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Natural Makeup

Natural Makeup Tips

Feel Confident Wearing A Natural Makeup!
The makeup is a very popular technique of optimizing women beauty. By using makeup, they highlight their natural beauty and conceal imperfections wisely. That makeup can be confined to its technical role of beauty; and must be applied according to the rules of art. Here are some natural makeup tips and tricks that will help you achieve a flawless makeup.

Before embarking on makeup, it is important to emphasize that it is better to comb only after makeup. If the hair is already capped when applying make-up, it may be that the bangs become annoying. We deliberately avoid some areas of the faces for fear of being dishevelled or forget to make up parts of the face hidden by hair. In both cases, the surprises are expected. So that the face is radiant, the makeup trick is to reduce the ‘shady’ parts of the face and seem to form grooves. To do this, we use a fluid concealed that is directly applicable on the concerned areas.

Application must be completed by shading with the fingertips. On the eyes in particular, the fact of applying a first layer of loose powder will extend the hold of eyelids make-up. Once the eyelids “powdery” and after taking care to remove excess product, you can spread the shadow emphasizing the upper edge. To enhance the look and make it deeper, the use of eyeliner or kohl is a must. Once again, it will not be done especially in excess.

Specifically, we will use a fine brush to draw a very thin line flush with each upper eyelid. In case of misbehaviour, it is important not to worry. It is not necessary to start from scratch, it is sufficient to use a cotton swab which will also be used for the line achieved. The latter may be stretched to the outer end of the eyes to obtain a more marked effect. To concoct real fiery eyes, the next step is to apply mascara, always at the upper eyelash. Then deal with the lower eyelash doing the same operations once the products used on the upper eyelashes are completely dry. To complete the eye make-up, eyelashes will be combed with a brush especially designed for this purpose to remove any excess product and to avoid the effect “package”.

For a luscious mouth you can finalize the transaction by using a lip gloss. Namely makeup, not only highlight its strengths, but also and especially to know how to conceal defects. For a successful camouflage, whether to hide dark circles or pimples, proceed with caution and art. The first rules for the application of products must always be done by tapping. To avoid excess product, it is recommended not to apply cosmetics directly to the face but first put a small amount on the back of the hand. The application itself may be performed using a brush with thin bristles.

For Concealer; it is recommended to apply the product only on the dark circles and not the entire eyelid. For best effect, the concealed is applied before foundation.

Who says makeups also are removal. At the end of the day or the end of an evening, a good cleansing session with a specific lotion is needed. The cleansing not only helps rid the skin of all traces of makeup but also to remove the dirt particles that have accumulated throughout the day. The skin will be very fresh for the next session of makeup.

The First Rules of Makeup

The action of applying makeup is to modify or improve the appearance of a person’s face by applying cosmetics. To achieve your makeup, you must meet certain conditions, but more importantly, to proceed in stages.

The first rules of makeup

Makeup is an art in itself, but it is subjected to many rules. If the goal of this art is to make the face more beautiful than it was before, the steps to get there are numerous. The first condition for a successful makeup is to find the right colors that are consistent with the natural color of your skin and your hair in order to obtain a homogeneous and harmonious whole.

If we refer to fashion professionals, you should use a foundation that is a halftone below the color of your skin. In case you have dark circles under your eyes, try as much as possible to use only lighter than concealed products for your foundation. Finally, it is most advisable to try to hide blemishes and other imperfections such as pimples and redness, loading the affected areas of beauty products.

Achieve makeup to suit your style

Makeup should reflect your personality. Thus, facial makeup must be done taking into account several criteria, including the hairstyle. It is advisable to wear makeup before styling. Moreover, eyes and lips play a very important role in the realization of makeup. Shade selection is also based on color and shape, not only with respect to the skin color.

For full effect, it would be wise to make up in terms of its style of dress, taking account of colors like shapes. If jewels are accessories, their importance is not less. Indeed, the color of the stones and other clips must be carefully aligned with your clothes, your eyes or your skin. Beauty consultants can advise you, but it is obvious that the best style is one that has been customized.

Brushes for Eye Makeup and Lips

Shade brush

Features: This is a brush with natural bristles; it is flat and rounded to apply dry makeup. It is ideal for dosing and to put precisely the shadow on the eyelid.

Use: Apply Blur, Intensify

Shade bevelled brush

Features: It is round and bevelled to precisely apply one or more shadow powder, cream or fluid. It allows a very quick makeup of the eyelid.

Use: Apply Blur, Intensify

Instructions: The bevelled edge allows applying the clear area on the eyelid. The tip is used with a darker shadow to form a “banana” to the fold eyelids and give relief to the eye. The eye is placed in the trough and the outer corner of the eyelid and is degraded with the bevel.

Hollow brush eyelid

Features: It consists of long, soft bristles to work infinitely without irritating the eye lid. It allows the application of eye shadow with dark powder in the crease of the eyelid.

Use: Apply Blur, Intensify

Blending Brush or mixer

Features: Oval and densely hairy form is designed to degrade dry eye shadow and melt the material.

Use: Fade, Intensify

Instructions: After applying the highlighter on the eyelid and dark in the outer corner of eye, one dark eye deteriorates with that brush from the outside to the inside at the crease of the eyelid. We make small circular motions.

Pointed eyeliner brush

Features: It is very thin and sharp for applying liquid eyeliner or cake. It allows a precise layout and module of the pressure on the brush.

Use: Apply Tracer

Instructions: Hair is impregnated with liquid eyeliner before drawing a line along the upper lash line.

Lip brush

Features: Brush is thin with fine hair and synthetic to design and apply the lipstick on the lips. Brush, the material hangs better.

Use: Apply

Instructions: It picks up the color and slightly delineates dashed if we do not put a pencil. Otherwise, it starts with the heart of the mouth to spread to the contour.

Brush comb for eyelashes and eyebrows

Features: This is a double-ended brush that is used to separate the lashes after mascara and discipline eyelashes and eyebrows. The brush is also used to remove the face powder that is applied on the eyebrows.

Permanent Makeup: A New Perspective

Technical plastic medicines are used to achieve your face makeup and to draw for several consecutive lips, eyebrows, lash line and moles. Permanent makeup allows women to save time in the morning by avoiding applying makeup and save time by avoiding the evening to remove. Permanent makeup is carried out in institutes and permanent makeup or “long-term makeup” is an accurate and meticulous work that requires great skill and patience.

With the proper equipment, needles, nozzles and buckets sterilized, natural results with the technique that dermal pigmentation tattooed skin point by point and drawing, it gets done hair by hair to the eyebrows. The customers are varied, the young 18 year old girl who wants to make a grain of permanent beauty, 90 year old woman who has no eyebrows or wishing restore volume to her lips without the surgery aesthetic or collagen injections. Also thanks to new techniques of permanent makeup, general anaesthesia is not required, a simple local anaesthesia is enough, and the skin is not traumatized by the intervention.

The permanent makeup pigments have also been improved: the colors don’t fade as before and are more intense and harmful chemicals pigments have been replaced by mineral pigments totally hypoallergenic.

The life of permanent makeup depends on several factors: the chosen color (each color has a different outfit), sun exposure of the person (high exposure reduces color), cell renewal of the skin of the person, the assimilation of pigment in the body and finally the implantation depth of the pigment. The intervention of permanent makeup does not require special precautions. By cons, after surgery, you should not expose to the sun or to a too aggressive facial care. A healing cream should be applied several times a day for a week and a routine check must be made one month after the intervention. Before you make an appointment for an operation, make sure that practitioners have training in permanent makeup in a recognized school.

Quacks could butcher unscrupulous with unsterilized equipment. In the United States, you can go to Beauty centres, for example. You will be supported by expert hands and in a most relaxing environment! You will be offered a permanent makeup eyebrow, permanent lip makeup, complete eyeliner or makeup or permanent grain beauty. The cheapest is the mole, of course. Finally, note that it takes about an hour to perform permanent makeup and retouching that can be performed two weeks after surgery.

The Essential Steps for a Successful Makeup

1. Basis: Apply a makeup base all over the face except the eyelids. This will unify the skin tone and extend the makeup.

2. Camouflage: Extend the concealer in small touches (put the least possible product) and camouflaging redness and blemishes. To reduce the effect of bluish circles, we opted for a peach or yellow, and not for a lighter shade than the complexion.

3. Foundation: Apply a foundation of long-held all over the face.

4. Illuminate: Using a “light pen” blur the shadows, that is to say, the nose, the area between the eyes, the chin and the top of the cheekbones, just below the eyes.

5. Eyebrows: Enhance the brilliance of light in shaping eyebrows. There are on the market stencils to create the perfect shape. Just find the model that best aligns the face. We color the eyebrows of a darker than the hair color.

6. Eyes: Apply a base for eye shadow. In addition to illuminating the eyes, it erases irregularities and smoothes the eyelids. It can be applied alone, without any makeup. Otherwise, it continues with the application of eye shadow. With the base, the paint will not build up in the folds. Then the lash line with a stroke of kohl or eyeliner is emphasized. If you opt for the eyeliner, you first put the mascara, once sheathed eyelashes, eyeliner is applied more easily. If the kohl is chosen, applying mascara comes in second.

7. Mascara or false eyelashes? If you prefer Mascara, do not hesitate to curl your lashes with an eyelash curler. As regards the application of false eyelashes, it begins with the inner corner of the eye, observing as much as possible the “fringe” of the natural eye. It is completed by applying a layer of mascara.

8. Sculpt: Apply the blusher over the cheeks, smiling. You can also sculpt the face by putting the bronzer on the forehead, cheeks and chin.

9. Lips: Start with a base that is applied on the lips and on the hem to hide fine lines and prevent lipstick from leaking into the past. Then, with a lip pencil, draw the outline of the lips and colors completely before applying a long-wearing lipstick. To give the illusion of a fleshy lip, a lighter pencil is used on the upper lip.

10. Powder: Sprinkle the face with powder. Now you’re ready to party!

Beauty Makeup Products

There are a lot of makeup products, we will describe those that are most used:

1. Powder

It can be loose or compact. The compact powder can be used for editing the foundation or fund any short complexion. Rather loose powder is used to hold the foundation.

2. Mascara

It intensifies the look, curls and lengthens lashes with color it gives. We must move the brush from the base of the lashes to the tips of lashes. The mascara comes in waterproof form.

3. Eyeliner

It emphasizes the look. It is used starting from the outer corner of the eye to go to the inner corner or vice versa, it all depends on the eyes form.

4. Eye shadow

It is a powder or pencil which comes in many colors that highlights the eyes and especially the color of the eyes.

5. Concealer-corrector

It allows you to hide or at least reduce dark circles under the eyes or small facial imperfections. There are several colors of markers for different types of skin.

6. Lipstick

This product is available in many different colors. Each woman chooses the one that suits her best and can put its best face value.

7. Lip Pencil

It applies the lip to facilitate the installation of the lipstick and prevent it overflows. It should be lighter than the lipstick.

8. Gloss

It shines on the lips and grows by optical effect. It can be found with different colors or transparent.

9. Blush

It applies on the cheeks and can put a little more life to the cheeks to give good looks to the woman. We find them in the pink shades.

10. Kohl pencil

This product may be applied as eyeliner above the lashes but it is usually put in the eye. The look is intensified. We can find kohl pencils of different colors.

11. Eyebrow Pencil

When there are holes in the eyebrows or when they are not sufficiently well drawn, eyebrow pencil can rectify that.

12. Foundation

Choose your foundation depending on the color of his skin. It is essential that the color is as close as possible to the color of the skin. It serves to unify the complexion. It can be found in various forms: fluid, cream, foam, cream colored, stick.

But for a quick makeup, the essentials are:

– Moisturizing cream, foundation, mascara, kohl pencil and lipstick.

Makeup Accessories

Use Of Makeup

Makeup can beautify the face, eyes, lips and skin. It also allows hiding or reversing features to create and thus create characters. It can be used for movies, theatre, art, beauty, special effects, and body painting or just to hide imperfections.

When using makeup for beauty, it is advisable to use it sparingly because it is the most beautiful to stay natural. For girls who want to do as adults, there are makeup games. This allows practice and having fun.

Makeup Accessories

The makeup case or makeup kit is essential to transport, store and keep accessories and cosmetics.

Brushes: Brushes objective is to facilitate the application of makeup. There are different kinds. Their shape and size will vary according to the use we want to do.

It is therefore essential to select the right brush. For lips there are lip brushes, for eyelids there are eye shadow brushes and so on for powder, blush, eyebrows and eyelashes. For example, to blush, it is advisable to take a round and thick brush. It is an accessory to be cleaned regularly.

The puffs: For a compact powder application is easy and free, uniform powder puff is the perfect accessory. To use it, just put some powder on it and tap the face with.

The sponges are used just the same way that the puffs but they serve the application of compact powders and foundation.

Foam applicators: they allow blurring or applying eye shadow

Eyelash curler: it is an object that curls lashes.

False eyelashes: As their name suggests, these are false eyelashes. They allow you to have longer eyelashes and give more intensity to the eyes. It is possible to find many kinds such as with glitter or different colors. They are fixed with special glue.

Accessories Which Are More Essential

Sharpener: This little accessory that seems innocuous is actually very useful when one of the mines of your favourite pencil breaks.

Tweezers: To sublimate your eyes, nothing better than to have well-defined eyebrows. The tweezers can remove one by one the hairs that bother you and be very specific in this task.

Cotton swabs: They are indispensable in a makeup. This is a very accurate way to facilitate removal and blurring a lipstick, a foundation, a makeup.

Perfect Makeup Techniques

What should we choose to base the color of our makeup?

In fact everything depends on the product used. For example:

Eye shadow and pencil

Two choices are available to you: choose an identical iris color – which has the effect of enlarging the eye – or its complementary colors. For example, mauve, purple and navy fit together with green eyes, navy, purple, green and gray with brown eyes and apricot, orange, copper, but the gray, brown, green and purple are both for blue eyes.


Red brown, like chocolate, make the look dull. To ensure that there is no reddish reflection, we try the paint on the back of hand.

For a successful makeup, color is applied only to the lash and a highlighter is used (yellow, white, light green, etc…) on the eyelid to create a point of light and illuminate eyes.


No matter the color of eyes, black mascara suits all eyes, as it makes the whites of the eyes whiter. However, brown is ideal for achieving a natural look while mascaras colors add a touch of whimsy to make.


Pink carnations befits yellow, coral and fishing suitable for pink skin and bright red and brown blend with dark complexions. To find the right color, it’s easy: you pinch the cheek and opt for a similar tone to the redness. Tip: to frame the eye, we apply a little blush on the brow bone.


The color should match the skin tone and varies according to the lips color. To find the red that suits us, we try and examine the result in the light of day. Warning: Unless you have dark skin, purple tend to yellow teeth and beige make dullness.

Makeup Application With The Order Of Products

Before applying makeup in the morning after waking up, it is imperative to move from lotion to remove dirt and spray your face with mineral water. Moisturize your skin with a moisturizer on the face and neck.

Once you’re awake you can start makeup:

1. Fluid foundation (I would later on different textures and colors that exist) to put for small buttons on the face and spread with fingers. Do not put too much to disguise, it must remain discreet. Attention to the hairline and facial contour: no traces, marks or streaks. Overall this should be just a modesty light complexion.

Check if possible in the light of day.

2. Concealer slightly lighter than your foundation to lay a finger on dark circles, blurring and patting, no surplus: the more you put in, the more wrinkles appear!

3. Transparent loose powder with a powder puff to apply all over the face and the eyes: it sets the best powder with a large brush. The brush used to remove excess powder.

4. Eyebrows to always brush outwards if there are holes, slightly redesigned with a light pencil, if it is too greasy marks may appear. The pen must be the same color as the eyebrow.

5. Mascara: Put always before so if you made marks you can clean without making dismissing your eye shadow. Do not put three tons, thick perhaps but not closet!

6. Eyeliner: It is high on the upper eyelid, or around, the line can be applied on the lower eyelid. The pencil will always put the lash. The fade with a brush and foam tip, it’s easier and you get a good result: shaded, without big brands.

7. Eye shadow can also apply in one color: pink, orange, beige, and rust with a soft brush. If we want to add, you have to play with contrasts and harmonies, like brown, orange, light beige.

8. Blush: You can use the same as the eye unless it shines! Again, apply with a brush, which will be wider. Start the application on top of the cheekbone and down toward the inside of the face without support. There, the blush should make a good-looking but not so mild sunburn hand without marks. If you are afraid of having too much on the brush before putting it on your cheekbones, apply on top of your hand and then on your face.

9. Lipstick: It should not be too bold: it drips! Charming as effect, not too dry and place it directly to the outline with a lip brush that allows a profit, do not forget the pencil and place on the outline of your lips before applying the lipstick.

How to Keep the Makeup All Day?

There are many tricks to keep your makeup all day and avoid always having to “powder the nose”. You will definitely spend a few more minutes in the bathroom in the morning, but once all these tricks are done; you will be quiet for the whole day.

Choose a suitable base

How to keep makeup or how to keep your foundation for a whole day? Many women have already asked the question. The key element to keep up is to keep a healthy glow look from early morning until late at night.

A good makeup base, this is primarily a moisturizer. It comes after a foundation, a concealer and powder. The moisturizer should be applied several minutes before applying foundation because it prepares the skin for a smooth application of foundation.

Choose a foundation, a shade half below your natural skin tone. If you have dry skin, choose a moisturizing foundation. For oily skin, choose a light foundation and oil free.

How To Apply Your Makeup?

  • The concealers should be applied on the small areas of the skin of different colors, unequal or imperfections. Apply lightly tapping gently. Avoid excessive application of concealer because the powder will highlight imperfections.
  • The powder is the final step of applying a makeup base. Use a natural fiber brush. Tap to remove excess powder. A layer of powder applied correctly will help keep makeup looking fresh all day.
  • If you put blush, prefer a mineral cheek blush or blusher powder that contains natural pigments. Natural pigments are more durable than others.
  • Use waterproof mascara; it lasts all day without a problem. It has the advantage of not leaving any residue that stain the skin and can make you look tired.
  • Finally, use a lip pencil to outline the lips that will help keep the lipstick and prevent smudging and marks on your teeth.

The Right Products for a Natural Makeup

In our daily life, makeup can have an important place for women, although many prefer natural products with different brands of cosmetics that can be found in drugstores or makeup supermarkets. Do not be deceived by buying their products and making up.

Natural Makeup Tips

According to the skin and complexion, you should not be wrong when choosing your makeup. The nude or natural makeup requires products that are not the pale complexion or just too white that would suggest that the person is in poor health. Everything depends on the shade and on the application of products.

Before applying any makeup, facial skin must be clean and prepared. So this requires a good cleaning and applying a day cream. Then some makeup sites like Mac, Forever, to name a few, offer to find the right makeup to the shape of the face and what we want. Often, you can upload a photo and do a virtual application of products. For a natural makeup products to use are those that don’t show that you’re wearing makeup.

Foundation and powder should be the same tone as the skin. The foundation must be correctly applied so as not to trace. The powder softens the complexion. Then the blush also give a touch of color, but that will remain in the tone of the nude. The blush, like eye shadow or mascara and pencils are to match the color of the eyes to not give a too settled effect. As for the mouth, we must rely on lip gloss, beige lipstick beige or flesh colored lips.

The Brands That Offer A Natural Makeup

Many brands are very efficient to provide a natural makeup with many products and colors reminiscent of the complexion of the skin of each. Women can turn to the dermatological tested makeup.