Hydroquinone is one of the most popular bleaching agents that are used in most products that are available in the market. While the product that people use for skin lightening and bleaching may be different, the specific active ingredient in most products that is behind the bleaching action is in most cases the same.

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Many of the best lightening creams use natural ingredients, and a few can even pass rigorous sensitivity testing. Odds are, even if someone were trying to make their skin completely white, they would not see such effects with a simple skin bleacher. One fear that is common is the fear of a skin whitener containing the chemical, Hydroquinone.

Hydroquinone is often used in skin brighteners, because it has been proven to lighten skin tone. However, there are certain dangers in using a Hydroquinone cream.

Hydroquinone has been scientifically linked to several different health issues, the most dangerous being cancer. Hydroquinone risks have compelled several different European countries to prohibit the use of Hydroquinone in brightening creams.

While hydroquinone was very effective at whitening skin tone (including bleaching freckles, lightening age spots, sun spots & more), it is not the sole ingredient capable of this. One highly ranked and well reviewed skin brightening cream has replaced dangerous, but effective Hydroquinone with effective and safe Alpha-Arbutin.

The most common used of hydroquinone bleaching are related to removal of melanin spot, age spots, scars and the like. The manner in which the ingredient works is twofold.

It reduced the production of melanin, the skin pigment that causes the skin to get dark. The ingredient also removes excess melanin from the specific areas where it is applied in due course of time.

Hydroquinone skin bleaching products generally have a certain proportion on the ingredient in it. This ranges from 2% to 4% depending on the whether the product is available over the counter or only on prescription.

These products reduce the concentration of darker spots, bringing the concentration of melanin to levels that are otherwise present in the body. Since the ingredient is extremely effective, care should be taken to use only a limited quantity of the product.

If you get over excited about hydroquinone products and try to expedite the bleaching process by applying too much in one go can prove to be harmful for the skin.

The fact of the matter is that products that contain this active ingredient are far more effective than others that use natural extracts as bleaching agents. Some claim that the natural products are safer and therefore preferable to use, it really comes down to personal choice.

The decision needs to be based on how fast you really want your skin bleaching to work and how soon you want to see yourself with lighter and whiter skin. And it is also important to note that used in moderate and prescribed quantities the products available in the market have been tested for specific safety. The products that use natural ingredients only, while safe, take a much longer time to show desired results and many people lose patience in the bargain.

The fact that they are faster and quicker in their action does imply that they are stronger but people who have normal skin type need not worry about such aspects. On the other hand, those with sensitive skin might want to be slightly careful of the amounts of hydroquinone that they use.

With Hydroquinone’s success in this endeavour being addressed, it is important to note that one cream that uses Alpha-Arbutin has shown rather impressive statistics about the cream’s success. For instance, after just one month of use, the cream with alpha-arbutin brightened and lightened skin by 50%.

Last update on 2021-09-30 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

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