CHARMCODE - Glitter & Glow Liquid Eyeshadow Makeup Set Waterproof Pigmented

CHARMCODE – Glitter & Glow Liquid Eyeshadow Makeup Set Waterproof Pigmented

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of CHARMCODE – Shine & Radiance Liquid Eye Shadow Makeup Set Water Resistant Pigmented.

  • Liquid eye shadow made from ruthlessness totally free and special formula, dries down efficiently, water resistant securing optimum shimmer with very little fallout.
  • Shimmer & radiance liquid eye shadow -abundant stunning color and pigmented, wonderful with duo-chrome shades.This long-wearing eye shadow integrates the best mix of pearl and shine to extravagant your eyelids with unbelievable shiny radiance.
  • Lightweight, smooth texture, shimmery glides on eyelid quickly. It provides a splash of pigment pearls that use easily and dry down to a high-shimmering sheen.make an effect with a holographic-like result.
  • The clear base provides flexible wear. Use a large layer for day or an included layer for nighttime drama. The non-tacky, non-transfer, and no guide required. It can likewise develop no matter everyday or celebration eye looks.
  • Laser and appeal tube product packaging, a luxurious set of glossy shadow.Easy to suit makeup bag or bag.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on CHARMCODE – Shine & Radiance Liquid Eye Shadow Makeup Set Water Resistant Pigmented.
Shimmer & Radiance Liquid Eye Shadow – stunning color with a high shimmer shine, minus the shine. Starry-eyed shimmer with this trio of long-wearing, glossy shadows. The best mix of pearl and shine decorates eyes with unbelievable sequin-like shine.Lavish your covers in elegant color. Read more This Eye Shadow provides a splash of pigment-packed pearls that use easily and dry down to a high-shimmer sheen.Get prepared for high-impact, sparkling color, in a selection of brilliant and lively tones. Read more Read more

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on CHARMCODE – Shine & Radiance Liquid Eye Shadow Makeup Set Water Resistant Pigmented.

Question Question 1

Grayscale Or Duo Chrome Shimmers?

The silver one is monochrome. Others are duo chrome sparkles.

Question Question 2

Is This Liquid Eye Shadow Waterproof?

Hey there yes, this liquid eye shadow made from water resistant formula.

Question Question 3

Does This Product Contain Parabens?

This product is paraben totally free.

Question Question 4

Is It Gluten Free?

Yes, this product is gluten totally free.

Question Question 5

Should We Get 3Pcs Set Or 5Pcs Set?

The cost was right, so we bought the 5 piece set. They are all stunning.

Question Question 6

Made In China Or Which Nation?

Hey there this product is made in china.

Question Question 7

Is The Colors Like The Photos?

Hey there yes this is genuine shot.

Question Question 8

Do You Guys Feel Stiky On Eyelids?


Question Question 9

Dried Down Quick Or Not?

Hey there this is made from fast dry formula.

Question Question 10

Easy To Get Rid Of?


Question Question 11

How Is The Pigmentation?Long Using?


Question Question 12

Does This Product Test On Animals?

It’s ruthlessness totally free and vegan.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on CHARMCODE – Shine & Radiance Liquid Eye Shadow Makeup Set Water Resistant Pigmented, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

We had actually been searching for a one-step glittery/shimmery eyes hadow that didn’t need shine glue or anything like that. As a mommy we might not have long in the early morning prior to infant comes storming into the restroom weeping, so we require something fast and simple that is going to go on and remain where we put it. In comes this product. In this pack of eye shadow there are 2 colors that actually include shine while the others appear to simply be really shimmery/iridescent. Up until now we have actually utilized the 2 shine ones and we can inform you the following:1) there is virtually * no * shine fallout We had actually lasik done a few months back and we are paranoid about getting things in our eyes now, so we have actually bewared about attempting this glittery eye shadow. Even after 12 hours there is none that has actually fallen onto our cheek or anywhere else around the eye. We have not place on an incredibly thick layer, however, however up until now we are actually pleased that it does not shed shine. 2) this things goes on cool, smooth and creaour. And will remain precisely where you put it. This is most likely why we provided this product 4 stars and not 5: girls, it might take some practice to get this precisely ideal. It begins drying right away and when it is dry there is definitely * no * moving it. This has advantages and disadvantages. On one hand, you need to work quickly and mix right away because once it dries (approx. 30 seconds for a thin coat) there is no changing it or touching it up later on. You will require eye makeup eliminator to get it off and pursue a round 2 if you slip up or (if you resemble me) wound up mistakenly doing something various to each eye. On the other hand, this comprise will remain where you put everything day, so you will be glittery and attractive from start to end up. 3) obtain some real eye makeup eliminator to get this off. Soap and water does not do much however it comes straight off with our makeup eliminator. 4) whether a thin layer or thick layer, you need to do this in 1 layer. The very first time we attempted doing a thin layer, letting it dry and after that a thicker layer over it however this just appeared to trigger the very first layer to come up in locations while making it thick in other locations. Perhaps there is a technique to it that we have not discovered however this things does have a knowing curve. Our finest option is to make certain you do precisely what you desire rapidly and with just 1 layer.

The colors that these can be found in actually do look much like the examples, and they do not need to be used extremely heavily in order to do so. Nevertheless, they do make our eyelids feel sort of stiff, so if that is a thing that would absolutely trouble you we would either use them more gently with another color over them or try to find a loose powder rather.

We were a bit hesitant after some combined evaluations, however we are so pleased with our purchase. We like all of the colors we got in the combined 5 pack and can’t wait to utilize all of them. Up until now we have actually utilized 3/5 colors and each have actually carried out better than anticipated. They’re no stila, however damn they benefit the cost.

We purchased the 5 pack and all were great. The monochrome silver was more glittery and less chrome-y. We found out if the density troubles you you can utilize a moist comprise brush to use and it will thin some with water. It lasted completely for precisely 12 hours prior to it exfoliated and we reversed into a pumpkin, lol.

Incredible colors. Sooo simple to utilize. Cleans away sooo simple.

Pretty colors.

Lo recibí hace pocos días. Aun no lo he usado en el ojo pero por lo que veo parece de buena calidad.

Good quality and simple to utilize.

We like liquid eye shadow. These are bit heavy sensation when used and they feel a bit dry and can split, nevertheless they are spectacular.

A few of the colors you wish to evaluate prior to using since it might be darker or lighter than you believed. Nevertheless the quality is terrific. We would compare it to the more costly brand name and it certainly holds simply as well. Love this.

These were a present for our child. She likes them, and states they should have 5 stars.

Wow, these colors are no joke. They sit tight throughout the day. No crease in the eyelid. We are really pleased with this purchase.

Love the product.


We like this ucanbe shine. Extremely suggest to all the girls. Omg.??????.

Extremely quite colors.

Extremely glittery.

Extremely quite can’t wait to utilize them.

Quick shipping and incredible colors.

We went out on a limb and got this on prime day when the stila liquid eye shadow in comparable colors were all out of stock. We are actually happy that we did. The 5 pack is half the expense of one tube of the stila brand name eye shadow and the quality is absolutely similar. The colors are extremely great. We have actually just utilized 2 up until now however they ve been as explained, sparkly with 3d iridescence. We normally utilize powder shadow so we put on t have much experience with liquid shadow. That being stated it is creaour and goes on smooth. We can t wait to attempt the other colors. We make sure they will be simply as quite as the very first 2. Likewise, we got 5 incredible cream shadows for like $12. If we would have purchased 5 that were stila brand name it would have cost over $100. Can t fail with that.

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