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Godiva Liquorice skin whitening is a revolutionary skin whitening product line that utilizes liquorice to lighten and brighten the skin without the harmful effects of hydroquinone and other bleaching agents.

Hydroquinone has been banned in other countries like Europe for its role in skin cancer. Godiva contains all natural products that not only lighten the skin, but the products also claim to remove blemishes, even tone, and improve skin texture.

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The main component in Godiva Skin Whitening is liquorice root extract. Liquorice root extract is a plant commonly found in China and Europe. While it has been used to flavour certain drinks and foods like tea, modern uses of the extract make it very effective in lightening the skin.

The liquorice extract in Godiva Skin whitening is not only concentrated but it is also purified. In fact, it is 16 times more effective than harmful hydroquinone, 30 times more powerful than kojic acid, and 10 times more powerful than vitamin C.

Liquorice root extract in combination with glabridin, which helps liquorice root extract to inhibit the production of melanin, speeds up the whitening process.

Glabridin that is found in the liquorice extract not only speeds up results, but glabridin is also a type of anti-oxidant that keeps bacteria at bay. Consequentially, it’s safe to say that Godiva Liquorice Skin Whitening also acts as a natural product that keeps bacteria forming acne from attacking in the skin.

Godiva Skin Whitening System

Godiva Skin Whitening is not limited to one product but it works as an entire skin system comprised of the Godiva Liquorice Whitening Transparent Soap, the skin whitening astringent, the Godiva Liquorice Skin Whitening Toner, and the Godiva Liquorice Skin Whitening Cream and lotion.

The whitening soap acts as the whitening base so that the skin can better absorb and react to the creams and lotions. The astringent and toners are formulated in a way so that the skin whitening astringent is formulated for oily skin while the skin whitening toner is formulated for dry skin.

The Godiva Liquorice Skin Whitening Cream is formulated for sensitive areas like the face and the neck while the skin whitening lotion is better suited for other areas of the body like the knees, arms, back and legs.

Pros of Godiva Liquorice Skin Whitening System

The most obvious pro of using the Godiva Liquorice Skin Whitening system is the natural basis of the products. With skin cancer prevalent among the use of skin whitening agents like hydroquinone, users appreciate having a product with all natural components.

Moreover, since skin is not a one size fits all affair, the Godiva Liquorice Whitening system is different in the sense that it has different formulations for different skin types like oily and dry skin. The price is affordable enough and makes it worth a try at approximately $5.50 per jar of whitening cream.

Cons of Godiva Liquorice Skin Whitening System

On the other hand, while different formulations for different skin types and natural based products are definite pros of the Godiva Whitening product line, there are several cons of using the Godiva Liquorice Whitening system. For instance, customer reviews have deemed the product practically useless.

Almost every review of the product says that it either does not work or the results were hardly noticeable. Also, the product is not regulated by the FDA nor does the company mention adhering to the FDA guidelines.


Overall, while the price is enticing at $5.50 per jar of whitening cream, the phrase “you get what you pay for” definitely fits this product. The testimonials alone are enough to send a wakeup call loud and clear: Godiva Liquorice Skin Whitening Products simply do not work.

The ingredients may seem to work in theory; however, the components are simply not enough to produce expected results. This is not to say that the products will not work for you. Since the price is extremely affordable, it may just be worth a try.

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