COVERGIRL Vitalist Healthy Concealer Pen

COVERGIRL Vitalist Healthy Concealer Pen, Medium/Deep

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of COVERGIRL Vitalist Healthy Concealer Pen, Medium/Deep.

  • Vitamin-infused formula in a soft-brush concealer pen
  • Hides skin flaws to brighten your skin tone
  • Enhances skin’s texture for a fresh and healthy appearance
  • Appropriate for delicate skin
  • Dermatologically checked

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Here are some more information on COVERGIRL Vitalist Healthy Concealer Pen, Medium/Deep.
Color: Medium/deep – 795|Size: 0.05 Pound Lastly, there’s a soft-brush concealer pen that moves on efficiently and enhances skin’s texture. COVERGIRL Vitalist Healthy Concealer Pen includes vitamin-infused formula which brightens your skin tone for a fresh, healthy appearance. This full-coverage concealer pen is readily available in numerous tones from reasonable to deep.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on COVERGIRL Vitalist Healthy Concealer Pen, Medium/Deep.

Question Question 1

Is This Oil Free Or Non-Comedogenic?

Sorry, do not understand. We simply buy what our relative informs us to buy.

Question Question 2

How Do You Utilize The Concealer Pen?

The bottom twists and presses the concealer out onto a brushlike suggestion.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on COVERGIRL Vitalist Healthy Concealer Pen, Medium/Deep, these may be helpful for better understanding.

Love this concealer. It s absolutely nothing earth shattering however it works and gets the job done. We utilize it for guide generally since of the simple applicator brush.

The product is terrific itself. It’s definitely like a 2nd skin and you do not feel it, you do not see it. So light however masking excellent. We did buy currently 3-4 of them and will buy once again.

We think they terminated this. Regrettable. Exceptional concealer and style.


Required to purchase another quickly. Was a little lighter than we believed.

Easy to utilize concealer.


Our teenage child enjoys this concealer. For the rate mother enjoys it also.

It’s great simply not for us.

It mixed rather well however it was rather large.

First Of All, and possibly we are simply out of touch, however when we got it we had a heck of a time figuring out how to make it work. We do not use a great deal of makeup, we do not stay up to date with patterns. So we are most likely not the perfect audience for this. Once we figured out whether the black and or the white end is what you manage (it is the white end, by the method), we were gazing at a white brush and had no hint what to do next. By turning the black end (and turning, and turning, and turning, and turning) ultimately we had a huge gob of concealer on the brush. Lovely. We wound up putting that on our finger and using concealer under our eyes mainly. The color is too dark for us, however we do have really reasonable skin, so we actually wasn’t shocked at that. We need to opt for “light” rather, and will if we buy this for ourself in the future. We believe the color has to do with best for the label of “light medium. ” anyhow, the protection was great, it didn’t fell cakey at all. The next time we utilized it, we took notice of the little brush as we turned the black part, and had the ability to get a more workable quantity of productout It didn’t take a great deal of turning any longer either. Utilizing the brush to dab it under our eyes, we attempted smoothing it out with the brush on one side, and with our ring finger on the other. It looked better with our finger, however that is most likely something that a bit more practice would assist. Then we wound up with a huge zit under our nose a couple weeks later on. We like the brush for using product there. And we have actually certainly gotten more utilized to the brush. The other thing we saw is that it does not appear to tinker our skin, so possibly the “vitamin infused” bit does do something for us. Bottom line – if you aren’t knowledgeable about this design of applicator, have fun with it a bit. The colors appear to run real to the description.

We like this covergirl concealer pen a lot, when we figured out how to utilize it. We want that they had at least minimum guidelines on how to utilize it on the bundle as it’s various than anything that we would utilized prior to, however they didn’t. We figured it out after twisting the base a lot that their was a glob of comprise on the brush prior to we saw it. We are not foolish however it made us seem like we were for a few minutes. We have actually utilized this particularly around our eyes to cover the dark locations. We have actually checked out that you’re to utilize concealer over your makeup so that it has something to hold on to, and it appears to work well by doing this. It remains on as long as we require it to with the ending up powder that we utilize. Being 60+, we handle the issue of makeup settling into wrinkles and this has not, which definitely makes us like itbetter We are rather delighted with this concealer and would acquire it once again.

There are numerous things we like about this product. The makeup has good protection that lasts throughout the day with no inflammation to our skin. The color is on the lighter side of the “light/medium” shade. The size is hassle-free for bring in your bag or makeup bag. Nevertheless, we were dissatisfied in how the makeup uses. The concept of the integrated in brush is appealing and the brush is soft. Regrettably, the makeup comes out in a glob and needs to be smoothed onto the skin with either your finger or a different sponge. When this was done, we liked the method it looked, however was expecting an all-in-one application. Likewise, no guidelines are consisted of on the bundle or the product at all. It took us a bit of time to figure out if the bottom of television is turned clockwise, the makeup will ultimately come out on the brush.

On many skin tone charts, we are 2nd to the lightest in color. This covergirl vitalist healthy concealer pen (light/medium) is best for usage as a concealer. It’s not too light, nor, too dark for a reasonable skin tone. When television is very first opened, you will need to prime it sometimes, twisting it, to pump the concealer through television to the brush. When done, it’s really simple to get more concealer into the brush. The brush makes application simple, specifically when utilizing it under the eyes. Once it is used, utilize your 4th (ring) finger to pat it into the location. Then, use your structure. You will not have the ability to see anything other than a confront with no imperfections or dark areas. We have actually attempted this product and compared it to our typical one, clinique, and we would incline changing to covergirl.

We got this concealer pen for our relative to conceal the periodic acne or dark circles. The color fits her complexion extremely well. The concealer is really light-weight and it does not look like she is using much comprise at all. We like the natraul appearance so this essential for us. It conceals imperfections extremely well. It does not make our family members deal with appearance oily or glossy. Our family members deal with is delicate to some products, however she was great with this. The only problem she had was the brush applicator. It was not useful or hassle-free to use or mix the makeup at all with it.

We are quite pale (and it’s winter season) and the light/medium works for us. We like the consistency of this. It’s the thinnest concealer we have actually ever utilized however mixes in well. The little brush it pumps up into is worthless to us other than to dab it on. There is no other way we might utilize that to successfully use the product. We utilize our other sponges/brushes to mix. The very best aspect of this is that it does not settle into creases or appear to sit on top of the skin. We did usage some of our much thicker concealer on top of this under our eyes. We found this product really reliable at covering any red areas however to not cover the dark circles under our eyes well. It is simple to layer on top of so this works out well for us.

We have actually been utilizing concealer pens basically considering that they cameout We like the ease of application and the capability to get exact protection in difficult to reach locations. This covergirl concealer pen is great and works like all the others – you twist up from the bottom and concealer is given through a brush applicator suggestion. The light/medium shade works for us when attempting to match our structure and complexion however we choose something a shade lighter when concealing dark circles under our eyes. We do believe this concealer is a bit more sheer in protection than others we have actually utilized. So while we will not be utilizing this shade under our eyes, it is the very first we will grab when covering an imperfection.

Exceptional protection without looking pasty, and no negative result on our delicate skin. Be client with your very first usage – we kept cranking the container, awaiting the product to come out, then got a huge glob. A few turns will have the required total up to use. The brush applicator was okay for the standard application, however we still found that utilizing our fingertip to mix in offered a more even look.

This is a portable, travel-friendly concealer. It benefits concealing light imperfections, however if you have dark circles under the eyes or extremely blemished skin, it’s no replacement for much heavier structure or thicker concealers. If you have usually great skin with a few staining areas or freckles you want to conceal, then it’s a great match. Otherwise, opt for something more powerful.

Takes a few attempts to utilize and get outcomes once you figure it out it works rather well. Layering is essential. And bought of the layering is the other secret.

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