Kryolan DermaColor Palette Makeup

Kryolan DermaColor Palette Makeup

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  • Row 1: D0, D406, D1W, D110, D4W, D4
  • Row 2: D3W, D50, D52, D54, D55, D62
  • Row 3: D3, D6, D9, D6W, D18, D56
  • Row 4: D375, D16, D100, D13, D305, D32
  • Made in U.S.A.

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SHOWTop PaletteTop RowD 0, D406, D1W, D110, D4W, D 4Bottom RowD3W, D50, D52, D54, D55, D62Bottom PaletteTop RowD 3, D 6, D 9, D6W, D18, D56Bottom RowD375, D16, D110, D13, D305, D32

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Question Question 1

This Product Is Original? We Whant Buy A Lot Due To The Fact That In Brazil We Do Not Have Excellent Costs. We Will Travel To U.S.A. Next Month.?

As a professional comprise artist we recommend you to buy it, the pack that we recived it was initial if they send you like my own its orig.

Question Question 2

This Is Pallet K?

This is program.

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We like it.


Worth every dollar.

Perfect time.

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