Maybelline New York Master Camouflage Corrector Pen

Maybelline New York Master Camouflage Corrector Pen

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    Color: Blue Dark circles, soreness, indications of tiredness? Let KO your flaws. Find, goal and struck eliminates color. Its liquid with pure pigments textures eliminate flaws. Its ultra-precise applicator enhances control and permits more exact application. Particularly, the corrector fixes spots and indications of tiredness. It has actually been produced for off skins.

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    What Color To Utilize For What Skin Color?

    We have more of an olive tone to our skin so anything with a yellow tone works completely. We require to stayaway fom anything that has pinl or blue tones. This is our preferred concealer. We frequently get asked what kind of concealer we utilize and individuals are surprised when we inform them that it’s maybelline.

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    We can not buy this product in your area. However we are hooked on it. We bought 2 of these from this supplier and the service as terrific. We utilize this to cover the really thin skin staining under both eyes. Not dark skin however a reddish staining. We likewise have actually broken blood vessels on our face and this works terrific under our makeup to conceal them. We will not lack this product. Yellow hides soreness. Its terrific.

    The green was dreadful, however we chose to attempt the yellow prior to quiting. It s terrific. Simply terrific.

    For covering the darkness under your eyes, this is the very best.

    Pink is an excellent color for our skin tone-used as a concealer.

    Brilliant lift for under eyes.

    Love it s capability to lighten up.


    We like this quite. Better than the corrector you require to place on with a finger. The only draw back is that you can’t inform just how much is left so you might be out prior to you can purchase more.

    We can t find this in shops near us and we value the reality that has this product. It works well to camouflage the soreness.

    Functions better than those in department brand name.


    We have actually deep eye circles, in spite of being of asian descent and having medium-tan complexion. We do have under-eye fillers, however our our eye bags are still rather dark. This is an actually great shade since of how dark they are, however it can be hard to cover with makeup (this likewise takes place to us with the la lady orange concealer). Our finest guidance is waiting on it to attempt, however it’s quite inescapable that you will need to layer the concealer. (for recommendation we utilize the makeup transformation professional concealer in c12, and after that we in some cases blend it with the typical transformation concealer in c12. )this creases way less than the la lady corrector, and the protection makes it so that you can’t inform we have a shadow at all. We likewise do not utilize powder to set this, or our concealer. We do blend the la lady orange on the bottom of our bags since the red is not the best colour to combat it as it is quite grey. (we are not rather sure how to repair this yet lol) the applicator is a god send out. Finest applicator for under-eyes by far. Rather a dry formula, however we choose it that method. The only irritating thing is that the product packaging isn’t clear so we do not understand when we require to repurchase. Not our favourite.

    This works. We have pale skin and covering under eye dark circles is hard, other products can be cakey however this carefully takes fixes the darkness and is light and an excellent base.

    This works actually well on softening soreness on cheeks. Easy to utilize, gotten here on time packaged fine. Will buy once again.

    We saw a youtuber usage this and understood we needed to attempt it. Does dry down rather rapidly however the colour correction is amazing. We have actually used it without concealer on the top and set with powder. Lovely. Would gladly buy once again.

    Great for really really dark circles if you have a medium complexion. We utilize a small drop on each side, any more and you’ll most likely look ill and odd with red eye circles. Would more than likely be too dark for really pale skin.

    Exceptional product we utilize it daily.

    Actually terrific for assisting to conceal an age area that we have on our face. Sits tight prepared for the concealer.

    As explained we would buy another actually conceals the soreness.

    It is actually dark and practically difficult to cover with structure. Perhaps l utilized excessive or used it improperly.

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