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Iman – IMAN Cosmetics Foundation, Second to None Stick, Medium Skin

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Iman – IMAN Cosmetics Structure, Second to None Stick, Medium Skin.

  • For a natural looking skin
  • Complete protection, oil-free
  • Long-wearing matte color
  • Paraben totally free

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Iman – IMAN Cosmetics Structure, Second to None Stick, Medium Skin.
Color: Clay 4 Quickly Produces a Perfect Skin Tone. 2nd To None Stick Structure is an oil-free makeup. Created with hydrating jojoba esters nurturing antioxidant vitamins. Complete protection, long-wearing matte color for a natural looking skin. Apply with sponge for a natural and large appearance. Usage fingertips and mix uniformly for optimum protection. Apply structure and mix downward in the instructions of your hair development for a more even texture. When using with fingers, utilize your ring finger, this uses the least quantity of pressure. A great option for oily/combination skin.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Iman – IMAN Cosmetics Structure, Second to None Stick, Medium Skin.

Question Question 1

Hi We Have Oily Skin And We Use Mac Nc45 However Nc45 We Seemed Like Is Alittle Too Orangey For United States, Which Shade Would You Suggest?

It opt for oily skin as long as you set it with a powder. Iman has an app that matchyour shade; that how we figure outbour shade.

Question Question 2

How Do We Select A Tone For Our Skin Skin? What Is The Distinction In Between Clay And Earth?

Clay has a reddish under tone where as earth has olive- yellowish. Consider clay like a pot of clay and earth more like a toffee ccolor. We hope this assists

Question Question 3

We Use Style Fair Espresso, What Shade Of Iman Should We Utilize?

No referral. Not able to react.

Question Question 4

We Use Nc 42 Will Clay 1 Stick Structure Match Our Colour?

We are uncertain what nc 42 is, thus we can’t state if clay1 match your color. Are you reasonable skinned? we are reasonable skinned some would state high yellow. We utilize clay 2 throughout the summer season due to the fact that we get a fantastic tan. Throughout the winter season we would utilize clay 1.

Question Question 5

Is It For Dry/Combination Skin?

Yes it works well with dry/combination skin. Quickly develops a perfect skin. 2nd to none stick structure is an oil-free makeup. Created with hydrating jojoba esters nurturing antioxidant vitamins. Complete protection, long-wearing matte color for a natural looking skin. Its a fantastic structure. Attempt it y yes it works well with dry/combination skin. Quickly develops a perfect skin. 2nd to none stick structure is an oil-free makeup. Created with hydrating jojoba esters nurturing antioxidant vitamins. Complete protection, long-wearing matte color for a natural looking skin. Its a fantastic structure. Attempt it you will enjoy it.

Question Question 6

Mac Nw43 Or Nc47+ Nc50, Maybelline Matte+ Poreless 338 +335, Fenty 400/410, L’Oreal C7-C8. What Iman Stick Shade( S) Would Fit United States Finest?

We are normally a mac nw 47 and we utilize earth 2. Does that aid? it fits ideal with our skin color, earth 1 is method lighter. The color varieties are very few for that reason one shade here can fit few various skin colors. We would buy 2 tones and attempt to mix

Question Question 7

We Are Indian And Have An Actually Tough Time Finding The Right Structure To Match Our Skin. We Use Mac Nc 44, What Shade Would You Recommend We Buy?

We use mac nc45 and use iman clay 1 for winter season and clay 2 for the summer season.

Question Question 8

Can Anybody Inform United States The Number Of Ounces Is The Iman Stick Earth 2 Structure.?

Sorry that was a typo there is 0. 28 ounces

Question Question 9

Which Is Darker Earth 1 Or Earth 2?

We have actually never ever utilized earth 2.

Question Question 10

What S The Distinction In Between Clay 1 And Earth 1?

Clay 1 is much lighter in color (closer to a tan/caramel color), where as earth 1 has much more of a brownish tint for browner complexion.

Question Question 11

We Are Using Natural Beige Or Nude What Would Be The Right Color For United States?

We can not address your question. We would advise that you expert the charm cosmatic counter at macy’s or some luxury shop to get concept of what color you require to use.

Question Question 12

We Use Nw45 In Mac Complete Protection Structure, What Color Should We Buy?

We would blend it. I utilize clay one and 2. Our skin color is closest to 2. I utilize mac nc45. I likewise utilize a moisturizer prior to utilizing. Really great protection lasts allday even through our night exercise class

Question Question 13

We Are Usually A Earth 2 If We Desired Highlighting Andcountouring Our Face Can We Take The Earth 7 And Clay 1. Thank U?

You might consider that a shot. Earth 7 might be rather dark if you re generally earth 2? we are clay 1 and we utilize clay 2 and sand 4 for contouring and highlighting.

Question Question 14

Can The Darker Tones Of This Structure Be Utilized For Contouring?

Yes the darker tones can be utilized for contouring. We likewise utilize the lighter tones for under eyes, and so on

Question Question 15

Are Any Of These Tones Neutral Enough To Be Utilized As A Shape For Light-Medium Complexion?

Yes, we need to various tones. Earth 6 and earth 7 and they work for us. Curt

Question Question 16

We Werar Clay Nedium Dark Whick Stick Should We Buy?

We would not understand however we normally use mac nw47 and we utilize the earth2 stick. Ideally that assists

Question Question 17

We Use Mac Nw50 And We Have Warm Tones.We Likewise Have Oily Skin.What Color Would You Suggest We Could Use?

We have oily skin likewise we utilized earth 4 cream to powder structure. And we likewise have earth 6 and 7 stick structure. We like all 3. You can attempt earth 4 and if you do not like return it for a refund or exchange. Curj

Question Question 18

I Utilize Style Fair Stick Brown Blaze, What Shade Should We Select In Iman?

You would require the iman earth shades the clay’s are little lighter than that our company believe not too acquainted with style reasonable any longer. However the creme powder works marvels finest ever.

Question Question 19

I Utilize A Style Fair Stick Ebony Brown What Shade Of Structure Stick Would You Suggest For An Iman??

Perhaps earth 6 or 7 these are the inmost tones. Unsure the undertones will be as red.

Question Question 20

I Use Mac Nw58 Studio Repair, What Color Should We Buy?

Unsure due to the fact that we put on t understand the color shade of nw58. Why put on t you attempt going to the pharmacy and compare your mac product to iman to be safe.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Iman – IMAN Cosmetics Structure, Second to None Stick, Medium Skin, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

We constantly order iman due to the truth that they actually make colors for brown women and are more budget plan friendly brand name. We utilized to utilize this structure stick as our structure however we find that it’s rather tough to mix into the skin. We battled with our charm mixer to get an even total protection without it looking streaky (including water to your charm mixer assists). Sadly, we chose that it’s finest to utilize this stick as more of a shape and concealer stick. We were actually motivated by the shape and concealer sticks in rihanna’s “fenty” brand name and desired something we felt was equivalent yet more economical and this is absolutely it. We enjoy the truth that there are numerous colors to select from. As a lady of color, we have actually battled with the charm market using a series of colors for us brown women. Iman has among the very best shade varieties for anybody with tan to dark skin for drug shop and costly brand names. We likewise enjoy that this structure has no oil in it. We have oily skin so this has actually been ideal for us and makes the makeup last all the time.

This has terrific protection and leaves your face smooth and extremely natural looking. Genuinely our go to utilize daily. We utilize earth 2.

Being south indian, it s actually tough to find our skin color. We are in between a mac nc45 and nc50. We have actually attempted numerous various brand names from luxury to drug shop, however we have never ever found a real match. We found iman by the app, and the app matched our color completely. We utilize the stick as our quick structure approach for daily. It goes on very smooth, and mixes smooth with our brush. It remains on for a substantial quantity of time, and we put on t find it too oily. Fantastic product.

We found the iman stick structure inside a box shop right prior to they were being ceased. We became aware of the solution and how they were ideal for lady of color. We were a passionate bobbi brown user and found this solution to catch all of the red and yellow tones more properly. Instantaneous love. We utilize her stick structures consistently and the colors are terrific match. We utilized to use mac however constantly fell in between 2 tones and with the iman structure stick we had the ability to simply acquire one and be done. Her structure colors have a great variety and are ideal for all our makeup customers of numerous tones. We would advise for those who desire a light to medium protection with remaining power.

We have actually utilized this product for several years and we are constantly getting compliments on how great our conclusion is. If you have dry to medium skin we would advise utilizing a moisturizer on your face prior to using the product. We generally utilize some natural oil or nivea cream and after that use and mix with a mixing bush or sponge. Likewise, we generally acquire clay 1 and 2 and mix them due to the fact that it looks more natural when we mix it. We work out every day and it does not run as soon as set. We like it a lot.

The product itself was simply as wonderful as constantly. Nevertheless, we were extremely dissatisfied about the method it got here. Each makeup stick was harmed on top, for that reason, we will not buy it once again tossed. Where ever it was purchased from they need to not buy from them once again. We actually required the makeup so we kept it. It was unworthy returning the rest. There once again, it had absolutely nothing to do with the quality of the product. For us the makeup is perfect. It’s extremely tough to match your complexion with makeup, however this brand name is ideal for us.

At first bought as shape however wound up being so near to our shade it is now part of our structure collection. Creaour and slides on well and enthusiasts out evenbetter Product sits well on the skin without caking and sensation of heaviness.

We have actually been utilizing iman stick structure for 3 years now. Love the truth that it’s on the drier side which keeps our oily skin in check. We utilize a loose powder and we are set for 12+ hours daily. This structure does not provide us that grey, ashy appearance. The undertones are terrific for ladies of color. We tend to utilize 2 tones and mix together (clay 1 & earth 1). The rate is terrific & periodically has it on sale that makes this a great purchase.

Been using iman structure considering that we were 16. With all various makeup business now making tones for ladies of color, nobody matches like iman. We are darker shade with a yellow undertone. Earth 2 is so natural one us and we enjoy how matte it is.

We get numerous compliments on our skin with this cosmetics. Individuals frequently ask what brand name we utilize – we more than happy to inform them iman. We have actually constantly been a fan of hers maturing, delighted she has an amazing line of product and even better to support her company.

This is the very best structure on the marketplace for ladies of color in our viewpoint. Lasts all the time, does not shine, not untidy and the color match is incredible.

Excellent as far as oil control and complete protection. Does have an orange tint however we tone it down with a dark setting powder. Been going to this brand name for over ten years and constantly utilize as our back up comprise when im out of our bare essentuals.

We have actually utilized this for several years its a stunning match if you are darker with yellow undertones. We have issues discovering excellent makeup as the majority of makeup for darker skin has red undertones. We might not have a brilliant yellow tone however having any yellow undertones even dull yellow or golden can be a substantial barrier to discovering excellent cosmetics. This works well as a concealer and a complete matte structure.

Not oily, simple to mix. There are 2 sticks in the plan. The color mixes into your complexion after it has actually set. Our brand-new goto structure. Do take note of the evaluations on which shade to acquire.

Better when used to brush rather straight on skin. Pretty shade, terrific for contouring, great creaour natural surface. Our brand-new go-to shape stick. We live that it s so dark.

Bedt structure by far been using it a minimum of 7 years anything suitable is too costly.

We purchased this on an impulse trigger our sweetheart earned money and we figured why not invest his cash and attempt something brand-new. 2 words sis. Cove-ridge. Not cakey, blendable af, matte. Ima oily bword, tzone lookin like a bp spill, this actually kept that in check and lasted a complete 11hr shift at work. Buy this.

This bronzer stick works quite well, however you absolutely require to damp your brush prior to mixing itout It has excellent remaining power and looks natural. We have medium yellow skin and we got the medium.

We have actually been a loyal customer for several years. We get compliments on our skin and truthfully it is this perfect structure.

Lovely. Covers well. Not just. Will buy once again.

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