e.l.f. Flawless Finish Foundation

e.l.f. Flawless Finish Foundation, Lightweight Oil Free, Light Ivory

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of e.l.f. Perfect End up Structure, Lightweight Oil Free, Light Ivory.

  • DAILY BASE: Perfect for all skin types, this light-weight, oil-free formula provides a semi-matte surface. It mixes wonderfully into skin and assists even out skin textures for a noticeably brighter surface.
  • HOW TO USE: Use guide all over face, then utilize a structure brush or sponge and mix formula onto forehead, nose, cheeks, chin, jawline, and upper neck.
  • 100% CRUELTY-FREE & VEGAN: Proud to be 100% vegan and cruelty-free, around the world. Since generosity is trendy.
  • DEVOID OF: All e.l.f. products are 100% devoid of phthalates, parabens, nonylphenol, ethoxylates, triclosan, triclocarban, and hydroquinone.
  • APPEAL FOR ALL: e.l.f. Cosmetics offers professional-quality products at get-real costs, since our company believe charm needs to be available to every eye, lip, and face.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on e.l.f. Flawless End up Structure, Lightweight Oil Free, Light Ivory.
The Perfect Complete Structure is your ace in the hole to putting your finest face forward. The holy grail of full-coverage structures, this velvety liquid formula slides on skin like a dream setting the phase for whatever look your heart desires. For sheerer protection, combine with your everyday moisturizer; for a fresh radiance, combine with a shimmery facial moisturizer. Set with a light powder application for a minimalist technique or go vibrant with red lips and black eye liner for the full-on maximalists. Your creativity is the limitation. e.l.f. reconciles charm available to every eye, lip, and face. Your creativity is boundless, and we are influenced by what makes you distinct. From the early explorer to the trend-obsessed charm addict glam or bare dealt with, minimalist, maximalist and every appearance in between we are for each eye, lip, and face. Happy to be 100% vegan and cruelty-free, around the world.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on e.l.f. Flawless End up Structure, Lightweight Oil Free, Light Ivory.

Question Question 1

Okay We Are Awful At Makeup And We Are Brand-new To It Is This Greasy At All Does It Run? Do We Required Setting Spray We Required Aid Jesus?

Not oily, and no, you should not require “setting spray” unless you sweat alot. As makeup goes, it’s really low-cost. We like the product packaging. As soon as you have actually consumed the majority of it, you can “dip” the pump and use it to a sponge to getmore of it out of the bottle.

Question Question 2

Is Porcelain Great For Light Skin With Red Undertones?

We have light skin and we are really pink and this is a best color match for us.

Question Question 3

Is This Oil Free Or Not?

Yes, states on the back above the instructions, oil totally free/ spf 15 sun block. (describing the e. L. F. Sand # 83112)

Question Question 4

We Have Dry Skin So Would This Work Likewise We Are Extremely Pale So Which Color Would Fit Me?

Yes it has a fresh surface so it works well with dry skin.

Question Question 5

We Purchased Caramel Which Was Too Dark For Our Skin. We Purchased Tan Which Was Still A Shade Darker Than Our Skin. Which Color Is A Shade Lighter Than Tan?

Our color is sand, lighter than tan. If you go to e. L. F. Page you can see the various tones and check out some evaluations. Best of luck.

Question Question 6

Which Shade Is A Shade Darker Than Porcelain? We Required To Cover Red Without Looking Rinsed.?

We remain in between sand and porcelain with red undertones and we blend the 2 colors – works best for us.

Question Question 7

Is This Product Non Comedogenic?

It does not state in the product description, however it is oil totally free. A few of the evaluations suggest it is as great as clinique and did not trigger any break outs. Check out the evaluations which will assist you choose.

Question Question 8

Does This Structure Get Oily Rapidly?

No. We reside in fl and it remains matte for a long period of time. Truthfully it is among the very best structures with terrific remaining power.

Question Question 9

Can We Utilize It On Our Legs?

Yes, you might utilize this product on your legs.

Question Question 10

We Have Fair/Light Skin With Neutral Undertones. We Were Utilizing Pearl 120 However Can’T Find That Shade. Does Anybody Know What Shade Is The Next Closest?

We ca n’thelp with this one. Our skin is a light medium neutral.

Question Question 11

What Color Is This?

This shade is beige.

Question Question 12

Is This Appropriate For Dry Skin?

With a great moisturizer perhaps. We found that it highlighted a few of our dry spots though. It’s certainly not move resistant either.

Question Question 13

Exists An Excellent Color Contrast Chart? We Have Got M.A.C Studio Sculpt Nw15 However Wish To Change To Fairy?

We do not understand of a color contrast chart. We believe the fairy business would be the one to react to the question.

Question Question 14

Is The Shade “Porcelain” The Like “Natural”? We Got Some At The Shop And They Didn’T Have Porcelain, Just “Natural” And “Alabaster”.?

At the bottom of the e. L. F product it states natural (formerly porcelain). We are really really reasonable and it’s a fantastic natural surface.

Question Question 15

Is Sand Or Porciline Lighter?

Our company believe porceline needs to be lighter.

Question Question 16

We Would Like To Know Which Colour Is The Lightest? The One That Makes Your Face Look Whiter And Fairer? Is It Porcelain?

Porcelion is a reasonable color in our viewpoint.

Question Question 17

Is It Chineese??

We do not understand. There is absolutely nothing on the bottle that recognizes native land. We are unsure if package it was available in is at house. Examine product information on the or fairy site

Question Question 18

So This May Be A Foolish Question However What Is The Distinction In Between The 0.8 Oz. & 0.68 Fl. Oz.??

0. 8 oz is more than 0. 68 oz

Question Question 19

Can Someone Suggest A Concealer Color For The Sand Makeup.Ty.?

They have skin colors that are various however we would go to a makeup counter in a shop or shopping center and get your makeup done and they can assist with this and it will be a better appearance.

Question Question 20

We Are Searching For The Structure Color “Tan” We Don’T See It And We Have A Tough Time Finding It Instore – Do You Bring This Color?

Yes this color is really tan

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on e.l.f. Flawless End up Structure, Lightweight Oil Free, Light Ivory, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

We have actually utilized bare basics, makeup permanently, & kat von d and this is our preferred and finest protection up until now and its just $5 what. It doesn t leave our skin oily and it best, complete protection, and light-weight. In love. Who requires filters on pictures when you have fairy? haha.

We have actually been aiming to attempt a brand-new structure, as we have actually been utilizing estée lauder double wear and while we like the protection we have actually had awful dry skin and breakouts. We took a guess at the color for this e. L. F structure (sand) and it was basically best even on our olive complexion. It is good and light with good protection, and does not feel as heavy or drying as our previous structure. The only factor we provide it 4 rather of 5 stars is that we are not a fan of the odor, and we did need to use a great quantity of concealer for fuller protection. For the rate, it’s fantastic and we would buy once again.

We have actually attempted several types and brand names of structure over the last 20 or two years – varying from drug shop rack brand names like model or maybelline to high-end brand names such as clinique, m. A. C. & lancome – however everybody of them were dreadful on our dry skin. They looked cakey and phony and none matched our near ghost white complexion. We chose to provide this one a shot however, we like fairy s other cosmetic products and the rate was right at simply over $5 as an add-on purchase. We are delighted we did attempt it, we would want to pay 3x what we spent for it. It goes on smooth and looks natural. Unlike the others it likewise doesn t cake up and the good news is the porcelain tint matches our complexion completely. We likewise like the scent- most other brand names smelled horrible to me, this structure has a light flower aroma sort of like lots of handsoap brand names we utilize.

We have actually attempted fenty, advantage, and it cosmetics structure, and this fairy structure is right on par with all of them. This structure (we bought the shade “natural”) is unrivaled in regards to color matching our skin– even with the wide variety of the fenty structure tones, none of the ones we attempted matched us in addition to this natural fairy structure shade does. The structure dries well and does not look cakey or anything like that. We will state that we did need to include a number of layers to areas that had more imperfections so it’s not precisely complete complete protection, however for the rate we are never grumbling. This structure is terrific for newbies and professional makeup artists alike. The product packaging is a great glass and we actually find ourself grabbing it more typically than we grab our fenty one. 5/5.

Excellent protection, light and hydrating. Unfortunately, it was too yellow for our tone, however we need to have donebetter research If you re reasonable, with a pink undertone, the color you ll desire, will be snow. Will be bought in tone snow, for more precise color, to our complexion, however regardless, this is a wonderful structure, at a deal rate.

We remain in love. Fairy did it once again. This is such great protection for the rate. Blends truly well and easy to construct protection. Sorta thick. We included a video people covering a tattoo with it however we did utilize a complete pump for that.

This makeup truly provides complete protection. It goes on so silky smooth, dries leaving your face sensation terrific & not dried out, and lasts permanently. We oversleeped our makeup the night we had actually used this in the early morning. The next day it still looked remarkable. We were actually getting compliments on this makeup that was used over 24 hr ago & had actually been oversleeped. We didn’t utilize guides or ending up sprays either. Excellent worth. Out performs our pricey things. So delighted a pal of mine informed us to attempt this. Oh, their tones match your skin much better than most makeups. You truly look natural, not like somebody with a pound of cover-up makeup on.

Love it.

This shade was not the ideal one for us, it’s rather light and yellow. We have actually been utilizing this product for rather some time now and was thrilled to find it on. The consistency is quite smooth, it has a light scent to it however thankfully our delicate skin has never ever had a concern with it. It mixes out well, the protection can be developed. We have actually never ever had a concern with the product “disappearing” and having absolutely nothing left at the end of the day. Structure guides are remarkable for that, to assist keep the product in location for longer. Our top grievance with this product is the pump, it’s a hit and miss out on. In some cases it works terrific often it does not operate at all.

We are shook at how well this structure works. It s an incredible complete protection yet lightweight after guide. We personally utilize aloe vera gel as guide (finest guide ever. ). So we just did half our confront with the structure, see in photos. We are light complexed however unfair so sand was a best match. We actually like this better than the bare minerals we have actually been utilizing. We state certainly attempt it, for the expense it s worth it.

This is our 2nd bottle of this structure in the color”sand” We have actually attempted numerous structures throughout the years, and either wasn’t pleased in the very first location, or didn’t believe it sufficed to buy a 2nd time. This structure works well for us so we are buying it once again. The color is perfect – a great neutral, cool-toned beige with no orange in it – similar to we choose. And it covers well – we would state it is medium protection, however it can be developed to complete protection in locations we require a little additional. We have skin that is on the dry side, and this works well – no caking in dry locations or being in our fine lines. For the rate, we would suggest it.

We have a fair-to-light skintone, and though there are numerous tones of this structure, we have difficulty discovering a shade that matches our skin. The “fair” tones are too reasonable, and the “light” shares are too dark or lean too warm for our neutral undertone. Having stated that, offered the economical rate, we want to buy a few various tones to blend, which we would not want to do with a more pricey structure. The formula is really high protection, however in our viewpoint, it is more of a matte formula than semi-matte. Likewise, it can be found in a pump which is the very best method to package structure– a lot more sanitary, so we are truly pleased with the product packaging.

We have actually invested years purchasing really pricey skin care and cosmetic ending upproducts After letting our skin choose too long, we just recently drew back on a regimented skin care procedure. The e. L. F. Liquid makeup was advised on a skin take care of “mature” skin blog website. We believed no chance however because it was low-cost and we were attempting a brand-new technique we included it to our shopping cart. We have moderate rosacea so requirement to keep away from pink undertones in our structure. We attempted the porcelain in this product. We have actually been really happily shocked. This has actually been a tidy, light, cover night out our complexion. Our makeup looks natural, something we have not seen on our face for some time. We are cleaning up, hydrating, and using sun screen and after that the e. L. F guide prior to using this. Not exactly sure if the guide is required however why screw up a great system if we like the outcomes. We can not think just how much less the expense is for this great product compared to all our pricey and not as great huge called products.

We are middle aged (fine, perhaps that’s being a bit too positive, we remain in our late 50’s lol) and we have great skin yet we have locations of rosacea. We enjoy with this product. It will not provide you 100% complete, mask-like protection, however perhaps that’s not an appearance we would like anyhow. It goes on quickly, leaves a fresh look which we like since our skin is on the dry side, and it does last throughout the day. For the rate we believe it’s exceptional.

We typically use bare minerals makeup. We are 33 and beginning to observe great lines here and there. We observed individuals stating that utilizing a liquid structure assists as you grow older. We have never ever truly used liquid so we wished to begin with something inexpensive. We purchased this simply wishing to attempt itout We actually like this makeup. The colors are bit on the yellow tone, however we have olive skin so it works for us. We like that it s light and smooth. If you re a desiring something for protection, this most likely isn’t the one for you, however works terrific for light protection, mixing and stabilizing complexion. Will certainly be purchasing more of this brand name makeup. We are satisfied.

This is our preferred structure. The squirt top, nevertheless, can not be trusted. We do not understand what is with the style, however after a week or more it quits working, so we do not even trouble attempting to utilize them. Rather, we utilize that inner stem to pull out structure that stays with it and clean that on our makeup sponge.

This is complete protection structure. We have good skin and do not require much to make it look good. We need to do alot of shading when we utilize this. If you understand how to highlight and contour well and desire an airbrushed appearance this is dead on.

We have actually attempted every kind of structure offered. We have actually paid up to $50 for a comparable size quantity and still have not found a structure that isn’t oily however likewise does moist our skinout Previously. This structure is the very best we have actually ever utilized. It makes our skin feel silky smooth and remains on throughout the day.

Similar to using 2nd skin been attempting to get this specific color because it’s our precise match and found it to be offered out all over lastly found 1 last bottle at walmart and when the partner went to call it up she wrongly dropped the bottle and it shattered all over now that we have actually purchased it on it’s now restocked in shops terrific structure delighted we kept pushing to buy it.

We utilized to utilize high-end structure and tossed them all out when we got this one. It is for dry to regular skin certainly not oily. Not matte however not glowy and good mix in between.

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