Burt's Bees Boldly Beautiful Gift Set Products in Giftable Box - Eye Shadow Palette

Burt’s Bees Boldly Beautiful Gift Set Products in Giftable Box – Eye Shadow Palette

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Here are a few main benefits of Burt’s Bees Boldly Stunning Present Set Products in Giftable Box – Eye Shadow Scheme.

  • PRESENTS FOR HER: Boost eyes, face and lips with this Burt’s Bees Boldly Stunning Present Set consisting of Dusty Woods Eye Shadow Trio, Classic Black Mascara, Bordeux Vines Gloss Lip Crayon and Delicate Facial Cleansing Towelettes
  • EYE MAKEUP: Boost your natural appeal with Dirty Woods eye shadow trio in bronze, dark brown and light naked shades and complement the appearance with black mascara that extends and specifies lashes for eyes that pop
  • LIP GLOSS: Swipe on the deep red lip gloss crayon in Bordeaux Vines that provides the wetness of a balm and color of a lipstick with a glossy, shiny surface
  • FACE CLEANS: Developed for delicate skin, carefully clean and tone skin while eliminating pore obstructing dirt, oil, and comprise without washing
  • APPEAL PRESENT BASKET: The supreme present for females, this present set consists of 4 natural appeal products plus cleaning facial towelettes making the best present for a sweetheart, better half, mommy, sibling, or pal. Commemorate birthdays, anniversaries, Mom’s Day, Valentine’s Day or any other unique celebration

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Design Call: Boldly Stunning Present Burt’s Bees Boldly Stunning Present Set has whatever you require to lighten up and heighten your appearance. Put the spotlight on your eyes with the Dusty Woods eye shadow trio in bronze, dark brown and light naked shades. Shape and specify eyes for long-term and all day use. This 100% natural formula is simple to mix and withstands creasing, fading and smudging. Extend and specify lashes with nourishing mascara in a traditional black color. The brush and the formula interact to offer you longer and healthy looking lashes quickly. Complement your appearance with Bordeaux Vines Gloss Lip Crayon in a crimson color varying from plum to burgundy with a shiny surface. The gloss lip crayon has the skin caring nutrition of a lip balm and the color of a gloss to keep lips gladly hydrated. Leave your face sensation tidy and hydrated with Delicate Facial Cleansing Towelettes. These cleaning fabrics are mild on delicate skin and gets rid of dirt, oil and makeup quickly without washing.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Burt’s Bees Boldly Stunning Present Set Products in Giftable Box – Eye Shadow Scheme.

Question Question 1

Do These Products Have The Npa Seal?

Drocilla, our relative has 8 various burt’s beesproducts We examined all of them and just found 2 which brought the npa seal. They were the hand salve and the milk and honey body cream. We understand that numerous more products they make do not bring this seal, however she has actually been utilizing them for many years without issue. She has a delica drocilla, our relative has 8 various burt’s beesproducts We examined all of them and just found 2 which brought the npa seal. They were the hand salve and the milk and honey body cream. We understand that numerous more products they make do not bring this seal, however she has actually been utilizing them for many years without issue. She has a fragile skin and utilizes burt’s bees products nearly specifically. We hope this assists. Regards, bob

Question Question 2

Delivering Time?

This is dependant on the shipment place.

Question Question 3

What Is The Aroma? And Is It Really Strong?

Burts just utilizes natural things. Even the peppermint fragrance in the foot cream is moderate, and genuine. Otherwise, you may get mainly a really faint – skin friendly – fragrance. Absolutely nothing severe, excellent for delicate. Dry, even our diabetic scratchy skin.

Question Question 4

Is The Hair Shampoo And Wash Tear Free?

Sorry, we do not understand for sure. This set was an infant shower present, however burt’s bees came extremely suggested by another young mom, so stands to reason it is a tear-free product.

Question Question 5

Is This Made With Bees?


Question Question 6

Will The Product Come Prior To Christmas?

It should be nevertheless we can not ensure this at this phase

Question Question 7

Is This Product Scent Free? Another Customer Said That It Has An Overwhelming Odor, And Smells Artificial.?

No, this product isn’t scent complimentary. Burt’s bees child bee diaper lotion has a bit strong minty scent for child( we believe.) however rest of them have extremely moderate scent that we liked.

Question Question 8

Is Burt Bee Holyday Present Set Just For Vacations?

No we have actually seen the packages st various times like now for moms day. Fantastic things.

Question Question 9

Exists Any Pegs, Parabens, Sulfate?

Burt’s bees products do not consist of phthalates, parabens, petrolatum or sls. We hope this has actually been handy. Mel from the burt’s bees group

Question Question 10

Is This Made Totally From Bees?

No, this is not made from bees. The majority of the products do consist of bee’s wax. If you dislike bee’s wax, do not get this. If you require pure bee’s wax, attempt other products that have less ingredients. If you desire some hand creams and lip balms that have a bit of bee’s wax in them blended with moisturizers, these are excellent.

Question Question 11

The Rsq Cream Tin Has A Protective Seal Around It However The Others Do Not. Did We Get A Damaged Order?


Question Question 12

Is It Made In U.S.A.? We had actually Like To Take Few Of Them As A Present And Would Dislike To See ‘Made In China’ Label. Thanks.?

In response to your question, burt’s bees products are all made in the U.S.A.. Among the very best things they make is the lip balm. We have actually utilized it for 3years.

Question Question 13

The Number Of Utilizes Can You Leave Each Product? Are They Enough For A 2 Week Journey?

You do not require to utilize much of each product, we mean to make them last longer than 2 weeks so we would state yes. The only exception might be the face cream, although, once again, you do not require to utilize much.

Question Question 14

Delivering States 4-5 Company Days With A Foot Keep In Mind Of 1-2 Months Shipping.Which Is It?

Depending Upon who you are bought from. We deliver out within 24 hr and, depending how far throughout the nation you are (from michigan) the majority of our orders get here within 2-3 days.

Question Question 15

Would These Aromas Be Ok For Usn?

We enjoy the fragrances and we are 71 years of age guy. We enjoy the fragrances when our relative utilizes them too. They truly fill the air with a fantastic scent.

Question Question 16

Just The Green Tin Was Sealed, The 3 Smaller Sized Yellow Tins Were Unsealed? Can This Seller Please Offer United States With All Sealed Products?

We are not the seller, however we bought this product as a xmas present, and the recipient was extremely delighted with it.

Question Question 17

What Do You Make with The Tin?

Repurpose the tin later on as a make-shift sewing package container. Or for smaller sized arts & crafts products. Hehe.

Question Question 18

Why Did Our Yellow Tin Set Come Unsealed? And Why Are The Little Tins Inside Are Unsealed Other than For 1?

Seems like you require to return the set asap.

Question Question 19

Does It Ship To China?

We deliver to china.

Question Question 20

Are These Gluten Free?

The active ingredients wear t state gluten however it doesn t state gluten complimentary. It s not edible either

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Burt’s Bees Boldly Stunning Present Set Products in Giftable Box – Eye Shadow Scheme, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

As others have actually kept in mind, you certainly do not get this packaged as a “gift set,” the products are essentially tossed in an exceptionally big bubble mailer. We have concern with this being offered as a “gift set” for the large factor that we found it noted as an infant pc registry product- we would not wish to send this straight to anybody out- of-state and envision it being “opened” at an infant shower. If you simply wish to attempt the products yourself, or have the time or desire to repackage the products to actually offer as a present, it’s a quite charming set for an expectant mommy or anybody else. It would certainly can be found in helpful if we were a regular tourist, as even the biggest of the 6 products (milk & honey body cream, 1 oz) is tsa friendly; though we do not see an ounce bundle covering much of the typical body, it works well as a hand cream and will change the present cream in our handbag. There are 2 various cleansers, (soap bark & chamomile deep cleaning cream, 0. 75 oz and extreme hydration cream cleanser with clary sage, 0. 75 oz) which both got the job done and just had minor enjoyable fragrances that did not stick around. There is a smaller sized cream with the exact same fragrance (extreme hydration day cream with clary sage, 0. 25 oz) that is a good enhance to the cleanser, if you were hypothetically buying any of these products in a complete size. Our preferred products were the shea butter hand repair work cream (0. 49 oz) which is thick, as is anything with shea butter, however best for slathering all over our hands then going to sleep- we were happily shocked how smooth our hands felt. Fixed, even. Likewise we enjoyed the fragrance and outcomes of the coconut foot cream (0. 75 oz) and is the product in the set we will most likely buy complete sized. For $10 it is a fantastic method to attempt some excellent products and either find a brand-new product you can’t live without, bundle as a little present or usage as equipping stuffers, or utilize as a much better variation of the common drug shop brand name travel sized cleansers/lotions at about the exact same rate. Or all of the above.

Our hands get so dry from our task and simply from the winter season time being completely dry where we live. We wished to attempt something besides routine cream to assist our hands. They were covered in dry spots that itched, and the skin around our nails was peeling and bleeding continuously. We didn’t understand precisely what we desired, however we like burt s a lot, and this set featured a few various products to attempt prior to devoting to a complete size of any one product. We enjoy whatever in the set. The lip balm was a favorite of mine prior to getting this, and we would extremely advise it to anybody. The salve is a true blessing. The honey hand cream is excellent to keep in our handbag and usage whenever. The almond & milk hand creme smells extraordinary. The cuticle butter is a good addition. We utilize the hand creams and salve daily, and the cuticle cream every few days when we tidy and trim our nails. We utilize the foot cream after every shower, and we are not a big fan of the coconut odor, however it has actually entirely revitalized our dry breaking feet.

This package consists of 5 various products:1. Face cleanser: extremely moderate and mild. We like it the very best out of all 5 products from the package and utilized it up initially. 2. Lip balm: this has a peppermint odor and cooling sensation, and took us a while to get utilized to. Once we began utilizing it we likewise rather enjoy it. It’s half method down now. 3. Body cream: this is rather thick and difficult to use. We utilize it as a handcream now. 4. Foot cream: this is rather thick and abundant and makes our feet oily. We believe it just indicated for extremely extremely dry skin. We stopped utilizing it after a couple of tries5. Hand cream: we find the texture weird to utilize and hardly utilized it at all.

We enjoy their products, however, this specific bundle consists of deceptive product packaging. When you take televisions out, they feel method lighter than you would anticipate offered the size. Holding them as much as the light, 2 out of 3 of them were perhaps 1/2 complete. The seals were still on them so we understand it wasn’t utilized, however it’s either bad quality assurance, or intentional style to make the customer believe they’re gettingmore We lean towards the latter. We would not buy this once again, however simply buy separately.

We are not actually utilizing this, however purchased it for a white elephant. We are little upset due to the fact that despite the fact that it was packaged well whoever had actually packaged or managed it previous sort of ruined package. That makes it a not extremely great present to offer. The within contents appear like they sanctuary t been moved and utilized though so we believe it s simply from products being mixed around or something. Other than that we offered it 4 stars due to the fact that we truly like this brand name for its hydrating. Simply want package was a bit more looked after because we got it as a present.

We got this set, for snowy environment on holiday. The cold cream feels a little sticky, and the foot cream is extremely thick and gel-like. Nonetheless, all of the products kept our skin from breaking and drying out, which’s the main objective. So we are pleased with this set. We are still utilizing the pom chapstick, in heat. It includes some color, and it does assist lips from dryingout We delight in utilizing it. * intriguing pointer: if you generally experience chapped nose throughout serious colds, utilize the b. B. Plain chapstick (no included color) around your nostrils after blowing your nose. It will keep them from breaking and blistering. This has actually been extremely handy for us in the past.

We have not utilized burt’s bees in years, however we utilized to enjoy it so we believed we would buy a sample pack to attempt their otherproducts The very best of the products: the hand salve is fantastic. Yes, there is an aroma when you initially put it on and it does seem like an oil. Nevertheless, both the fragrance and the oil vanish within a minute or 2. It leaves your hands feeling soft however not oily. We believe this is a fantastic alternative to cream if your putting it on dry knuckles. We likewise believe guys will enjoy this product. The remarkably not so excellent: the chapstick. This was unexpected due to the fact that we constantly liked their chapstick, however for some factor this tube of chapstick had a moldy odor. This is another product we believe guys would choose over standard chapstick as it does not leave your lips feeling oily. The other 2 products weren’t extremely fantastic or dreadful either. It’s a fantastic pack if you’re aiming to attempt their other products for the very first time.

The foot cream is fantastic. We put it on in the evening and put socks on, otherwise it may get unpleasant. Feet are much softer the next early morning. Absolutely nothing has actually assisted this well prior to. We likewise rubbed this into our dry hands and split knuckles and the next early morning they are no longer split. So happy we found something that works. Have not attempted the other products yet, however felt forced to blog about the foot cream.

We enjoy the majority of the burt’s bees products in the travel size present set. We specifically like the child oil, which smells truly excellent and does an exceptional task of nourishing child’s skin. We utilize it after every bath time. The hair shampoo, cream and diaper cream are likewise respectable. Nevertheless, we found the soap to be severe and not tear-free. Our boy sobbed truly bad while cleaning his confront with this soap. It is okay if you prepare to utilize it for cleaning simply their hands and feet and body however we want it was tear-free also.

Fantastic set, all the products were top-notch as constantly with burts bees. Our only grievance is that we purchased the present box with the idea that it would be arranged and set like the image. However as we were covering it we heard all of the contents banging around and opened it to recognize that it wasn’t anchored down with any stickies, and it didn’t have adequate filling to keep the products in location. So when our mommy opened it they were simply all considered within. Simply a believed on the style, however the products are terrific.

We bought this product as a present for christmas. The product showed up in excellent condition. The products are packaged in a good yellow tin with paper filling. The product items are precisely as the image reveals. If you have actually bought burt’s bees in the past, anticipate the exact same quality product. Really pleased with this product and burt’s bees products.

Perfect. We enjoy burt s bees, we are huge fan of a number of their skin care products and we enjoy their lipproducts We had actually been desiring this set for such a very long time, however we were a bit indecisive on purchasing this set online due to the fact that, we had actually checked out some bad evaluations about the products being utilized and opened. We saw this precise very same set at walmart for $11. 92 and as soon as we saw that we were for sale on for $7 we chose to make the most of this sale. We definitely enjoyed it. Package came great and sealed as a set. We need to confess we were a bit worried to get our bundle due to the fact that of all the bad evaluations we had actually checked out, however burts bees did not dissatisfy. Each and every product was sealed and in best (brand-new) condition. We enjoy it. The almond and milk hand cream is so moisturizing and the best size for flight. The lemon butter cuticle cream is extremely hydrating and smells fantastic. Each product is extremely moisturizing and they all have a really terrific fragrance. Extremely advise.

We have incredibly delicate skin which worsens this time of year (cold marvel weather condition). We had a little tin of the hand salve however we wished to attempt other products prior to we began purchasing complete sized. This was a fantastic method to see what works best for our hands and when. For example, we found that the cream safeguards quite well however does little to fix the currently harmed skin. We enjoyed all the products however it s assisting us to prioritize what to invest our cash on very first.

We got the delicate skin basics with the diaper lotion ultra basic cream and lathering hair shampoo and wash and washrag. The odor isn’t as simple on the nose as the initial it smells much like the scent complimentary and they both smell a bit severe. Both of televisions were still sealed and the foam wash didn’t appear to have anything other than what it initially had actually given into it. We did purchase for 21. 50 just to reverse and 2 days after it’s provided (which remained in reasonable time) it’s 14. 95 so that’s frustrating. Need to utilize delicate skin products for the majority of our kiddos and attempt to get a bargain for them we think see the rate very first and naturally ensure you can manage the odor.

We definitely enjoyed every product. We bought one for our child, and another for our mommy for mom s day. Such a great rate, wow. Oh course we needed to get another for ourself. Appears like each time we offer an incredible evaluation, the rate rolls up, so get it while you can. Actually the very best handcream we have actually ever attempted. The size is our little, however you wear t requirement much. Feels terrific- certainly advise.

We purchased this as a “goodbye & thanks” present to our previous day care supplier. Love burts bees products therefore does she. We figured this would be a good method for her to offer her lips, feet, & hands a bit of love after cleaning her hands 10 billion times a day and striving to keep the small human beings alive. No grievances.

This set is terrific. The foot balm is so fabulous-put it on then grab some socks and go to sleep. It works marvels. It s an oily type salve – finest method we can explain, however not sticky, it goes right in. Attempt this you ll love it. The cuticle tin works marvels. We keep one on our handbag to utilize if we are waiting someplace and one by our bedside. You will enjoy what this provides for your cuticles and how excellent they look. The other products in this set are similarly terrific. This makes a really thoughtful present for somebody and the rate is incredibly. Take pleasure in.

We bought this as a part of our christmas present to our baby-sitter. God understands she needs to clean her hands enough times in the day & we figured this would be a good method to treat herself and offer her hands some well-deserved tlc. We have not offered it to her yet however we understand she will enjoy it. Discussion is great, will simply cover in covering paper and it’s excellent to go.

The smells are extremely light, we were intending to present these to a pal who was feeling low. Because its burts bees brand name, & it was developed for babies we believed it would make a a great present for any skin type. Our pal had no grievances other than they’re choosy about odor. It does not smell chemically, simply waxy. Its burts bees people. Tsk tsk. The soaps are excellent. The cream to powder is our preferred. Simply do not leave it out in the sun or the mix will separate.

We got this as a christmas present, we keep the hand crème in our handbag at all times. It’s great and thick and does not have an overwhelming odor. We likewise truly like the foot crème. The little balms we might take or leave. The tin is extremely great also and can be utilized for other functions.

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