Ere Perez - Natural Beetroot Cheek & Lip Tint

Ere Perez – Natural Beetroot Cheek & Lip Tint

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  • A Natural Spot For Lasting Cherry Red Color With Rosehip Extract & Organic Beetroot Pigments
  • It Rapidly Develops Flushed, Rosy Cheeks & That Touch Of Color To Brighten Your Skin
  • A Little Delight Goes A Long Method, So Utilize Moderately For Softer Color Or Use Easily For A More Intense Red If Preferred. Roll-on, Easy To Usage & Waterproof.
  • Devoid Of Severe Chemicals Such As Parabens, Phthalates, Propylene Glycol, Paraffin, Lead, Nanoparticles & More
  • Never Ever Checked On Animals

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Ere Perez Natural Cosmetics is an Australian owned business that prides itself in producing healthy, natural makeup that appropriates for all skin types. Through thoroughly choosing just the greatest quality active ingredients such as oils, plant extracts and minerals and after that mixing them with anti-oxidants, they produce mild, highly-effective, fast and simple natural makeup services. A little DELIGHT goes a long method, so utilize moderately for softer color or use easily for a more extreme red if wanted. Roll-on, simple to utilize and water resistant. – Without extreme chemicals such as parabens, phthalates, propylene glycol, paraffin, lead, nanoparticles and more – Suitable with even the most delicate skin types – Never ever checked on animals

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Question Question 1

Just How Much Product Is Available In Television (In Ml)? Thanks?

Hey there and delighted easter. Television itself is little however, and we do imply however. A little goes a long method. We still have not run, it is an extremely brilliant cherry and we do dilute it with a little bit of liquid bronzer to get simply the ideal about natural radiance. Hope this assists you, remain healthy & safe

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Is This Product Vegan?


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Is The Product Liquid Like Ink?

Yes and it lasts permanently

Our Insights:

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Lastly. This is the lip/cheek stain we have actually desired for several years and years. Our daily makeup appearance utilizes a lip/cheek stain, which 90% of the time is a shade of red. We have actually utilized benetint for twenty years, however it’s never ever been the specific color we want it was; it’s too pinkish. We have actually attempted numerous other lip/cheek discolorations, with the very same outcome. They are charming, however not that “red red” that we desire. Delight is identified as a”cherry red” The majority of the time “cherry” red appears to equate to “dark purple red” which looks uncomplimentary on our skin. This stain does not have dark red tones. We fretted that ere perez “beetroot” stain would come out the color of beet juice (which is a stunning color; simply not what we desire). It does not. It resembles ere perez personalized the color we wanted. To us this color appears like the juice in a container of brilliant red maraschino cherries. It’s the color of grenadine liqueur (pomegranate) held up to ligh, t so the darker tones vanish (pantone 17-1558x). This stain is made with increased hips and beetroot, and our skin absolutely, extremely brings out the color of the rose hips in this tint. We enjoy it. The texture is liquidy, however not so thin that it spills out of the rollerball, and not so thick that it comes out in blobs. It has a smooth, thin syrup constency that feels hydrating and soft. It has a sweet taste of agave nectar. Fantastic ingenious product at a fantastic rate. Got here the day after we purchased it.

This works well as a stain. It is a bit warmer than we would generally use, however not orange like some of the other customers stated. We simulate to utilize it a bit thinner than complete on, like with our finger or a q-tip, or to blend with a lip gloss on top. The photo is the very first time we attempted it with it painted directly on.

A bit costly, however it’s 100% natural and looks truly good on me. We would state it’s well worth the rate; the entire bottle lasts approximately a year for us with everyday usage on both cheek and lips. (we choose to utilize extremely little to attain a faint reddish pink color) the color comes out extremely well on our cheeks too. This product has actually ended up being a part of our daily makeup regimen, will absolutely buy once again and once again.

We enjoy this. Who ever stated it tasted bad need to stop consuming their lipstick. A minimum of this one is not hazardous. It truly does not have much of a taste. It’s simply a little sweet, which need to be from the agave nectar that remains in it. We layer it with other lipsticks so they last all the time. Simply rub the residue off in between layers so that it goes on efficiently. Looks terrific alone too and we have actually gotten numerous compliments. Yes, utilize a shea butter lip balm or anything over it to keep it from being too drying. We still enjoy this a lot. Such a fantastic natural product. We desire them to make a lip liner with beetroot too.

This is by far the very best lip stain we have actually utilized over years of attempting various brand names. The majority of red discolorations have a blue base and fade to a magenta color that s truly uncomplimentary on our olive complexion. Delight is a real red and fades down to a much more natural color on me. It can be layered to offer a vibrant red lip comparable to a matte lipstick, or it can be a light flush that s ideal for a very little makeup appearance. It s transfer resistant and long-term. We enjoy that we can use it under a material face mask and it doesn t smear or budge. It s likewise not checked on animals which is essential to me.

This things is incredible. Lasts all the time. A little goes a long method. And we do not breakout. One bottle has actually lasted permanently.

Leaks all over and tastes a bit sweet, however delighted it’s safe and tidy. Somewhat better (more orange) than anticipated based upon photos.

Extra-long-wearing, beautiful cherry color that s remarkably simple (if a little untidy) to use and feels terrific on your lips. This is the natural stain that we would been looking for permanently. You can use a little for a natural appearance or layer on to include strength.

We believe this is a wonderful lip tint we do utilize it on our cheeks too can offer natural appearance or use more coats for remarkable appearance.

The color is long enduring.

Remarkable tint. Uses large red and can be developed as light or as dark as required. Lasted hours and left a stunning stain. Enjoyed it.

This product remains on well and has a good red shade nevertheless it feels a little dry on the lips.

Love the color and lasts a long period of time.

Really happy, no order does a fantastic task of tinting lips that lasts the majority of the day. We simply put a light gloss or moisturizer on top. Pretty color more orange red. Will acquire once again.

This is a brilliant red lip stain. We liked that it is made with some natural things like beetroot. You can type of taste it, it’s not dreadful however it didn’t trouble us either. It does dry sort of sticky. We utilized a brilliant red lip liner to guarantee it does not spot out of the lines and dapped on some clear lip gloss to make it glossy. We liked that you simply put it on and go, you do not need to peel it off like some other products and no extreme chemicals.

This is extremely natural and remains on a lot longer then anything we have actually attempted. It goes on a little orange on y lips however then turns more red after it dries.

Beautiful brilliant color. Rather than using like a regular lip gloss, we used thick on center of lip and blurred out to edges with a qtip. Extreme, enduring natural color and no issues with patchiness if used in this manner. Love it.

We like this product since it’s extremely light on the skin. We have extremely delicate skin therefore can not simply use anything to it. Our company believe this does not include any moisturizers which it’s water-based. It’s rather like water and spots in quickly. The color is not ideal for our complexion, however it suffices, and it remains on. We are not exactly sure the length of time it will stick in summertime, however am waiting on the weather condition to heat up to see the outcomes.

If you like the sensation of traditional lip discolorations then you will enjoy this. It discolorations terrific. Really cherry red and long-term. Drying like many discolorations.

No amusing texture or fragrance. Can be quickly layered for a darker appearance. We enjoy this things. 1 tube lasts fast a while.

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