e.l.f. Makeup Mist and Set

e.l.f. Makeup Mist and Set, Clear Pack

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  • 2 Packs of fairy Makeup Mist and Set Spray

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Developed to hold your face and eye makeup in location all the time and to rejuvenate makeup color with simply a few sprays. The formula includes aloe, green tea, cucumber, and vitamins A, C, and E to relieve and hydrate the skin. Spray on your brush or sponge prior to makeup application for prolonged hold and more dynamic color

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Appears to set our make up to last a couple more hours. We imply it’s a setting spray not god so our expectations were satisfied when for a few cents a day we got a few more miles out of our low-cost comprise. You get what you spend for we imply you desire your make up to last possibly buy a better quality and save money on this however we like to look used out at the end of work so that our manager believes we truly worked our however off so this works excellent for us, the comprise holds up until about an hour prior to shift modification so practically all day we look the very best that we can anticipate for a 15 minutes early morning comprise regular and after that best prior to we leave we state great bye as we pass the workplace to punch out and they see the raw neglected face bare in the flesh and appear to smile a little better understanding that yes, this lady we pay simply under what she deserves is offering us every cents worth. So in the end we will purchase it once again due to the fact that it does simply make our life easier.

We have extremely delicate skin and this was utilized for our wedding event practically 2 years back. That’s when we found it, through our makeup artist. You can find it in any drug/makeup shop, however the worth here is unsurpassable. When utilizing this compared to a setting powder or versus absolutely nothing. This will make your makeup last all the time. No joke, we even took naps in mine and our eye makeup was still ideal. (other than the periodic undereye eye liner spot (when sleeping. ). Which you can quickly clean up with a qtip and a brush of light eye shadow beneath). Other than that. This has actually been a lifesaver. We do not compose phony/ deceptive evaluations. And we do not back products that we do not routinely utilize. We utilize this day-to-day. It definitely has actually aided with the dreadful mascara/eyeliner spot raccoon eyes by lunch. Nomore Rejoice, girls. Simply mist about 3 times in your left, right, and after that center of the face. Fan with your hands. And off you go.

We purchased this to utilize simply as an antioxidant spray. Due to the fact that our skin leans oily, we need to utilize water-based products and love sprays, so even our moisturizer, that we hardly require to utilize, is actually a gel. We got this due to the fact that it has green tea, cucumber, vitamin c, provitamin a, and a number of other great active ingredients too, & a number of active ingredients we can’t keep in mind. However we like this things due to the fact that it has lots of anti-oxidants. And is at a fantastic rate. Our only grievance is that the spray is a little excessive as far as just how much comes out- though it is still a great mist. -you require to hold it about arm’s length far from your face, due to the fact that it is a comprehensive wetting of the face if you hold it too close. The rate is excellent for what you’re getting however.

First. We are big fan of e. L. F. Products. They are ruthlessness complimentary, expense efficient, and their products work well. This mist and set is terrific. Keeps your makeup on and in some cases it s excellent to spray for simply an included radiance throughout the day. On days where we wear t wear makeup, we simply spray it for a great mist to include a little wetness and radiance. Love it.

Fairy products never ever stop working to astonish us however this spray is truly among the top from their line. We are outdoors walking in the heat all the time however when we utilize this our makeup remains undamaged even when we are sweating. The very best part about this spray is it s so low-cost specifically provided it s quality.

We like this spray. Our makeup remains on all the time through the heat of august in arkansas. Its remarkable. Absolutely nothing relocations, however you can still take it off quickly with makeup cleaner at the end of the night.

Love the service (+ ruthlessness complimentary) for this however the spray bottle does not mist it well. We put it into a various bottle.

We read this idea in a post from a makeup artist: hydrate, use setting spray, permit to dry, then use your structure and regular regimen. Apply setting spray as soon as more after a complete face. Your makeup will not budge all the time.

This works excellent, our face is almost water resistant for 3 days if we do not clean it off.

For our mama and me. Assisted keep our makeup on at a renaissance faire.

Functions well.

Great product for the rate.

It works guy.

We have actually utilized numerous setting sprays and constantly return to this one. It has no unusual aroma and it makes our face feel fresh after putting makeup on. For being among the most affordable setting sprays it works extremely well.


Excelente para fijar el maquillaje.

Love usage everyday.


We like this product. Proficient at setting makeup for an inexpensive rate.

This product works excellent and does not cost a lots of cash. We extremely suggest it.

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