible skin with Neutrogena Hydro Increase Hydrating Facial Cleansing Gel. This simple to use, light-weight facial cleaning gel changes into a smooth soap that efficiently raises away dirt, oil, and makeup without diminishing or removing your skin. The light-weight formula leaves skin refreshingly tidy and touchably flexible. With hyaluronic acid, a hydrator found naturally in the skin that brings in wetness and locks it in. The formula of this mild face wash is hypoallergenic & non-comedogenic, so it will not obstruct pores. Devoid of soaps, oil, and parabens, this everyday hydrating cleanser is medically shown to increase skin’s hydration level and lock it in. Utilize this cleanser daily for a rejuvenating and hydrating at-home self-care experience. Hydro Increase Collection consists of hydrating Hand Cream, Body Gel Cream, Facial Moisturizers and Cleansers.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Neutrogena Hydro Increase Lightweight Hydrating Facial Cleansing Gel for Delicate Skin.

Question Question 1

Is This Scent Free?

This one is a hypoallergenic formula and does consist of a scent. If you’re searching for a scent complimentary cleanser, make sure to have a look at the hydro increase mild cleaning cream. Thanks.

Question Question 2

Can This Be Utilized In Hair? We Have A Dry Scalp And It Cleaned Up Our Dry Face?

We have actually not utilized it on our scalp however you might attempt it and see if it assists. We utilized this product on our face and ears just

Question Question 3

Can You Utilize This Product Prior To Placing On A Face Mask Of Any Kind.?

It is definitely moderate enough. However do not scrub your confront with any product prior to a mask as the mask might aggravate. Simply utilize your hands, rinse and pat dry then a mask is okay if you desire. That’s our experience, however it is not required to pre-wash with masks as they clean up. Follow maker’s instructions.

Question Question 4

Will This Eliminate Water Resistant Mascara?

Yes, it will. We utilize it daily to get rid of mine and it is not severe or oilly.

Question Question 5

Is The Bottle Glass Or Plastic?

The bottle is plastic.

Question Question 6

Does This Cleanser Have And Mild Scrubbing. Exfoliating Particles In It?

This one does not however there is the hydro increase scrub that does. This cleanser is great though.

Question Question 7

Can This Be Utilized To Tidy Mens Beards?

Why not?

Question Question 8

Is This 12 Specific 6Oz Bundles?


Question Question 9

Will This Face Wash Assist With Minor Inflammation?

It has assisted us with soreness, and even out our complexion

Question Question 10

Can Include On Products Be Contributed To Subscribe And Ship Orders?


Question Question 11

Does This Aid Decrease Big Pores?

Our hydro increase hydrating cleaning gel is medically shown to increase skin s hydration level and lock it in, leaving skin refreshingly tidy and touchable flexible, each time you clean. Let us understand how it works for you.

Question Question 12

How Old Are You Expected To Be To Utilize This Product?

We remain in our early 40’s now and we have actually been utilizing skin care products like this considering that we were 16. We have no wrinkles and no crows feet.

Question Question 13

Is This Water Based?

It is a water based gel. Water is the very first active ingredient on the active ingredientslist It is likewise soap-free, oil-free, paraben-free, hypoallergenic, and non-comedogenic (will not obstruct pores). It is among the “lightest” cleansers we have actually ever utilized and leaves no residue on the skin. Hope the info assists.

Question Question 14

How Do We Understand This Is The Genuine Product Manufactured By Neutrogena? Has Lots Of Counterfeits & Fakes, Specifically In Makeup & Appeal.?

We didn’t understand there were a great deal of phonies out there and wear t understand how to inform what is genuine.

Question Question 15

What Is The Ph Of This Cleanser?

We’re not exactly sure, it does not state on the bottle and it does not state on netutrogena’s website either. Sorry that we could not address this.

Question Question 16

Is It Helpful For Oily/Combination Type Skin?

We have oily skin. We presently utilize this in the early morning as the primary step (after which we do other korean appeal essences and serums). In the evening, we utilize a more powerful cleanswr. We truly like the neutrogena wash as the early morning cleanser and part of our present regimin.

Question Question 17

Is It Oil Free?

It rather actually states in the image of the back of the bottle and in the description of the product that it’s oil complimentary.

Question Question 18

Does Anybody Know The P.H Level For This Cleanser?

Fantastic question. The ph variety for this product is 5. 8 – 6. 7.

Question Question 19

Can This Cleanser Be Utilized For Eye Makeup Eliminator?

We have actually not utilized it to eliminate our eye makeup. Neutrogena does make a cream eye makeup cleaner. We have actually switched to all of the hydro increase products and our skin is liking it.

Question Question 20

Is This Cleanser Worth Purchasing?

It’s terrific for dry skin. It has an extremely enjoyable odor that’s not too strong. Does not leave face sensation oily either. We have extremely oily skin and we would still suggest this cleanser

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Neutrogena Hydro Increase Lightweight Hydrating Facial Cleansing Gel for Delicate Skin, these may be helpful for better understanding.

We are extremely delighted with this. We have actually developed skin. Some cleansers wear t seem like they do much however this one does and doesn t leave our face sensation dry. We do nevertheless put hyaluronic acid serum on right away after and extremely suggest everybody do that despite age or skin problem. We are discovering out the distinction in products that actually work vs sub qualityproducts We have actually done lots ofresearch You wear t need to invest a great deal of cash to get a quality product. Simply need to do great deals ofresearch So we are passing this along to you in hopes it conserves you cash and time.

We have actually been utilizing this cleanser for 2-3 days. Previously we like it however there are 2 things that well we do not like that much. 1-the aroma; idk how to explain it, it’s subtle, fresh however unusual. It’s not the sort of sent out that makes us wish to utilize it simply to smell it. 2-the sensation; the texture resembles a gel, we need to clean our face two times to seem like its tidy and we need to utilize 2 pumps per wash due to the fact that its insufficient. This cleanser does not soap that much, its like it becomes a cleaning milk when you use it. Something that we like and dislike is that it does not leave you with that tidy, fresh sensation you get when you clean your face. It leave like this sort of residue if you can call it that in your skin that feels soft and smooth. Thats why we need to clean our face two times, since that method we understand that despite the fact that it seems like that, we likewise feel our face tidy. It does make our skin soft, smooth, flexible, we have not seen a pimple, or anything. 1 month later on. Im in love with the cleanser. We have actually grown to like the aroma. Makes our face so so smooth, flexible, glowing without any oiliness or dryness. Im a man and do not use any makeup so its fine however to take the makeup off or atleast the makeup residue. It’s bad for that.

We like this things. Why? it actually hydrates, go figure. Don t you simply like when products dovwhat they state. In the evening when we are very lazy and wear t wan na go thru our entire face regimen which ends with a mirror of water splashes, ugh. We pump this magic gel in our hand, rub our face- brush our teeth, iron, enjoy roseanne. Then when we keep in mind- get a wash fabric, damp it and clean it off. Badda bing batta boom, hey there quite woman.

We like this face wash. There s constantly a fight in between purchasing the face cleans that odor great and make you feel great, versus the face cleans that are basic however your skin doctor suggests them. This face wash is both of those things. It s mild and basic. There are no beads, no benzoyl peroxide or sacylic acid or anything expensive. It will get all your makeup off. It will leave your skin sensation flexible. However truthfully our preferred part is the aroma. It doesn t odor like flowers or fruit, it s simply a truly great, tidy odor. We won t return to anything else.

Been utilizing for a few days. Needed to alter from typical face wash considering that dry winter season air is here. Being face wash and a wash off product we have actually been extremely delighted with how it seems like it includes some wetness to our face. It’s a fantastic rate. And the aroma is great and not subduing. We tend to like odorless products however have actually delighted in the light aroma of this, we can’t smell it remaining on our face after we get out of the shower. The matching moisturizer that chooses this face wash isn’t as terrific as we desire it to be. The moisturizer has a fantastic matte feel, without any greasiness, and feels terrific right after you use it. Nevertheless, later on in the day we be seemed like our skin was beginning to feel dry. Ive been utilizing it with shea butter layered over leading and its assisting. If you are searching for something truly hydrating like we were we would think about some other alternatives. We believe this would be terrific in spring or summertime, however not cold, dry pa winter season.

This things works terrific. It’s mild on our face and leaves our skin soft. We have actually attempted practically whatever for the lines under our eyes and forehead. Absolutely nothing worked. It has to do with 2 weeks now and the lines are nearly gone. We were our confront with the hydro increase cleaning gel and place on a little hydro increase gel cream for additional dry skin right after. What a distinction. Our face feels hydrated and fresh.

First Off, let us state that a bit of this product goes a long method. One pump must be all that is required for a great cleaning. It is a gel, so it does not foam (which is great with me). The main active ingredient is water, simply in case anybody is questioning. We do suggest this face wash; we would not utilize it more than as soon as a day due to the fact that we believe it will dry our skin out.

We are caring this brand name. We utilize proactiv a lot even as a matured to assist with breakouts, however that is costly, and this works to utilize a few days a week in between and when we are cleaning our face a few times a day. We reside in a dry environment, and this appears to keep our skin clear and moist itout We are extremely conscious facial products, and we definitely like this line of neutrogena.

Our skin looked a lot better after very first usage. We are almost 50 and have hormone acne. In addition to routine aging primarily around eyes and smile lines. We have actually squandered a lot $$ purchasing various products attempting to handle acne we now get on our cheeks, chin and nose. Something we never ever had even as a teen. However on top of that we have the location under our eyes getting lines and the rest of our face gets extremely dry. We do not understand how however this face wash made our face less worn out dull-looking. If you have simply dry skin and more worried about aging and flexibility you will require to utilize a moisturizer after cleaning.

We are diehard for this specific line of neutrogena skinproducts The gel face wash, moisturizer, sun block, all of it. Pros:- extremely light odor- lathers well, simple to clean off- can quickly be utilized throughout shower to assist in saving some time. – product container likewise holds up well in the showercons:- does not get rid of makeup well (you do require to utilize a micellar water + cotton pad to get rid of comprise prior to utilizing this, esp eye makeup like mascara and liner). We do not use heavy makeup (simply shadow, liquid liner, a bit of pencil liner under our eye, reg mascara, highlighter, and blush – none of these are water resistant fyi) and this does not work to get rid of makeup, regardless of what other customers state- due to the fact that the odor isn’t girly or frustrating, your bf/husband/other relative will begin utilizing this in the shower.

We like this cleanser, we are huge fan of cleansers that lather well and this does not dissatisfy. We have actually been utilizing it for around a month now and we can see visible modifications. (we have mix skin) 1. Skin looks brighter and healthier2. Acne has general cleared3. Skin is bouncier4. Color of skin is more even (eliminated a great deal of soreness from our cheeks. )5. Texture of skin is considerably smoother. If your searching for a day-to-day cleanser this is the one to select. You just require one pump per wash (without makeup), nevertheless, we would not depend on it as a makeup cleaner. It eliminates things like structure and blush and pack great, however the more strong things like eye liners and waterproff mascara are no go. So other than that, we like this things and we can see apparent modifications in our skin. Would acquire once again and suggest to all our good friends.

We are utilized to removing our eye comprise prior to cleaning our face. A lot of mild, nondrying facial cleansers do not get rid of comprise effectively for that reason triggering a two-step cleansing procedure. This product does at all. One action and you re done. We can not explain the scent other than to state we like the odor. This product is mild and nondrying.

Alright. We were utilized to utilizing the cerave hydrating face wash and it was great, no issues however we were currently utilizing the neutrogena moisiturizer that matches this product so we figured we would try. Well, we do not truly like it that much. It’s a bit drying on our dry skin (if your skin feels tight after you clean, that’s bad) and we do not like that it lathers and has an extremely strong aroma. We utilize it for the early mornings because well. We spent for it and it does not break usout However if the return window was still open we would toss it back to where it originated from. Cerave has our 5 stars, in theory.

We have actually been a “neutrogena girl” for years. We have actually raised 3 “neutrogena girls”, as an outcome. We were blessed with terrific skin, and as typically takes place to those who have actually been blessed with something, we took it for given. The only thing we ever provided for our skin was wash it. And it has actually constantly been simply the routine bottle of neutrogena. We are now in our late 40’s and am attempting to reverse years of sun damage and overlook. That’s an entire various set of evaluations. Our god, the quantity of crap that’s out there for aging ladies is mind-blowing and simply freakin’ frightening. However this, we saw this when we were preparing to purchase our attempted & real neutrogena. Figured we would provide it a shot. We certainly require hydration where ever we can get it. However it’s soap, so we didn’t anticipate some huge modification. And it wasn’t huge. However it was visible. Through our entire life, particularly in winter season, right after we were done cleaning our admit it constantly felt dry and tight. It’s actually all we can do not to grab something cooling and relaxing to stop the scratchy, tight sensation. For the very first time ever we didn’t have that sensation after cleaning our face. And it’s winter season. So, yeah certainly something we discovered. And liked. Other information – it has a fantastic, light tidy aroma. Which’s the only method we can specify it. It simply smells fresh and tidy. It does not take much, the soap is moderate, and it cleans entirely away with water. No residue left, and undoubtedly no “dry, itchy” sensation either. It’s our brand-new facial cleanser and it does not cost a fortune. Which is great, trigger a great deal of this other skin care crap does. So still a “neutrogena girl”, simply with an upgrade??.

All ideal people here s the tea. Prior to utilizing this facial cleanser we have actually been searching for methods to bring wetness back to our face. We were battling with dryness and flakiness in between our eyebrows and on our cheeks and we might not find a method to eliminate it. We found ourself attempting to buy costly and expensive moisturizers and believed that we were not exfoliating enough which s why we were having all flaky skin. However then it struck us that possibly the facial cleanser that we were initially utilizing was refraining from doing us any favors (we were utilizing the mario badescu facial cleanser). So we did a google search and we found this facial cleanser and chose to provide it a shot and lord see all the dryness and flakiness is gone. We have actually been utilizing it for about 2 months now however we right away see outcomes about 2 days into utilizing this product and ever since we utilize it every day. This product has actually worked marvels for our skin and it leaves our skin great and soft right away after usage and does not have any severe smells to it. We can now use makeup with out the worry of the flakiness appearing through it and we even feel more positive to be barefaced without makeup up.

Our face is on the dry side, making it challenging to find a hydrating cleanser. A lot of have actually left our face sensation tight; we need to utilize a great deal of moisturizer after cleaning our confront with them. This one, nevertheless, is definitely the very best we havefound Not just does it tidy our face well – makeup comes off quickly, even our mascara – it leaves our face sensation hydrated and tidy. The aroma is subtle and enjoyable. We are happy that this face wash does not aggravate our eyes or our skin. We have definitely no bookings in suggesting this outstanding face wash.

This is a quite damn great face wash. Specifically, considering it can be purchased the drug shop. Appears to actually aid improve hydration or a minimum of truly tidy without drying. Naturally, constantly make certain to massage any face wash into face for the suitable time and lathering or it will not work as meant. Need to attempt heritage shop spray on rosewater & glycerin moisturizer from entire foods (or here on ). Assisting our skin remain wet while we run the main heating for hours every day and night. Absolutely nothing has actually ever assisted like this.

Incredibly soft and light on our skin and smells so fantastic.

We were viewing a youtube video of a well-known appeal influencer, and she discussed that utilizing gel base products altered her skin, so we proceeded and look for them and there were very few alternatives:( and after that the neutrogena hydroboost was produced. Omg omg omg. Yeeeeees. This is the only facewash we utilize, we had oily skin, however it was due to the fact that we were not hydrating it appropriately. This face wash is best for each skin type, the hyaluromic acid is what captured our eye and 2 years later on we are faithful to this line. We utilize this face wash, and after that we use the multivitamin booster, and finally the dry skin water gel moisturizer, all remain in the hydroboost household we can t even believe what we would do if this face wash is ceased, it is our number 1 and we will continue utilizing it. It does not have any odor, the pump is extremely simple to utilize. We like it.

We like the neutrogena face hydrating wash. It does what it states it expected to do. Of being a female of nearly 60 we are losing the wetness in our face. With this product we are observing that our skin feels more moisturize after utilizing it. We likewise utilize neutrogenas other products that assist maintain wetness to our skin. Which is assisting with the issue we are having. The aroma that originates from the product is an extremely extremely moderate tidy odor that is extremely bearable. Originating from one who has a delicate nose, and skin.

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