Fashion Base® - U-beauty(TM) Contour Face Cream Makeup Concealer Palette

Fashion Base® – U-beauty(TM) Contour Face Cream Makeup Concealer Palette

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Style Base ® – U-beauty( TM) Shape Face Cream Makeup Concealer Combination.

  • 15 Colors Shape Face Cream Makeup Concealer Combination + 4pcs Powder Brushes With Free Makeup Sponge Mixer
  • Color: as photo program, often will have some color distinction due to each fruit and vegetables, please kindly kept in mind. if you can decline, please select other products.
  • Perfect tool for makeup
  • Bundle:15 Colors Concealer Combination +4 PCS Brushes +1 pcs Sponge Mixer
  • “U-beauty” is our trademarked brand name, Hallmark No. 86859677. Free U-beauty Face Puff for you as a present.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Style Base ® – U-beauty( TM) Shape Face Cream Makeup Concealer Combination.
Requirements: Concealer Combination Color: 15 Color Concealers Product size: 15.2 * 10 * 1cm/6 * 3.9 * 0.4 in Product weight: 81g/ 2.9 oz Bundle size: 16 * 11 * 1cm/ 6.3 * 4.3 * 0.4 in Brush Color: Black and Golden Product size:17.5 cm Product weight:35 g Sponge Mixer Color: Pink Product size: H:45 cm W:/ 32cm it is the little size, it is adorable. Easy to utilize and practical to bring Conceal facial problem, produce emphasize and shadow Emphasize and shadow, some facial parts and reveal your exceptional benefit Can be utilized on nose, face, eyes, clavicle and legs, making you stand out in a crowd Appropriate for both expert usage and house usage Offer you a perfect structure application each and every single time. No streaks and no locations with excessive makeup or insufficient. With high density of premium artificial bristles, The Style Base Kabuki Makeup Brushes Set will reveal your natural charm and leave a perfect surface. Whether you are a newbie, a makeup addict or an expert makeup artist these PREMIUM BRUSHES are a fantastic addition to your collection. Keep in mind: Due to the distinction in between various displays, the photo might not show the real color of the product.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Style Base ® – U-beauty( TM) Shape Face Cream Makeup Concealer Combination.

Question Question 1

What Are The Blue Pink And Silver Color Utilized For? Please Let United States Know:-RRB-?

The pink shade you’re seeing is actually a purple-like tone. Heaven is more of a green. These tones are utilized for color and coloring correction, and can be utilized alone or in mix with the structure tones. The silver-white color is a neutral highlighter. This highlighter can be combined with any of the pots i the pink shade you’re seeing is actually a purple-like tone. Heaven is more of a green. These tones are utilized for color and coloring correction, and can be utilized alone or in mix with the structure tones. The silver-white color is a neutral highlighter. This highlighter can be combined with any of the pots in the scheme to produce a customized highlighter. It can likewise be used alone. We have actually utilized it at the cheeks and eyebrow bone as a highlighter with eye shadows in addition to with the structure concealer tones. The green color is outstanding for lightening any of the tones or lightening your own structure shade. We find it handy for masking dark areas and particularly inflammation. The green reduces the effects of red. Pink reduces the effects of sallow tones. Hope this helps.:-RRB-

Question Question 2

How Excellent Is This Brand Name Compared To Mac?

Mac is mac – you can’t relatively compare the 2. You aren’t going to get mac quality for $9. That stated, for $9, this is respectable. Mixing and setting is crucial.

Question Question 3

Do They Have Shape Makeup For Ethnic Complexion?

Yes absolutely. We believe this pallette works for ethnic tones. We have actually tan skin (filipina) and it worked. There is a great series of colors for highlighting and contouring.

Question Question 4

How Huge Is Package It Can be found in?

Its routine. Not too huge or too little??

Question Question 5

How Do You Use This On?

With brushes. It remains in the photo.

Question Question 6

We Wish To Know Whether The Shipping Takes A Very Long Time, Trigger We Have Seen Individuals Stating That It Takes A Long Time.?

Delivering revealed a number of weeks when we bought however we got it less time than that

Question Question 7

We Have Really Pale Skin (Need To Buy The Lightest Shade In Structure And Powders), Would This Pallet Be Too Dark For Our Pale, Cool Complexion?

The last row of the darkest tones would most likely be too dark however the rest ought to be great.

Question Question 8

Will This Product Make United States Break Out?

That is tough to state. Depend upon your level of sensitivity. For us it is great and does not obstruct our pores. Have actually been utilizing it for a number of months without any issue although we have really oily skin.

Question Question 9

How Huge Are The Brushes Are They More For Like Eye Shadow Brush Size Or Structure And Blush Brush Size?

We have actually not gotten our scheme, or the brushes, however we envision that the brushes will be the size as a structure brush or a blush brush. Hope this assists. (:

Question Question 10

How Do You Know Which Colors To Use Where?

Light colors or nudities are for the cheeks, nose, upper nose location in between ur eyebrows fan out, etc the white and blues are for fixing locations of ur skin from skin issues and the darker is for contouring and a bronzer which is leading forhead, really rear end of face both sides all the method up and down, side of nose, chi light colors or nudities are for the cheeks, nose, upper nose location in between ur eyebrows fan out, etc the white and blues are for fixing locations of ur skin from skin issues and the darker is for contouring and a bronzer which is leading forhead, really rear end of face both sides all the method up and down, side of nose, chin, which thing in between ur nostrils, and borderline bottom cheeks

Question Question 11

What Are The Brushes For?

For countoring, draw it out the mix it in with the sponge.

Question Question 12

Ship To Jamaica?

Yes, we can

Question Question 13

Is It Vegan?

We extremely question it

Question Question 14

Does It Have Directions On How To Shape The Makeup On Your Face?

It does not, nevertheless you can most likely google a face chart to assist you or see some youtube tutorials. In basic, the green is for fixing red locations, the pink is for fixing bluish vein tones, and the clear shimmer can be integrated with any of the colors to highlight

Question Question 15

Can We Utilize All Colors As Concealer And To Shape?

Yea however you just utilize the blue and purple to color right however you can mix everything together

Question Question 16

Does The Sponge Expand? And Doesit Blend Well? Would You Compare It To The Charm Mixer?

The sponge is more company, does not broaden like the charm mixer. Would suggest the genuine methods orange colored sponge, can get at walmart, or online at the genuine methods website. It is really soft and expandable, and fantastic shape, flat on one side, does not roll off the table, pointed end to get close areas.

Question Question 17

Does The Concealer Mixer Quickly?

Yes it does mix relatively quickly

Question Question 18

We Purchased This As Our Very First Shape Package. Can Anybody Discuss The Usage For The Majority Of The Colors?

Go onto youtube and browse how to contour

Question Question 19

Did It Melt At All And Would It Get Here In Time For Easter?

Mine got here in the middle of texas summer season, and it was being in the mail box for a few hours. We were stressed it would be melted, however none of the creams appeared to have actually even budged.

Question Question 20

What Are The Various Brushes For Particularly?

They are various angled bushes, we personally enjoyed them. Ones actually helpful for mixing your eye shadow and another one is best for making sharp lines when your contouring.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Style Base ® – U-beauty( TM) Shape Face Cream Makeup Concealer Combination, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

We like this pallet. It’s absolutely great thinking about the low cost. It can be utilized for daily usage, however you might run out rapidly if you utilize a a lot everyday. The brushes and sponge is alright. It mixes it uniformly. We put our hand and a quarter in the photo to get a great concept of the size.

We are teenage woman who enjoys comprise although dislikes investing a great deal of cash on it because we like to have adequate cash for queso and things that are more crucial (* wink *). Joking however still, we simulate to keep the comprise products we utilize as inexpensive as possible aha we suggest, who does not? so, when we initially saw this product, we understood we needed to offer it a shot (after we took a look at evaluations and did research on it though). We purchased it and here is our evaluation on the “u-beauty ™ 15 contour face cream palette:” please note that we are composing this evaluation on our mom’s account. The evaluation: to begin with, we did not buy this product after seeing how fantastic of an offer it is. We did our research and check out the other evaluations published (like we discussed above) and we suggest you do the exact same prior to purchasing. We saw numerous evaluations stating how sticky, dreadful, and melted this comprise product was, nevertheless, when we got it, we put it ideal to the test. It was creaour, smooth, covered and combined well into our skin, and in general, among the very best concealer/contour/highlighter/ color-correcting schemes ever. We got this product simply within 2 days, which was likewise remarkable. The brushes that featured it are likewise so so remarkable and soft. And if it could not get better, it likewise featured a charm mixer type thing which is, think what, likewise a-m-a-z-i-n-g – it mixes the creams and even our structure (not consisted of) out oh so completely. The only genuine small dissatisfaction was with the comprise pad type thing (which likewise featured the plan). It still works and mixes your comprise however we feel it absolutely does not do as excellent as a task then when doing it with the charm mixer. It’s really lightweight and sort of tough to deal with. Despite the fact that we are definitely no comprise expert, we do understand that if you are trying to find a low-cost yet still remarkable protection and quality concealer/contour/highlight/ color fixing scheme, this one’s for you, or a minimum of worth a shot. Another thing we saw others state about the product was the odor. For me, there is hardly any odor to the entire set. The charm mixer and pad did have more of an odor then the other things however was not strong whatsoever, so it’s still a huge thumbs up for us (if you do wind up with a strong ish odor that you wan na minimize, attempt genitally cleaning with soap, water, and after that wash and squeeze up until the water from the mixers come tidy. We did this simply when, right when we got it, and it did make the odor disappear). Anyways, in general this product is actually actually fantastic things and we would suggest it. Such excellent cost, quality, protection, and color-range. These are simply our viewpoints and ideas on the product and we understand all of us have our own ideas and various tastes on things however we still simply believed we would evaluate it and inform you what we believe. Thanks and god bless.

Really great. We like it. We utilized it currently for a date. We got it way previously then anticipated. Now the shape set is fantastic. It’s smooth and great. And the charm mixer sponge is remarkable worked well however the brushes. Draw lol going to go buy shape brushes, however we do not care and we anticipated to have them draw.

We like this set. You can mix and mix the colors to resolve all various spots and areas on your face and neck. Conceals numerous scars and under eye circles to produce a perfect appearance. Cost is right, and it is simple to use with fingers, sponge, brush or q idea. Inadequate product in each little cream well; the wells require to be much deeper to consist of more color in each. They must make 3 various sets, one for reasonable skin, medium skin, and darker skin. You will just have the ability to utilize the colors suitable to your complexion, a minimum of 4 colors will go unused. Likewise it is so creaour that it will move off your face if you do not utilize powder to ‘set’ it.

Dave’s better half: we got this because we are finding out how to do color fixing, highlighting and contouring. While we understand this isn’t the greatest quality product out there we do believe it’s a fantastic, economical starter scheme. The product itself is not as creaour as we would have liked, however once again, it’s simply to get our feet damp with the method so in general we are pleased with it. Nevertheless, we just got 1 sponge, not 2 as displayed in the picture. We simulate the pink makeup sponge/blender we did get. We had actually never ever utilized one previously, so we seemed like it’s a fantastic little tool for somebody who is simply starting. We do not seem like the brushes any excellent, a minimum of not compared to what we currently have so we are not utilizing them. Excellent buy for the cost, we would suggest this to anyone who is finding out like we are. This isn’t the product for somebody who desires luxury, high quality makeup, however.

The cream shapes are bit oily however for the cost they actually work remarkably well. The charm mixer and brushes we were likewise happily shocked with. We did not get the u-beauty mixer as visualized which is the factor for our 3 stars. If it is not expected to be consisted of with the products then it ought to not remain in the photo and we do not like being fooled on what we are purchasing. Other than that, if you are attempting contouring out as a newbie this is absolutely a great set to begin with simply make certain you are moistening your charm mixer sponge prior to utilizing it, this enables it to work best. Edit; stars have actually been altered from 3 to 4. They without delay reacted to our e-mail and reimbursed us $0. 50 for the part of the order we did not get. As much as we desired the product we can entirely comprehend how it would make more sense for them to reimburse us than to deliver us this small product free of charge all the method from china. (we reside in the united states) actually excellent customer support.

We bought this product december 16, it was shippied the 17 and the shipment date was january 13-29, however it showed up here today january 12. The only thing we did not like was that we did not get a tracking number, we like getting one to make certain we are home when our plan shows up however that aside it got here a day previously than anticipated which was fantastic. The product itself is really quite, the product packaging is actually great. The sponge is very small around and inch and a half, best for little locations though. The brushes are really soft, they do have a little odor to them however they’re brushes so they need to be cleaned anyways. There is a big range of colors, consisting of a shimmery one best for highlighting. In general, delighted with our purchase we absolutely suggest ubeauty.

Pros: 4 (4) brushes that have various cuts, and the mini charm mixer; and color-correcting creams. Cons: tones not actually suitable to medium to dark skins, or those with yellow undertones. We have a medium-light skin tone with really yellow undertones and we are just able to utilize 3-4 of skin color tones. Which are the darkest tones on the scheme. The 9 colors in the middle we are not actually able to utilize since 1) they have a pink undertone, and 2) are truthfully not as dark as they appear, they’re use much lighter which is kinda strange so we generally utilize them as highlighter. Otherwise it’s a good scheme if you’re light – medium skin tone, or pinkish.

We are not a charm specialist however we do understand a great product when we utilize it and we need to state this isn’t to bad iv read some examines about it being cake or not remaining in long however what individuals do not understand is its more of a low-cost product and it’s a cream often you need to reapply cream concealer however overal it is a good product we even got 4 sponges rather of 1 which was type of great however we will state we will be acquiring a genuine charm mixer since these do not do anything tbh they do not even hold water they are really little and actually ferm on the other hand the brushes are great when we opened whatever it type of a had heavy oder put it did disappear after a while however the brushes we do not believe are excellent to utilize with this pallet even if they are softer brushes all in all respectable for the cost would suggest.

This is a remarkable offer. First of all whatever came packaged separately and perfectly, the makeup was just a bit sweaty since is was being in the heat, the brushes are remarkably really strong and soft. The “beauty blender” we got is really comparable to the genuine thing, it is just a bit smaller sized and a bit more thick however still really great quality and has a comparable surface area texture to the genuine thing. The puff sponge was not the exact same color however a beige (which actually does not matter however simply a caution), effectively made too. Our only grievance was the chemically odor originating from the sponges, however the odor disappeared after a few hours of airing out.

The product packaging was alright the colors were so adorable however uncertain they worked that well, and the brushes were the exact same idea. Was excepting alittle more quality however it s alright. You get what you spend for.

This concealer/contour set is rather great and has enough colors to do almost anything. You can conceal acnes, dark circles, etc without required extra structure. It’s creaour however not too oily, which is great. The brushes and sponges are excellent quality and beneficial for mixing.

Of this set we have actually actually delighted in the brushes one of the most. They do not shed and have actually held up well to being cleaned. We likewise like how soft they are and how ell they mix. The pallet is great however we do not utilize it that typically because the concealers feel a bit oily. We simulate the protection we get which we have the ability to get the ideal color for our skin shade.

Definitely worth the cash. We have actually utilized luxury brand name color fixing schemes and this works simply as well. We do need to utilize setting spray or completing powder under our eyes and on our great lines/wrinkles since it settles therein. However we are so happy we took the threat bought this. The brushes it featured work well too, and the makeup sponge. It’s a little company however softens up some when moistened.

This is our very first shape set and it has actually been enjoyable utilizing and mastering contouring without investing a great deal of cash. We do not have actually the included tension of “wasting product” due to errors or practicing for enjoyable. The colors are excellent range and hold up well. The brushes and sponge are fantastic extra reward. We extremely suggest this if you are brand-new to makeup contouring:-RRB-.

Unsure why many individuals had theirs get here damaged and melted. Mine was loaded effectively, and remained in best condition. The brushes that featured it are remarkable. They are the specific ones that we have actually been requiring. The bristles are tight, and not falling out like numerous have actually stated. The mixer is little, however you’re expected to work water into it. Ideally it works.

Really creaour, and goes on perfectly, featured the 4 brushed visualized and one charm mixer. Would suggest for newbies.

Great for the cost and if your in a rush to get to the club. Blends well with all kinds of other brand names.

This concealer actually matches our skin type. We are somewhat reasonable skinned and the mix of each color has the ability to match the kind of emphasize or contouring we wish to attain. For the cost, im shocked it didnt trigger our skin to break out and we actually have a delicate skin. In general it’s reputable for daily wear.

We actually like this shape scheme. The colors are simple to mix and are of a wide variety of colors. The white shade likewise has some shimmer to it so we have actually utilized it as an emphasize and it looked terrific. The only unfavorable aspect of the real scheme itself is that it is smaller sized then we had however, however for the cost we believe it was quite reasonable. The other drawback was the brushes. We definitely like the pencil brush, it utilize it for the darker shape tones. The remainder of the brushes are too lightweight to utilize with creamproducts Although they aren’t as thick these brushes are still really soft and work well with powderproducts The sponge was a lot smaller sized than we believed, and denser. However often with shape we like less squishy sponges. In general we believe this is a fantastic product to purchase.

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