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Question Question 1

Can You Utilize This To Eliminate Mascara/Eye Makeup?

Yes. We utilize a water resistant mascara that can stand up to a day of snorkeling in the sea however simply the smallest touch of this cream takes it straight off without scrubbing. No eye inflammation. No sticky residue.

Question Question 2

Does This Deal With Water Or More Like A Cold Cream With Tissue Elimination?

It would not deal with a tissue. You put it on like a gel/cream then include water foam up and clean off. We have rosacea and it is extremely moderate. Leaves your skin silky smooth. You might rub out with a damp clean. We choose lathering up and rinsing.

Question Question 3

What Is The Aroma Like?

Extremely neutral. No noticeable aroma at all.

Question Question 4

Is This Authentic.Don’ T See Any Offered Straight From?

It is genuine. We have actually bought over 5 times in the past few years and never ever had any problems with credibility.

Question Question 5

Is It Returnablemif We Are Not Pleased With The Product?

That we are not too sure. However you can request a refund and they should have the ability to reimburse your cash worth

Question Question 6

Is This Phony?

No it?s the genuine offer.

Question Question 7

Is This Expected To Come Sealed?

There s no seal around the top of the balm if that s what you indicate. When you twist the complete there s no cover over the balm either. It must look smooth and unused.

Question Question 8

For How Long Does One Container Last?

It lasts a long period of time. A minimum of a number of months ormore It s fantastic things.

Question Question 9

Can It Be Utilized To Eliminate Lip Stains, Lipstick, AND SO ON, That Is Usually Difficult To Eliminate? If So, Can It Simply Be Rubbed out Or Do You Need to Wash It Off?

We personally never ever utilize lip discolorations, just gloss. Nevertheless if it can get rid of caked on mascara we do not see a problem rubbing out lipstick. We will state, we still feel as though we require to clean our face no matter utilizing the product. Possibly simply practice.

Question Question 10

Are You A Licensed Reseller Of Clinique?


Question Question 11

Is This Simply For Makeup Elimination Or Is This A Product Male Can Utilize Likewise?

It is for makeup elimination however that does not indicate everybody cant usage it.

Question Question 12

Yesi Did Not Get Our Clinque Cleasing Balmwhat Do We Do Nexti Required Itit Said We Were Delivered However It Didnt Conmeto United States Somebody Else?

You require to call s client service and they can assist you get a refund or replacement.

Question Question 13

Is This Comparable To An Oil Cleanser?

Yes. It begins out as strong and after that merges an oil.

Question Question 14

Why Is This $69 When You Can Get It On Sephora.Com For $29?

We paid $29

Question Question 15

Can This Be Utilized With Multiple-use Makeup Pads Or Will The Oil Damage Them?

We never ever attempted to utilize them, we just rubbed it to our face then clean our confront with water, after that we utilize our toner with cotton pads and it works ideal on that method for us.

Question Question 16

Do You Wash Your Face After Using?Many Reviewers Said It Makes Their Face Soft Is This Due to the fact that They Didn’T Was Their Face Later?

Yes we do clean our face after utilizing it to eliminate our makeup. It is mild on your skin and eliminates your makeup with no yanking or pulling.

Question Question 17

Do We Need To Utilize A Facial Cleanser Right After?

You do not need to. However we do. We utilize this as a makeup cleaner. However we share a cleanser later on to ensure our face is great and cleans up.

Question Question 18

How Do You Eliminate It? With Water Or Tissue Paper?

It s not truly something you can wash with water given that it s more of a greasy oily compound. Believe vaseline. We actually eliminate it utilizing a hot wash fabric. It assists opens our pores to get rid of deep dirt or makeup. We have actually likewise utilized it utilizing infant wipes. The wash fabric works more effectively. We hope this assists.

Question Question 19

Do You Wash Your Face After Using?Many Reviewers Said It Makes Their Face Soft Is This Due to the fact that They Didn’T Was Their Face Later?

You ll wish to clean your face later on or you ll have some residue that seems like coconut oil. It is extremely moisturizing though which is most likely what other users were describing.

Question Question 20

How Is This Cleaner With Eye Makeup? Does It Sting Should We Get Any Too Near To Our Eyes?

We utilize it on eye makeup too and no it does not sting. It has an oil base to it and we definitely like it.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on CLINIQUE by Clinique TAKE THE Day Of Rest CLEANSING BALM, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

Finest makeup cleaner we have actually ever utilized. We checked it inside a sephora prior to buying our very first time and saw it work marvels prior to our extremely eyes. The secret is utilizing it without water to get the makeup off, then cleaning it off with water. Do not blend it with water prior to putting it on your face, and do not damp your face in advance. This container lasts us months, so it deserves the cost. Prior to this, we were utilizing coconut oil to take our makeup off, and it was too heavy and started obstructing our pores. This balm is light-weight enough to leave our skin devoid of oil and residue– obviously, utilize a cleanser later on too.

We definitely like this product. It is the ideal lazy lady, all in one product. We dislike cleaning our face and getting water all over and after that following the 50 other required actions. This product does it all. It seems like rubbing coconut oil on your face however it quickly eliminates all makeup (consisting of water resistant), cleans, and hydrates at one time. Our skin is extremely delicate and it hasn’t broken out as soon as given that this product. Our acne and scarring is cleaning up and our skin feels and look a lot healthier. We are presuming this product will last us a while however we will be redeeming.

We like this product. We have actually purchased it two times given that buying for the very first time. This is our preferred makeup cleaner. It has actually ended up being a holy grail of mine. Makeup comes off so simple with this, it might have a vaseline like texture (we would state smoother than that) however it does not leave your skin sensation oily when you take it off. It actually melts your makeup, you can see the makeup bead up and melt. We utilize this every day and the container lasted us months. We will not ever utilize another cleaner after purchasing this. Completely worth the cash.

This product quickly eliminates layers of makeup and sun block. It s doesn t trouble our delicate skin. After rubbing a percentage into our face and neck, we utilize a wet marvel fabric to get rid of most of the product. Wash with warm water and we are entrusted tidy and somewhat hydrated skin.

Incredible. Def. Gets rid of all makeup with ease. No oiliness, or gritty sensation throughout usage or left. Nevertheless we did feel we needed to wash our face off later on since despite the fact that it had actually gotten rid of all our mascara and liner, we had black splotches all over our face lol. & upon washing our face we still get this fantastic silkiness throughout our skin. Def. An excellent financial investment and included to our individual everyday program.

We definitely like this product. We have extremely delicate skin and this does an excellent task at eliminating our makeup without annoying our skin or making our face truly red. We have see our skin is having a lot less breakouts too since we began utilizing this in the evening rather of cleaning our face. It likewise hydrates our skin which is great. We would extremely advise this to anybody who has delicate skin.

Ok our makeup simply melts off. The odor is a cross in between fresh and tidy and a crayon in our viewpoint. We have delicate skin and it is fantastic for that. You get an excellent quantity of product for the cost and do not require a heap per usage.

This is without a doubt our preferred makeup cleaner ever. Simply make sure that you utilize the balm on a dry face, i. E. Do not damp your face initially like you would with face wash. This things removes all of our complete protection, throughout the day matte wear makeup and water resistant eye liner, shadow, and so on. It takes it off easily and rapidly. We purchased the 3 oz size and while it costs more it lasts us 6 months, a little of the product goes a long method. We ran out of our very first bottle and while we were waiting on this one to come in we needed to utilize makeup cleaner wipes, those moved our skin and left it feeling a little raw from the scrubbing, we were so delighted to get this in. Despite the fact that this wasn’t on “prime” it delivered extremely rapidly and it was packaged with a lot care.

We do not understand how we endured without this product for numerous years. It is an outright holy grail for us now. We utilize it every day, even when we didn’t use makeup, even if it feels so great and revitalizes our skin. It is totally odor free, that makes us feel safe rubbing it on and around our eyes. We do see a thin filour layer gets in our eyes no matter what we do, and our vision is cloudy till we wash it out and blink a few times. This terrified us initially, however it does not injured or sting at all. Our container included a few scratches and dings in the cover, and it wasn’t closed firmly. Likewise had no security seal over the balm. We are unsure if that is common with clinique products? appears odd. We completely examined the balm and it didn’t appear to be touched or polluted at all, therefore we simply cleaned a layer off with a paper towel and after that utilized it. We believe we will endure. It does not trouble us at all, simply discussing it since we understand some individuals would be frightened of that. This tub is big, way larger than it appears in the images. You just need to utilize a little bit every day, so we can quickly see this lasting the year (or a minimum of the majority of it) for us. However this is the very best cost anywhere we have found for this product, and we make certain we will buy this from once again ultimately.

We found this product years earlier, and need to state we have never ever found anything better in most likely over 15 years. We have highly-sensitive, acne-prone skin, and we have truthfully most likely attempted whatever on the marketplace by now. This is fragrance-free (thank god. ), mild enough to utilize on a child, cleans off with water. Cleans eye makeup, face, and so on, and no oily residue. Truthfully, this is a holy grail product, and absolutely nothing compares date.

We wear t understand much about cleansers, however we like that this product doesn t dry out our currently naturally parched skin. The greatest factor we purchased more after being offered a sample – was the outcomes we get with makeup. Takes whatever off. Doesn t sting our eyes, like lots of will. And if you understand anything about limecrime s touch-proof liquid lipsticks – this cream implies we are not going through a lots damp wipes after a nightout We quit squandering makeup cleaner on that – never ever assisted. No more rubbing our face raw now however.

We like this things a lot. Removes comprise quickly, does not burn our eyes or leave our skin sensation dry. In some cases we do not need to hydrate later on. We have actually had acne and flaky dry, red, inflamed skin after utilizing other cleaners. Not with this. We utilize in combination with clinique wetness rise extreme (the cream kind). They are both less costly on than in the shops and at real clinique counters.

Definitely like this. A little goes a long method, it isn’t drying for us at all, it does not break us out, regardless of its oily preliminary texture it is quickly gotten rid of with simply water (unlike coconut oil). We have delicate skin and we are amazed. Genuinely value that this does not have prefume however it does have an odor to it (cant truly explain it however we cant state it troubles us either). We were stressed over some examines stating it was a phony which they got utilized products, it is our very first time buying so we cant state we can compare it to the” genuine” one, however our order was simply great and it works fantastic.

We like clinique. We like this product. We have extremely dry skin and this cleanser does not make our skin feel dried out after washing. We utilize it to eliminate our eye comprise right in addition to cleaning the rest of our face. We have actually utilized a number of containers. It last an excellent while as it doesn t take much to clean your entire face. We likewise have the travel containers.

Functions like magic. We utilize this to get rid of all our makeup, including our water resistant eye liner and mascara. No rubbing or yanking whatever moves off. Our child likes utilizing it too to remove her phase makeup after dance competitors which is constantly heavy and difficult to leave. Seriously fantastic product we can t live without.

Our preferred charm vlogger advised this. Let us simply state. This is the very best makeup cleaner ever. It melts eyemake up, (we use a heap), without leaving a movie on our eyeballs. It likewise cuts through mineral sun block and structure. We like it a lot better than either liquid or non reusable clean makeup cleaners. Less untidy than liquid and more reliable than wipes.

This things is a lifesaver for a complete protection gal such as ourself. We do not utilize it on our eyes however it removes facial makeup better than anything else we have actually attempted. Absolutely follow with an excellent cleaning, as this is just indicated as a primary step.

This product boggles the mind. The very best thing that ever occurred to us in years and years people utilizing other products to get rid of makeup. A little goes a long method. Likewise it is so simple to utilize, non oily, and got rid of oil and makeup without much work. We utilize extremely heavy eye makeup and black eye liner and it eliminates it with ease and very little rubbing. Actually leaves our skin sensation more revitalized and hydrated. Had allergies on our eyelids from other products so needed to change and found this- a life saver. Will be utilizing this product permanently. In our viewpoint, the very best makeup and eye comprise cleaner on the marketplace.

We had actually bought this prior to from the cosmetics counter, however not needing to go out in the snow throughout the vacations made purchasing this on a plus. We like this product. We had never ever found a makeup cleaner that we liked previously, so this was a real find for us. We disagree that it eliminates mascara and eye liner – we still utilize a different product for that. If your mascara is not water resistant it may work, however we do not like needing to scrub our fragile eyelid skin to get those off. Otherwise, it works like magic. No genuine aroma, either.

We attempt to prevent makeup getting rid of wipes since of the high alcohol material. This was the very first makeup cleaner we attempted after letting the wipes go. And it works evenbetter It leaves our skin sensation spick-and-span and fresh, yet is mild. It even eliminates difficult to get rid of eye makeup. This product is our brand-new trip or pass away makeup cleaner. We extremely advise.

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