LAURA GELLER NEW YORK Quench-N-Tint Hydrating Foundation

LAURA GELLER NEW YORK Quench-N-Tint Hydrating Foundation

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    Color: LightProduct DescriptionQuench your skin with our extremely hydrating structure. With a wash of color, protection is as weightless and rejuvenating as a splash of water, leaving skin with a natural glow.Brand StoryRenowned makeup artist, Laura Geller, developed a modern-day makeup brand name that empowers, thrills and brings out the very best in females’s charm, through scrumptious textures, incredible colors and the most ingenious solutions.

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    Question Question 1

    What Shade? Box States Medium Is That Real?

    We have reasonable skin (we sunburn extremely quickly), and the “light” is best for us. We wished to buy some recently, however just had medium. If you wish to see the colors face to face, ulta brings the brand name. We enjoy this makeup. It’s much heavier than a tinted moisturizer however not as heavy as structure.

    Question Question 2

    How Do We Select The Color? Im Searching for The ‘Light’ Tint.?

    Pass what you normally use, if the shade does not mix with your complexion, return it a. S. Ap.

    Question Question 3

    What Shade Is This?

    This shade is light. The word light is printed on the back, near the top.

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    This is our perpetuity preferred structure to use daily. It offers incredible protection while still enabling us to feel “natural” and letting some freckles poke through. We are reasonable skin and the light color blends in well. Some structures make us feel extremely oily and this does not. Extremely advise providing it a shot.

    Extremely fresh, natural protection. We have extremely dry skin, and it makes us radiance without looking fabricated.

    This makeup is the very best. Love the consistency and it never ever seems like we have makeup on.

    This product is terrific for a natural appearance. Nevertheless we purchased medium and they sent us light 2 times. Even when we returned the product we got the replacement. And it was light once again. Was upset.

    Every structure we have actually ever attempted has actually dried out our skin however not this one. We have extremely dry skin and even when things state they are incredibly moisturizing, they still dry usout However this product is incredible and does what it states. We enjoy it??.

    This structure moves onto our skin and covers remarkably. We liked it a lot we purchased numerous other laura gellarproducts Love them too. Terrific product.

    Ensure you take a look at her bottle so you get precisely what she desires not a shade over or under since it pisses them off obviously.

    This is our preferred lightweight b. B. Cream, it is extremely rejuvenating to our skin when we put it on in the early mornings. This doesn t have a great deal of protection and doesn t cover inflammation all by itself we normally need to put some powder on top for inflammation.

    Our relative likes the method it searches her skin.

    It goes on efficiently. Feels light and hydrating on our face. Plus we can stipple or layer it to offer us more protection where required.

    Love this things.

    Charming product by laura giller.

    Perfect for that soft and natural appearance, keeps our skin sensation hydrated.

    We miss out on the old pump bottle, nevertheless, the quality of of the comprise is still very first class.

    Extremely moisturizing and works well with our rosacea.

    Finest “foundation” for dry skin on a no comprise comprise day. Our skin type: severe dry/dehydrated, inflammation on cheeks, freckled, sensitivewhat we are trying to find: light, simple to deal with protection, no tools needed, “no makeup makeup” appearance, deeply hydrating without being oily, night of our complexion without covering our freckles, natural mix into our skin (not resting on leading, cakey, or heavy), nearly like a tinted moisturizer, no spf due to delicate skin. We have actually been trying to find a lightweight structure or tinted moisturizer for our incredibly dry skin for a very long time. We simply came across this gem hid in a corner at ulta and have actually rebought it on (exact same rate) ever since. We have actually looked for years for a foundation/tinted moisturizer like this. We have actually attempted comprise permanently water mix, mac face and body, becca aqua luminescent, mabeline fit me fresh, giorgio armani luminescent silk, mac waterweight, and numerous more pharmacy brand names. This product beats them all. This is more on the liquidy side however not as much as a face and body or waterweight structure. It has the exact same type of protection as mac face and body (our runner up and go-to for several years) however blends and covers somewhatmore This structure is actually more like a tinted moisturizer as it is much more hydrating and fresh than the other structures we have actually attempted. Even on our dry, irregular, scaley days this structure does not hold on to or highlight those dry spots which is a substantial plus given that in some cases a lady simply does not have time to do a complete skin care regimen in the early morning. It likewise uses perfectly under a hydrating guide (we love the becca initially light primer-lavender colored) since it, too hydrates and integrated with this structure we feel as if we have a beautiful lit-from-within radiance on our face. Be alerted, nevertheless, that if you are trying to find a more complete protection structure that covers red pimples or darker marks, this is not the structure for you. We utilize a concealer to find cover those locations as this structure absolutely will not cover them. For a longer night out and you desire complete protection then you’ll need to utilize another structure rather of this one. This is an “out the door, no tools required, no makeup makeup” structure. We purchased the medium which does oxidize and get a bit darker when out of the bottle however it mixes in our skin perfectly since it’s so light weigh. We likewise purchased the light shade to combine with it and it suffices throughout our less tan winter season. Laura geller, please make more tones. (our other half even used a bit throughout a household image shoot and it was nearly undetected. He has oily skin so this was a bit more on the glossy side for him however it evened out his complexion on his nose and cheeks).

    We bought from ulta since our previous structure was stopped — it took some getting utilized to, however we enjoy it. It s a large protection, however from what we can inform, it layers quite uniformly. It will leave your skin a bit dewey, however we actually like that sensation on our skin these days. This does have a bit more of a pink undertone, however it mixes well even into our somewhat-more- yellow skin since the protection is so large.

    We purchased this structure in light at tj max the other day for $2. 99. We enjoy it. It is extremely moisturizing and has best smooth protection. It carries out precisely as explained. We extremely advise this product, if you live near a tj max go check and see if they have it., prior to purchased it.

    Hmm. We purchased this at ulta. They marketed it as a vegan product. We question why that information is not noted here on? anyhow, it is incredibly light and hydrating. If you’re trying to find complete protection this is not for you. Great for daytime usage. It has a light splash of color (we purchased light-medium) and an extremely smooth application. We enjoy it.

    Glad we purchased this. A little goes a long method and still covers problematic areas. It’s quite thick however then you have the ability to spread it under eyes, and so on. Total excellentbuy Looks like it’ll last us numerous months.

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