L'oreal Paris Visible Lift Blur Blush

L’oreal Paris Visible Lift Blur Blush, 502 Soft Pink

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of L’oreal Paris Visible Raise Blur Blush, 502 Soft Pink.

  • Blush that blurs dullness with large color quickly
  • Developed with Opti-Blur Innovation
  • Fresh, smooth vibrant surface

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More Info:

Here are some more information on L’oreal Paris Visible Raise Blur Blush, 502 Soft Pink.
Color: 502 Soft PinkProduct DescriptionNow a blush that blurs dullness with large color quickly. While it provides the anti-aging benefits of Noticeable Lift. For a fresh, smooth vibrant surface you’ll like. And not a defect in sight.Brand StoryBy L’Oreal Paris

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on L’oreal Paris Visible Raise Blur Blush, 502 Soft Pink.

Question Question 1

Is This Suitable For Females Over Fifty? We Desired A Natural Appearance. Thank You.?

We concur with all these girls. We are likewise older than you. Simply a bit provides you a natural appearance, like you are sun-kissed.

Question Question 2

We Have Dry Skin On Our Cheeks, And We Are Trying to find Something That Provides You A Fresh Fresh Appearance. Would This Work?

We remain in our 50s and the skin on our cheeks is dry, so fresh and dewey are little beyond our expectations. That stated, the texture of this product is really light, nearly fluffy, and it goes on efficiently. We generally put it on over a light suncreen/moisturizer, and have actually been pleased. Hope this assists.

Question Question 3

Does This Product Obstruction Your Pores? Is It A Cream Blush Or A Gel?

This cream blush does not obstruct pores. We are really pleased with it.

Question Question 4

Which Color Would Be Best For Cool Tone Fair Skin And Blonde Hair/Blue Eyes?Thanks.?

We have light hair and blue eyes and we utilize the peach color. It’s an excellent product, goes on efficiently and looks really natural.

Question Question 5

Is This Stricly A Blush Or Can It Be Utilized On The Larger Cheek Location – Ie The Majority Of The Lower Face Other Than Nose Etc?

It is a blush, so we would just utilize it our cheeks and a dab on the chin, like the sun.

Question Question 6

Is It Long Using?

It’s decently long, however absolutely not a throughout the day thing …

Question Question 7

Does It Interfer With The Structure And Concealer? It Appears Somewhat More Liquid Than Routine Cream Blush.?

Thank you for asking about l”oreal visible lift blur blush. This will not interfere with any product on your skin it goes on smoothly and not affect your foundation or concealer.

Question Question 8

Does This Product Come With A Seal To Break When You Receive It?

We are not sure, but as a blush. . . We threw it away after giving it a fair shake. It was like smearing a fake stain on our cheeks. We love l’oreal products in general, but this one, not so much.

Question Question 9

Does This Product Have Paragons?

Not sure if this products has any. You can try contacting l oréal directly or go tohttps://blog. Curology. Com/no-breakout-makeup-foundation-reviews-713dfdc2adfd

Question Question 10

Where Is This Blush Made?

There are 2 locations on the tube, new york and montreal. We are not sure where it is made.

Question Question 11

Is This Blush Made In China?

It is made in new york

Question Question 12

Why Is The Pink Shade Double The Price Of The Peach Or Berry Colors?

Good questiom . . Dont know

Question Question 13

How Do You Use This? On Top Of Or Under Foundation?

Over foundation

Question Question 14

Has The Manufacturer Added Fragrance?We Can’T Tolerate Fragrance That Close To Our Eyes And Nose.?

There is no fragrance that we can detect.

Question Question 15

Is This Product Approved By Peta — And Not Tested On Animals?


Question Question 16

Is This Oil Free?

That’s a good question. The label is a list of chemicals, none of which look to us like oils. However, we were used to a water-based gel blush that we applied immediately after washing our face. The remaining moisture just helped it blend. With blur, application to a damp face makes a mess. It sort of congeals. To ge that’s a good question. The label is a list of chemicals, none of which look to us like oils. However, we were used to a water-based gel blush that we applied immediately after washing our face. The remaining moisture just helped it blend. With blur, application to a damp face makes a mess. It sort of congeals. To get it off your hands requires soap. It doesn’t feel oily, though. In our nonprofessional opinion, we would say it is something in the silicone family. Even the l’oreal website is no help with this question.

Question Question 17

How Can You Pick Which Color To Get? We Have Fair Skin With A Red Tint?

We have brown eyes and light brown hair, light olive tone skin. Which would be best for us?and. Are you kidding, you really can’t choose the color?

Question Question 18

Does The Blush Remain on?

Yes it does. We use it in the early morning with a moist mixing sponge. Remains on all the time, offering us gorgeous color. Love this product.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on L’oreal Paris Visible Raise Blur Blush, 502 Soft Pink, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

Simply utilize a tiny little this and mix towards the top of the cheek bone and you’re done. It remains all the time and looks so natural. And it does not move into crease lines. That is a huge one for us older gals. We are constantly searching for cosmetics that works for the over 50 crowd. We are not all18-35years old you understand. Our skin needs various colors and various solutions to fulfill our requirements. So happy l’oreal recognized that reality. We are a crucial group market that is not being tapped properly. Maintain the terrific work.

We wished to utilize a blush that was a cream, combined well-with structure or without-and didn’t make us appear like a clown. This cream is light, blurs flaws and provides us a tip of blush, simply as we desired. We are 72 years of ages, reasonable conclusion, and do not use a great deal of makeup. We can utilize this on our cheeks and under our eyebrows for a tip of color. And a little goes a long method. Suggest extremely.

The soft berry is best for us. We have sort of sallow skin and this illuminates our cheeks simply enough. This product for this cost is an offer. Unless it dries up or something like that, our company believe the one tube will last for many years. We simply require the teeny-tiniest speck of it for each cheek. You need to work quickly and spread it to where you desire it prior to it dries excessive. Do not squeeze television barely at all– simply enough to permit air in television to expose a little the fruit and vegetables at the edge of the hole in television. If you squeeze and get a little blob of it on your hand, it will suffice for you and your entire area.

This blush is extremely pigmented. It truly pops on our reasonable skin and we need to utilize a light hand when using it. The good idea is that it’s a stunning color and television need to last for a long time. It’s appears like a gel and it’s kinda challenging to utilize once you master it it’s well worth the effort. It mixes really quickly and we like to utilize a little powder structure later simply to offer it a little a natural appearance. It’s charming and advises us of blushes from years past. Like something a pin up woman would have used. We have actually utilized both, our fingers and a stippling brush to use it and both methods work fine. All the best to all you charms out there, hope this evaluation assisted a bit.

We wished for something light and rather clear. This feels really light however is perhaps a bit too clear. It does appear to vanish after some time. We got the peach and we are pale face, yet this was nearly insufficient blush even for us. Nevertheless, we love how smooth it feels. We wish to simply rub all of it over our whole face. We purchased some structure thats expected to be visable lift however it wasnt as smooth and smooth as this blush. Now as far as lift. Not truly evident. A minimum of it does not settle into the wrinkles and make us look older. So we like the product. If we get it once again we may require something a little darker.

We like this product, it is best for aging skin, we utilize all of it over our face to offer a rosy skin radiance however not shine. We purchased the soft pink, it is really soft, utilize a bit for a healthy appearance.

It was an excellent addition to our typical regimen. Includes a younger appeal in addition to “age perfect” cell renewal from l’oreal. Lightweight and never ever clumping. Great for thin skinned individuals and those who selected to not use structure and desire a more natural appearance.

Leaves a good color, comes out rapidly and thick, require to use a little at a time and it ends up being simple to accomplish the wanted natural appearance.

We can not think we have actually gone so long without understanding about this product. We like it. It slides on without leaving a darker spot where initially used, spreads out equally and quickly and is a sheer, more natural looking blush than we have actually ever utilized. We bid farewell to those powder blushes and have actually changed it with this product. The subtle color is exceptional.

We like this blush due to the fact that it does not look like we have actually put blush on. It appears like we are naturally fresh and have simply a tip of pink to our skin. The trick here is to not over mix. Over mixing will trigger it to vanish totally. If you choose a natural appearance rather than a theatrical appearance you will like this blush.

A fantastic method to increase tint our cheek bones without utilizing powder. We are pressing 70 and opt for warm radiance and prevent dry powders. L’oreal comprehends senior ladies who desire improvement, not a cover-up. Those days are so way over.

We have truly pale irish skin. The majority of blush simply does not work well for us. It vanishes after a few hours or modifications color. However loreal noticeable lift lasts and holds its color well. It mixes well and supplies great color so that we look healthy and”in the pink” It does not alter color and does not fade. And a little tube lasts a long period of time.

We are 54 years old with mix skinwe believed we would attempt this as we have actually been utilizing glossier puff paint. This had a better cost pointwhen we initially attempted it we didn’t look after it at all however after utilizing it a few more times we actually truly like it. It s insane intense when it comes out of television however mixes wonderfully. Subtle color that lasts all day.

Great quality however a little more pink than peach.

We like this blush. It goes on efficiently, & just takes a little bit to use. Among the important things we like finest is that it isn’t a cream thatgets under our nails when used. We will definitely buy this once again.

Terrific product for over-50 skin particularly. Powder- based blushes sink into the skin however blur is created to gently rest on the skin with reasonable-looking color. Not glossy or oily, either; buildable color where you require additional pop. This is our 3rd blur purchase. It s getting tough to find- need to ve been ceased.

We were brand-new to liquid blush and our very first effort was clown like at finest. We then utilized a silicon applicator to smooth into skin after utilizing our finger to use small quantities up the cheek bone. It lasts well and regardless of the intense color straight out of television, it s really natural however can be used much heavier for nights.

We truly like this blush. It goes on light and smooth, and it mixes effectively. We utilized it with and without setting powder on top, however it lasted all the time in any case for us. We utilize our finger suggestion to use and utilize makeup sponge to mix. We are going to get another one in a various shade.

Extremely soft and creaour.

We like it. It provides a matte appearance that was various than bonne belle gel blush we had actually been utilizing & which is no longer offered. We put on t like how it sprays out of television in blobs that are excessive to utilize therefore losing product. A little does go a long method. We might attempt another product next time in hopes of discovering one closer to the bonne belle product we had actually utilized and liked.

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