Fusion Mineral Paint

Fusion Mineral Paint

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Combination Mineral Paint.

  • Make certain this fitsby entering your design number.
  • Structure to Complete All In One.
  • Easy to use and self-leveling, Combination needs very little preparation work No completing coat, waxing or on-going upkeep.
  • Combination colours are non-toxic, lead complimentary, practically odorless and have really low (VOC) Includes no ammonia or formaldehyde
  • 500ml Covers to 75sq feet

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Size Call: 500 ml|Color: Pushed Fern Combination differs from any other paint on the marketplace. Easy to use and self-leveling, Combination needs very little preparation work, no completing coat, waxing or on-going upkeep. Combination is not your typical paint that you buy at the hardware shop. Each and every active ingredient in our solution is thoroughly chosen, assessed and checked to the strictest quality assurance steps to make sure a remarkable carrying out paint. Each batch goes through strenuous quality assurance guaranteeing that the paint will not separate or solidify in the container for 7 years. We have the ability to accomplish this by utilizing just the very best readily available components on the marketplace. Our solution is 100% distinctively ours, created from the ground up. You will not have the ability to find a replicate on the marketplace that compares. Combination colours are non-toxic, lead complimentary, practically odorless and have really low unstable natural substances (VOC), consist of no ammonia or formaldehyde.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Combination Mineral Paint.

Question Question 1

Just How Much Combination Paint Do We Required To Buy To Cover An Average-Size Desk (Comparable In Design With Drawers To One In Photo In Damask)?

Hey there vivian, this is pierre from treasure 142. For a desk this size you will have enough with one 500 ml pot. If your desk is a dark colour today and are planing to paint it in a light color you may wish to buy one pot of combination colour bloquer as a guide too. If you wish to paint it a dark color you will not n hey there vivian, this is pierre from treasure 142. For a desk this size you will have enough with one 500 ml pot. If your desk is a dark colour today and are planing to paint it in a light color you may wish to buy one pot of combination colour bloquer as a guide too. If you wish to paint it a dark color you will not require it, please let us understand if we can assist you with anything else

Question Question 2

We Wished To Utilize This To Paint Wood Kitchen Area Cabinets. Do We Need to Do Anything Besides Cleaning Up The Cabinets Prior To Painting?

As long as you have actually cleaned them so they are devoid of grease, dirt and particles you are excellent to go. Nevertheless, we would advise using a coat of ultra grip initially and after that we would likewise advise utilizing the hard coat sealant to provide it that included level of resilience and security.

Question Question 3

We Wished to Do A Rectangle-shaped Table, Would 1 500 Ml Container Suffice? Going From Light To Black. Requirement Rectangular Shape Table.?

We utilized about half of a 500 ml container to put 2 coats on an adirondack chair. Uncertain if that assists or not.

Question Question 4

We Are Trying To Find Ash Or Hoemstead Blue.Do You Occur To Bring Those Colors?

We bring every color. In the 500ml and tester size. We will check out it. In the meantimeour shop website ishttp://www. Amazon. Com/s/ref= sr_nr_seeall_2? rh= k% 3afusion+ mineral+ paint% 2ci% 3atools & keywords= combination+ mineral+ paint & ie= utf8 & qid= 1414078359

Question Question 5

Where Can We Find A Color Chart?

Look them up on google and they have all the gorgeous colors there. We enjoy their paint. The only one we will utilize

Question Question 6

Can This Discomfort Be Utilized On Fabric?We Saw This Suggested By Somebody Who Utilized It On An Upholstered Chair On Hometalk.?

Yes definitely it can. It works terrific www. Tyntpaintstudio. Com

Question Question 7

Do You Bring Any Of The Metallics? Bronze?


Question Question 8

Can It Be Utilized On Backsplash Tile?

Yes, definitely the very best on tiles, you might wish to paint with ultra grip 1st, not require to put a leading coat, it has one in combination paint.

Question Question 9

We Understand The Paint Doesn’T Need A Leading Coat, However How About For A Cooking Area Table Utilized Daily?

We would certainly utilize a leading coat for a table that is utilized frequently. We painted a desk that isn

Question Question 10

Just How Much Paint In Ash Would We Required To Paint A Big Product Reclining Chair?

We utilized 500ml on a big hutch and had actually plenty left over. It depends upon the size of chair and location you covering and the number of coats you require or wish to do. We would most likely begin with one 500ml and order more if required. A little goes a long method (it provided for us anyhow) and make certain you let it dry wellbefore extra coats

Question Question 11

Is Sterling Super Light? Can Anybody Inform United States The Distinction In Between Sterling And Bedford?

The lightest grey in the combination mineral paint line is light white, then sterling. Bedford has a green undertone, whereas sterling is more blue.

Question Question 12

Is This Okay To Paint A Cooking Area Table Top?

We believe so. The surface will be matt rather than shiny so if you re okay with that then it ought to be great.

Question Question 13

Can This Be Put In A Sprayer To Paint Cabinet Doors?

We have not attempted putting it in a sprayer, however we do not see why it could not. The mineral paint is reasonably thin, so it ought to spray quickly, not glob up like some other paints. We would simply make sure to clean up the sprayer right now considering that the paint solidifies as it remedies.

Question Question 14

Can You Utilize This Paint On Resin?

We utilized it on plastic so we would presume you can utilize it on resin.

Question Question 15

Utilizing In A Restroom, Do We Required A Leading Coat?

We didnt and it’s succeeding. We utilized it in our recreational vehicle restroom which is smaller sized than a regular restroom and showers do not impact it.

Question Question 16

Where Can We Buy A Gallon Of Combination Mineral Paint? We Required To Paint Bathroom And Kitchen Cabinets?

We googled the paint name which s how we found a shop near us which was still an hour away however well worth driving to or them mailing us our paint. We enjoy this paint. It s guide and chalk paint and sealant all in one. They have gorgeous colors. Our preferred white is picket fence.

Question Question 17

Which Color Is A Pure White?

Picket fence is what we would call a pure, intense white.

Question Question 18

Can This Product Be Utilized As A Spray Paint?

Not. We did not like the combination paint at all. It isa really bad protection quality. As far as spray painting we would recommendmud paint initially, then basic surfaces milk paint 2nd. We simply recently spray paintedour kitchen area cabinets with the basic surfaces milk paint. The milk paint needed to bediluted with not. We did not like the combination paint at all. It isa really bad protection quality. As far as spray painting we would recommendmud paint initially, then basic surfaces milk paint 2nd. We simply recently spray paintedour kitchen area cabinets with the basic surfaces milk paint. The milk paint needed to bediluted with water. The ratio we opted for was 60 ounces of milk paint to 12 ounces of water. It bored however if you are utilizing a “home right ” paint sprayer. Then the paint needs to be fluid enough. The cabinets came out terrific.

Question Question 19

Will This Stick To Marble Or Granite To Do Etching Fill?

We would recommend using “ultra grip” prior to painting. This is a blend product too.

Question Question 20

Simply Painted Our Coffee Table. What S The Very Best Method To Dust/Clean It? Thank You?

This paint is truly resilient. We painted our headboard and we simply clean it with a damp towel. You may think about sealing it considering that it’s a frequently utilized piece. However in either case, we would attempt any method you generally tidy, although a magic eraser may use it away quicker.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Combination Mineral Paint, these may be helpful for better understanding.

This was our very first time utilizing combination mineral paint. We have actually utilized chalk, latex, and spray paint for painting numerous furniture pieces. Some individuals swear by these paints, however we have not enjoyed with the outcomes and keep searching for something various. We did a restroom vanity cabinet with annie sloan chalk paint and do not like it that much, though we need to state it’s held up well. We simply do not like the waxed surface for that piece, though perhaps it was our waxing method. Because it’s the only thing we have actually utilized chalk paint on, we are uncertain if it’s simply the method of chalk paint and wax, or user mistake. Latex appears ok if it’s on virgin wood, however over any other paint, even with guide it constantly appears ugly. And we simply plain draw with spray paint, so we do not even go there, although we understand it is the very best for a great smooth surface area. For a horizontal surface area where things will get moved on the top a bit, we desired something more resilient and likewise low voc. We were considering utilizing min-wax polyshades, which does make a really smooth and resilient surface area, and we have actually had best of luck utilizing it on other things. However would have needed to leave the tables in the garage to off-gas for about a month, so that wasout After coming across this paint, believed we would provide it a shot on these end tables we got at a consignment buy $25. We did preparation, providing a scrubbing with tsp and a light sanding as they had a varnish on them. The prior to pictures want cleansing and sanding. We left the dings as they offered it character. It took 2 coats for excellent protection and we utilized about 1/2 the 500ml container to end up both tables. The paint was reasonably simple to deal with. We were hoping the self leveling would reduce noticeable brush strokes, and it did other than where we strained the paint. The legs are entirely smooth as we didn’t strain them. Nevertheless on the tops we had a difficult time not exhausting the paint and simply letting it self level, so it’s reasonably smooth with some faint noticeable brush strokes. Which we do not mind excessive so am leaving them. We might sand and do another coat, however am quite delighted with how it turnedout We would state what sort of brush you utilize will make a substantial distinction in how it turnsout We attempted a couple various brushes – a round natural bristle brush we had from the chalk paint, and a purdy artificial brush. We found the natural bristle brush held a lot more paint and regardless of happening with more noticeable brush strokes they leveled out much better than when we utilized the purdy brush. We did the very first table with the natural bristle brush and the 2nd one with the purdy. The table top we utilized the purdy brush on came out dreadful, so we wound up sanding it smooth and placing on the last coat with the round natural bristle brush. The legs on the purdy brush table likewise have more noticeable brush marks than the one made with the natural bristle brush, however as they aren’t as noticeable as the top we simply left them. In general we would advise the natural bristle brush if you attempted an excellent quality artificial brush and didn’t like the outcomes. You appear to get remarkably less brushstrokes with the natural bristle brush when the paint self levels and dries. We have not chosen if we are going to place on any other surface coats yet. It takes about 3 weeks for the paint to completely treat, so we will not have the ability to figure out the resilience with just the paint up until then. We will attempt to compose an upgrade about resilience as the tables see every day usage.

Such terrific paint. Easy to utilize. Our partner didn’t think the 500ml container would cover 2 cabinets however it did it with practically half left over. We got the soap stone color and would refer to as practically whale gray. Would certainly buymore Love how it dries quick and has generally absolutely no smell.

Impressive product. We refinished a cabinet and it came out gorgeous. Just a light sanding to scuff up the surface area for better adhesion of the paint and a little cleansing was all the preparation work essential. It genuinely does self level, not a brush stroke mark in sight. The non-gloss surface is really appealing and the “midnight blue” color was as promoted. When we saw the little container of combination that was provided, we believed for specific we would be requiring to buy another to finish the task. Well we were incorrect. A little goes a long method. We used 2 coats of paint and still have practically half the container left. Did the job inside your home with no paint odor and clean-up of the brushes fasted and simple.

This paint is incredible. We utilized the color ash. Self settling, fast drying, and really nontransparent. We utilized 2 coats on this cabinet and still have half a tub left. We simply hand sanded with 180 grit and cleaned down prior to using coats. Unlike chalk paint this does not require a protective leading coat. We currently bought more colors and will not be purchasing any other paints from here on out.

We utilized one coat on both our wood coffee table & end table, and after that simply retouched in areas that required it. This paint went on so smooth & the protection is incredible. We still have about a 3rd of a container left after painting the bases of both furniture pieces. It looks grayish green in the container, however it goes on as more of a grayish white which was precisely what we were searching for. Gorgeous, simple to utilize paint.

Love the color and protection. Went on so smooth you might even utilize an inexpensive chip brush. Will specify to utilize this paint once again.

A good friend of mine who paints cabinets and brings back furnishings swears by this paint. So we chose to buy some when we had a coffee table we wished to bring back. We purchased the coal black. We do want the rate was more affordable however like the other customers stated, a smaller sized quantity goes a long method with this paint. Tips we found that were handy: 1) the paint does go on smoother when the brush was somewhat more moist. 2) wear t fret about brush strokes at all on the very first or 2nd coat. 3) in some cases a 2nd coat isn’t required. 4) gently sand and and utilize a wood cleaner prior to beginning so paint adheres best. 5) after your done painting your coats, utilize a great grit 320 sand on the entire piece gently. This doesn t get rid of the paint however will eliminate all brush strokes. Then utilize a damp fabric and run over the whole piece. This will make the wood buttery soft too. Have actually enjoyed with the paint and will continue to utilize it on other tasks.

Combination mineral paint is the absolute best. Utilized on lots of job pieces and constantly happy. A lot better than any chalk paint. Less prep and the product remedies to a hard, resilient surface. Love it.

Love, enjoy this paint. We weren’t sure when we checked out the evaluations however we chose to attempt this paint by beginning with sample sizes. The protection is great and when it drys there is a soft shine with out including any other product. We likewise utilized it like a stain and we were shocked at how simple it was to do. The wood grain reveals through and it does not look painted.

We are not a fan of painting over wood and stain surfaces. Nevertheless, we had a 40 yo laminate covered china cabinet that required a face lift. After seeing many magnificent outcomes we believed we would provide combination mineral a shot. There is a discovering curve to the application. Make certain your surface area is effectively preped. Do not, we duplicate do not utilize heavy quantities of the paint on the brush. A little goes a long method. You will get brush strokes however it levelsout Though recommened one pot suffices to cover a cabinet. To be on the safe side order more than one pot if you have a big job. Likewise, we will buy the clear wax to make sure nics and mars do not get rid of the paint. In general, we enjoy with our very first time usage and how our cabinet turnedout Will utilize once again for other tasks.

Incredible, stunning color and covers so simple. The picture seeks one coat of basically dry brushing it on to the cabinet door. We are so so so amazed with this, renovating a buffet and going to be doing the kitchen area cabinets decreases in this color too (blending picket fence and light white together to develop a customized color for the uppers) will upgrade our evaluation pictures when buffet is completely painted.

Soap stone looks more dark grey online, however it has a strong blue tint to it personally. For us, that was ideal due to the fact that we desired dark blue however didn’t have the guts to buy it. However that may be an issue for some if you anticipate dark grey however it has a strong blue tone to it. In any case, we enjoy it. We utilized this on our restroom vanity that required major revamp without the expense of brand name brand-new. We enjoy it. It dries extremely rapidly likewise. Certainly required 2 coats with a light 280 grit polish in between the very first and last coat. We waited 3 days for the paint to be entirely dry prior to we rubbed for the last coat. We make sure 1 day would be great, however we weren t in a rush so we waited longer. Really delighted with the end product. We purchased a various color for our visitor restroom. Can t wait to see the end product therein.

This paint is incredible. We acquired a substantial hutch from our granny and it was old, awful and really unclean. We offered it a scrub with tsp and began painting and wow. We can’t think the outcomes. It just took one coat to get a great even end up and it appears really resilient.

This color was precisely what we wanted for our current furnishings job. The combination paint brand name is great. The protection is great, surface is smooth and tidy up simple. This is our 3rd purchase of this brand name and we prepare to persevere for future tasks.

We started our journey refinishing furnishings utilizing chalk paint due to the fact that of how simple it is to utilize. Just recently our child asked we refinish a piece for her however did not desire us to utilize chalk paint. She doesn t like the appearance. We fell upon combination mineral paint. Wow. We want we had found this paint faster. We feel it goes on much easier than chalk paint and more resilient. This has actually become our go to paint.

We have actually utilized great deals of paint for furnishings from latex (great deals of pre-paint work and preparation) to chalk paint (after paint sealing) to this combination – terrific adhesion without the work.

We utilized this to refinish our oak vanity and oak wall cabinet in our restroom. We sanded utilizing 220 sandpaper, used 2 coats of midnight blue paint (we did not water down the paint) and after that used one coat of polyurethane. We are very pleased with the outcomes, this is a great option for individuals attempting to figure out what to do with 90’s design oak cabinets. Sanding requires time however the outcomes deserve it.

We are not the worlds biggest painter, however we do re-store old furnishings with paint as a pastime. This paint covers well and is self-leveling so very little brush strokes. Our experience is all pieces require 2 coats of paint, however a little paint goes a long method. We still have a 3rd of the container left after 2-3 coats on this desk. It is not a chalk paint, so does not require a leading coat or wax surface. It is among the very best paints we have actually attempted.

Extremely amazed. Was somewhat doubtful when it got here due to the fact that the color looked various than anticipated, in the container. When checked in the furnishings it was the color we had actually wished for, went on extremely simple and looks terrific.

We had a substantial quantity of difficulty painting our table and chairs. We attempted a few various brand names of paint and whatever would turn yellow. We even utilized kilz and it still turned yellow. We acquired the 500ml bottle. We would recommend utilizing a bristle brush (we actually utilized a. 98 cent 2″ brush) over a foam. Foam brush did not have excellent outcomes for our application. This one 500ml bottle had the ability to permit us to paint 6 chairs and the table bottom. 2 coats and enough left over for retouch later on if required. We were impressed. Our only gripe would be the cover can because almost difficult to get rid of. However still > cash well invested.

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