AirStocking Premier Silk

AirStocking Premier Silk

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Here are a few main benefits of AirStocking Premier Silk.

  • AirStocking is a popular spray structure for legs, which has actually been offered more than 3 million pcs all over the world.
  • AirStocking have 5 color variations; [PS01] light natural, [PS02] Natural, [PS03] Terra-cotta, [PS04] Coco, [PS05] Bronze, for that reason our product will match numerous skin colors. You simply need to spray it straight on your legs, and it will cover most of the marks, the swellings and spider veins, leaving really little to see., Your leg skin will end up being remarkably appealing.
  • Consists of tea extracts and silk protein to moisture your skin while safeguarding from sun damages and dehydration.
  • AirStocking Premier Silk series: Rich and smooth texture leaving a smooth velour discuss your legs, looking tempting.

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Size: MATTE|Color: Coco Coco, for attractive, lean, and lovely legs. Dark pores and unequal complexion are improved.

Frequently Asked Questions:

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Question Question 1

Is This Water resistant?

No, we did not find it to be water resistant. However it looks great on your legs all the time.

Question Question 2

Will This Product Cover Veins?

Yes it does– it’s everything about the number of coats of it you place on. Even if you simply put a truly thin coat of it on it’ll make the veins actually soft and combined to the skin so they do not look bad. This product is incredible. One suggestion however– do not use any rings on your fingers when you use it. The metal responds with the pr yes it does– it’s everything about the number of coats of it you place on. Even if you simply put a truly thin coat of it on it’ll make the veins actually soft and combined to the skin so they do not look bad. This product is incredible. One suggestion however– do not use any rings on your fingers when you use it. The metal responds with the product and makes dark lines.

Question Question 3

Does This Been Available In Lighter Colors Than Bronze?

If you can find it, it likewise can be found in natural which will mix into a lot of ski types.

Question Question 4

We Are Really Fair Skinned. Does This Deal With Fair Skin Or Is It Dark?

Our skin is likewise on the reasonable side and we use it in the summertime since it offers us a natural light tan color without making it too dark. Plus it’s fantastic covering flaws you may have. It’s smooth and even. The greatest error we made initially is we put too muchon, however as we rapidly discovered, do a little at a time our skin is likewise on the reasonable side and we use it in the summertime since it offers us a natural light tan color without making it too dark. Plus it’s fantastic covering flaws you may have. It’s smooth and even. The greatest error we made initially is we put too muchon, however as we rapidly discovered, do a little at a time to get the outcomes you desire. It you do not like your very first shots, do not quit.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on AirStocking Premier Silk, these may be helpful for better understanding.

– we are light skinned hispanic and we are more detailed to neutral tones. In some cases our legs look down ideal pasty, in some cases we have a tan, (periodically from the sun, typically from sunless tanning sprays) so our color modifications and we have actually likewise seen our arms are constantly darker than our legs. (we make sure this is regular, we hope this is regular. )- in our viewpoint, all 3 deal fantastic protection. Provided the minimal quantity of product tones readily available versus the abundance of various skin colors that differ from individual to individual, and even differ in one person due to sun direct exposure or tanning products, its a sure thing that a lot of will not find their ideal color in one bottle. If you desire the closest match, you will need to do some color blending. Airstockings: pros: -really little to no transfer: cons: -color does not appear natural to me. Too pink. Summary: -if it wasn’t for the color problem, it would be our preferred. Color: -they provide 3 colors. Noted from light to dark: natural, terra-cotta and bronze. -we have actually utilized all 3. Colors appear to have more of a pinkish tone, this is fantastic if you have cool coloring. Today the natural is the closest of these that match and its a little too dark, simply a little bit, however when combined in, its not that apparent. When we are darker, we blend the terra-cotta in a little. Its more difficult to blend since it dries much faster (like the nyce immediate nylons) so you need to work quickly. -their colors are our least preferred, they simply do not look natural on me. The natural shade by itself makes our legs look pink from afar and the shade is too various from the color of our arms. Application: -states to spray on legs then utilize your hands to mix it in and they recommend you let set for 1-2 minutes. We think it has the prospective to rub off because time. No matter for how long it requires to “set”, it dries quite quickly and to blend the colors you need to work quickly. Transferability: -beats the sally hansen by far. We have actually rested on black leather seats on a hot day, leading to our legs sweating and saw no transfer. Downright outstanding.

sally hansen airbrush leg light radiance

: pros: -good colors (a little on yellow side) -of the 3, provide finest color choice (5 tones vs. 3) -simple to blend colors. -simple application. Cons: -color transfer, of the 3 the most quickly rubbed off. Summary: -good colors however do not like that it moves so quickly. We utilized it for a long period of time however after attempting the nyce and airstockings, our expectations have actually been raised. Color -they have 5 colors. Noted from light to dark: naked radiance, light radiance, medium radiance, tan radiance and deep radiance. -ive utilized their naked radiance, light radiance and even medium radiance depending upon the color of our legs. Today, being winter season, our legs are quite white and the closest match is the naked radiance. The light radiance is too dark and looks too orange on our skin. When our legs are tanner, we have actually blended the naked radiance with the light radiance and even the light radiance with the medium radiance however we are seldom that tan. -we choose the colors of the sally hansen since they appear more natural, although a little bit more on the yellow/orange side, and they have a better color choice. More colors, better chances of discovering one that matches your skin color without blending. Application: -instructions state to spray on hands, then use to legs and mix, then let set one minute. We have actually done it both methods. Sprayed on hands, sprayed on legs. We wind up mixing the color on our legs in either case so the outcomes are the exact same however we think there is less product getting all over if you do it straight on hands. This brand name has actually been the most convenient to blend colors with. Transferability: -this isn’t as great as the other 2 when it concerns move. It does not all rub off like makeup however, of the 3, it rubs off the most and if you are being in your cars and truck on a hot day or simply by moving out, you will see some on your safety seat. And your clothing. If you have black leather seats, rest on a towel or something you do not mind getting unclean.

nyce legs spray on instantaneous nylons nail treatmentproducts

pros: -little to no transfer: -neutral colors (it leans towards yellow-colored however, to me, more of an in between of the airstockings pink tones and sally hansen yellow tones) cons: -bottles obstruct. -dries really quickly. Summary: -if it wasn’t for the stopped up bottle problem, it would be our preferred. Color: -deals 3 colors too. Noted from light to dark: naked, medium beige and dark beige. -we have actually attempted the naked and medium beige. Today we utilize the naked and this is quite near to our complexion. We find that its not too orange and not too pink, it sits someplace in the middle. When we are darker, we blend it in with the medium beige. This brand name is more difficult to blend colors since of the quick dry time. Application: -states to spray on legs and dries in 10 seconds (noises about right. ). This is what makes it more difficult to blend, you need to work quickly (faster than 10 seconds.) -the something we did not like was that the 3 bottles we have actually acquired have actually blocked at one point or another prior to we were completed with them. 2 we handled to restore. Once they blocked the very first time, it ended up being a repeated problem, we keep needing to clean up the caps. We do this by soaking them in a mix of water and facial cleanser, let it soak then utilize an old tooth brush to brush it tidy. (we simply got an ultrasonic precious jewelry cleaner so we are going to attempt soaking it because next.) in some cases we need to clean it throughout application which is really bothersome, particularly when we are blending colors. Transferability: -equivalent to airstockings, we saw little to no transfer. Blending colors:- blending nyce and airstockings still offers a good color with really little to no transfer. -blending the airstockings with sally hansen offers the best color (for us) and yields less transfer however there is still move however so we prevent utilizing however when we are out of the either the airstockings or nyce, we will and simply be more mindful with transfer. -we typically do a 50/50 mix even if its simpler to spray them on our legs at the exact same time and can get constant color through out, then mix them in rapidly. Last thoughts-overall, we choose to utilize the airstockings and nyce immediate nylons to get the color we desire, its a middle ground for us. If you find airstockings to pink, neutralize it, lighten or darken it with nyce colors. If you find nyce colors too yellow, reduce the effects of, lighten or darken with airstockings and you, too, will find your middle ground. Although the absence of transfer is outstanding, we would still beware and would not press our luck. We have actually had some rub off on clothing however uncertain if its since we didn’t provide it adequate time to dry. Due to the fact that we blended them, we can’t pin point which one it was. We have all the colors we discussed we have actually attempted other than for the sally hansen airbrush legs naked radiance, if we figure out how to include an image, we will include an image of a sample of each on our leg to see the color distinctions.

The very best product ever. For contrast, the just other we have actually attempted is sally hansen airbrush legs. We believed that was great till we attempted the airstockings. Love it. Our legs are really pale (believe casper). This covers flaws, offers a minor tan, looks completely natural, does not rub off on clothing or furnishings, simple to use, feels “soft” using, smooth, no streaks. After we get it on and wait few minutes to set, we forget it, can’t inform we have it on. We are beginning to seem like an info-mercial, lol, we are so pleased. Will absolutelybuy more Keep in mind: we were hesitant about purchasing “terracotta” since it looks and sounds darker, however it is the lightest pale and looks fantastic on pale skin.

We actually like this product. We have spider veins and really pale legs; does not look really good when we use a skirt or gown without pantyhose. We typically use leggings or pantyhose, however this product has actually released us from covering our upper hands:-RRB- the method we utilize this product to accomplish a good, natural appearance is as follows: we shave our legs, then hydrate with an excellent product. Next we step outdoors to our back patio area( over-spray is one drawback to this product), spray some air equipping in our palm and by hand spread it on our legs. We believe this technique enables better control with more even application. Next, clean hands:–RRB- we do not dress for about 10 minutes. The spider veins do not reveal excessive and there is a good, even tan aim to our legs. Air equipping does not rub off, water rolls off like from a duck’s back( we checked this). We believe, because our legs are so pale, we will utilize a lighter shade when we purchase air equipping once again. And we absolutely will be utilizing this product as long as its readily available ~ we did not rate 5 stars since there is a minor shimmer that we might do without; then there is that untidy over-spray to handle. It deserves it, however, to be devoid of the dreadful and outdated pantyhose.

Covers veins and swellings and birthmarks. Does not subside, need to be cleaned off with soap. We have actually been utilizing this for several years and we enjoy it. It is much better than the sally hansen product.

We brought it as a present and she stated she enjoyed it.

Finest tanner to bare your legs. Lasts thru 3 showers. We have reasonable skin and color is not too dark. Would attempt other tones if provided.

We remain in roller derby, we get bruised all the time, and we have spider veins in our legs and this things comes quite near to entirely covering all of it up. Great product.

We attempted the terra-cotta color, which dries to a near-perfect color on our yellow-undertone skin. We use it outdoors to prevent a mess from over-spray. It remains on extremely well and does not end up being streaky or blotchy, however we did observe the material on the within slim denims had some transfer, which we anticipate will quickly cleanout It appears like a much better product than other brand names we have actually attempted. It offers large protection, looks rather even on the skin and assists enhance the general look of our pale legs, however it does not entirely cover defects or spider veins.

Can’t lack this in the summertime. We choose it over tanning cream because it does not smell or stain. Love the natural sun kissed rosy tan color of bronze, particularly since it looks fantastic on our really reasonable skin.

We like it all right. It uses great protection and really little rubs off onto clothes. The color does appear a little soft however, kinda on the dull side, however it serves it’s function.

This product is incredible. It makes your legs look soft and more youthful. We enjoy to utilize it in the summertime.

Great. Replaces pantyhose which we attempt to prevent in summertime. Offers a good controlled shine to the leg and conceals what needs to be covered.

It came extremely advised by a sales individual in the outlet store we initially purchased it. We have a number of scars on our legs from sun damage. We attempted numerous products that declared smooth protection, etc, etc, and so on. We did not get the outcomes we anticipated. The protection was streaky and unequal and other faults. They simply weren’t working for us. Airstockings did precisely what we desired and anticipated. When you discover the proper way to use it provide a you a natural looking cover (suggesting it does not provide you a orange-like phony color. Airstocking does rub off on clothes, however if it does it’s since you have actually put it on thicker than required which will remedy that issue. We likewise like it since remain on longer than otherproducts When that summertime is approaching, we will be beginning our orders once again. Orders are processed and sent out out right away.

This product did the work well. We no longer need to use panty hose pipe. We utilized to have it in “natural” color that we enjoy a lot. It makes our legs looking so smooth and ideal. Terra-cotta is alright for summertime. Seller, please stock up the “natural”.

Finest spray on equipping for nighttime. Have not purchased stockings for several years since of this product. We utilize the bronze. The technique is to spray a bit and rub it completely all over your legs. It is all in the method you constantly spread it over your legs. It actually will mix wonderfully. For daytime ilike on the beach we choose sally hansen’s product and the one that can be found in a tube. That ileaves more like a tanning impact while this product offers you color however likewise an equipping impact.

We have actually attempted other brand names and found them wantiing. Airstockings covers equally and reduces flaws. We have some spider veins which are barely visible after using airstocking.

This is an excellent product. We utilize this all year. Residing in florida it is very important to have color however not fantastic to bake in the sun to keep the color. This product is ideal for shorts & brief sleeves.

Precisely what we anticipated. We actually like this product. Your legs appear like you have hosiery on.

We enjoy this product and am so unfortunate it is ending up being so difficult to find. It is the very best protection we have ever found.

Can not imagige summertime without air equipping bronze. Great product, wonderful. No stockings, legs look fantastic, doesn’s rub on clothing, no spots, simply ideal. Will continue purchasing in spring. Advise to every female. Egle moglia.

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