Kojic Acid Powder is a potent, natural, gentle on skin, safer and a popular skin whitening and lightening agent. It is used to lighten, whiten, tone and brighten the skin with a safer and long lasting results.

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A Discussion about Kojic for Skin Lightening

Skin lightening is desired by many, especially those who have obvious facial dark spots caused by hyper pigmentation. In the process of lightening your skin, you will come across many components, kojic acid included. Let us get to know more about kojic for skin lightening.

Kojic acid is known to be a by-product of rice wine manufacturing and is often used in cosmetics as a skin lightening ingredient. Topical creams that are used on the face and hands contain 1% of kojic acid. Although it cannot be effective for an overnight time, it can help to even out skin discolorations and blotchiness.

What is Kojic Acid?

Kojic acid was first discovered in Japan in 1989. This comes from a mold called aspergillus oryzae which grow on rice. Just after the researchers found out about its skin lightening properties, it was at once formulated into cosmetic. Since it cannot work on its own, it is often combined with other ingredients for a better effect. Kojic is found in creams, lotions and soaps.

How Does Kojic Acid Lighten Skin?

Since its discovery, scientists have learned that Kojic acid is an inhibitor of pigmentation in plants and animal tissue. Furthermore, it has been discovered that it also inhibits Melanin formation in humans, which will indeed lighten your skin naturally.

Melanin is what darkens your skin, and can be produced unevenly causing an uneven skin tone, or in a bunch causing ages spots, and other common skin conditions. Kojic acid is a Tyrosinase enzyme inhibitor, meaning that it slows down your body’s production of melanin, resulting in a lighter skin tone.

Kojic acid also carries antibacterial and anti-fungal properties that benefit all aspects of your natural skin care campaign in many ways.

Duration of Effectiveness

Effects of kojic acid may vary from one person to another. However, usually it takes three to eight weeks before improvement is noticeable. Other patients may not even see any improvement after a year or even longer. If ever you have reached up the desired effect, you must stop the use of kojic because if not you may end up with uneven skin tone.

Considerations to Take while Using Kojic

The shade of the natural kojic acid turns to brown once it is exposed to air or sunlight and may lose its effectiveness, so you must be careful about this. Also be careful in the application of sunscreen when using skin lightener or you may neglect the effect of the product once the UVA and UVB rays of the sun darken your skin.

Kojic acid as a skin lightener is not safe to use all the time especially when they are marketed at higher strengths than usual. Caution has to be exercised with the use of products containing kojic for skin lightening.

Is Kojic Acid Safe?

The reason for learning how to lighten skin naturally is to avoid potentially harmful chemicals, and by using Kojic acid you are doing just that!

Kojic acid is used all across the world today in medicine, skin care, and foods. It is all natural and has been proven to preserve foods, strengthen cell structure, kill bacteria, and is great for lightening skin tone.

Kojic acid can be found in moisturizers, soaps, creams, skin treatment products, toothpaste, and a wide variety of cosmetics.

I have fallen in love with Kojic acid recently, and would encourage you to try it out for yourself.

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