Max Factor Miracle Touch Liquid Illusion Foundation

Max Factor Miracle Touch Liquid Illusion Foundation,Warm Almond

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Here are a few main benefits of Max Element Wonder Touch Liquid Impression Structure, Warm Almond.

  • 1 ounce structure
  • It is advised for day-to-day usage
  • Please save in a cool dry location

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Color: Warm Almond Parure severe luminescent severe wear structure SPF 25 # 03 beige naturel was introduced by the style home of guerlain. 1 ounce structure. It is advised for day-to-day usage. Please shop in a cool dry location. Wonder touch liquid impression structure.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Max Element Wonder Touch Liquid Impression Structure, Warm Almond.

Question Question 1

Does This Work In Addition To Max Element Pancake And Does It Deal with A Wet Sponge?Good Protection?

We constantly utilize it with a wet sponge. It’s tough to compare it with the pancake trigger it’s a cream-like structure. The protection of wonder touch is better than the pancake (our experience). And it has a bit shimmer inside. We believe the pancake is matte-finish.

Question Question 2

Ihave Dry/Normal Light Olive Skin. Which Shade Should We Buy?

All maxfactor makeup benefits dry or oily skin. We have actually been utilizing max element “especially the panstik foundation exclusively” for twenty years. It is an excellent moisturizer for any kind of skin. With continued usage it will likewise fix any bad pigments. We would suggest “bisque ivory” for your complexion that you have actually explained.

Question Question 3

We Have Seen On Media This Product Can Cover Perminate Marker, Would It Have The Ability To Cover A Little Tattoo Too?

It’s quite heavy protection. We cover a little red birthmark on our confront with it. We like this makeup. A comparable heavy structure is maybelline stay matte however we like this the very best.

Question Question 4

Is The Creaour Ivory Dark? We Have Sort Of Fair Skin?

We have reasonable skin, and we utilize the golden. Do not understand about the creaour ivory.

Question Question 5

We Have Incredibly Oily Skin – Will This Matte Out With Powder Without Looking Cakey?

Yeah, sort of. It is not the initial, water-activated pancake makeup that we have actually utilized and liked for 35 years. We can’t think they aren’t making it any longer. In desperation, we purchased this hoping that it would reproduce the initial pancake makeup. Not precisely. We still utilized water and a sponge to use it to our face, and yeah, sort of. It is not the initial, water-activated pancake makeup that we have actually utilized and liked for 35 years. We can’t think they aren’t making it any longer. In desperation, we purchased this hoping that it would reproduce the initial pancake makeup. Not precisely. We still utilized water and a sponge to use it to our face, and you sort of blot and gently smooth out with a tissue, simply as you would have with the initial pancake makeup. With this product however, we felt the protection was not as excellent and we might feel a distinction in the texture on our face. It had a somewhat creamier feel to it than the powder surface you got with the initial pancake makeup. It might be a coincidence, however our face broke out a bit after attempting it for a few days. We returned to our stockpile of pancake makeup we have actually hoarded. We have not attempted to utilize this once again given that. It is, nevertheless, the closest thing to the initial pancake make that we have actually discovered up until now.

Question Question 6

What Color Would Benefit Us?We Have Utilized Neutrogenia Soft Beige Compact Makeup However They Discontinued.We Have Medium Skin Color,?

We would attempt the natural. We hope it works for you.

Question Question 7

Can You Wearloose Powder With This Makeup? Whatlight Shade Has Pink Undertones?

Yes, you can. It is actually advised – to use loose powder. This shade has pink undertone. Pinkish neutral. No yellow undertones. Be complimentary to take it. Its actually all right. No. 40 – creaour ivory.

Question Question 8

How Can We Find A Various Color We Required Warm Almond 45?

We have no concept about that

Question Question 9

Is The Warm Almond Really Dark?

Although have not attempted the warm almond, we utilize the golden and we have relatively light skin. We would presume that the warm almond is lighter. Hope that assists.

Question Question 10

How. Does Wonder. Touch Liquid Impression Compare To Max Element Pancake Tan Number 2?

The pancake was a terrific product. Fantastic protection for hiding flaws, basic to use with a damp sponge, keeping your fingers tidy. It remained on smooth throughout the day. We have not found anything to change it.

Question Question 11

Is This Makeup Ok For Oily Skin N We Are Light To Medium Skin What Color Would Be Finest?

We are uncertain, given that we have dry/normal skin and it works for us in a sense that it does not over dry our skin. However our buddy with oily skin likewise enjoys this. So, perhaps it might work for you, too. Likewise, we have extremely light skin and we utilize creaour ivory 40. You ought to most likely get a shade or more darker.

Question Question 12

What Shade In The Wonder Touch Is Closest To The Medium Beige In The Pancake That Was Discontinued?

We had actually constantly utilized max element tan no 1 and 2. Considering that they no longer exist we have found warm almond 45 to be the closest and we are getting usage to it. You get the comprise plus a little puff in the exact same plan. We hope this has actually assisted. Take pleasure in.

Question Question 13

Does Creaour Ivory Has Yellow Or Pink Undertones? We Have Fair Skin With Yellow Undertones?

Yes, this is the light shade with warm or neutral undertones. For reasonable. Not pink. Astonished at individuals who respond. When they do not understand.

Question Question 14

What Product Is Comprable To The Mx Element Wonder Touch?

This is an incredible product. It really covers you skin effectively. Looks so natural. Would not use anything else.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Max Element Wonder Touch Liquid Impression Structure, Warm Almond, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

What an excellent structure. It uses and mixes quickly without feeling heavy or looking cakey. The protection is rather excellent, and it is certainly buildable. We purchased the shade light ivory anticipating that it ll oxidize like the facefinity, however the oxidation was very little. So it is actually too light for us. Used well throughout the day. No retouch was required. We will buy a darker shade to blend. We choose to blend our structure anyhow. You will not be sorry for purchasing this structure. This out carries out luxury structures.

We ablsolutely like this structure. We have fully grown skin with big pores and great lines. We saw this on a you tube video and chose to offer it a shot. We utilize a moist kabuki brush to use and get medium protection with one application. It provides us a perfect, younger radiance. The color is ideal for us. We have reasonable to medium skin and blonde hair. We will be purchasing this product once again for sure.

Been utilizing this for rather some years. Really excellent, great protection, does not break us out – we have delicate, overloaded, acne susceptible skin. This 45 color is an ideal match with our complexion – we are light neutral, a 2n1 in estee lauder double wear structure. Hope this assists.

We bought this structure after thoroughly checking out evaluations and since we understood that we required a better structure that what we were utilizing. This structure is incredible. Lastly, a more natural appearance that we have actually been desiring. We are not a makeup addict or anything like that and we do not have an entire toolbox of makeup tools. We utilized the sponge that featured it and application was fantastic. Really smooth and natural looking, certainly not cakey taking a look at all. We will buy once again.

Fantastic worth, fantastic shipping, fantastic customer care, and exceptional product. Will buy this product once again from this seller. Love the protection. Feels extremely light however covers fantastic. We do not even require to utilize a setting or ending up powder with this. Has that beautiful “max factor fragrance” a little goes a long method. Stunning.

We initially purchased this in italy after our baggage was taken. We have delicate skin so we picked something with an identifiable trademark name. It worked out perfectly. It makes our skin appearance so smooth; much better than bare minerals which we had actually been utilizing for several years. We searched for it in a number of shops in your home and after that on. We didn’t understand till then that max element is presently not offered in the us. We are happy we had the ability to purchase from the uk thru. It’s extremely fairly priced. We are extremely delighted.

Bought this here, originated from uk however didn’t take too long. It is an excellent makeup. We use it with a structure brush. We utilize a setting spray to make it last. Love this things. Can’t find it near me.

The surface is extremely smooth, with fantastic protection, and yet it seems like we are not using makeup. And, it lasts throughout the day. We like it.

Protection isn’t fantastic however goes on perfectly and makes skin appearance smooth. Great worth for cash for light/ daily makeup. Would utilize with concealer for more protection.

Perfect shade. Protection is more of a medium protection and we were wishing for heavy so we utilized 2 coats. It goes on extremely smooth and creaour, it does not feel heavy or oily on our face. We would certainly suggest it to somebody else requiring an excellent structure.

Really pleased with this product. Fantastic cover, simple to utilize.

Bought this for our granny. She stated it was tough to find so we bought her 2. She states she enjoys the quality, and the color she selected was an ideal match. She will be asking us to order more one day we make sure.

Liked the protection and silkiness of the product.

Great protection. We utilize a moist makeup sponge to use and lasts throughout the day.

Will purchase once again.

It makes our skin appearance so smooth and ideal. We have actually attempted many structures in the past however absolutely nothing looks more natural than this. We have actually been utilizing it for several years now and will continue to utilize it.

Great protection and excellent cost. Will be purchasing once again.


We like this since it includes fantastic protection however extremely light on the skin. It makes your skin appearance natural. We utilize it as a base.

This is an excellent little compact. We like max element products.

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