COVERGIRL Vitalist Healthy Elixir Foundation

COVERGIRL Vitalist Healthy Elixir Foundation, Tawny

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of COVERGIRL Vitalist Healthy Elixir Structure, Tawny.

  • Vitamin-infused formula with an unique anti-oxidant and vitamin complex
  • Oil complimentary
  • Lessens the look of oily shine
  • Light-weight formula
  • Ideal for delicate skin

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More Info:

Here are some more information on COVERGIRL Vitalist Healthy Elixir Structure, Tawny.
Color: Tawny 765 Lastly a hydrating, vitamin-infused formula for lovely, buildable protection that slides on efficiently for a perfect appearance. An unique anti-oxidant and vitamin complex plus SPF 20 collaborate to make your skin appearance healthy all the time. Provide your skin a luminescent radiance. Readily available in numerous tones from light to deep.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on COVERGIRL Vitalist Healthy Elixir Structure, Tawny.

Question Question 1

What’S The Distinction In Between Ivory & Classic Ivory?

Undertones are various in between the 2. Ivory is neutral undertone that works well for individuals who look great in both warm and cool toned colors, in addition to for either an individual who looks better in cool or warm toned colors. Timeless ivory is more warm toned ivory shade (yellow-ish undertone). If they had made “natural undertones are different between the two. Ivory is neutral undertone that works well for people who look good in both warm and cool toned colors, as well as for either a person who looks better in cool or warm toned colors. Classic ivory is more warm toned ivory shade (yellow-ish undertone). If they had made ” natural ivory” in the foundation that would be for cool toned skin, but they donot offer that option in this foundation.

Question Question 2

What Is The Next Shade Darker Then Classic Ivory? In All The Other Covergirl Products Im The Shade Creaour Natural?

We suggest to go to a store and try to match to your skin tone. This foundation runs a little darker than any covergirl foundation we have used before. Or watch you tube tutorials for this foundation and try to match your skin tone. (that worked for us) great foundation.

Question Question 3

Would This Foundation Work Well On Dry Skin?

Yes we have dry skin and used this for the first time 2 days ago. It is now our holy grail. We have used armani luminous silk, fiona stiles luminous foundation, trumatch lumi,and this is the best foundation we have ever used

Question Question 4

Is This For Skin Dry And Acne?

Yes we have dry skin and used this for the first time 2 days ago. It is now our holy grail. We have used armani luminous silk, fiona stiles luminous foundation, trumatch lumi, and this is the best foundation we have ever used. We also have been having hormonal breakouts and it masks it completely

Question Question 5

What Is Comparable Without The Smell?

If you are asking what foundation has a similar look (without this smell), the physician’s formula healthy foundation is similar in coverage and finish to this foundation. However, while it doesn’t smell like this foundation, the physicians formula healthy foundation does have a ” paint” smell to it, but it doesn’t last long.

Question Question 6

We Use Tru Blend M6 Perfect Beige But Want A Sunscreen In Our Foundation. What Would Be The Same Color As M6 Perfect Beige?

Probably not, these colors seem on the darker side than there normal foundations

Question Question 7

Is 112 Natural Ivory Darker Than 103 True Ivory?

Yes, 112 natural ivory will be slightly darker than 103 true ivory.

Question Question 8

Is Color 720 For Pink Undertones??

720 creaour natural has a cool tone, which is great with pink undertones.

Question Question 9

Does It Come Wrapped In Bubble Wrap?

We believe our employees protected it with bubble wrap and plastic. Thx

Question Question 10

Important, Does This Foundation Oxidize, Turn Darker After Applied, And If So, How Much Darker?

No it does not turn darker after being applied

Question Question 11

What S One Of The Lightest Shades Wth A Pink Undertone?

Either of the ivory’s. Check them out

Question Question 12

We Are Nw13. Would Ivory Be Too Dark For Us?

We would love to help out, but we don’t have a clue what ” nw13″ means. Can you spell it out for us. Thanks. P. . S. We do love this product, have used it now for about two years.

Question Question 13

Is It Chemical Or Mineral Sunscreen?

Both. It has titanium dioxide in it (physical) and sodium benzoate (chemical).

Question Question 14

Does This Compare To It Cosmetics Bb Cream?

It s very light weight like a bb cream, has some of the better ingredients also.

Question Question 15

Curious..This Has Spf And Agless Doesnt.But What Is Better For Combo, Weather Worn, Brow Spot Skin That You Want To De Age And Look Healthy?

This foundation would be great. It s kind of on the dewy side, looks very natural but great coverage

Question Question 16

Does The Color Ivory (705) Have Pink Undertones?

This has very orange undertones

Question Question 17

What Concealer Can We Use With This To Cover Up Dark Circles?

We used maybelliene fit me, in shade light. Looked great.

Question Question 18

Whats The Experation Date On The Foundation Medium Beige 742?

We bought the ivory foundation and it’s expiration date is jan 2021

Question Question 19

Is This Waterproof?

It doesn’t claim to be waterproof. We have never gone swimming it it, but we have sweat a good bit while wearing it and we do think that it held up well to our profuse sweating so it might be somewhat waterproof.

Question Question 20

When Will Ivory Be On Stock Again?

Covergirl has actually ceased this line of structure.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on COVERGIRL Vitalist Healthy Elixir Structure, Tawny, these may be helpful for better understanding.

Definitely enjoy this. It smells remarkable too. We at first purchased this for our 15 years of age child and checked itout We liked it a lot we purchased ourself a bottle. We saw our skin looked truly truly great after application. Extremely smooth and nearly airbrushed. We simply utilize our fingertips to use which our child is revolted by. However we have actually constantly done it that method, we simply make certain we have tidy hands. Anyhow, we are connecting an image from the very first day using all of it day, and there is no filter or modifying and we have actually not had botox or other facial”helpers” (it bugs us extremely when individuals publish pictures in their evaluation of a makeup and it’s plainly been filtered or smoothedout That is not valuable at all.) we simply turned 41 this month and attempt look after our skin on a spending plan. (check out the lily ana retinol cream here on too).

Excellent product however we picked incorrect color. Because we have another structure from exact same brand name, they mix well together for ideal protection. We believe it’s enhancing our skin. We are 54.

In spite of the truth that we were delivered the inaccurate shade (the storage facility sticker label stated soft sable, however the mfg sticker label below plainly mentioned golden tan) we still wished to examine this structure. After we got our refund we went directly to our regional pharmacy and chose this up in the best shade. We remain in love. We have combo/oily skin and it still works incredibly. Not exactly sure if it’s due to the fact that it’s a moisturizing (without being oily) structure, it keeps our pores adequately pleased, or what. However we do not observe any additional oil production. Pros: the surface is lovely. A good soft matte surface. Lasts all the time. Transfer is minimalit’s packed with things that benefit your skin. Cons: shade variety is trash. Thankfully for us, we are soft sable in all covergirl structures, however they truly require to broaden their shade variety. The odor – if you do not like scent, you’re most likely not going to like the odor of this. It resembles fragrance and rubbing alcohol. It does not last after it dries down. Claims to be complete protection – however if you utilize a charm sponge to use, it’s more like light to medium protection. It’s incredibly thick, and it appears like we are going through the bottle rather rapidly (we use makeup m-f for work) we will certainly be including this to our pharmacy holy grails.

Love this structure. Offers our skin medium protection with a demi-matte surface, makes our skin appearance so fresh and healthy. Floral aroma is not our preferred however it fades rapidly. Does not oxidize on us at all. Use time can be difficult however finest for us when used with a loose clear powder.

We have actually ended up being a little bit of a structure addict and certainly found our repair with this product. We just recently started using turmeric and greek yogurt mask nighttime, to fade hyperpigmentation. We wished to continue “caring & repairing” our skin while using makeup. We looked for cost effective structures which likewise included spf. This product has spf and extra skin nutrients. Numerous online customers mentioned the shade had an olive undertone, and we feel as though we lastly found our ideal match. We would been acquiring warm and even often neutral undertones. In some cases we would look a bit orange and other times a bit ashy. This is an extremely light-weight, yet medium/full protection structure, with an olive undertone, yet a warm surface. Our skin looks so smooth after using this, and feels simply as soft. We do not utilize a guide and still find it to have an extremely smooth surface, with or without the rose water setting spray/finish we use. Certainly worth the rate. Needless to state we are rather satisfied.

We definitely enjoy this structure as it hydrates, is semi-sheer yet covers well, offers you a fresh radiance, and uses well for 10+ hours. Plus sun block – an outright must. We value the pump dispenser and the just-right viscosity of the structure itself. Our just surprise was that, being extremely fair-skinned, we purchased the lightest color “ivory” presuming it was a shade lighter than the lightest readily available in pharmacies (natural ivory). Nope, precisely the exact same. We work around that with a drop of lighter liquid concealer when we are looking especially bloodless, however the majority of the time is near-perfect and never ever orange-y. Seriously, the quality is on par with lots of structures we have actually attempted at 3-4x the rate. Attempt it.

When we are asked to do makeup for females. Like for celebrations, work conferences and club. We required something that we might use which dried fast. That combined fast which looked perfect in synthetic light. We utilize our fingers and makeup sponges, other brushes you can utilize and get a great combined affect. The odor is basic and the bottle is simple to hold while the pump presses out a percentage. We dropped that bottle like 4 times and it didn’t break. There resemble 10 to 15 various tones. The very best part is, it does not seem like a mask, terrific for video calls and taking pictures to get id’s. It’s got vitamins and after that sun block. Ladies constantly discuss how they get compliments in church, with selfies or out on dates, how it matches their complexion and smells great. A teen might use it and it would not make her appear like she’s excessively comprised. We likewise utilize it too. In the shop it resembles $14. 00, often it constantly offeredout We would stockpile on it trigger its beginning to get truly tough to find.

We are so mad at this structure. It does whatever we desire it to do: simple to use, absolutely no skin responses, feels comfy and light, odor is habitable, protection is med-high med, long using, not cakey or irregular, and the rate is remarkable. So why am we mad? oxidation af. Irl we are light/medium warm tones (lancome in 250w, bareminerals in light 08 and golden ivory 08, it cc/bye bye in light or medium) and this turned darker than our high-endproducts We even bought 710 up from 725 to compensate the oxidation we checked out it. We will inform you that did not work. It darkens 2-4 tones down; like this looks darker than our summertime tones. Unfortunately, we will be sending this back. Too mad y’ all.

We truly enjoy this structure when we initially put it on. It makes your skin appearance lovely and does not have a drying or oily home to it. It runs a bit dark, generally we are the 2nd to lightest cool tone however we got the lightest shade in this after swatching it at a drug shop. Our only concern with it is that it does not last long at all. Most likely just 4-5 hours on our skin, we will state that structure generally does not last on our skin too long, however this is the least long using we have actually attempted. We began bring it in our bag for long days, and it’s not an issue due to the fact that it’s simple to use with your fingers and get a great application. We have actually never ever had a problem with streaks or bad protection. Although it has actually spf it does not appear to have flashback either.

Super lightweight, medium protection which looks even, possibly fresh (we utilize moisturizer and sun block so it might impact that given that it states it’s oil complimentary on the bottle). If you sweat a lot like us it quickly does come off, however it goes on quite simple and easily for a liquid structure. Will buy once again.

We enjoy this structure and the rate point. We were formerly just purchasing high-end structure due to the fact that we could not find anything at the pharmacy that would work for us. We liked the advantage oxygen wow structure however at 36 dollars it was rough cause we would go through one basically regular monthly. This covergirl structure is a truly great dupe for that. It s light-weight and medium protection in our viewpoint. It sets into our skin so completely you can t even inform it s there. It includes sun block in it and an extremely light however enjoyable aroma, nearly flower. With that being stated, we realllllyyyyyy desire covergirl would be on board with a bigger shade variety so that more individuals might enjoy this structure.

In the present cold environment we have typical to dry skin and this structure looks truly great on me. It does not highlight texture (which we have lots of)/ dry spots and supplies strong medium- light complete protection in one layer. It’s likewise simple to mix and sets down perfectly without powder (we have actually utilized it with and without powder and like it both methods). Our criticisms are that the lightest shade isn’t rather light enough for our reasonable skin and we have actually seen a boost in whiteheads while given that we began utilizing this structure. They’re excusable however they remain in locations we generally do not break out so we are relatively specific this has actually activated them. That being stated we like this structure enough to handle it. We will not utilize it everyday however it’s certainly remaining in the rotation.

We have actually attempted a great deal of makeup throughout the years, and this is up until now, the very best we havefound It mixes well, is cost effective, does not make us break out, isn’t oily or too dry, and supplies adequate protection for us. On top of that, we actually found a shade that matches us for our reasonable skin. Even in winter season.

The shade 760 traditional tan is ideal and the surface makes your skin appear like incredibly healthy (however not excessively fresh) skin. The product description states that it’s complete protection however that’s not real. It is a medium protection structure (which we choose). Finest thing ever. Didn’t trigger breakouts or inflammation and our skin feels softer and looks clearer. Bought one and strategy to buy another simply in case. Skin type: normal/dry/sensitive/ acne susceptible.

We enjoy this product. We have incredibly delicate skin so it’s exceptionally tough for us to find a great structure. We simply dislike that it’s out off stock so typically. We attempted something various for a couple weeks and, obviously, regretted it. After scrubbing our face and putting this on, our skin extremely undoubtedly right away felt relief. We simply want we might get this more quickly. We constantly fear when our structure can’t be found.

Respectable protection however requirement better color choice.

We are extremely pale and the palest shade is still too dark for us- we need to blend it with white structure to lighten the product. It would be a lot better if their “ivory” tones were actually ivory.

We have actually not had the ability to find a structure that does moist up on us or highlight our wrinkles. We are covergirl to the core, given that we were 15, however even the olay included products did not nurture our still acne-prone skin. Grrr, we are now 49. Seeing this as an add-on, we could not assist however take the leap & attempt 1 last formula. Low & behold, what terrific protection & color & our face reacted incredibly. Thank you cg.

First Of All, the aroma is incredibly terrific?? never ever in our life have we ever delighted in the odor of structure lol it has a flower sunflower scent to it, happily shocked. Acquired color ivory 705 it does start sort of orangey however if combined well and you prime very first prior to using its ideal. The vitamins and spf consisted of is an additional reward too, desire they still offered these in shops however luckily there’s. Sn: very first time purchasing this and we remain in love.

This structure offers terrific protection that is buildable, often we have more red on our face than other times which we why we enjoy that this offer you buildable protection. Offers us a good even tone all over our face not yellow, found our brand-new preferred structure.

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