Max Factor Pan-stik Ultra Creamy Makeup Deep Olive

Max Factor Pan-stik Ultra Creamy Makeup Deep Olive

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Max Aspect Pan-stik Ultra Creamy Makeup Deep Olive.

  • Optimum protection structure in error stick
  • Complete protection with a soft, fresh surface
  • State-of-the-art formula skillfully hides colorings and flaws
  • Easy to mix for a natural appearance
  • Convenient stick applicator for retouch throughout the day

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Max Aspect Pan-stik Ultra Creamy Makeup Deep Olive.
The initial Max Aspect Pan-Stick Makeup. Expertly created to cover and color naturally, in a simple to utilize, swivel-up stick. It actually slips on like silk to complete your confront with fresh freshness – white it indulges your skin with abundant emollients.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Max Aspect Pan-stik Ultra Creamy Makeup Deep Olive.

Question Question 1

Is The Shipping Cost Per System Or Per Order?If We Were To Order 5 Of These It Definitely Wouldn’T Expense $29.75 For Delivering That Tiny Plan, Right?

Im not exactly sure however normally if you have a order of 25. 00 or more you secure free shipping however we wont state for sure

Question Question 2

Is Olive Darker Than Natural Beige, We Found Natural Beige About 2 Tones Lighter Than What We Required? Their Natural Beige Is Closer To Our Ivory Tones.?

Yes, olive is darker than natural beige and the shade itself is various to match latin type skin. No other shade would do too.

Question Question 3

The Pictures Of The Tone Online And Reviews Have Actually Been A Bit Deceptive. We Are Extremely, Extremely Fair – Which Is The Lightest Shade? & Is It Pink Or Yellow?

Pink the shade should be a bit darker

Question Question 4

Is This # 133?

133 was”rich beige” This is”deep olive” As close in color as you will concern 133. We can barely inform a distinction.

Question Question 5

What Is The Size Of It?

We are utilized to the 14g size and this is just 9g. It resembles a small pan-stik. We have actually utilized it for many years and was rather dissatisfied when they no longer offered it in the u. S. It’s such an excellent makeup, that we will get it anywhere we can, even if it is smaller sized.

Question Question 6

Does This Pan Stick Make Up Looexactlylike The Picture?We Have Purchased Beforeand Recievea Different Sort Of Pan Stick, Was Not The Ultra Cre?

We enjoy this pan stick however each is numbered and we just store at the shop and pass the number sorry have actually not compared image

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Max Aspect Pan-stik Ultra Creamy Makeup Deep Olive, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

We have actually utilized pan-stik for 47 years. Not till it was removed the basic market did we see the 9 gr product. We do not concur with marketing pan-stik in this little amount, nor do we like the inflated rates. We like the product quite, evidentially from our use for many years. Want to see a 14 gr (. 5 oz) # 113 returned at a sensible rate. Sensible rate remaining in the $5 to $10 variety. We have actually seen it and have actually purchased it at clearance shops for $3+, which pleased us quite. We make sure somebody, someplace, some entity, might take the “greed” out of the over inflated rates and make a great deal of clients pleased. I, personally would be more agressive in our purchased if we didn’t feel raped everytime we bring the page up and see some of the rates. It is our option to re-order,,,,, it is likewise your option to make brand-new clients, keep the ones you have,,,, or continue to pay the pencil pushers to produce brand-new locations that in todays econoour is harder and harder for the possible clients to pay for. The previous declarations are our individual viewpoints. We make sure there are “others” who share our belief. Make shopping inexpensive and enjoyable. Thank you for getting our viewpoint.

We have actually been utilizing max element pan-stik for twenty years and am dissatisfied that we can no longer find it in the shops. We are delighted it is readily available on. Com particularly the color deep olive, which we can not find on numerous other website. We hope max element will continue to make this product as there is no replacement. It truly does cover small acnes and offers the skin a creaour surface.

This too is imagined as the initial size however it too is not. We are really dissatisfied. Size of the prodict. This is much smaller sized than the initial that we utilized to buy prior to it was offered to model. Likewise we purchased 2 in deep olive and 1 in olive. We were sent out 2 in olive and 1 in deep olive. L this is a really misleading advertisement. We likewise would like to know what took place to the abundant ginger that utilized to be readily available? that color was ideal for us.

We enjoy with the makeup. Television was smaller sized than the old ones however appears as though there is simply as much comprise in it. We have actually looked for limit element pan-stick for a very long time so am delighted to lastly have it once again. The color is ideal. We will buy it once again.

This is a makeup that utilized to be in the majority of shops in the us. It is now really difficult to get. We purchased this for our 89 years of age mom who utilized to buy this in the past. She just likes this brand name. She still looks 60. It is great to be able to still get it for her.

We were not dissatisfied in the smaller sized size as we had actually checked out a previous evaluation that it would be much smaller sized – on the favorable side – for us it fits much better into a cosmetics case and handbag. Next time we will buy 2. Been utilizing this product for practically 50 years and was truly distressed when max element ceased it in the states. Up until now we have not found anything similar out there. Simply pleased we can still get it.

We had actually utilized this product for several years, and liked it. Likewise great deals of compliments for many years. We enjoy to find it to buy once again, although the rate and quantities, together with shipping expenses truly are much greater now. We utilized to buy 14g for less than $9. 00 a tube even with rate boosts for many years. However we am thrilled to find it once again. Will it ever be offering in the united states once again. It was a big market for it. Thanks, joann.

It’s truly little, however the shops do not offer it any longer and it cover extremely well.

Not exactly sure why this was ceased in the us. Terrific structure protection in the method of a simple to use stick.


This is really simple to use and lasts for hours. The color matches our skin completely. Entirely pleased.

We have actually been searching for this all around where we live. This is the only makeup we utilized, till we might no longer find it any longer. We are so delighted we chose to examine the site. There is simply something, this is not our shade. Perhaps we were not searching in the right area, however this is the only shade. We might find. Thank you, kathi farr.

Its precisely what we desired and we enjoy it. We have actually utilized this makeup for several years and we were so pleased to find it on. Now we can purchase it whenever we require it.

We have actually utilized max element pan stick for 40 years and after that it was ceased and we tryied numerous other type of makeup when we lastly found this on line and was delighted. The individual we got it from actually had it at a sensible rate unlike a lot of the other individuals that had it. We would absolutely return to the individual we got it from once again to look for other things.

Terrific makeup.

Quick shipping. 1- max element pan-stick ultra creaour makeup deep olive 9. Terrific present for our mom. We would buy once again.

Yes, the ideal color. Not the huge quantity that we utilized to be able to get, however it deserves spending for.

Bought this for our grandmother, who was so upset that she could not get ahold of it any longer and she was delighted. It’s precisely like she remembered it and works fantastic.

We enjoy this little handbag size roll up comprise, and it is precisely as explained. Thank you a lot.

Acquired the product for our relative and she is delighted. If required once again would reorder once again as these are difficult to find.

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