Mehron Makeup Holiday Special FX Set

Mehron Makeup Holiday Special FX Set

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  • Perfect for budding makeup or unique results artists
  • Complete Mehron Makeup Unique FX Set consists of an 8-color combination, liquid latex, spirit gum, and more
  • Free vinyl, easy-to-clean practice head consisted of
  • Whatever you require to practice unique results try to find theater, Halloween, picture shoots, or TELEVISION
  • Happily Made in the U.S.A. because 1927

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Mehron Makeup Unique FX Set is the go-to set for makeup artists, unique results artists, and stylists searching for realism and qualityproducts Consists of whatever you require to do expert makeup looks and welcome your imagination with limitless mixes. Review your abilities with the totally free vinyl practice head, which can be utilized to form latex pieces prior to last application and cleans off quickly for limitless usages. Complete set consists of: Practice Head, detailed pictorial guidelines, 8-color combination, 4.5 oz Clear Latex, 1oz Squirt Blood, Big Powder Puff, 2oz 3D Clear Gel, Phase Blood,.5 oz Coagulated Blood, 1oz Barrier Spray, Crepe Hair, 3 Stageline Brushes, Colorset Powder, 1oz Spirit Gum Eliminator, Spirit Gum, Tooth FX Nicotine and Blood Red, 1oz Makeup Eliminator Cream, 1oz Brush Cleaner, Stiff Collodion, Fixative A, 1oz Hair White, Modeling Putty, Bonus Flesh, Contusion ProColoRing, Stipple Sponge, Non Latex Sponges, Cotton Swabs, 2 Prosthetic Bullet Holes, and 1 Prosthetic Wound.The Mehron Story: Mehron Makeup has actually been the leader in expert makeup for over 90 years. Our products are utilized on the runway, phase, and film sets around the globe. Mehron Makeup is happy to provide unique expert products for each of our 3 significant makeup sectors: appeal, body art, and efficiency. Happily made in the U.S.A. because 1927.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Mehron Makeup Vacation Unique FX Set.

Question Question 1

Can You Suggest A Stand That Fits This Specific Mannequin Head?

Sorry, 9 wear t understand. We purchased as a christmas present. It does have a white cap on the bottom of it to remain upright.

Question Question 2

What Do You Utilize To Get Rid Of The Makeup From The Head? Routine Makeup Eliminator?

Yes, we ve been utilizing makeup cleaner and soap. Utilizing the latex base initially aids with any staining on the surface area.

Question Question 3

Does It Include A Case?

No, we purchased this for a present and purchased a case to opt for it.

Question Question 4

Is The Scheme Cream Color Or Water Triggered Paints?

Cream color

Question Question 5

Is It Finest To Purchase A Stand Or Tripod For The Mannequin Head?

A stand works finest. Our child has it on a desk and has no problems utilizing it at all.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Mehron Makeup Vacation Unique FX Set, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

Our ten years old has a fascination and ability for scary makeup. Santa brought this set and she s been having fun with it for 5 hours.

Our child enjoys it.

Our child wishes to be an fx makeup artist. This was a good deal and she has actually currently done some actually amazing things. The head smells kinda amusing however the odor dissipated after it was out of the product packaging for a while.

Exceptional set for dealing with unique repair abilities.

Functions excellent for our stepson.

We got this set for our child for her 14th birthday. She enjoys it. She s particularly amazed with the coagulated blood and the tooth paint. The head works excellent for making injuries and other prosthetics so she can make them without utilizing 72 mirrors to see her own face. We are extremely pleased with it.

Our child is having a blast with this set.

Bought in 2015 2018 for 11 years of age granddaughter without head. This year getting the present set that has the head so she can establish her abilities with out needing to have a genuine topic to perform her abilities. She has actually enjoyed it and is excellent at it at her age. Likewise purchased her the fx tools this year to assist her style and sculptbetter She was utilizing ridiculous putty prior to and done incredible work, with this set she has actually become what we view as a professional and just 12 years of ages desire we might include a photo of her deal with here so you can see the outcomes. She has actually now chosen this is what she wishes to go to college for. She wishes to do unique results for motion pictures, commercials and theater. It is a fantastic set. Advantage they run out of shaping wax or any of the products the set includes, you can buy separately. We offer this set a 5 star worth every cent if you have a child or boy that has that innovative mind that desire behind scene unique fx profession. 5 stars and would advise to everybody. +.

Amazing products and amazing customer service. We initally got the set without getting the head and was under the impression we got the incorrect product. After emailing the assistance group over the weekend they had actually returned to us within 2 hrs to discuss the circumstance- even tho they particularly specify they aren’t open weekends. Actually amazing that they had the ability to fix our issues so fast. Certainly advised.

Bought this as a christmas present for our child. She was extremely amazed with whatever that it consisted of.

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