100% PURE Tinted Moisturizer (Fruit Pigmented)

100% PURE Tinted Moisturizer (Fruit Pigmented), Cocoa, Light to Medium coverage

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of 100% PURE Tinted Moisturizer (Fruit Pigmented), Cocoa, Light to Medium protection.

  • FRUIT PIGMENTED– Cocoa is for deep skin with a neutral undertone, and is colored with cocoa and antioxidant-rich fruits, not poisonous artificial dyes.
  • NATURAL PROTECTION– Smooth light-weight formula with light to medium protection assists even out complexion and the look of great lines, ideal for a natural makeup appearance.
  • FRESH RADIANCE– Accomplish a natural fresh surface for a healthy appearance, without blocking pores or leaving skin sensation greasy.
  • HYDRATING AND ANTI-AGING– Aloe and cucumber juice extremely hydrate skin, along with antioxidant-rich acai and pomegranate seed oils.
  • CRUELTY-FREE AND VEGAN– We stand versus animal ruthlessness and will never ever check any active ingredients or solutions on animals.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on 100% PURE Tinted Moisturizer (Fruit Pigmented), Cocoa, Light to Medium protection.
Nourishing Cosmetics for Beautiful Outcomes Our storyHow we got our start? 100% PURE creators began their early professions developing for significant cosmetic brand names and found making use of active ingredients that they would not wish to place on their bodies. They dedicated themselves to developing the greatest quality natural products on the planet. What makes our product distinct? 100% PURE makeup is ruthlessness totally free, vegan, and colored from both fruit and plant pigments, which are high in skin advantageous vitamins and anti-oxidants. There are no inexpensive fillers to thin down solutions, no artificial preservatives, no synthetic scents, no artificial chemicals or any other toxic substances. Why we enjoy what we do? We enjoy looking after ladies’s health, by producing the greatest quality products with nourishing active ingredients that will not contaminate the body. We enjoy animals, and are continuously working to end animal ruthlessness. We likewise enjoy development, and are constantly coming out with brand-new makeup colored from berries.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on 100% PURE Tinted Moisturizer (Fruit Pigmented), Cocoa, Light to Medium protection.

Question Question 1

We Simply Got This In The Mail, We Can’T Usage It Considering that The Bottle’S Pump Isn’T Working. They Should Mimick The Exact Same Bottle/Pump As Juice Appeal.?

Uncertain about juice appeal. And we concur the shipment might bebetter We have actually utilized a few bottles now and some take a while to start. Others simply put on t work. However the product is terrific.

Question Question 2

Is This Peach Bisque?

We are unsure. The only problem we have about this business (and we have actually informed them) is that their color charts are not precise. Otherwise, and think me, we are not any agent of the business, their tinted moisturizer and makeup is unmatched, and we have actually attempted lots of other cosmetic business.

Question Question 3

We Got A Bottle Of Tinted Moisturizer And Television On The Pump Is Missing out on, Could You Send Out A Brand-new Pump With Out United States Needing To Return This Product?

Television isn’t “missing” it’s simply a low-cost horrible pump system, we have actually handled it prior to in other skin care products and dislike it with an enthusiasm. Constantly malfunctioning. Juice appeal’s pump constantly works and with less large bottle waste.

Question Question 4

Is This Great For Hydrating Dry Skin?

Our skin is dry. We generally put another moisturizer on very first, let that take in and after that we utilize the 100% pure tinted moisturizer and it actually looks terrific. Our skin is actually dry, so that is why we utilize both. We enjoy this product. We think we might attempt utilizing more of the 100% pure product, however we do not like the heavy makeup sensation.

Question Question 5

Is This Spf Made With Zinc Oxide?

Yes plus titanium dioxide if you scroll down on product you can check out all the active ingredients

Question Question 6

Is This Product Spf 20?

We examined the container and did not state anything about spf however in the main one hundred percent pure site’s description of the product specified this” tinted with natural fruit and vegetable pigments to give your complexion a flawless appearance while feeding your skin with nourishing white tea, acai oil, pomegranate oil an we checked the container and did not say anything about spf but in the official 100 percent pure website’s description of the product stated this” tinted with natural vegetables and fruit pigments to offer your skin tone a perfect look while feeding your skin with nourishing white tea, acai oil, pomegranate oil and vitamins. Spf 20 safeguards your skin versus the sun’s damaging uva (ultra violet aging) and uvb (ultra violet burning) rays while anti-oxidants secure your skin from other ecological risks such as contamination, smog, smoke, exhaust, and so on “hope this helps. One more thing to consider we purchased one through and the consistency was fine, but the second we purchased it seemed expired and if felt different on our skin and not as effective. And because of this we will no longer be taking a chance and we will be purchasing directly from their website.

Question Question 7

What S The Lightest Shade In This? We Are Very Fair.?

You have to go to the website . There are detailed descriptions/ photos/ charts that show you .

Question Question 8

Is This Sweat Proof? We Live Near The Beach Which Is Always Humid And Hot. And We Have To Walk Along A Huge Campus To Get To Class.?

We too live in a tropical climate and have found this product is not sweat proof. Of course, sweat drips off our face in buckets while just standing still, so our experience may not match yours. However, we love love love this foundation – smooth, goes on fast and easy, smells nice, is gentle to the skin, and best of all we too live in a tropical climate and have found this product is not sweat proof. Of course, sweat drips off our face in buckets while just standing still, so our experience may not match yours. However, we love love love this foundation – smooth, goes on fast and easy, smells nice, is gentle to the skin, and best of all – looks like you’re not wearing any make up at all. Very natural and ” tidy”. Still a great choice, even in a tropical climate.

Question Question 9

What Shade Is This?

The color we bought says mousse on the bottom. We think this color is good for people with darker complexion you can get a description of the different colors directly on their website- http://www. 100percentpure. Com/collections/face. Hope this helps you.

Question Question 10

What Color Is The Foundation?

The color is called creme which is very much like shown in the picture. See their webpage for other shades. It’s not a heavy coverage and best of all, it has no harmful chemicals. Have used it for years and will continue to do so.

Question Question 11

Is This The Tinted Moisturizer?

Yes it is. It is light with a pink undertone, ideal for pale skin that burns quickly. It s light however hydrating.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on 100% PURE Tinted Moisturizer (Fruit Pigmented), Cocoa, Light to Medium protection, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

Throughout the years we have actually established delicate skin that would break out at almost any product we utilized which was specifically real for any sort of structure and even simply tinted moisturizer. So, we have actually remained in look for a non-greasy, light to medium protection tinted moisturizer that didn’t trigger us breakouts and through much experimentation we lastly found this. We were hesitant of the claims however we can state we have actually been utilizing it now daily for over a month and it has actually not triggered a single breakout. In reality, our skin appears to have actually enhanced substantially – it simply shines. The protection is good, concealing any flaws fairly well (after all, its not structure). It appears to merge our skin and mixes completely (we have incredibly pale skin, for this reason the lightest color in their collection). Highlight is, it feels great, not oily. We have mix skin therefore we do utilize a serum beneath for those locations of our skin that are drier as this simply does not feel hydrating enough to use alone on the driest skin. We are so pleased we chose to offer this brand name a shot. We will be returning for more which might be the very first time in years we have stated that about any tinted moisturizer or structure. Update: we have actually been utilizing this moisturizer for over a year now and we can truthfully state we can not live without it. It makes our skin feel incredible and with continued usage of this and other products our skin no longer requires complete protection the majority of the time, so the tinted moisturizer is ideal. We utilize a number of other of their products and our skin has actually never ever lookedbetter We rave about this business’s products to anybody who will listen. To those customers who have found this shade to have an orange tint. We are incredibly pale with freckles and our undertone is cool/neutral. We do not find that it has an orange tint. It perhaps looks a bit yellow right out of the bottle, however it appears to simply merge our skin when we mix it. We have actually never ever seen an orange tint or makeup lines when utilizing this. In spite of being cool toned, we find that the small yellow base to this moisturizer evens out our complexion. If you choose your structure with a pinker base, then this most likely would not be the ideal shade for you. We extremely, extremely advise attempting this out however, even if it takes a number of purchases to get the shade right. We believe if you find it’s too orange you might dilute it with another moisturizer to tone down the color so you a minimum of will not lose your cash.

At the time of purchase, this was the lightest shade. Things might have altered by now, we do not understand. We buy the lightest shade, and we still find it a bit too dark and too orange for our complexion. Better for warmer tone, or medium. We have dark hair, dark eyes, with cool reasonable complexion. We actually like the idea of utilizing a tinted moisturizer with spf. We do not use much comprise, however we do hydrate. We ought to all utilize a product with spf, and we believed this may be an appealing- all in one action- method to do so. We can use this, as it looks a little better after it sets, however it actually does not choose our complexion. We utilize it on days that we will be simply goofing off your house (however outside). Besides that, the feel is creaour, and it has good moisturizing homes. We generally use it over a serum or other moisturizer and/or nourishing oil. After any of that sets in, then we can use this. It goes on well. The protection is very little. Simply kinda evens out the skin without weighing it down. We like the active ingredients, that it includes vitamins, anti-oxidants and sun security all in one. It likewise feels respectable on our skin, too. If we can get it closer to our complexion, we would be completely pleased with it.

We have actually been trying to find a natural “beauty balm” with sun block – one that does not have actually avobenzone or other endocrine/thyroid disruptors – and this moisturizer fits the expense. We still often utilize jojoba oil or now hyaluronic acid serum and moisturizer under this tinted moisturizer and its protection is really large, however, unlike lots of other titanium dioxide based sun blocks, this does not leave a white milky movie on our face. We color matched at duane reade and after that purchased through. The active ingredients actually are pure – this product is not like so lots of others that slap the word “natural” on their bottle loaded with chemicals. It’s not inexpensive, however a lot of appeal products aren’t, so we are really pleased it’s non-toxic. We utilized to utilized bare mineral medium beige and this golden peach works well for us.

We have actually been utilizing this tinted moisturizer for a number of months now and we definitely enjoy it. We are 50, with much drier skin now, and this has actually been ideal for us over coconut oil on our face. It has a really natural appearance, not heavy. Remains on our face well. Though the cost might appear high, it lasts a long time. We have found that since it spreads out effectively, we have the ability to utilize less of it.

Without a doubt, our preferred tinted moisturizer. It does take some time to find the ideal shade (mine is creme) and you do need to utilize it moderately (or be much better at mixing than we are), however it goes on relatively smooth, covers well, does not cake and appears to last throughout the day. Most importantly, it supplies some spf security however does not have the nasty sun block feel or odor.

This is presently our preferred tinted moisturizer. We enjoy it, our skin enjoys it, therefore does our father. We have to do with a shade nc30 in mac and this is a little a little dark for us however it still works given that it has a really large and fresh surface. It feels light and it seems like it nurtures our skin. Our skin feels softer. It’s terrific for day-to-day day utilize given that it has some physical/mineral sun security. We have actually gotten lots of compliments on our skin. Tips: hydrate. After cleaning our face or getting out of the shower, we use the 100% pure coffee bean eye cream and the 100% pure superfruits reparative cream. It makes the tinted moisturizer go on simpler and smoother and it seems like it enhances the awesomeness of the tinted moisturizer. We have mix skin. If we are out throughout the day, we like to utilize the 100% guide on our t-zone prior to using the tinted moisturizer. For a somewhat more polished and perfect appearance, we use a little bit of the josie maran concealer crayon in medium 1 on our t-zone and mix with our fingers. This is terrific for usn too.

It has a great texture, never ever folds or creases. It smoothes and evens skin complexion. It does moist our skin and does not look oily. It is not damaging. Up until now so the very best for us.

Such a fantastic method to hydrate with a tint of base color. We have rosecea so we can’t utilize this by itself, as it does not cover enough. Rather we utilize it as our day-to-day moisturizer, then utilize the 100% pure powder structure on the top to cover the inflammation. It works terrific, and our skin reacts well to both products, offering us a natural, tidy complexion.

We have actually attempted, and continue attempting all tinted moisturizers on the marketplace today (sorry never ever from the regional drug stores). And this continues to be the very best for light protection. Your skin does not look like it has actually been covered by color. We include simply a little bit of face cream to mix it better (no lines of separation).

Protection is perfect. It looks darker in the bottle and when very first used than it does after mixing. It likewise goes on smoother if we wait a couple minutes for our other moisturizer to take in prior to using. We utilize it with a percentage of concealer/highlighter when required for areas, and so on. It makes our skin appearance dewey and glowing. In general, a great product.

For some factor, the tinted moisturizer colors are much various than state the concealers. White peach concealer is ideal for us, however needed to go with creme in this product. (see our evaluation of white peach tinted moisturizer for more info).

We enjoy this tinted moisturizer. The protection is large however lovely. You might require to reapply throughout the day however since it is a moisturizer, that makes you seem like you are doing something terrific for your skin. Delight in.

This things is terrific. We can’t stand sensation like we have makeup pasted on our face and this products light feel is ideal. The tint is simply enough and it cleans off quickly. We do not need to question what we are rubbing off on our child when his face rubs mine. We simply recently beginning utilizing any kind of structure and like that this is sun security, tint and moisturizer all in one. Definitely worth the cost.

We enjoy it. We blend it with our jordan vital natural paraben totally free medium to dark liquid comprise.

It’s quite genuine. Was terrified to buy it off of here however this shopping app is really credible.

First Off, whatever (we suggest whatever) makes us break out, any moisturizer we have actually ever attempted leaves us broken out all over. Not this one. So simply for that, we like it a lot. It’s simply a really light protection, absolutely nothing like a structure or bb cream – absolutely less protection than that. Not make-up-ish at all. The pump isn’t terrific as others have actually stated, however my own works. Will buy once again.

We enjoy this product. We have actually been utilizing about 5 years. We feel great about the active ingredients and covers well.

We can’t await their shop to open in the regional shopping center. We are utilizing 2 colors mixed together, however wish to do a better match. We desired a tinted moisturizer for daily, and this is rather great for our delicate skin.

Love this moisturizer for our lips and the bit of color is terrific too. Extremely advise. The very first winter season ever that our lips didn’t dry up and fracture. Thanks to 100 pp.

If you are among those gals who enjoys fancy, high-end skin care products that make your restroom cabinet look all type of couture we understand it’s difficult to turn your back on beautiful containers and branding. However, you should. While we are not the primary fan of 100% pure’s product packaging and logo design we do enjoy their products which’s what matters. We comprehend all their active ingredients which is crucial. Oh, and for a natural brand name they work actually extremely well. We have actually been makeup totally free for nearly 3 years thanks to this brand name and our skin has actually never ever beenbetter We simply utilize this tinted moisturizer every early morning and possibly some of their fruit-pigmented blush and we are prepared to deal with the day. In the evening we utilize their flax seed cleaning oil. You may not get the exact same skin excellence or lasting mascara with 100% pure, however the trade off is being great to your skin and remaining chemical-free.

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