Belloccio Belloccio's Professional Cosmetic Airbrush Makeup Foundation

Belloccio Belloccio’s Professional Cosmetic Airbrush Makeup Foundation

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Belloccio Belloccio’s Expert Cosmetic Airbrush Makeup Structure.

  • Quick, simple and perfect lead to minutes.
  • Revolutionary water-based structure permits your naturally gorgeous skin to reveal through – without the flaws.
  • Sanitary Application
  • It immediately hides and reduces undesirable flaws
  • The Belloccio Airbrush uses makeup in a great mist that sits uniformly on your skin and does not cake or obstruction pores

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Belloccio Belloccio’s Expert Cosmetic Airbrush Makeup Structure.
Color: Enthusiast- Light with Golden Undertones Quick, simple and perfect lead to minutes. Within minutes you can attain an even, perfect, soft natural appearance that’s completely combined to match your complexion Easy to use, light as air day-to-day wear makeup that lasts throughout the day without touch-ups Mastering airbrush methods is easy and fast. Takes just minutes to find out how to use the makeup properly Revolutionary water-based structure permits your naturally gorgeous skin to reveal through – without the flaws. It’s paraben, oil and scent totally free with useful anti-aging anti-oxidants & moisturizers that promote a healthy younger hd appearance Safe for delicate skin and all skin types; Skin doctor suggested; Hypoallergenic Belloccio’s makeup is Made in the U.S.A. Sanitary Application Makeup never ever touches the hands, brushes or sponges, so makeup contamination is removed It immediately hides and reduces undesirable flaws Wrinkles, great lines, acne, pore problems, inflammation, staining, freckles, tattoos, rosacea, age areas, scars, birthmarks, dark circles under the eyes therefore muchmore The Belloccio Airbrush uses makeup in a great mist that sits uniformly on your skin and does not cake or obstruction pores. Belloccio’s airbrush structure hides flaws and evens out your complexion for a perfect, well balanced and radiant skin tone. As a benefit your airbrush can be utilized to tan your face, neck and body.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Belloccio Belloccio’s Expert Cosmetic Airbrush Makeup Structure.

Question Question 1

Can This Be Utilized With All Air Brush Systems – We Have A Luminess?

We users with our luminess and found it too be simply a little thicker than luminesse structure (perhaps it was simply that a person bottle we got), it does not spray on as efficiently, so we include a drop of water and back bubble to blend, it comes out completely.

Question Question 2

Is This Brand Name Ruthlessness Free?


Question Question 3

What Are The Ingredients?Thank You?

H makeup? 1. Water – provider 2. Aloe barbadensis leaf juice – powerful moisturizer, regrowing & recovery representative, anti-inflammatory impacts, and anti-aging impacts (boosts collagen synthesis & skin flexibility). 3. Glyceryl stearate (and) peg-100 stearate – emulsifier assists construct a steady emulsion with fantastic skin feel. H makeup? 1. Water – provider 2. Aloe barbadensis leaf juice – powerful moisturizer, regrowing & recovery representative, anti-inflammatory impacts, and anti-aging impacts (boosts collagen synthesis & skin flexibility). 3. Glyceryl stearate (and) peg-100 stearate – emulsifier assists construct a steady emulsion with fantastic skin feel. 4. Dimethicone – skin barrier (safeguard the skin), enhances skin feel. 5. Propylene glycol – reliable humectant & wetting representative avoiding water loss in products & in the skin, increases skin permeability of active components as it permeates into the outer skin layers, emollient & lube residential or commercial properties, exceptional solubilizer. 6. Glycerin – reliable humectants & moisturizer bring in water to the intercellular area of the skin secures the lipids of the skin cells. Makes skin more flexible and soft. (which assists with skins flexibility), likewise assists promote skin regrowth. 7. Phenoxyethanol – preservatives 8. Methylisothiazolinone – preservatives 9. Nelumbo nucifera (lotus) flower wax – hydrating, consists of phospholipids, water resistant. 10. Xanthan gum – includes viscosity 11. Hyaluronic acid – most effective moisturizer & humectant understood up until now, offers smoothness & softening to the skin, exceptional anti-wrinkle impacts, promotes development of brand-new skin cells after peelings, and supports injury recovery. 12. Carbomer – thickener helpful for developing and supporting emulsions. 13. Triethanolamine – ph adjuster supports emulsions.

Question Question 4

How Am We Expected To Use It -? The Tiny Drops The Tiny Bottle Dispenses. Don’ Seem To Ldo It???

The makeup is used with an airbrush device. Put a number of drops into the cup on the airbrush, turn the device on, shoot on the airbrush back (not too far), and move the airbrush in circular movement spraying the makeup onto you deal with.

Question Question 5

Which Colors Are For Yellow Based Skin?

We would recommend medium tan for yellow undertones. If it’s to dark mix the color simply below it, ofcourse if it’s to light choose the color simply one color darker, mix to match your skin.

Question Question 6

Is This Silicon Or Water-Based?

Water based

Question Question 7

We Generally Utilize Luminess Air? How Does This Compare?

We have actually not utilized the luminess air makeup. We have actually utilized belloccio and we truly like the appearance. We selected bellocchio for the cost and remained due to the fact that of the method it searches me. We blend our own shade. It’s fantastic.

Question Question 8

How Do We Pick The Correct Colour?

We have light olive skin color. We utilize enthusiast. It blends best.

Question Question 9

How Do You Match Your Skin Color?

You kinda need to blend & match to find your best color. You may get fortunate and not need to blend however we needed to attempt like 4 various mixes prior to we found our color.

Question Question 10

Can This Be Usage With Mineral Air System ???

If the airbrush makeup is totally dry we would believe that it would fit perfectly.

Question Question 11

Thinking About Getting An Airbrush System. How Do We Choose Which Structure To Purchase For Our Skin Color.Have A Sample Set Of Colors For Blk Women?

We like the device its difficult to get an excellent matching color

Question Question 12

Can You Get A Service Warranty On This Product?

We have no concept. Do you buy guarantees on any makeup you buy???

Question Question 13

We Use Luminess Air 2 Or 3 – Any Color Recommendation? We Purchased Belleccio Beige Which Is Soooo Dark – Practically Like Luminess Air Shade 5.?

We bought 2 belloccio colors and need to confess, their color charts are extremely difficult to follow when choosing alternatives. Now that the colors have actually shown up, we will state their chart is method off from what appears on the screen, to what is available in the mail as a real product. However, to address your question: we bought belloccio’s ” we ordered 2 belloccio colors and have to admit, their color charts are very hard to follow when selecting options. Now that the colors have arrived, we will say their chart is way off from what appears on the screen, to what comes in the mail as an actual product. But, to answer your question:we ordered belloccio’s ” enthusiast” and ” ivory” thinking they would be used for our lighter facial areas. They won’t. Instead, they will be used for our normal color, or darker. We suggest you try the ” enthusiast”. It is really between shade 2 and 3 for luminess, but is more beige/tan and less pink than shade 3. The ivory is a little darker than shade 3, in our opinion, and also less pink. We also use art of air buff beige (closer to shade 2) and golden olive (shade 3 is in-between these 2 colors, or a combination of the two colors, but shade 3 has more pink hue). Good luck.

Question Question 14

Does This Have A Shimmer Or Glitter Look To It? We Are Wanting A Matte Finish.?

No glitter or shimmer, but we would say it has a satin matte finish.

Question Question 15

Could You Apply This With A Beauty Blender ?

Yes. It’s very thin, so works great with a blender. That’s how we apply it most times. Too much trouble to set up the sprayer.

Question Question 16

What Are The Lighhtest Shades, The Top Three? We Purchased Light Medium W/Pink Undertones & Its So Dark.?

You are probably in the light category, of which are blanc, vanilla, alabaster, buff and ivory. See the chart on the page or go directly to belloccio. We use beige-medium-pink tone color but we mix it with a pinker, darker or lighter shade as our skin tans. We like this product because it’s offered in a larger si you are probably in the light category, of which are blanc, vanilla, alabaster, buff and ivory. See the chart on the page or go directly to belloccio. We use beige-medium-pink tone color but we mix it with a pinker, darker or lighter shade as our skin tans. We like this product because it’s offered in a larger size, and is more affordable than others.

Question Question 17

We Use Luminess Air #2 & #5 Mixed (We Have Warm Undertones But Use Self Tanner Which Gives Us An Olive Tan). Any Suggestions On Which Shade(S) Compare?

These shade typically seem to run just slightly on the darker side compared to luminess air. We used #3 & #5 la. We have #5 belloccio and am satisfied

Question Question 18

Can This Foundation Cover Tattoos?

We have not tried it on our tats, but we have alot of skin flaws, and it is amazing. We would definitally try it, as it does cover well. Go over it once then let dry, and keep going over it until you get the results that you want. We give this 5 stars.

Question Question 19

Can You Use This Without The Air Brush?

Its face makeup. You should be able to use it with pr with out the airbrush. We have used both ways. Also you may want to add a little primer if its to dark to tone it down. We hop this helps you.

Question Question 20

What Is The Lightest Color Offered?

Unsure. We utilize enthusiast. We have light olive skin.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Belloccio Belloccio’s Expert Cosmetic Airbrush Makeup Structure, these may be helpful for better understanding.

We have a luminess airbrush system. We began out utilizing luminess structure and truly liked it other than for the cost. We then searched searching for a less expensive choice and attempted picture surface. They’re were things we didn’t like about so now we attempted belloccio. It’s our preferred. It is thick, so we blend 1 drop of water with 1 drop of structure. We need to state we have extremely oily skin, so normally the structures we do not like will move off or different on the oily parts of our face. Here’s benefits and drawbacks of the 3 brand names we have triedluminess- pros are provides perfect, natural looking skin cons- pricey, the tiniest little water takes it off, our oily skin would separate it a little around our nose. Image surface- pros are affordable, water resistant cons- looked dry on our face, might not endure our oily skin at all. We had dots on our nose where the oil from our skin separated the structure in addition to a mess around our nose. It would settle into great lines toobelloccio- pros affordable, does not different with our oily skin. It is thick so we blend 1 drop of structure with 1 drop of water. Lasts throughout the day and has a natural surface. Is water resistant. Alabaster is rather pink so we blend it with enthusiast which is more yellow to offer us a fair-light neutral shade. We attempted ivory and it is not for reasonable skin it’s certainly more on the medium side.

We purchased this product to utilize in our luminess airbursh system and it works fantastic. Likewise this makeup goes on better plus the color does not alter as soon as it is used like the luminess makeup does. This is a better cost than the luminess makeup. We will acquire this once again and once again. We extremely suggest this makeup.

We have a luminess airbrush device, however their colors are merely too pink for us. We are uncertain why they do not hint in that some individuals do not have red/pink undertones. Anyhow, this is an excellent suitable for us. We frequently mix the enthusiast and vanilla together for an excellent match. The only problem we had was with the bottle not giving anymore We popped out the dropped and ran warm water through it, however the dropper still will not work. We simply keep popping the dropper out and tipping out a percentage into the hopper.

Got here earlier than anticipated and is a more detailed match. We are brand-new to airbrushing & definitely have actually not had a perfect face. We are discovering makeup simply highlights the wrinkles around our eyes. Have not had the ability to conceal the dark circles without appearing like we have a lots of makeup on. We have actually just attempted it a few times & it appeared to cover ok. Operator mistake we make sure. Excellent cost and wasn’t broken & spilled like the luminess was. Likewise isn’t dripping into the cap when shaking like luminess either. Luminess is a waste of cash & we make sure they understand their caps are flawed. We do suggest this structure. Now that we have actually had some oracticr time we need to ammed this. It does not cover well at all it is not operator mistake as we believed. It simply does not cover well we have 2 colors if structure now and neither one go on well or cover however will settle in wrinkles under our eyes. We will not be purchasing this once again and doubt we would suggest it.

This color was the best match for our complexion. Going to reorder more.

We just recently got among the airbrush makeup sets and have actually been having a blast playing with it. The set featured 2 various makeup colors: light and dark, and we remain in the middle. We have actually been blending them for the best color match however wished to attempt another brand name better to our complexion. This belloccio brand name works completely with our set, and the color is ideal. We can see of feel no distinction in the quality and protection of the liquid compared to the other brand name, and the cost is less. It streams efficiently and easily, and looks great throughout the day. We believe we will attempt their blush next.

We bought this in both vanilla and blank. The vanilla is more of the neutral and a little more yellow undertone and we found the blank although it states it s yellow undertones we ourself found it to look much more pink and porcelain so we essentially simply blended the vanilla and the blank together to come up with our best pale a little yellow and neutral base for our skin. The consistency works well with our airbrush system. We will state though it s crucial to place on great strong spf below this product (if you wear t desire early skin aging as this has no spf) and some great guide and after that follow up with a strong ending up powder that will assist the comprise sat tight. We likewise utilize a premium setting spray too. Our usage ben nye last seal so ideally our comprise will sit tight better and it appears to do ok. We wouldn t avoid any actions ourself. This product is not water resistant and you could not sweat greatly in it or reasonable we ll in damp weather condition and have the makeup stay undamaged. However it s great if used in workplace conditions for a basic day. Thank you for reading.

We have not used makeup in about ten years. We utilize self tanning creams. We purchased the airbrush device about 6 months earlier, we bought the belloccio makeup the exact same time. We lastly utilized it a few days earlier, (real declaration) our spouse got home took a look at us and smiled and stated”you look great” We asked him what was various. He stated “your skin looks so smooth and even” then he stated “must be all the water you are drinking lately” too amusing. This makeup is light and it looks remarkable, lowers the look of wrinkles. We are 56, we hydrate typically throughout the day would suggest hydrated skin prior to usage. We utilize under eye moisturizer/ firmer after application for included outcomes.

Let us begin by stating we had actually been utilizing an abrams that cost about $30 for 1/2 ounce. Which wear t get us incorrect is a remarkable product however we simply could not manage it. We were extremely worried about purchasing something online that we understood absolutely nothing about however we gambled. We purchased the specific very same name of colors that we were formerly utilizing understanding that they would not be precisely the exact same however a minimum of it was a beginning point. We have actually been utilizing this product for we believe 3 months now and when we run out, which won t be anytime quickly we will be purchasing it once again. The wear is remarkable it lasts throughout the day. Similar to our other product. The protection is not overall however that is what we like. It mixes out our red areas similar to our other product. The only con we have is that it is a bit sticky when we are done using however we merely dust our confront with a clear powder which is all. The colors are minor bit darker than our other product like some others have actually stated. However we simply blend a little more of the light in with the dark and it s best. We must likewise point out that we are certified cosmetologist/instructor so we have some experience with airbrush makeup and have actually been personally using airbrush makeup daily for about 4 years now.

We saw that some individuals stated it was darker than revealed on the screen just after buying. We were fretted over absolutely nothing. For us it’s best. We did as others have actually stated and included a drop of water for each drop of makeup. For us we require 20 drops of makeup and 20 drops of water to cover our face totally. Watering down will likewise keep the device from blocking. (this is airbrush makeup. Not routine concealer) you will require a setting spray. If you do not utilize a setting spray the makeup will end up being ugly from sweat.

We have actually attempted a number of brand names of airbrush makeup structure however found them too heavy or the shade/color was not right. After lots of searches and trials we found our color with bellicco’s alabaster. Our experience with this structure is that it keeps the wetness in your skin throughout the day. We have actually used it for approximately 18 hours and still looked great.

We believe we purchased this a little too dark, however that’s our bad. We are rather pale person. Nevertheless, it appears to do truly well. We have actually used all of it day and our makeup still looks respectable (it might most likely utilize a powder touchup). Our skin does not feel as heavy as when we utilize a standard liquid structure, which is a plus. It does not appear to cover our pores or great lines, however it does not make them even worse, so we simply utilize an excellent guide (and a setting spray). It certainly looks a lot better on our skin than standard liquid structures as they tend to either slide or highlight our pores and great lines. In general we more than happy, we will be better when we get the lighter shade in:-RRB-.

Our company believe it provides simply adequate protection, if used properly, for older females. There’s absolutely nothing more unappealing than a female attempting to cover the wrinkles on her face by completing the creases with makeup. We had actually utilized lancome the majority of our adult life & we felt the makeup was starting to develop in the creases on our face. Belloccio’s airbrush structure is feather weight compared to all other structures & provides fantastic protection when used with the airbrush. We would suggest for the young, in addition to, the older generation. Other structures are for the phase; film set, and so on

It’s alright. Thinner than we would like, so we need to utilize a great deal of it, however you get whay you spend for. Luminess itself is rather thin and 4 times the cost with dreadful client service and truly sluggish shipment so comparing the 2, this gets here quickly in great condition and a reasonably low cost. Our main factor to consider is that tones are difficult to detetmin on line. So we are thinking and blending a lot, however still am delighted that there is a good alternative for our luminess airbrush device and at a more affordable cost.

We are expert makeup artist and we have actually been utilizing this product for a few years on our customers. It looks so perfect and last throughout the day. We frequently utilize it on bride-to-bes on their wedding and it lasts them throughout their entire day. It essentially is water resistant as long as you do not clean if it gets damp. If you dab rather of clean the product remains in location however if you clean it off it does come off. That is something we constantly inform our bride-to-bes for their wedding.

We began purchasing this brand name as an alternative to among the bigger airbrush makeup brand names. It took us a few attempts to get the best shade mixes in order to highlight/lowlight a bit. However this brand name works extremely well for the expense. It’s much more budget-friendly. Possibly not rather as best of a formula however for the cost savings it deserves it to us to downgrade. We blend this 2 parts to 1 to get a much lighter shade for locations that we wish to highlight on our face. We do suggest offering this brand name a shot if you wish to conserve some cash.

Truthfully. Up until now so great. We attempted this for the very first time the other day and we seemed like a goddess. We simply completed our makeup for today and we seem like a star. What is this magic. The self-confidence this provides us up until now is remarkable.

A little darker than we believed however, looks fantastic is light and comfy to use. We needed to utilize a sealant or it did sweat off and rub out quickly.

We were thrilled to attempt this, however the color we bought was too dark. The business had the ability to get us establish with a lighter color that was definitely best. Remarkable client service. We have actually been utilizing this makeup for a number of days now. It looks the exact same from 5 minutes of wear to 10 hours (we have not used it longer then 10 hours.) we will certainly be buying this makeup once again.

Love the color opts for our face and feels smooth to touch. We want that they would make a better color for a blush. We would like a lighter color of peach, than what they offer. Lighter color of peach looks better on females in their 50; s and up in age. Those peach colors they offer is too extreme to use.

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