CANMAKE Glow Fleur Cheeks Fairy Orange Fleur

CANMAKE Glow Fleur Cheeks Fairy Orange Fleur

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  • CANMAKE Radiance Fleur Cheeks [03] Fairy Orange Fleur

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CANMAKE – IDEA Girly, Pop & Shiny I wish to look charming, have a good time, and shimmer. You enjoy to look charming all the time. However it’s tiring to look the like everybody else. You desire a special shimmer that makes you stand out from the crowd. We desire you to find an unique color that’s yours alone, so. Read more # 1 SOLD CANMAKE Radiance Fleur Cheeks Blush with a glossy surface Transparency & remaining power worthwhile of a cream blush, however in a powder?. It’s a powder, however it does not feel grainy. A remarkable texture that holds on to your bare skin, as though the soft, light powder is merging it The trick of shiny cheeks. Complete with the burnishing radiance powder Radiance powder is the trick of the appeal. The color and material of the pearl particles have actually been thoroughly adjusted to guarantee that they accomplish the very best appeal for each shade. A fast sweep is all you require over cheeks tinted with a fragile flush.Boosts transparency. For shiny, healthy-looking cheeks Soft-focus impact offers your cheeks a poreless appearance Lasting Contains powder to avoid makeup run. Contains “sebum-absorbing powder (silica)” to avoid makeup run. Extremely oil-absorbent, it draws up excess sebum Keeps your makeup in location for hours on end. Consists of cheek-friendly beautifying & moisturizing representatives and plant & fruit extracts (moisturizing representatives) Ectoin, collagen, hyaluronic acid, arbutin, rosemary leaf extract, pomegranate flower extract, damask increased flower oil, rosehip oil, Rosa multiflora fruit extract. Solution created with your skin in mind Devoid of mineral oils, petroleum-based surfactants, scent, and alcohol. Powder formula, yet has shocking transparency & appeal. Looks as natural as bare skin. Let the flowers of a smile blossom in your cheeks. CANMAKE Radiance Fleur Cheeks Radiance Fleur Cheeks Color ALTERNATIVE [01] Peach Fleur A beige-pink that offers a pinkish tint. For cheeks like the petals of a flower Lame or Pearl [02] Apricot Fleur A coral that offers a progressive flush that will match everybody. Healthy. Lame or Pearl [03] Fairy Orange Fleur A juicy clear orange. For an elegant impression Lame or Pearl [04] Strawberry Fleur An icy girlish pink. For an innocent impression Read more [06] Milky Red Fleur For an innocent flush. Velvety red. Lame or Pearl [09] Burgundy Fleur Sexy, yet ladylike-rosy burgundy Lame or Pearl [10] Terracotta Fleur An advanced reddish-brown Lame or Pearl [11] Chai Fleur An advanced pinkish-beige Lame or Pearl Read more [12] Cinnamon Latte Fleur An advanced healthy orange-beige. [13] Juicy Pop Fleur A captivating and juicy orange-red. Lame or Pearl Read more

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We enjoy the color. It looks truly excellent on our cheeks.

The product showed up prior to the anticipated date. And we enjoy the color.

Love this blush. It considers that natural blushing appearance without being too fancy. Simply a tip of colour on the cheeks for an expert appearance. Quickly buildable if more colour is required however.

Thank you for the remarkable product and the fantastic service. The color of the blush is really quite, we truly take pleasure in utilizing it. Likewise thanks for your present. It’s really charming.

Fool proof-we swirl 3 times with the brush and use. Appears dark at application however rapidly fades to natural, subtle color, radiance.

Extremely stunning.

Great, thanks. Delighted brand-new year, yah.


Beautiful color.

Despite the fact that it took so long to get here, however the color is stunning and beautiful, it remains on our face all day. We enjoy it, ideally we can attempt other color too.

This is our 2nd canmake cheeks. We like it quite due to the fact that it truly shines the color.

The very best blush ever of high quality long-term efficiency. Goes on efficiently pre combined for fast applications. Incredible.



We truly like hence blush. It came really rapidly (prime) and was really well packaged. It goes on well and lasts.

Excellent experience of purchase.

Extremely charming product packaging and good color.


We like it.

Whatever about this blush is beautiful. We enjoy it. Thanks for the quick shipping.

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