Maybelline New York Face Studio Master Glaze Glisten Blush Stick

Maybelline New York Face Studio Master Glaze Glisten Blush Stick, Plums Up

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Maybelline New York City Face Studio Master Glaze Glisten Blush Stick, Plums Up.

  • Large blush color
  • Liquid shimmer pearls
  • Shea butter slide
  • Product packaging might differ

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Maybelline New York City Face Studio Master Glaze Glisten Blush Stick, Plums Up.
Color: Plums Up Glaze Fad. Now Cheeks Shine with the Sheerest Color Glaze. Maybelline New York City Face Studio Master Glaze Glisten Blush Stick makes cheeks go fresh and carefully glazed with large blush color. Liquid shimmer pearls + shea butter slide offer blendable blush color and smooth, even application.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Maybelline New York City Face Studio Master Glaze Glisten Blush Stick, Plums Up.

Question Question 1

Where Is This Product Made?


Question Question 2

Is This Blush Noncomedogenic?We Have Acne-Prone Skin And Don’T Wish to Utilize Anything That Will Make United States Break Out.Thanks Ahead Of Time For Your Reaction?

This blush makeup is not oily at all extremely smooth. We are elderly person and no issues for break outs for us, however this product is outstanding. We actually put blush powder over this product, it appears to last longer. All the best if you acquire it, we are not a professional however actually do not believe you will have any issues.

Question Question 3

Is It Matte Or Shimmery?

It is shimmery, however not glossy, so it is quite matte.

Question Question 4

Will The Coral Shine Program Up On Medium Tanned Indian Skin Or More Matched For Fair To Medium White Skin?

Thank you for getting in touch with maybelline. The master glaze stick must appear on your skin color, if not you can constantly call our business for more help. We can be reached at 800-944-0730, m-f, 9am-5:30 pm, et. We hope this info has actually been handy.

Question Question 5

Could You * Mix * This Out With A Charm Mixer? Thanks.?

We are not acquainted with an appeal mixer we use the product and mix it with our finger and it does excellent – like the product and color

Question Question 6

Where Can We Get Master Glaze In Plum?

We have no concept, however we would call our regional drug shop & ask if they have our color. Cvs, and so on

Question Question 7

This Utilized To Offer In Shops For $6.99? Now $28.00, Truly??

This product cost $4 in 2015 in s. Ca. We bought 3 at $9, & cents on at year earlier. No chance we will pay $28 ~ a lot of excellent products out there.

Question Question 8

Why Is This Still Being Marketed? We Simply Purchased This And It Was Not Provided. Cash Was Reimbursed.?

This is a question for the maybelline provider, not a customer.

Question Question 9

Will The Coral Shine Program Up On Medium Tanned Indian Skin Or More Matched For Fair To Medium White Skin?

We have reasonable to medium white skin & it reveals well.

Question Question 10

Customer That Published Photo & Evaluation On Feb. 15, 2017: What Color Did You Purchase?

Coral shine

Question Question 11

Can You Utilize This On Lips?

Do not believe so it is extremely dry and not shiny. Attempt it and see.

Question Question 12

Why Is Make A Mauve Triple Of Any Other Shade Cost??

We utilize plums up we do not understand about other shadeswe do discover costs do change simply keep inspecting

Question Question 13

Does This Blush Have An Orange Color Or Is It Real Pink?Thanks.?

It’s a real pink. No orange.

Question Question 14

Why Is Make A Move A Lot More Pricey Than Other Master Glaze Blush By Mabelline?

Thank you for reaching out to maybelline. All the master glaze blushes have actually the very same recommended retail asking price. The make a mauve has actually been stopped, perhaps that’s why is offering it for more.

Question Question 15

We Didn’T Receive Our Pink Fever Blush Yet It Was Expected To B Here On 29 August We Got All Other Makeup From Which We Purchased Other Than Blush??

Hi this is makeup world answering do you understand which seller you bought from? if not go to purchases and email the seller that offered it to you we searched for your first name and you did not buy from us make sure from paula

Question Question 16

We Have Extremely Fair Skin And Requirement The Lightest Color That Has A Pinkish Tone. Which One Should We Select?

We are likewise reasonable skinned. The simply pinched pink is extremely light and simply includes a small tint when combined. Hope this assists

Question Question 17

We Are Extremely Fair With Cool Toned Skin So Anything Yellow Or Orange Toned Makes United States Look Ill. Which Color Would Be A Light Pink That Leans More Cool?

Hardly pink is the one we have. Cool-toned pink. It is extremely good.

Question Question 18

Why Exists Such A Disparity In Cost On Various Colors, Very Same Product?. Appears Like Cost Gauging To Me.?

We purchased our very first 2 blush sticks at walmart for around $7. 50 ish. Its been some time and they do not bring it any longer. We believe you are appropriate in stating it’s rate determining.

Question Question 19

Why Are You Asking A Lot For Master Glaze Facestuido Blush? We Purchased 2 Off Line A Year Ago For #$ 19.98 And Your Asking That For Simply One.?

We paid $9 + cents for 1 simply 18 months earlier. Makes no sense to me. We will not buy any longer at such absurd costs due to the fact that the drug shop has excellent blush to $6.

Question Question 20

For How Long Does This Blush Remain On??

We can’t state exacty the length of time it remains on, however it is respectable. Often we reapply throughout a long night.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Maybelline New York City Face Studio Master Glaze Glisten Blush Stick, Plums Up, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

We like this product and have actually been utilizing it for several years. Dry blushes do not last long on our face so we choose ones that are creaour (and difficult to find). For our skin color the mauve color works best for us. (dark hair, dark eyes, olive skin) we put simply a little on our cheekbones and smooth with our face comprise. The color reveals faintly through the makeup, providing a small radiance. Perfect for us. And it appears throughout the day. We typically clean our face and re-apply all of makeup if we go out in the evening. The orange color is extremely orange– too orange for us.

We cant find this blush in shops do not understand if stopped or what however it is a lot better than powders goes on simple appearances natural and is excellent for drier skin ive utilized more type of blush than we can count this is without a doubt our preferred, we were so relived that we might get it on.

We have actually been utilizing this product for numerous years. Our skin is extremely dry, so powder blush does not work well for us. Our regional walmart stopped bring it, and we were so delighted to find it on. It is a thick cream constistency, spreads out quickly, and looks much like we desire.

We like this product. We were so dissatisfied that the shops no longer bring it. We need to buy it here and it is a fair bit more pricey here than what we paid in the shop however we will pay it due to the fact that we like it. It is creaour and smooth. Those who stated they have actually clown cheeks, you need to beware just how much you at first use. It is an excellent product.

We bought it once again due to the fact that we might not find the blush color of our option. Sadly there is a really little option of stick blushes in the american market. We enjoyed tto find the one we require throughout the abroad journey however. This one is too intense and need to be used extremely thoroughly in order not to exaggerate it. Otherwize it would look as ‘clown’s cheeks” because of its bright pink color (which is difficult to spread or remove after it is applied unless it is washed out by water).

Very nice product. We have purchased three different shades. Pinched pink, pink fever and warm nude. All colors were beautiful. Very light but great pigmentation and staying power. Perfect for all times of the year but especially nice for warm weather. Goes on smooth and creaour but doesn’t make your skin feel wet or sticky.

This is the only blush we use. We have both matte and glaze in a multitude of colors. Easy to apply, blend and adjust intensity. Goes on best over primer and foundation.

We would recommend using a powder blush on top of it so it looks matt. The product is true to color.

We find this crème formula in the stick form is easy to apply and stays on our skin better than the powder based varieties.

Our relative said this is just the right color and glides on smooth/light. She said you can build more of the color on, but she prefers one light application for a very natural look. Overall it is a great product. She is fair in skin color and this gives her a natural type look. She even puts it on her lips and it works.

Love this stuff: feels like a cream but goes on like a super soft powder and blends extremely well with a great flush of color. Awesome product.

We love this make up because it doesn’t make our face look dry. We needed to change up our make up from a powder blush to a more liquid type blush and this product works great for us.

We like this brand for this product and love this color. We not only use it as a blush but it’s the perfect color for our skin tone as a lip color and eye shadow. Yes we use it as a lipstick and eye shadow as well.

This is the second time we have ordered the just pinched pink blush. We like it better than powder because it stays on longer and you have more control on the application of it. We have olive colored skin and we like how the just pinched pink gives off a natural color of blush but isn’t overwhelming. This is now our go to blush.

Beautiful color on fair to medium skin (and rich enough that it would probably work on deeper tones too). Easy to apply and blend, and lasts all day unless you’re sweating a lot. Not our first tube, nor will it be our last. Love it.

Was so disappointed when this left the shelves and delighted to find on . Other than a little concealer it’s our only makeup. It really adds a glow that doesn’t look artificial. Use application tips boom on pinterest uses and your good.

We dap this on us cheekbone then use brush to blend its a perfect summer glow look. Ive gone thru a lot of product trying to get this look and spent a lot more money. This to us is a win.

This is our favorite cream blush type and color. Cannot find it in stores anymore and was happy to find it here. Will probably not order again as the pricepoint is a little high.

We love this for mature women. Stays on great.

Good product. Ive tryed a few diff blush sticks. This one doesnt take much isnt greasy and lasts most of an 8 hour work day. If youve used that small round one called ” infant”, you understand its little does not last and oily. This product is a definate action up. Ill buy once again.

0/5 (0 Reviews)

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