IMAN Cosmetics Second to None Stick Foundation

IMAN Cosmetics Second to None Stick Foundation, Dark Skin

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Here are a few main benefits of IMAN Cosmetics Second to None Stick Structure, Dark Skin.

  • For a natural looking skin
  • Complete protection, oil-free
  • Long-wearing matte color
  • Paraben totally free

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Quickly produces a perfect skin. 2nd to none stick structure is an oil-free makeup. Created with hydrating jojoba esters nurturing antioxidant vitamins. Complete protection, long-wearing matte color for a natural looking skin. Apply with sponge for a natural and large appearance. Usage fingertips and mix uniformly for optimum protection. Apply structure and mix downward in the instructions of your hair development for a more even texture. When using with fingers, utilize your ring finger, this uses the least quantity of pressure. An excellent option for oily/combination skin.

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We have actually purchased from this individual two times and enjoy this product. This product was ceased in ulta shop which draws. However whatever, we are happy we now have the choice to by online. For those stating this shade is ‘too light’ perhaps it’s simply you are too dark for the shade. It matches completely on our skin and we are thought about dark skinned.

Functions excellent for oily skin.

It truly perceft for our tone,( black ladies complexion) we truly thank iman for this product. You people shoul attempt it too. That the only tone we utilize.

What an outstanding product. We enjoy it. As an african-american lady, it’s very challenging to find a structure that completely matches our complexion, not to mention one that is such a high quality product. We utilized to be a beaute specialist for chanel, up until they stopped bring the 2 structures that they provided for ladies of color, yes, we did state 2. Iman’s structures on the other hand, have variations in colors that are best– sand, clay and earth are the fundamental color classifications with a number of sub color classifications in each catergory. Great. We are likewise extremely conscious scents and from what we can inform, these products are fragrance-free, even the lipsticks. The variations in color are so excellent that we believe that a lot of hispanic, asian and caucasian ladies must likewise have the ability to find a match. It uses excellent for hours and hours and even looks excellent after we have actually been sweating. We extremely suggest this product.

We utilize iman 2nd to none stick structure in clay 3 as an under eye concealer and emphasize for the bridge of our nose. It looks remarkable when we utilize this product like this. As an all over structure it made us appear like we were using a matte mask of some sort. It was so complete protection; although, we followed the directions for the medium protection and damp our appeal mixer sponge. The structure features directions on where to swipe your face for which ever protection you choose. We do 1 light swipe under each eye and 1 down our nose then mix. For the rest of our face we utilize covergirl queen collection color liquid comprise in soft copper, and we set our appearance with iman’s high-end semi-loose powder in clay medium. (this provides me a sunkissed warm-matte radiance).

We are 28 and utilize this product to even our skin, we enjoy it. You can dab it in some locations or usage more over imperfections for impressive protection. We nearly dislike to share this product.

Love this product. We reordered it. This very first time it was 4-5 days late however the product was still a terrific quality.

This product no longer exist in our location. So happy we found it. The best match for our complexion.

We purchased this after discovering it in the pharmacy. They later on ceased offering it. We then found it here on. Very same rate. Fantastic color and matches our skin completely.

Wonderful protection and ideal for our complexion. We have actually constantly had an issue with our makeup turning ashy, darker or oily however not with this structure.

Not heavy. Love it.

Quickly bendable stick structure. Great for mix and a little oily skin. Fantastic tones with excellent undertones.

A little lighter than we anticipated, so we can’t utilize it as our every structure, however we utilize it to cover dark circles and other skin discolourations under our bb cream and it’s best. No problems, and we believe we will get a darker colour in the future.

The tones online website truly do not appear real to color. We needed to go to ulta with our present structure and compare. If we passed the colors on the website we would have been a clay 3-4. In truth we are earth 4. We utilize the earth dark semi loose powder to darken that simply a little. That being stated, now that we found the best shade we are extremely delighted with this comprise. It covers perfectly, no milky undertones, and it does not look cakey. It lasts throughout the day, it feels extremely light and it does not rub off on every thing and every body.

All of inam stick structure are excellent.

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