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e.l.f. CosmeticsContour Palette, Powder Shades Bronzer & Shader, LightorMedium

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of e.l.f. CosmeticsContour Combination, Powder Tones Bronzer & Shader, LightorMedium.

  • CUSTOMIZED SHADE: Sculpt, shade, and lighten up with this four-shade powder shape combination. It’s adjustable to match your complexion and is instilled with vitamin E.
  • HOW TO WEAR: Use selected tones to contour, bronze and emphasize utilizing differing brushes for various shading functions. Apply to nose, cheeks, eyebrow bone, forehead, or anywhere you want.
  • 100% CRUELTY-FREE & VEGAN: Proud to be 100% vegan and cruelty-free, around the world. Due to the fact that compassion is trendy.
  • DEVOID OF: All e.l.f. products are 100% devoid of phthalates, parabens, nonylphenol, ethoxylates, triclosan, triclocarban, and hydroquinone.
  • APPEAL FOR ALL: e.l.f. Cosmetics offers professional-quality products at get-real rates, since our company believe charm needs to be available to every eye, lip, and face.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on e.l.f. CosmeticsContour Combination, Powder Tones Bronzer & Shader, LightorMedium.
The Shape Combination is your ace in the hole to a perfect face. Go as strong or subtle as your heart desires with this adjustable shape combination. The tones are developed to deal with your complexion. The nourishing vitamin E will offer you a beautiful skin tone. After you use your guide, structure and setting powder, use as wanted. For a more remarkable appearance, round off with a strong lip. e.l.f. reconciles charm available to every eye, lip, and face. Your creativity is limitless, and we are motivated by what makes you special. From the early explorer to the trend-obsessed charm addict glam or bare dealt with, minimalist, maximalist and every appearance in between we are for each eye, lip, and face. Happy to be 100% vegan and cruelty-free, around the world.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on e.l.f. CosmeticsContour Combination, Powder Tones Bronzer & Shader, LightorMedium.

Question Question 1

It’S This Cream Or Powder?

It’s a powder however extremely smooth. We would compare it to a gel.

Question Question 2

Are These Matted Not Shiney Eye Shadow?

These are matte. We like this pallete for highlighting and contouring. We utilize it daily.

Question Question 3

Is It Shimmery Or Glittery In Any Method?

The whitest shade is an soft, practically clear shine, never glittery nor shimmery. Whatever else is matte.

Question Question 4

Does This Inform You Where To Use Each Shade?

Our company believe it states so on the back of the product packaging, however the going clockwise on the combination the lightest color is for the emphasize, the 2nd shade is for hiding, the 3rd shade is for bronzing, and the 4th shade is for contouring.

Question Question 5

Hey Is This An Excellent Product To Get??

Great product. Great protection, looks natural.

Question Question 6

How Is It Made?


Question Question 7

Viene En Crema O En Polvo?

En polvo. El título lo dice

Question Question 8

Would These Look Warm On Pale Skin? We Are Trying to find A More Greyish Shape.?

The colors are warm and are not subduing however we have a medium complexion. They go on efficiently and sit tight and have a natural appearance. Despite the fact that your skin is pale we do not believe you would be dissatisfied.

Question Question 9

Does This Have A Red/Pink Undertone Or Yellow?


Question Question 10

We Are So Interest To Buy Your Productsfor Offer Our Regional Store, I Required More Information For Your Products. S ^ Ky-Py: Azmservice?

We purchased this pallet for our individual usage and it is inexpensive and we didn’t like it. We would not buy once again.

Question Question 11

Can The Light Tones Be Utilized As Concealer For A Cut Crease Or An Eye Shadow Base?

No this is powder. There is a cream type of this combination tho

Question Question 12

Can The 2nd Lightest Shade Be Utilized As A Concealer? Or Is It Not Opaque Enough?

It can be utilized as a concealer, however it may not last for long. It can be utilized as a great sheer powder though.

Question Question 13

We Do Not Seegolden 8L01Ae. Do You Still Deal That?

We are not a seller simply a purchaser for individual usage. You might have us blended with somebody else.

Question Question 14

How Do You Utilize It?

A gre advertisement t product utilized for conturing of the face.

Question Question 15

Where Are They Made?

Made in china. Developed in the U.S.A.

Question Question 16

We Are Rinsed Olive Tone Woman With Great Deals Of Drooping Of Skin Due To A Big Weight-loss, We Wished To Perk Up Our Face. What Are Your Recommendation?

We believe you will like this combination. We too have a big weight reduction and drooping skin. We are still discovering how to use shape however like the highlights in thispalette

Question Question 17

Could This Be Utilized As A Concealer?

It’s a powder and it’s not too thick either.

Question Question 18

For How Long Does It Require To Ship?

Orders gotten on an organization day by 4pm are delivered out through usps on the very same day. Nevertheless, whether you select to acquire extra shipping is your individual choice.

Question Question 19

Is This A Bronzer Or A Contouring Combination? Complicated Description. Does It Consist of Talc? Thanks.?

Assists to contour the functions of our face.

Question Question 20

Where Is It Made?

China. We took us some time it findout It is composed on the side of package, not on the product itself

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on e.l.f. CosmeticsContour Combination, Powder Tones Bronzer & Shader, LightorMedium, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

For the rate, this is great however not fantastic. We value that the pans have a good quantity of product and are big enough to quickly get a brush in to them. We likewise actually like that the pans can be quickly eliminated so you can put them in something like a z combination. The mirror is big and we believe that’s an excellent favorable element of this combination. It takes a trip well and we like that. The highlighting shade (leading left) is a bit glittery for our taste. We are exceptionally reasonable and even on our light skin, it offers a little a milky cast also. However it’s practical and if combined out actually well, you get a really subtle, natural emphasize. The light yellow-colored powder (leading right) benefits setting the undereye location, although we find we require a light hand or it can get chunky. It does oxidize a bit on me, however it’s absolutely okay. This powder and the bronzing powder are absolutely our favorites. The bronzing powder (bottom left) was an enjoyable surprise. It’s a neutral tone that appears to work well on a range of complexion (we had a few pals who wished to attempt it), although it’s relatively subtle and would most likely be too light for anybody darker than a medium complexion. It’s buildable and there is no shimmer in it, which we value. The contouring powder (bottom right) was a frustration. We like the color, as it’s a cool-toned however not ashy color that would be perfect for our reasonable skin. The concern is that it’s actually irregular and streaky. It adheres to the area where you initially put it and for the life of me, we can’t get it to mixout When we attempted utilizing this for contouring our cheeks, we wound up with muddy looking dark spots after mixing greatly with a brush. We got rid of all our makeup and attempted once again, this time mixing it out with a moist makeup sponge. Still no luck. We will conserve this for contouring under our chin, where the patchiness will not be as obvious. However this will never ever go on our cheeks once again.

We are extremely reasonable skinned. It is difficult to find light colors in shape for us. We saw this and believed the rate was best to simply attempt it. Likewise it is color complimentary. We dislike red color and discovering makeup is not that simple for us. It got here in a well jam-packed box. It was undamaged. As you can see, there are 4 colors. We have actually just utilized 2 of those. The lightest colors – undoubtedly. We are constantly approximately attempt brand-new things with our makeup however we weren’t for sure we might pull this of. We used it to a wedding event shower and got compliments on how great our skin looked. We make certain it was the contouring. We utilized a stiff thin brush for each of the highlighting and the watching. It does not included a brush nor exists anywhere to keep even a little brush. A little does go along method with a little this. We had actually found out how to contour a number of years ago however might never ever find the best tones me. This is it. Do not hesitate to attempt it since it is not that difficult. Search for youtube videos or simply a diagram of how to contour your shape of face. It is simple to do as soon as you understand what shape of face you have. We do not understand that we will put the time in to using this daily – however when we have the time we absolutely will. We would state that as soon as you master it – you can do it in about 5 -6 minutes. We extremely advise this product.

This shape combination is remarkable. We believe that any shade skin you may have you can make this work for you. We are “mocha latte” as our hubby likes to call the shade of our skin. The e. L. F. Shape combination can fit most any skin shade from light to dark from our experience with it. It’s not simply to color or powder your skin, it’s utilized to bring out the functions you like finest or wish to emphasize and likewise can conceal and mix off into the range includes your may wish to shape and bring attention far from. Me = our nose. We are not embarrassed however it is our least preferred function. With this shape combination we can position tones to bring out the function and make it look a little more slim than it is by utilizing the lightest decreasing the top of our nose, then with another brush (mind you, this does not included a brush however you can find them at a great rate which we make certain we will evaluate at some point):-RRB- anyhow then for us we take the darkest and shade the side of our nose. Voila, we are done. If we have time we likewise shape the 2 medium colors over our eyebrow and under our eyes to brighten them. (like you can lighten up brown eyes ugh. Lol) this product is a fantastic rate and a fantastic product. It’s enjoyable when we have time to experiment with brand-new methods. Like we stated, it does not included brushes, however e. L. F and other business have brushes here at at fantastic rates and designs for shaping. Search all you desire, however if you desire a great shape combination at an excellent rate, you can’t do better.:d.

This is a basic pallette, for those of caucasian complexion. It’s too dark for olive, or pale like me. Nevertheless – it’s still extremely beneficial. Do not ignore this product for it’s rate. The majority of these pallettes on are $14-20. This is just $6, and no you can’t quickly find it in the shops since it’s generally offeredout Or expensesmore Fairy cosmetics can be found at numerous dollar shops, old navy, and target.

We are so happily pleased with this product. These colors are better than we anticipated. The image online is extremely near what you get, minus the stunning texture and luminescence of these colors. Fairy products have actually been a hit or miss out on for us for many years. We believe this brand names products are enhancing a lot though. We like this combination a lot.

Okay. These powders aren’t smooth or creaour. In truth, they feel somewhat dry and milky when you attempt to swatch. Nevertheless, our brush gets the correct amount that mixes into the skin and carefully colors. It’s fool evidence for reasonable skin. The white highlighter is somewhat shimmery however still naturally lightening up. The yellow toned powder is somewhat yellow and matte– best for under the eyes and forehead. The warm, orange shape is a great bronzer however too orange for us personally. The cool shape is neutral on the skin and works fantastic for our reasonable skin. You may believe this product is typical or average from the examples however carries out well on light skin.

An easy-to-blend, cool, and wallet-friendly shape set best for novices or anybody else searching for a break from other packages that have a frustrating quantity of tones to select from. In this set, e. L. F keeps things good and cool with 4 easy yet magnificent tones best for a natural contouring appearance. Likewise, the pocket and purse-friendly sized set includes a mirror, which is extremely convenient for on-the-go touchups. The only alternative is that it does not mix or look as smooth as the e. L. F cream shape combination.

It got here as imagined. The colors are recorded and illustrated precisely and yes this shape pallets can be utilized on lady of color, as we are. We definitely like this non- irritant shape pallet( we have worrying delicate skin). The mirror is big which s a plus not just is it economical however it finishes the job easily. It is cream based and lasts all the time. We would compare fairy to black brilliance nevertheless it s a little more economical. We utilize this combination for contouring and most significantly a concealer under our eye location. This product does not leave a cast, it mixes exceptionally well particularly for our dry skin. This pallets will not cover as a structure. We would extremely advise this product, it s simple to utilize (novice friendly), and have instructions on package.

We utilize all luxury makeup however fairy is our go to for this pallette. We like this powder shape. Such fantastic color and remains on. Perfect for novices or professionals.

Fantastic product nevertheless. It is hot, and with our gingery pale skin tone we utilize cool tone pallets. We were hoping this was taupe colored to opt for our cool toned style. No biggy, we have other methods to offset the heat of the shape. It does wonderfully and works well for eye shadow. The lightest tone our company believe to be a highlighter, however it’s not extremely brilliant and a lot needs to be used. The dark tone is not deep, if you are searching for a more contrasting contour set try to find darker tones, this is relatively light.

This shape combination is so fantastic. All the tones are best for our complexion. They are simple to use, aren’t too cakey and aren’t oily or oily at all. The rate is impressive for the quantity of product in each pan. We have actually constantly been a substantial fan of fairy products and we were not dissatisfied with this combination. We like it and will be utilizing it for a long period of time to come. Extremely advised.

We are quickly ending up being a substantial e. L. F. Fan. This is an excellent pallet, for novices, to experts. Definitely like it. Was provided promptly. Just downside was, among the hinges came broken, however that is more to do with how it was delivered, and absolutely nothing to do with the product, itself. Aside from that, we extremely advise it. It s the best touch to anybody s makeup routine.

We are brand name brand-new to the entire “contouring” thing, so we actually do not have any other product to compare this versus. The colors are fantastic. We actually utilize the medium color as a blusher and it mixes well with the darker and lighter tones. It primarily goes on efficiently, though lot of times it seems like it isn’t as exact going on as we would like. It goes on well on the left side (we are left handed) however constantly feels a little untidy on the right, like the product sort of spreads or “drips” for absence of a better word. That might totally be the user, obviously, once it’s on, it’s a little difficult to then get rid of and consist of without renovating all of our makeup.

We never ever tried to contour previously so we weren’t going to invest a great deal of cash on a scheme. We purchased this one and we actually do not believe we require anything more costly. The lightest shade is quite and subtle for highlights and we utilize both of the darker tones depending upon how tan we are. Simply do not exaggerate it otherwise it begins to look orange. Less is more with this combination.

This was our very first time purchasing ourself a shape pallet and it was quite enjoyable. We are older to the entire shape video game and this remained in our rate variety for beginningout With a blush brush it used extremely efficiently. We even utilized the darker brown for completing our eye brows as we have extremely thin eye eyebrows and to our surprise all of it sat tight all the time.

We are not a substantial fan of cream contouring packages since they tend to be actually remarkable. This offers our the capability to shade as light or dark as we desire. In between the 4 colors we have the ability to finish the appearance we want. Our skin has actually gotten a bit more tan considering that our purchase and the colors still work well. We are reasonable complexion and this is exceptional for our shade.

We have actually been learning more about contouring, which, imo brings comprise into the 21st century. This contouring set works fantastic and is a fantastic tool. Who states you can’t teach an old canine brand-new techniques. Extremely pleased with this.

Something we would point out to begin with is that the lightest color is not matte. It’s shimmery or pearlescent. We didn’t find all of it that reliable as a shape combination, however it’s fantastic as a neutral/daytime eye shadow combination that’s exceptionally natural looking, and big enough to utilize with great quality makeup brushes.

Truly like it. Is available in a streamlined, black compact with a big mirror. No applicator though however it should. Good series of tones, something for everybody. The good thing besides the compact exists’s no shimmer. No bothersome shine particles in any of it; not even the highlighter. Lastly somebody gets that we’re not all teen women.

We so like discovering a product that is fairly priced and still provides top quality, that’s what we constantly obtain from fairyproducts This is the very first powder highlight/contour product we have actually attempted as we have actually constantly utilized cream-based. Was concerned that the powder may be tough to mix with our dry skin however was happily amazed it was the total reverse. Utilized with a fan brush, we were extremely pleased with the various tones and blendability.

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